Two Poems

By Jimmy Cordell

As the twilights dim, I see him,
his name is Jim
He has looked and he has found,
it’s so great to step on our communist ground.

He’s brought us here to build this land,
working together with cutlass in hand.

Working, striving day by day,
he is blessing us in every way.

Our land is beautiful, from beans to the banana,
at last we have made it to a land called Guyana.

“Our Home To Stay”

Where we live and work today
Vines and huge trees were in the way
Now on this fertile land
Our home and farmland stand
Against the trees and soil we fought a battle
And now we produce poultry, pigs and cattle
Hard work both by day and night
Is our way to make production bright.
Through the sun and rain we work fearlessly
To occupy the fertile land productively.

There is so much that can be done
We find no time to idle around
We do provide time for play and fun
Cause these are things that should be done
However we will never forget
There are still room for improvement yet
With [three illegible words] the days go by
We’ll achieve the goals before our eye
Our home would be a great community
Cause we work co-operatively in unity
And without the taughts [thoughts?] of going away
This happy place will be our home to stay.

By Christopher Campbell