A True Follower of This Activist Christian Ministry (Text)

Jim Says:

… ATTEMPTS TO BECOME JEALOUS OF NONE … GIVING OF GREAT MERCY … one who treats friends and foes alike, never allows emotions to rule, has no special loves, and treats all the same. Love all people, but no individual above this Principle.

… ATTEMPTS AT ALL TIMES TO BE FREE … free from jealousy, free from egotism, free from any need for exultation, free from pride, free from sorrow and self pity, free from fear of any man or any thing.

… LOVES THE SILENCE … He can be at peace and bliss with no one present, and can enjoy times of introspection.

… SHOULD HAVE A DISCIPLINED REASON … and not do things impulsively. His actions should be of such a character as not to cause dread. He renounces his accomplishments and takes no thought for the fruit of his work. “But his delight is in the law of the (Good Shepherd); and in his law doth he meditate (and act upon) day and night.” (Psalms 1:2)

… DOES NOTHING FOR REWARD, BUT RATHER FOR THE SHEER JOY OF DOING … If you make a mistake, don’t go about defending yourself. Take thought for your intent, that you are trying to do the right thing, but after it is done, do not dwell on the action. (If I fell down yesterday, today I can stand up erect again.)

… OWES NO MAN ANYTHING BUT TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER … As I have said before, “The highest worship to Deity is service to your fellowman.” “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, because you have love for one another.”

… ASKS NOTHING FROM GOD (GOOD) … that is, asks nothing for himself. He lives a life of Principle and has no difference in attachments. This way of life precludes one thing. You cannot have any strong superficial attachments (me and mine attitude). Attachment forming is self-serving.

… DOES NOT WORSHIP THINGS … Do not talk about them. Eliminate fretting and pride. Do not allow yourself to be offended. This includes intemperance of eating habits that are ailing your bodies.

… TREATS HEAT AND COLD ALIKE … pain and blessing just alike, in order to avoid the vulnerability of that which destroys most from being a channel of truth, such as flattery, bribery, and intimidation. Have firm convictions. Do not vacillate! Always find gratitude in whatever state you find yourselves at the time. Treat prosperity and misery alike.

… IS ONE FOR WHOM ALL THINGS HAVE LOST THEIR ATTRACTION … If you find yourself in boredom to such a degree it is difficult to contemplate on esoteric values, it is not something to be discouraged about necessarily. It can be a sign that the detachment you have been working for has come. If you find the greatest peace in the smile of a child, or the feel of a breeze, or the myriad formations of the sky, it is not because you are a vain dreamer, but because you have begun to reach that place of self-denial or detachment that one must attain to, to be free of ego and self love. As scripture has stated, one must deny self and take up his one cross in order to follow the Christ. (Luke 9:23)