Gordon Lindsay telephone conversation with Tim Clancey, August 2, 1978

Gordon Lindsay, National Enquirer, 8/2/78

Clancey: Hello.

Lindsay: Tim.

Clancey: Speaking.

Lindsay: Gordon Lindsay here.

Clancey: Yes.

Lindsay: I’ve been just having a chat with our lawyers.

Clancey: Yes.

Lindsay: And we perfectly understand the matters around the litigation. We understand that the gentleman work deals with something in putting the lies out. But they did bring up a couple of things about the litigation. the question I’ve asked concerns Steve Katsaris, Jim Cobb, and the Medlocks.

Clancey: Uh-huh [Yes].

Lindsay: The other one of the children that the– you know, the charges are that he’s holding children down there. Charges or allegations, they mean the same thing to me. They have been decided in the court here, even though one is pending in the Guyanese court. As we know–

Clancey: Uh-huh [Yes].

Lindsay: We don’t feel that his litigation in this country at all.

Clancey: But we have to go by the advice of our attorney, Mr. Lindsay, I’m–

Lindsay: Okay, all I’m saying that the way we feel, I mean–

Clancey: Fine.

Lindsay: I’m just trying to get this so we don’t have to go waste another 24 hours. I’m trying to bend over backwards to get your side of it, right? I mean, I just called Reno, Nevada again and I found out that the Reverend Moore is somewhere in Redding, California. Where I don’t know. But the other charges – he’s already replied – or the Temple has, about the Debbie Layton charges, and I understand there’s a possible – Charles Garry told me this – a possible lawsuit being brought against Debbie Layton by her mother and sister, but these charges I’m not questioning it all, we’re just talking about what she alleged to have happened down there. All I’m trying to say is that we are completely clear on the matter.

Clancey: Okay.

Lindsay: As I say, I just don’t– I just can’t afford to waste all this time anymore ongoing just back and forth before we get to the point that we can start talking.

Clancey: I appreciate your concern. I’ll just mention again that we have to talk to Garry and will have to go by what he says.

Lindsay: Well, that’s fine. That is the way we feel.

Clancey: Okay.

Lindsay: So I’ll hear from you. By the way, if you need to call me this evening, you can call on the number I gave you.

Clancey: The number that you gave you before?

Lindsay: 654-2064, the office number?

Clancey: Uh-huh [Yes].

Lindsay: If I’m not here, just have them switch it over to my home.

Clancey: They’ll do that?

Lindsay: Oh, no trouble. I’ll ma– They do it automatically, but I’ll double check it.

Clancey: Okay, fine.