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Jones: Attention, attention. Morning news. News of the day. The only news that we get. Remember the testing and the evaluation. We hope that you looked at Harlan County and reviewed the tape of last Peoples Rally. In the night’s class, i– in the classes this evening, you know the regular program, and Peoples Rally on Saturday. If there’s any change in that, we will let you know. Those who’re taking extra classes will take their extra hours after regular classes this evening, and that will finish two of your days– (Pause) No, that will finish three. I gather we had them done yesterday also, so the classes will be finished when you finish with the extra class – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. To pass a class, be sure you know all the news on the tape of the Peoples Rally, where we democratically decide all matters, plus Harlan. It certainly reveals that the struggle against injustice and the class system is not one that just confronts we who are brown and black.

News of the day. Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj] of the People’s Republic of China flies home from Iran. He had to have five times normal security, leaving the airport, as Iran is shaken by left wing elements attempting to overthrow [Reza Pahlavi] the Shah of Iran, a merciless dictator that was placed in power by the CIA, which has also been admitted by the US press. The CIA had the president [prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh], who was a popular leader of the people before the Shah, assassinated. In spite of the Shah’s attempt to put another so-called political arm of government in and a new Prime Minister [Jafar Sharif-Emami], it has not satisfied the masses in every city, village and town. Iran wants to maintain correct relations with the Soviet Union, was the final outcome. Chairman Hua said the Shah was unable to agree on any political issue, because Iran is feeling the encirclement of the Soviet Union and also the left unrest in her own country. So in an astounding and shocking results, Iran refused to make any agreement with Chairman Hua of the People’s Republic of China, and in fact said he would follow all lines on foreign policy that would enable the best of relations to continue with the Soviet Union.

West Germany: Parliament called in special session to investigate a new spy ring. Communists have reportedly penetrated the highest levels. It is suggested that, next to the Prime Minister of West Germany that prides itself, capitalist Gener– Germany in being the inheritor of [Adolf] Hitler’s Third Reich. Where these communist infiltrators have been– come of where they have been– hailed from and where they got into the German government has not been described. Radio Moscow makes no (Pause) indication of whether it’s accurate or whether it’s more Cold War maneuvering. Holtz – one of the government agency representatives, high-level of West German official – is accused of espionage, but no official charges are made yet.

Algeria denies a Moroccan charge that they sent troops to cross the border to Morocco, and they say the cause of the false charge is due to Algerian help to Mauritania. Algeria is trying to assist the Mauritanian government to move leftward and be more representative of the people.

Nicaragua. The national guard has been called (Pause) to crush insurgents in Matagalpa. So far, eighty citizens have died bravely in the protest in this area. In spite of the fact that [Anastasio] Somoza only has in his control the Air Force, the protests still go on, and the people are maintaining control of Matagalpa in what is perhaps the most astounding and shocking of all breakthroughs to the distain of the United States. In the last few hours, said dictator Somoza, the United States has decided to drop me. They have used me, my father [Anastasio Somoza Garcia], and my sons for years. We are now negotiating for Moscow. We wonder how Washington would feel if we would make our country a Soviet base in Central America. As we always say, capitalist will betray capitalist, and when Somoza was no longer of any value to the monopoly capitalists, they dropped him, but he made a very shocking and surprise move. They said the president [Jimmy Carter] retired ill over the matter. He retired to his room ill. President of our own United States.

The dollar has dropped further in European markets. The Treasury Department of the United States has sent the next-in-command to Japan to discuss ways to save the economic system of capitalism. There will be great pressure exerted on Japan to import more items. As you know, Japan and West Germany, of all the capitalist nations, fare better because they sell more than they buy. Thus they have a great surplus of money like any private individual would have a lot of money in the bank in reserve, whereas USA– whereas USA has no reserve but owes three thousand million dollars to people abroad.

Western European air traffic is back to normal after the long strike of the air traffic controllers that has paralyzed var– vacationers in Europe and caused many of them to have to decide to vacation in various Soviet allies – satellites, as the Western world would refer to the Russian Warsaw Pact – and in the Soviet Union. It has been reported that there were fifteen times more the vacationers than normal at the Balkan– at the Black Sea resorts in Romania, Bulgaria, and around the Soviet Union’s beautiful resort area.

