Letter of May 21, 1982

A Law Corporation
722 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94111

May 21, 1982

Mr. George D. Beck, Jr.
320 Glen Park Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901

    Re: Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ v. Attorney General of the State of California

Dear Mr. Beck:

This is a status report on your claim against the assets of the Peoples Temple. In my last status report, I told you that we had to wait for resolution of the claims that had not yet been settled or adjudged by the court. Since last fall, the Receiver has reached settlements with almost all claimants, except for those who are claiming that they should get reimbursement for property or money for which they gave to the Peoples Temple. Those claims are going to be tried by Judge McCarthy starting in July and going into September. Hopefully, those claims will be settled before trial, so that the funds can be distributed. If the claims are tried, there is the possibility that one side or the other will appeal Judge McCarthy’s decision. Unfortunately an appeal would tie up the distribution for several more months. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interests if the cases can be settled fairly. On the other hand, it is not in our interest if the cases are settled for too much money or if the award of Judge McCarthy is too high. The more money those claimants get, the less there is for distribution to you.

I remain in frequent contact with the Receiver and the attorneys for the other claimants and am doing all I can to expedite the resolution of this matter without causing the amount of money you receive to go down too much.

Right now, the Receiver has about $9,000,000 and there are about $11,000,000 in claims that have been approved by the court or that are in the process of being presented for approval to the court. As a result, if the funds were distributed right now, you would receive about 80 cents on the dollar for each dollar of your settlement. You should expect another status report from us by this September.

It is most important that you let us know whether you have changed your name, address, or phone number. When we eventually get the money to give you, we want to know how to find you. Please let us know of any changes in name or address.

All best wishes,
[signed] John E. Hill