Stateside Feedback Memo (Text)


– Chronicle called [Charles] Garry in a panic because Ron Jarvis [Javers], their reporter got arrested in Georgetown. Currency violation.



“The Chronicle reporter, Ron Jarvis, traveling with the delegation of California [notation of missing word] on a fact finding mission to the Peoples Temple jungle settlement of JT was detained by Guyana immigration authorities last night at Timehri International Airport. In a phone call made less than three hours after his detention began, shortly after midnight as the group disembarked from a Pan Am flight, Ron Jarvis said he was given no official explanation of why he was being held. No other member of the delegation, which includes Rep. Leo Ryan were detained, Jarvis said. The Representative, other journalists, and friends and relatives of J-town settlers were all permitted to proceed to their accommodations in the capital. R. Jarvis said that one of the four uniformed officers who initially detained him put him in a 15 foot square room in ninety degree heat with the windows painted over, and told him your release depends on the decisions the big ones make. The officers eventually allowed him to walk around in the small airport – an opportunity he said he used to place a phone call to the US Embassy and to the Chronicle. The officers hovered nearby. Embassy officials said they would begin working on his problem. Officials in Washington, contacted by the Chronicle, also said they would begin investigation of the detention. Jarvis said that after his detention began he was searched and then charged with the currency violation when authorities found 350,000 Guyanese that he had legally exchanged in SF for his trip. He said he did not know what officials planned to do with him for the remainder of the night.


Reporters and Photographers accompanying a Congressman on a fact finding faced immediate expulsion from the country today after immigration officials altered their passports. Tim Reiterman said officials came to my hotel this morning, demanded my passport and that of the photographer and altered the authorization of stay from five days to one. Other members of the press faced the same situation with the exception of NBC News.

([Mervyn] Dymally’s office called – secretary had heard about Ryan coming and is concerned that he be accommodated. She used to work for him and thinks he is the kind of person who is impressed by facts… thinks it would be a mistake to erect barriers to open access.)


– Leo Ryan said the relatives hope to visit the PT jungle mission where 1200 N. Americans are operating a massive agriculture project under leadership of Rev. JJ.

– Leo Ryan said his visit was prompted by reports that some of the 1200 Americans may have been physically or psychologically abused and may not be free to leave the remote settlement.

– Tom Flemming [of the San Francisco Sun-Reporter] would like to visit– they wanted to send him Friday with Claire because he is afraid to fly.