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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Katherine Hill. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: (unintelligible beginning) –absolute anarchy. And we won’t have it. So you’ll see me when the lights get low. After a long time, you’re gonna see me when the lights get low, but I will sneak up on you at any night, any hour. Now, please remember that. I don’t approve of this. Uh– stand by. (Pause, radio static) There’s too much of one companion in s– in a relationship with another, that they’re going off with another. And you think they won’t be found out. The day helpers are on the ball, they’re going to be finding it out, and at night I’m going to be finding it out, because I know I can steethily [stealthily] get into your house and observe what you are doing and you won’t even hardly know I’m there until you see me. And I’m sick of people who take relationships and don’t follow them through. It’s only three months. You have to have order in any community. You can’t have people going from tree to tree. It’s not tolerated. We’ve got to have order. And I demand that order. If you’re in a three-month relationship, you stay with that person three months and not be around– fool around with somebody else. We’re not made up of a bunch of whores or whoremongers. It’s (unintelligible word) going to stop now. You hear what I say? I hope you do clearly.

Remember we have guests due in. We’ll have to clean things around. They’re due in here sometime this week. The sports director’s [Joseph “Reds” Perreira] been very busy and he’s going to fly in GAC [Guyana Airways Corporation]. So would you please now take heed to fly-swatting? I see most of you are not fly swatting. Very few of you are listening to the– to the news on your own. You should do that, even before it goes out on the playback. You could learn something. And most important, get after these flies as ra– rapidly as they possibly can. I’m asking insecticide people to use every infectious method. I heard that there’s the possibility of taking three barrels of (unintelligible word) reused diesel oil, from Pauline Groot, I think, and pouring it into (stumbles over words), no, it was Do– Donna Casanova that expects such uh, good uh, uh, intention and wise wisdom when you put those– those barrels of diesel oil in the toilets and stop the smell. I’m for it, and I want it done immediately, and I want it ordered from Georgetown or wherever uh, if we don’t have it ourselves. Thank you so much.

One tractor track has got to be done, and I don’t mean maybe. Now. It’s got to be done. Also, the sewing area by the Radio Room needs new curtains or drapes, ’cause it looks very, very bad for guests. So let’s do something about that. If you have to take them down and put them up real quickly, that might be the answer.

Banana trees by Muggs’ cage need trimming now. Banana trees by Muggs’ cage, in my observation today, need treening– they need trimming now.

And the bird manure, the bird crap on the wall, needs to– to be cleaned. It’s putting the (unintelligible word) and getting the– (stumbles over words) the uh, paint and everything, and it’s just damaging. And we want it painted up, touch it up and put those birds out where they will not get up against the wall, because that– that– They’re lovely pets and uh, they need a lot of love and attention, and that be something that could be even done with some senior that wants to make application. Although I’d like them out, I think they’re beautiful, but I believe we ought to train them to perch out in the open, not under the roof, uh– or perch underneath the pavilion, not underneath a roof of the office. Thank you very much.

Make contact with them to put some of our people up while we are– while we are getting supplies for our boat and getting it going again. It would save us an enormous amount of money. If you have any names– After all, what– Give us the name for it, they could only say “no.” And if you have anyone, any relative, any contact that you know in Trinidad– that’s the nation just above us, it’s rather hot, that you landed at just before you got to Guyana. It’s much hotter than here, because it doesn’t have the trade winds. Do you– You remember that island. All right. (unintelligible word) Anyone that has any loved one there or relative or friend that might pick us– uh, give us a place to stay, you could save the cause a thousand dollars. Will you please think about it. Please, think about it right now, please. Thank you. (Tape edit)

–some matters I’d like to iron out. First, my son [John Victor Stoen] can call me any time about any matter, any one of my children. Secondly, I don’t like the remark made, you just run down to tell Jim. I have a right to know anything that’s going on in this place. And I’m disturbed about that. Thirdly, I think that Richard is unnecessary. His daughter’s not feeling less, so he’s necessary coming here, and an unnecessary burden going there. Fourthly, when I went to Brazil, South America, I went ahead of the rest, and what I found was poverty. Stench-ridden poverty. Up the hills and mountainsides, I walked, I walked ’til I felt like I couldn’t climb any more, and I found a family that would let me put down a mat and eat with them. Well, I ate with them, and our diet was bread and rats. Rats that had been cooked, and it was meat. You couldn’t tell any difference between it. They’d put it in rice, and you couldn’t tell any difference between it.