A Britisher has contracted smallpox in England, and now smallpox shots are required. For years, there has been a decision in the highest levels of the capitalist governments, they are not providing these kind of immunizations, not even against measles and not even against the terrible dread disease of polio, and it has been predicted by a number of doctors in USA and Britain that these diseases would go on [the] rampage again. There has not been in the history of Guyana since independence any case of smallpox, but this could be serious, as we saw the Hollywood movie, The Killer That Stalked New York, where smallpox spread. Now smallpox shots are required in London, but London has no reserve of the– the smallpox immunization.

A peace was broken between Lebanese fascist Christian militia and the UN peace-keeping forces of Syria, a pro-Soviet ally. The Lebanine Chr­– Lebanese Christian militia have been maintained by the Zionist state of Israel. The Christian militia have had another three hundred fatalities. Only two Syrians were killed in the confrontation. King Hussein of Jordan warned that a failure at the Camp David talks will lead to Arab government failures and leftist takeovers. He fears Zionist Israeli intransigence, that they’re immovable, that they will not give in on the land that they have conquered aggressively and unfairly: the West Bank from Jordan, Gaza Strip from Egypt and Southern Lebanon from the Christian government under Prime Minister [Elias] Sarkis of Lebanon. US faces a very serious decision, said the prime minister, and the king of Jordan, King Hussein. What happens in Camp David on September seventh could very well affect whether or not the war will have nuclear World War III, said King Hussein. [Menachim] Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, says he will accept a mutual defense pact with United States, and hopes and plans for US troops to be placed in Israel. But the troops that are now being withdrawn from South Korea, due to the pressure of People’s Republic of China, and a number of non-aligned nations and the Soviet Union for the unification of North Korea and the unpopularity of the capitalist fascist dictator of South Korea [Pres. Park Chung Hee], even in US circles, causing them to drop him, has caused a number of troops into the fifty thousands to be– have to be sent back to United States. The morning news of yesterday said there was no jobs for these people and no placements. They would be temporarily maintained on the East Coast, but will now, according to the BBC commentary, be sent into the Near East. Israel will not allow foreign troops in her occupied areas. She said she will allow US troops to be in the surrounding areas, but the state of Israel, in the first indication publicly that she has a bomb, indicated that she did not trust Washington to put troops on any of the soil that she had conquered. So we have a very uneasy situation in the Near East. As I said, they will (Pause) allow and welcome mutual defense pact with US and US troops to be in Israel but will not allow any foreign troops in the occupied areas. Only the Israeli army. By rather strange reasoning, they will allow US troops to be on the borders of the territory they have conquered. The Arab League announces that this is unacceptable to have US troops in the Near East.

Carter’s energy program is in deep trouble. The dollar is in grave trouble as it continues to plummet and fall like a rock, now on the European market as well as the Japanese. The balance of trade is in deep trouble, said the Prime Minister of England [James Callaghan].

Resolution by Cuba for independence for Puerto Rico. Panama has signed it. Our own Republic of Guyana reaf– reaffirms also the right of Puerto Rican independence. Our black congressman [Ron] Dellums has supported this move, and it is reported that a number of other black leaders are taking similar stands. It is also reported that Congressman Dellums is under investigation and harassment, as all black officials have to undergo. United States has always postponed a vote on this in the United Nations. US says the resolution is unpalatable. They will not allow it to be heard before the United Nations body, that Puerto Rico is a territory of USA. Carter pledges to accept the results of a referendum going through the states by the governors, but says Cubans’ resolution is unacceptable. Which is rather hypocritical. It means that if a governor which– in Boston, Massachusetts, the state governors seem to be saying – all the governors of the United States seem to be saying – that Puerto Rico had a right to be independent, if it chose, but Carter is saying that the same resolution made by Cuba, Panama and Guyana will not be accepted or tolerated.

