Statement of November 13 Regarding Visit of Leo Ryan and Members of Concerned Relatives

On November 13, 1978, as Rep. Leo Ryan was making final preparations to fly to Guyana – along with members of Concerned Relatives, news reporters and an NBC television crew – the leaders of Peoples Temple in Jonestown issued a four-page statement condemning the congressman’s visit, refuting the charges against the community, and assailing what they saw as Ryan’s refusal to negotiate. The statement also reveals that the residents of Jonestown signed a petition declaring that they would not see Ryan or anyone in his entourage.

A notation accompanying this and 24 pages of other materials indicate this document was recovered in the Temple’s Georgetown headquarters in Lamaha Gardens from Sharon Amos’ briefcase. This is the best available copy.

Statement of November 13, 1978, RYMUR 89-4286-1894, pp. 84-87