Leo Ryan Telegram to Jim Jones

(Nota del editor: una traducción al español de este telegrama se encuentra aqui.)

On November 1, 1978, Leo Ryan wrote a telegram to Jim Jones in which he expressed his intention to visit Guyana and his request to visit Jonestown.

A number of his constituents had “expressed anxiety” about their relatives in Jonestown, Ryan said, while others had told him that “such concerns are exaggerated.” He was making the trip, he said, “[i]n an effort to be responsive to these constituents with differing perspectives.”

Originally, several other congressmen, including Edward Derwinski (D-Ill.), indicated they would accompany Ryan. By the time the final arrangements were made, all but Ryan had decided not to go, and at least one of the members of the original delegation, Rep. Don Edward (D-Calif.) urged Ryan to reconsider his plans.

Leo Ryan Telegram to Jim Jones, RYMUR 89-4286-AA-1-K-1 – AA-1-K-2