The International Institute of Strategic Studies in London says the Warsaw Pact built up of weapons, but little change in the numbers of nuclear arms, though improved systems means more warheads per missile. They say USSR has a significant addition to its sea power, but that NATO defense system is still the size and quality to ensure a deterrent of– from Soviet attack. It admits however that Soviet naval forces are superior. US has eleven thousand nuclear warheads. The Soviet Union has only four thousand five hundred. The difference is that the Soviet Union’s warheads are one hundred megaton, whereas USA has not been able to build a megaton– or missile that will have the thrust to carry any larger megaton than 34. What is the difference in a 34-megaton and a hundred-megaton? A hundred megaton – if it’s placed at the right atmosphere – can destroy all of the sar– uh, state of Texas. In one blast, every living thing would be burned alive. A 34 megaton could not do much more damage than a third of Texas, and it would have to be placed at a higher level range than now is available to the United States. The missile thrust, missile power, according to BBC, the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, is just weaker than the Soviet Union has. The Soviet Union has the most powerful missiles on earth. NATO would have to get a major attack from warfo– Warsaw nations. That’s what the Soviet a– allies are called, the Warsaw Pact. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. You know that’s where the minorities of the great Jewish resistance took place but maintained their own ghetto that was surrounded for three months. All poor people, people of color, live in similar ghettos throughout the industrial nations. USA no different. Even apartments are built. They’re easily sealed off. It has been reported by people like Doctor [Daniel] Ellsberg and Doctor Richard Hammerschlag, white man who worked for the Univers– University of California that he says ethnic weapons, as did Doctor Hammerschlag, will be used against people of color, that such buildings were not by happenstance that they can be sealed off. As you know, recent revelations by Doctor Ellsberg, who is a good friend of members of our church, and a high policy-maker in the [Lyndon] Johnson administration and US government in Pentagon and State Department, said that the neutron bomb has been built which is jokingly referred to by many in the official armed forces of USA as the nigger bomb, a bomb to control ghettos because it destroys all living things, but will leave the property for big business to peek up– pick up when it needs it.

There’s a new government coalition in Denmark. Due to severe economic problems, the Social Democrats have joined with the moderates. Never done before. Much public debt, unemployment unions, upset by wage-price controls. This is the first time that the moderates have ever joined with the Social Democrats. Social Democrats have had a sort of welfare capitalism, you know, social democracy. It’s a step between capitalism and socialism, but uh, the economics of European capitalism affects the social democracies like Denmark and Sweden.

The investiture, or what Pope John Paul III [Pope John Paul I] w– wishes to refer to as the enthronement is about to take place.

Spain. Police officers are upset with the government. The police are unhappy about the wave of assassinations and bombings, and feel that the government is not doing enough to protect their interest. Historically, the police force of Spain and many countries have been fascistic. They supported the late Generalissimo [Francisco] Franco, who was a Nazi dictator and an ally of Adolf Hitler who never faced war crimes because US monopoly capitalist needed Spain as a NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization – base. And so he became an ally until his death. Then the dictatorship ended, at least in form. But there is a strong and rising fascist move, as there is a strong rising socialist movement in the gypsy part of the country, known as the Basque. Most of the assassinations against high fascist police and military Spanish officials have taken place by the Basque Liberation Front.

Continuing with the news. In a surprising move of courage, William and Emily Harris of the Symbionese Liberation Front [Symbionese Liberation Army] were offered a sentence reduction of only five years at the maximum and perhaps two years, if they would even admit their own guilt that they were involved in the revolution to overthrow the United States government. Voice of America covered it. And they certainly got public (short laugh) relations gains out of it. In a packed courtroom, William and Emily Harris stood before the judge and said, “We cannot take such a compromise.” It was suggested if they would agree that they were sorry about their crimes, they might have even two years on probation. They said, “We stand guilty as charged. We attempted to reveal to the American people the evil of the ruling monetary class, the rich capitalist. We are not sorry that we attempted to get Mr. [Randolph] Hearst to pay two billion dollars that he had robbed, by his family and their empire, from people for centuries– four generations in United States society.” Those billions of dollars would have gone to feed the poor, as the few hundreds of thousands that they did obtain were distru– distributed in the Bay Area. They also refused the court’s bribes. They said that Patricia Hearst was not, as the D.A. tried to get them to sign, tortured, or in any way intimidated or brainwashed. “She committed the offenses because she believed while she was with us in a revolution of the poor people of the country. She did it at her own will. In fact she begged,” said Emily and William Harris before fac– facing what may mean a 25-year sentence in a packed courtroom. Rounds of applause were heard throughout the Alameda court, and the judge just stooped over, and his head bowed, with no– no statement whatsoever. Seemed that he felt some disdain for the District Attorney’s attempt to get them to lie. He said, “Is it the understanding of the court that you have no remorse?” Hearst [The Harrises] stood bravely, without trembling and smiling, said, “No remorse. We are guilty, and if we had a chance, we would repeat our actions again.”

