Reflections and Articles by Lela Howard

Lela Howard, niece of Jonestown victim Mary Pearl Willis, speaks about the shame and other emotions her family and others have endured as loved ones of Peoples Temple members, giving a different perspective as to how the massacre and media coverage affected survivors, creating a silent shame. She is dedicated to correcting this stigma. She may be reached at

Who Was She? (2018)

A Memorial That Stands (2010)

Southern Living and Peoples Temple (2010)

A Good Night’s Sleep (2009)

“No” is not an option (2008)

Los Angeles Peoples Temple May Become Historical Site (2008)

A Blessing and a Responsibility (2007)

How it began (2007)

How to stop the nightmares (2007)

Jonestown Grave Finally Has a Headstone (2007)

Jonestown Relative Announces New Foundation (2007)

Mary Pearl Willis: The Collection of Memories Grows (2007)

How I Remember 1978 (2006)

The First Real Film on Peoples Temple (2006)

Speaking Her Name: Mary Pearl Willis (2006)