Medical Instructions from Jim Jones (Text)


  1. Define psychologica [psychological] bedwetters from those with physical problems.
  2. Have patience with people who have speech problems.
  3. Mother wants people briefed on babies nursery at orientation.
  4. All people except bedwetters and handicapped and toddlers must get rid of their pee-cans. All pee-cans must be registered.
  5. People with ringworm in stores are to take a shower before treatment.
  6. Dad was a progress report from hospitals in G.T. [Georgetown] on patients. He doesn’t trust hospitals.
  7. Do not empty urnine [urine] cans nor urinate on the ground.
  8. Medical team is to see how authenic [authentic] Willenettas illness is. (Several mo. ago)
  9. we have to kill the fly problem.
  10. We have to get rid of maggots. I hate the word “research”. When will we find the solution?
  11. Keep Ken Norton under medical observation.
  12. We can’t afford to give medications away. Keep medications only in the case of a baby dying.
  13. Get free medication – the economy is in bad shape. This will have to be cleared on a one to one basis. JJ would never deny medication for kidney infection.
  14. Refer patients to Georgetown, we will take them on our boat.
  15. Break heaven and earth to get medicine tomorrow. (21-5-78 [May 21, 1978])
  16. Iron deficiency is dangerous.
  17. Recommend diets to the people, Doctor.
  18. Don’t you ever let the power go out here. It could be in the middle of a medical emergency.
  19. Our medical care has paid off. (They don’t steal from us anymore).
  20. You should care about everyone as if they were your child.
  21. All emergency cases should be told to all medical people.
  22. Barb Walker is to be kept in “No capacity”. She has threatened to kill everyone that kept her away from Steven. Keep her under control in the infirmary. (Stated on 10-4-78 [April 10, 1978]).
  23. Jerry Rae is an alcoholic. He can’t take one drink. His comrades are to watch him and help him.
  24. What’s being done about rodents?
  25. Are we sanitary in the chickery? Anthony has had a form of hygiene for years.
  26. All special medical equipement [equipment] is to be held up until a lexical problems are solved.
  27. Never carry hot pots to fool anymore. Danger of spilling and burning children.
  28. Have a senior check the bathrooms to see if they are clean when people leave. Lets [Let’s] increase the senior staff. Walk right in every few minutes and this will cut down the problem of diarrhea. One should pass out paper and the other should rove in and out of the bathroom. (To be handled in Steering).
  29. Right now people with feet problems come first with socks.
  30. JJ said he ran into a situation medically where we didn’t have the essentials for life. He said he didn’t want it to happen again.
  31. We have to have balanced meals.
  32. You have to eat all your greens.
  33. What about malaria salt? Is it over salted?
  34. Malaria is all over. It’s just across the road. What are people on salt free diets doing to get protection? Check this out, make sure they are getting medication.
  35. Those rails: The blind people, they are a life line – a way for the blind to find their way – Teachers, teach the children what it’s like to be blind.
  36. Shanda is to reline Edith Parks[‘] teeth.
  37. We must look into the Prime Minister of Canada. He has been supportive. He is going to try to get assistance to build us a hospital. We must follow this up.
  38. I thought I said that medical people could go and check on people. Let Lossie Lane go home.
  39. To the community (Not people home sick): Stop taking food to the cottages. A rat will bite you if you roll over on it. Also they are dangerous to the children.
  40. Get Anitra[‘]s food problem under control – get her counseling. (Several months ago).
  41. Bob Rankin is to help drain water out of the rice pavillion [pavilion].
  42. People guarding showers and bathrooms are not to sit at doors but are to walk in and out constantly.
  43. Report those who don’t help (at bathrooms).
  44. Get the essentials for life. Decide on a jobber – I want our people out of there.
  45. Take off shoes at the bottom of the steps. This will cut down on infection.
  46. Unless you are told otherwise, you will nurse your baby.
  47. To Sue concerning stealing food from garbage cans: You will have to go into intensive care – we can’t have this. (9-6-78 [June 9, 1978]).
  48. Warning to Rose McKnight about faking being sick: Don’t ever do it again!
  49. Snackers are not to get anything without approval of the snack committee, which will meet once a week.
  50. People on milk are not to give it away, Drink milk and mild [milk] shakes in front of the servers. People will make themselves sick out of hostility.
  51. Supervisors: If your child doesn’t get their milk, you will go on Public Services.
  52. Snackers, eat all your food.
  53. All special diets should go through the doctor. High Protein diets can cause people with kidney problems trouble.
  54. Get gates with firm latches so that children can’t fall (for cribs in the nursery). Watch the cribs. Don’t turn your backs. There will be serious consequences if a child gets hurt and for the person who allows it.
  55. Put Kimo Jones on the medical records.
  56. All seniors are to have walking sticks in the rain.
  57. The following people will go into confinement in SCU if they don’t change their attitudes: Jamal Baisy, Wayne McCall, Wobby Lawrence, Glenell, Mark Rhodes and Clarence Klingman.
  58. A medical person is to check Wobby once a week.
  59. Violation of Nursery rules will bring some warnings that lead to Public services.
  60. People off work are to spend their time in the medical center.
  61. Chris says there is a stand by generator.
  62. No more accidents by neglect. I’m ordering it.
  63. If Lisa comes back, you do not talk about Debbie, nor Lisa’s condition. Be very loving.
  64. Mother and Dad: if you think things are unjust in the medical department, come to me or Dad.
  65. To Thelma Jackson: you can associate with Renee but be positive.
  66. When people have a 99-Temp, you don’t tell them to come back later. I don’t want people treated like this.
  67. Nurses in SCU – I want all flies killed. Use flyswatters and get them killed off.