Power of Attorney (Text)



BE IT KNOWN that on this [handwritten date] 20th day of [handwritten month and year] January 1976 before me [stamp] A. O. H. R. Holder Notary Public, a Notary Public practicing in the State of Guyana, personally came and appeared DAVID BETTS JACKSON, of Jonestown, Port Kaituma, North West Region, State of Guyana, South America.

WHICH APPEARER stated and declared that for divers good causes and reasons he has made, nominated, constituted and appointed PAULA ADAMS and JOYCE TOUCHETTE, both of Lot 121, Third Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, Demerara, Guyana, jointly and severally to be his true and lawful Attorneys in the State of Guyana and to revocation hereof, to represent him in all matters, circumstances and things wherein he or those whom he represents may be interested or concerned including the following:

1. To purchase and sell property whether real or personal movable or immovable, and to grant or take on lease all property wheresoever whether real or personal and/or to receive and pass all transports and leases thereof and to accept in a Bill of Exchange or Mortgage on all or any of such property and on payment being made to cancel documents in connection therewith and to appear before any Judge of the High Court or any Registrar or any other Officer of the High Court of the Supreme Court of Judicature or any Magistrate or Minister or Justice for all or any of the aforesaid purposes.

2. To enter into, sign, execute and deliver all contracts, deeds, documents, agreements, guarantees, bonds or other documents of a like nature, and to open and operate a bank account in any of the banks in Guyana in the name of the Appearer.

3. AND generally for him and in his name, to collect, ask for, demand, sue for, levy, recover and receive of and from all and every person and persons whomsoever all and every sum or sums of money, principal and interest, costs, charges, expenses, rents and arrears of rent, goods, wares, and debts, merchandise, effects and things whatsoever which any person or persons whomsoever may how [have] or at any time hereafter have in his or her, or their hands, custody or possession due, owing and payable or belonging to him or upon or by virtue of any bill of exchange, telegraphic trade, dealings, or otherwise, howsoever nothing excepted or reversed, and for the purpose aforesaid to account, and to call to account and reckoning and view, examine, state, settle and adjust all accounts and balances thereof, to receive and on receipt of the same or of any part thereof and of any or every sum or sums of money to be received by the said Attorneys, and to grant good and sufficient receipts, realeases [releases] or discharges for the same in due form of law and in case of refusal and delay by or on part of all or any person or persons whomsoever to make and render just and true account, payment and satisfaction in the premises thereto to compel them and to effectually prosecute one or more suits, action or actions before all Courts and before all Judges, Magistrates, Justices and Ministers of the Law as Complainants, Plaintiffs or defendants, as the case may be, and then and there to prosecute, claim, demand, answer and reply in and to all suits, matters and causes and to defend any actions or suits, consent to sentence as the case may be that may be brought or taken against him by any person or persons whomsoever and to take all necessary legal proceedings and to pursue, impede, seize, detain, sequester, arrest, attach, imprison, condemn, and out of prison again to release and deliver also to compound, compromise, conclude and agree by arbitration and generally in and about the premises to do, perform, transact and accomplish, all and whatever further I may from time to time direct by letter, or other written instruments as fully and officially as he could himself do and perform the said if personally present and acting therein and all with the powers of assumption, substitution and surrogation, he hereby ratifies and confirms and promising and agreeing to confirm, ratify and allow all and whatever is said Attorneys or other Atrorneys [Attorneys] who may be assumed or substituted or surrogated to act herein, shall or may be lawfully liable to do or cause to be done in or about the premises under and by virtue of these presents.

THUS DONE AND SIGNED at the city of Georgetown, County of Demerara, Guyana, datum ut supra, in the presence of the subscribing witnesses.

[signed] David Betts Jackson


[2 illegible signatures]