Prostitutes will now not only be sentences– receive sentences, says Radio Sweden, but the customers of prostitution in New York will also receive heavy jail sentences and five hundred dollar fines, a criminal record for both, and there will be no way to avoid it. Radio Sweden said the particular reason for this new morality in the USA and Sweden of course is not uh– anti-capitalist. It’s a social welfare democracy. Said the reason for this particular emphasis on cleaning up New York streets is because black elements have organized the prostitution, and now those who are raking in the monies are black. Both the organizers of prostitution and the prostitutes themselves. And, said Radio Sweden, USA does not like black people to make money. Prostitution does not concern them, because only in New York have the blacks gained control of the prostitution racket.

We as a people oppose any such beha– behavior: prostitution, drugs, any criminal act. We are fortunate to live in a community where we don’t even spank our children, where no violence is allowed, nor do we have to make laws against it, because it just doesn’t happen, where we live without regard of race, creed or color, in an atmosphere of clean air and beauty and the best of foods, not chemicals like sodium nitrate that the health authorities in USA says absolutely cause cancer, but still they have not been banned. We are fortunate, and we should work harder to make it an opportunity with all these 27,000 acres. We were just praised in the Chronicle – Guyana press – and throughout the Caribbean for our project and the important guest [Don Freed and Mark Lane] who just came and who now have evidence of a conspiracy and go– will go back and make it very difficult for those who have been involved in this so-called Concerned Relatives because some of them have created [committed] crimes of perjury and also murder and threats of murder.

A poll taken in the United States says that [Sen. Edward] Kennedy out distances Carter. Fifty percent of the people like President [Senator] Kennedy. Thirty-one percent like Carter. Eighteen percent like Jerry Brown. Jerry Brown, you know, the governor of California just cut (unintelligible word) and endorsed a billion dollar tax cut which the Voice of America said will affect black people, brown people and women most of all.

Nicaragua: the struggle goes on. In spite of the secret police of Somoza, in Matagalpa, arresting 200 people, many of them 12, 14, 16 year olds, the fighting is nothing but a massacre. Massive forces, air– air superiority that have been furnished. But Carter’s not giving enough, and so Somoza says he will look to Moscow. Of course this must be received with great shock (short laugh) by US capitalist. “I have been betrayed,” he said, “by Carter and the capitalist, and I will call for aid from Moscow if it doesn’t cease, this betrayal.”

Continuing with the news. A little more news today than normal. President [Leonid] Brezhnev, secretary of the Communist Party, USSR, returned to Moscow from the Crimea after meeting with all of his allies in the Warsaw Pact, in preparation for what they feel may nee– be an outbreak of nuclear war because of the bellicose attitude of NATO and the belligerence of mainland China.

Joshua Nkomo feels liberation forces will be victorious before the end of the year. Joshua Nkomo, which we all must know, is the nationalist leader, along with Robert Mugabe, Marxist leader, for the patriotic front that is the true government of Zimbabwe, what the white man refers to as Rhodesia. He said there’s only one way that we will gain our freedom all over Africa. That’s through armed struggle.

[Alexei] Kosygin meeting with Sudan, the leader of the Sudan republic – its capital is Khartoum – where the Organization of African Unity uh– met recently and called for USA and her allies to not interfere in the African process of liberation. New attempts to disunite the two countries have been unsuccessful.