I don’t want anybody using Holiday Inns. I don’t want anybody, when they’re traveling, to shower in style, because we can’t afford it. Now that’s my statement on the matter. From the little information I have, that’s my statement from [Mike] Prokes and from different ones that’ve spoken to me. That is a statement I have, and I’m tired of this fightin’ all the time because, by God, I don’t stay in no Holiday Inns. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Holiday Inn. And I don’t go to any of these fanciful restaurants or any of those places, (unintelligible)– If you make (unintelligible) self friendly, you can find a place to stay. Then you can take a hired car or bus. (Pause) Uh, take a bus in uh, Trinidad very, very easily and get around to where you’re going.

And that’s why I want it to be communicated to Georgetown. If anyone has any other reason why this shouldn’t be the case, I’d like to know. I’ve got to save money. I’ve got to be responsible for the money, and I hope that you will understand that it causes me to have to make sacrifices. And I would do the same thing tomorrow. If I had to go to Trinidad on our– for our boat, I would get in a home, not reluctant at all, and eat whatever they ate. I think this needs to be taught to 8R1 [Peoples Temple Ham radio]. They need to be told to 8R1, because I want it stopped. People make me tired. They’ve gone to restaurants, and gone out and have a drink, when I never had that freedom of relaxation. I couldn’t– My guilt was too much. So if you will, get that to 8R1 and all of those concerned. I want money saved to the utmost. And some have. Some have slept, our people, in the– the truck when they were waiting on something, under canvas. So there’s no need for this kind of uh, discussion. Seems to me that anybody’s dedicated should go. Charlie Touchette is undoubtedly the best buyer. There’s no question about that. But tell Helen– Helen [Swinney] should be told that I said for her to set on the finances and see that we cook very, very cheaply. She’ll do that. If there was some place cut out for lunch, (unintelligible) you could get something and have it prepared at the boat. The boat’s a good lodging place. There’s no sense to this, and it makes me sick at heart that people won’t sacrifice more. So if– even if they had to go clear across the nation of Trinidad, they at least could buy cheap stuff in the grocery store and save the things that they could not use. That’s all I have to say on the question. Thank you and much love. (Tape edit)

–act like and talk like I am incompetent or not healthy to take care of the problems. I want to wash that clear. I’m quite capable. I’ve been at this twenty-eight– twenty-nine years, saving for this day. It was I that did it, not anyone else, and I don’t appreciate talking about Father’s health. Father’s health is in good shape. He’ll outrun you when some of you’ve fallen in the grave. You don’t need to worry about Father’s health. So you just worry about Father’s regulations and rules.

By the way, 8R1, immediately, immediately tell them, I don’t want no damn hotels. I don’t want no 8R1’s uh, approval for any t– any hotels. They can find ways. If there’s a will, you can find a way. I never had to play for– pay for hotel room in a city in my life, except one, that I remember, in New York. Now, I’m telling you, I want this stopped. Stopped now. We are not a people flush with money.

And as for some people can’t talk to me, that they have no way to talk to me, all they have to do is lift up this phone. I’ll talk to my son, who I love very much, and I’ll talk to a lot of people. I don’t want it to ring all day because I am going through more than a little fever and they’re going to give me x-rays tonight. Uh, I’ll be all right. But I’m certainly around here for a long time, operation or no operation. And I urge you to follow my procedures on frugality, or you’ll never make it. You will never, never make it. The idea of somebody stayin’ in a Holiday Inn is appalling, it’s absolutely uh, vomitous. So I’m asking you to see that that doesn’t happen. No need to take three when you can take two. Helen’s tight on the dollar. And tell her, 8R1, tell her privately, tell her privately how much I appreciate her being tight on the dollar. That’s one of her virtues. And we need to remind her of that. But I want all of you to tell me anything. Don’t tell anyone not to tell me anything. You can write up what you want told, and I’ll see both sides to an issue. And I think I’m fair. What’s implied when you say that, you may not mean it, well, he’s not fair, he only listens to one side. That’s not true. I’ve chown– chewn the uh, the secretaries, I’ve chewed them out so many times, they couldn’t list it on a book. They get more chewing out than anybody, because I am a perfectionist. Now I want that understood. Another thing that I want is harmony in our business meetings. There no reason why not to have harmony. I already knew who’s responsible, didn’t even ask, don’t want to know. But there was a report to me that I mentioned (unintelligible word) ago, that there was disharmony. And we can’t afford disharmony within. That’s what defeats socialist movements. They start getting disharmonious from within, then they break away to do their thing. Thank you, and please take this to heart. I love you very much.

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Tape originally posted June 2012