A Feeling of Freedom (Cover Letter)

Dear Friends,

We are happy to send you the newly-printed brochure enclosed, “a feeling of freedom …”. It is compiled from photographs of life at Jonestown, plus the commentaries of not only residents, but some of the many visitors to the Peoples Temple Agricural [Agricultural]/Medical Project.

These photographs present a first-hand look at the happiness of the people of Jonestown, Guyana. They reflect the joy and good health they share in this remarkable model community.

Recently, a young Amerindian woman, from a neighboring village, was brought to our clinic in the last stages of labor. She developed severe complications during childbirth and would have died had it not been for skillful treatment the Jonestown medical staff was able to provide. Excellent medical services and improved health care are among the many contributions we are proud to be making.

We hope to share with you the feeling of freedom and fulfillment we have found in this community, a culmination of years of effort and the realization of our highest ideals. Jonestown is a caring, sharing, community where men, women, and children of all backgrounds live in total racial and economic equality.

Best regards from Rev. and Mrs. Jones and the entire Peoples Temple family, both here and abroad.

[signed] Dennis K. Allen
Dennis Allen

Originally posted on May 17th, 2013.

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