Listing of Delaware Funeral Homes (Text)

The Federal Government cannot transport the bodies of dignified Guyana deceased for burial on behalf of their next-of-kin. Authorization and funds are not available for this purpose and disposition of the deceased is considered to be the private responsibility of the next-of-kin. In order to claim the body of your relative you may wish to contact one of the following Dover funeral directors, or anyone else you choose:

Michael Ambruso
1175 S. State Street, Dover, Delaware

Donald M. Durham
39 Park Haven Drive, Dover, Delaware

Faries Funeral Directors
1250 S. Governors Ave., Dover Delaware

Ferguson & Hayes Funeral Directors
140 S. State Street, Dover, Delaware

Minus Funeral Home
222 N. Queen Street, Dover, Delaware

Reese Funeral Home
870 Forest, Dover, Delaware

Torbert Funeral Chapel, Inc., Reed & Bradford
Dover, Delaware

Trader Funeral Home
12 Lotus, Dover, Delaware

In the letter or telegram he sent to the funeral director you should state, filling in the blanks, as indicated, the following:

I, (your name), authorize the release of the remains of (name of the deceased), my (your relationship to the deceased), to (name of the funeral home chosen by you to pick up the remains in Dover, for example, one of the eight names above).

Signed: (your name
telephone number)

Should you have any questions concerning any aspect of the above attachment please telephone us at 202-632-3713.

Office of Citizens Consular Services

Originally posted on May 27th, 2013.

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