Brezhnev, Crimea meeting included the German Democratic Republic, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Mon– Mon– Mongolia, and other unmentioned friendly nations. Concluded, further joint action needed. Condemned NATO for its aggressive war-like stance and build-up. It reiterated Soviets’ backing of Vietnam and Laos in Southeast Asia. Kosygin. Turn Indian Ocean to a zone of peace. Said it appears that nuclear war is likely to happen. As you know, this area is also a zone of peace by agreement between the Soviet Union and United States of America. He se– He called for the United Nations to immediately see that no nuclear weapons or testing is allowed– is permitted in any of the Indian Ocean or Indian subcontinent area.

[Jomo] Kenyatta’s death will be solemnized in a holiday on August 27th. Many foreign delegations. A new head of state will be selected in three months. The cabinet of Kenya has already announced that it will be a non-aligned leader. Kenya had been pretty much in the Western camp. As you know, Kenyatta once was the feared warrior of the Mau Mau. They used to try to make tales of terror about the Mau Mau, but even the Western press, US press, has admitted now that it was the Mau Mau– the Mau Mau that were really the ones that were tortured and massacred. But Kenya had adopted a very good policy of racial acceptance of all re– all colors. No discrimination against people of white complexion or any other ethnic background. This policy, said the cabinet of Kenya, will continue. But Kenya will be taking a stronger stand on the side of the Organization of African Unity, for non-interference by USA and her NATO allies.

United Nations resolution voted the end of the contacts, any contacts at all, as well as trade, with South Africa. The United Nations resolution said that there should not even be consular or embassy status with the regime that is bent on nothing but the destruction of Indians, Africans and Asians. As you know, South Africa is also negotiating a separate peace, it’s been reported by BBC, with the Zimbabwean Patriotic Pront– Front and SWAPO for the right to have just a small rich area at the tip of South Africa where the whites can survive. They will go along with the support of a Marxist state in Mozambique and Angola and in Namibia and as well as Rhodesia. Capitalist always betray capitalist.

South Africa, says United Nations, has the potential for nuclear weapons and could deliver at this moment an atomic bomb. The neutron bombs that the Air Force sickeningly and jokingly refers to as the nigger bomb that could be used on their concentration camps, are in the hands of US NATO forces and not South Africa. But due to the fact that South Africa may have a nuclear bomb, it may mean that Zimbabwe and Namibia and Angola, Mozambique will agree to the terms of allowing them a small portion which wi– they may maintain a white state, but the blacks will be allowed to move in other territories and have independent nations of their own and no longer have to be servants of the dread state of South Africa, that has been upheld by our tax dollars, as we put just a few weeks ago. Tax dollars money from USA, four hundred and forty-seven million dollars.

Security council, United Nations, meetings on Namibia – emergency meetings – recommend seven and a half thousand United Nation troops to ensure peace, with independence being guaranteed. The Soviet Union and her Warsaw allies demand that this be equally representative – the UN troops equally representative – of the socialist world as well as the capitalist world.

Joshua Nkomo. Intensification of armed struggle was called for. The only way to get liberation of the richest continent on the world and the largest, Africa, is by armed struggle.

China – People’s Republic of China – aligned itself with reactionaries, Japanese, in the so-called treaty of friendship. It threatens the peace of Asia, says Radio Moscow. Yugoslavian trip weakened socialist solidarity but, said Radio Moscow, as did Voice of America, China was the loser in Iran, as Iran surprisingly – some of the strangest places come the most unusual surprises – Iran took a strong pro-Soviet position and did not sign one agreement with China.

Nicar– Nicaragua, Central America: Practically all are participating in the general strike. Armed clashes with National Guard and army. Somoza’s son [Anastasio Somoza Portocarrero] has had to take over authority. Somoza’s residence has been bombed by people in a concerted effort to bring liberation. It had been suggested by business elements in S– Ni– Somoza’s control, Nicaragua. He was put in power by the US Marines in 1933, that is, his dad was, and then he took over shortly thereafter, and the Somoza family has ruled with an ironclad hand for 44 years with support from US monopoly capitalists and multinationals. And many business elements thought the people themselves would rise up and uh, build a communist state. Now we hear Somoza, a fascist and right-wing dictator, talking of becoming an ally of Moscow. Strange things happen in this world today.

