November 1978

  1. State Department Cables on Leo Ryan’s Trip
  2.  Leo Ryan Correspondence
    1. Leo Ryan Telegram to Jim Jones
    2. Mark Lane’s Letters to Leo Ryan & Richard McCoy
    3. Leo Ryan Letter to Mark Lane
  3. Annie Moore Memo on Poisoning of Jim Jones
  4. Fact Sheet on Leo Ryan
  5. Richard Tropp Memo on Ryan Visit to Jonestown
  6. The KNBC Interviews of Don Harris
  7. Peoples Temple Efforts to Prevent Leo Ryan’s Visit
    1. The Contents of Robin Tschetter’s Briefcase
    2. Jonestown Petition to Block Rep. Ryan
    3. Statement of November 13
    4. Resolution to Block Rep. Ryan from Entering Jonestown
  8. The Detention of Ron Javers
  9. Port Kaituma Footage
  10. Financial Letters of November 18
  11. Last words (3)
    1. “Last Words,” written by Annie Moore in Jonestown on 18 November 1978
    2. “Last Words,” written by Richard Tropp in Jonestown on 18 November 1978
    3. Tish Leroy
  12. American Embassy Reports Ryan’s Assassination
Originally posted on February 17th, 2013.

Last modified on March 23rd, 2021.
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