Ann Elizabeth Moore affidavit

Jonestown, Port Kaituma
Northwest District
Cooperative Republic of Guyana

I, Ann Elizabeth Moore, being duly sworn, declare:

Jim Jones told Patricia Cartmell and I to please be very careful driving home from San Francisco back to Redwood Valley. Faith Kice rode with us. The road was wet and as we neared San Rafael on [US] 101, a car was coming onto the freeway from a ramp into our lane – the right lane. There was another car in the lane next to us on the left. We were joking and listening to the radio and I saw the car coming into our lane. I said, “Patricia, watch out for that car!” She put on the power brakes, skidded and swerved into the car next to us on the left which pushed us over into the middle barrier, then after hitting this, the car went into the middle lane and was spinning rapidly. There were cars on the freeway behind this traveling at high speeds around 60-70 MPH, which should have been hitting us. As we were spinning it was as if the car were further behind us yet coming towards us, I yelled Jim’s name twice and the car stopped and if you drove around us at about 5 mph.

When we were pulled over with the policeman, about 15 minutes later another car, alone, with no cars behind or in front of it went past the same wet spot where we slipped and spun. It seemed for no reason that it lost control swerved back and forth for about ¼ mile up the road and finally it hit the center island and spun in the middle of the freeway. There were no cars behind it for at least ¼ to ½ a mile but as we watched cars passed us, when they got to the spinning cars about 6 cars smashed into this car which was in the same predicament as we had been only with more chance of avoiding the accident than we ever had. I know that because I called on Jim Jones the three of us were saved from death or terrible injuries because we should have been smashed from all sides as the car that was passed this slick area 15 minutes later.

Subscribed to and sworn by me, a commissioner of oaths for the Republic of Guyana.

Dated August 5, 1977