Hijacking plane to West Berlin, with many East German passengers on board the plane. No news has been suggested– it has appe– appears that one steward has been killed in the process of the hijacking by some (Pause) reactionary element in GDR.

Russian education. Starting next month, textbooks will be doubled in all the Soviet schools, and all reading books and literature will be free, that libraries will be available of every text, and there’ll be an ample supply that any Soviet citizen will be able to get books whenever they desire, said Radio Mo– Moscow.

[Soviet] Presidium voted for more consumer goods, according to BBC, British Broadcasting Company. More clothes and furniture, excepted, uh, et cetera. There w– There will be a one-third increase by the fiscal year ending next June. W– By one-third. Consumer goods. More clothing, furniture, frigerations, TVs, cars, there’ll be one-third more than there is presently available.

Thirty-three thousand students in socialist countries, Czechoslovakia, East German Democratic Republic are tru– studying in the Institute of Tropical Agriculture which has been called by Voice of Netherlands, Amsterdam, member of NATO, an ally of USA, as the best agricultural institute in the world.

Solidarity with Arabs. Just settlement in the Middle East is called for. USSR has said, according to the Voice of Ne– Netherlands that they will not tolerate a US military base in the military– a military bastion in the Near East.

Soviet-Syrian talks are being held of an emergency nature in Moscow by the top leaders of the Politiboro– Politburo, the leading cabinet of the Soviet Union. Any settlement should include withdrawal immediately, said Radio Moscow, of Israel troops in all the occupied territories that they have taken by force. They want to ensure a stable peace. According to the Vo– BBC, Moscow said she would do all she could to avoid a nuclear war. But we are preparing for war because it seems that the war clouds are getting lower over our heads each day.

NATO arms build-up is increasing and alarming, said Voice of Sweden. (Pause)

Sudan has denounced Israeli plans. Sudan is moving closer to the Warsaw Pact.

World Peace Council, September first, hundred and thirty countries with peace organizations that stand for peaceful coexistence between capitalism and socialism to avoid the hell of nuclear war that according to US government reports would kill over 200 million US citizens in the first few minutes. USA is one of the few nuclear powers that does not have any underground shelters. The People’s Republic of China has a long complex of cities, even stretching out a hundred miles from their main city, such as Peking, deep, deep in the earth. Some 180 feet, and some 800 feet, but USA has no such shelters for their people. The Soviet Union also have major underground shelters, and the welfare state, welfare capitalists or socialist democracy– social democracy rather, of Sweden has a complex of underground cities to protect their people, but USA has never felt the necessity of doing this. Anyway, the world peace movement is going to seek emergency changes in international relations to try to avert nuclear war, which the chairperson of World Peare– the World Peace Council, who is from India, said he feels will happen before the end of this year if emergency steps are not taken to eliminate the Cold War tensions that are increasing in the world’s atmosphere.

United Nations special session: ways of implementing measures to reduce arms is called for as an emergency because of the dangers of nuclear war. Everyone these days is talking on all stations, be they capitalist or socialist, pro-American or pro-Soviet, about the imminent danger– the immediate danger of a nuclear war.

African national cong– conference. Conspiracy between the multinationals and US of A has been brought out by the Organization of African Unity. The creation of troops, commandos and mercenaries that’ve been trained and paid for at taxpayers’ expense, says the Organization of African Unity, which composes 50 some nations in African continent, some who have been friendly to USA, some who are non-aligned and some who are pro-Soviet and pro-Peking. Nonetheless, they all say that there’s a conspiracy – first time the BBC has referred to such a charge as a conspiracy – between the large multinational corporations that have bought up the grocery stores and bought up the farmlands and bought up the nursing homes in USA and almost of all the wealth of the– of the uh, so-called free world, the capitalist world. Sixty-six percent of the world wealth is in the hands of just a handful of rich multinational corporations, according to Radio Netherlands even. NATO will form also part of this conspiracy. Mercenaries hired by these multinationals who are being subsidized with US ta– taxpayer dollars, while Proposition 13 and other such propositions like the one in California are cutting off major services and jobs for blacks, Indians, and Asians and poor whites.

