Parental Consent and Power of Attorney
for John Victor Stoen


[Cover note to Power of Attorney]

Power of Attorney and Parental Consent, Grace L. Stoen and Timothy O. Stoen

1. Parental consent to allow John to go to Guyana, dated March 9, 1976.
2. Authorizes Joyce Touchette as guardian
3. Appoints Sharon Cobb, Jim Jones, and Helen Swinney as attorneys-in-fact.
4. Above named have right to care and custody for John anywhere in the world.

[Handwritten condition: “Date of John’s first is incorrect on this form”]


BB-31-a-41 – a-42

State of California
County of Mendocino
United States of America

I, Grace L. Stoen and Timothy Stoen, hereby declare:

1. I am the natural parent/ legal guardian of John Stoen, a minor, born April 27, 1974.

2. I hereby consent to said minor going to Guyana, South America, to live and be cared for there under the Guardinaship [Guardianship] or custody of Joyce Touchette.

I hereby appoint Sharon Cobb of Redwood Valley, Calif. and Jim Jones of S.F., Calif. and Helen Swinney of Redwood Valley, Calif. as my attorneys-in-fact, jointly and severally, to take any and all action any of them deem fit for the welfare of said minor. By this power of attorney, I give each of the aforesaid attorneys-in-fact the right to the care, custody, supervision, and control of said minor anywhere throughout the world, and to travel anywhere with said minor throughout the world.

Executed on this 9th day of March
1976 at Ukiah, California
Signed /s/ Grace L. Stoen
/s/ Timothy O. Stoen


State of California

County of (blank)

United States of America

On March 9th before me, the Undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared Grace L. Stoen and Timothy Stoen known to me to be the person whose names are subscribed to the within instruments and acknowledged to me that they executed the same.

Witness my hand and official seal.
/s/ James R. Randolph
[Notary seal]