The Organization of African Unity said a total embargo must be started immediately a– against South Africa. On that, the Organization of African Unity agrees totally with the United Nations.

Conference on racism, that just ended in Geneva, Switzerland.

Chinese premier tour: Chairman Hua, the Prime Minister of China, arrived in Tehran, Iran, you know, and was pelted with rocks and left Iran without any treaties or any trade agreements. The leader of state says that popular unrest will not change because of the visit of Hua, but on the contrary it has increased. Chairman Hua in Bele– in Belgrade, praised the non-aligned movement, but China has tried to hurt the non-aligned movement, according to Radio Moscow. However, in blistering terms, the Chinese Prime Minister has attacked Zionist Israel and call Zio– call Zionism a form of racism. Racism.

Accelerated – that means has stepped up –rapprochement of China and the West has been charged by Tass, boosting of bilateral contracts [contacts] with NATO which is consistent with China’s doctrine of people’s– the third– the– the three worlds [Doctrine of Three Worlds], which we all know and must understand. For Supervisor [James] Edwards. We also realize that this philosophy is based on a moral concept that is difficult for moral humanist to accept, that China says nuclear war is inevitable, will happen, it can’t be stopped, it’s too late in the day, and so all of her– their policies are based on trying to bring it about as soon as possible.

Angola, the Horn of Africa, Zaire, all have been backed the reactionary element, say Tass. Chairman Hua never mentioned liberation struggle in Africa nor South America in his talks in Tehran or Belgrade, said the BBC even, the British Broadcasting Company, an ally of the USA. He said he only condemned imperialism, but BBC said that USA had better not be taken in, that this is also a move that is just as much endangering the peace of the USA and her allies as it is the Soviet Union.

Continuing with news on the local sphere. Call to end practice of doctors dispensing drugs. Mr. Albert Howls [phonetic], president of the ca– pharmacist association, has called for a manpower survey of pharmacists in order to determine how many there were and their ability to serve the needs of the regions. The suggestion that doctors will not be involved in the process of drugs to stop various capitalistic practices of medicine. Medici– Medicines will be (stumbles over words) disbursed and distributed by people like our own licensed Joyce Parks, who is a medical practitioner. And they’re going to be very strict about this because they have seen, what they point out, excesses in the practice of dispensing of drugs by doctors. He pointed out that doctors were trained to diagnose and prescribe drugs, but it was the work of the pharmacist and dispensers– dispensers, which we have both here, a pharmacist and dispenser, to dispense drugs. He said that the– the Minister of Health, Housing and Labor, comrade Hamilton Green, declared the conference open, here in Guyana, said that he noted observations by Mr. Howls and Mr. Ali [phonetic], and added that there was the other side to a story where pharmacists performed the functions of doctors, by necessity, because doctors were interested more in capital. And we’ve seen some of that where people in the United States came here and m– medical clinics said there was no cancer, and we found over 30 and saved their lives. And where they wanted to operate wrong legs and did, one white lady, but it’s been corrected. A white nurse in our midst. So we know that there are those in the medical profession that make it difficult for others who are decent.

The Guyanese are now going to be able to fish in the Courantyne River. After months of lengthy negotiations, a peace has come between Surinam, Brazil, rich to our south, and Venezuela, one of the strong leaders of OPEC, where some of the political prisoners that were freed by the activists in Nicaragua were flown to. Now the fisherman of Guyana will be able to fish in the Courantyne River. The Courantyne had formerly claimed by Surinam. The announcement came this morning from the Surinam Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Parlim– Parlimarbol [Parimaribo]. We’ve also built up a number of friends there who have invited our people to come over there and offered various things to assist the orphanage. We are very grateful for contacts, both friendly contacts in Venezuela, 10 miles to our east [west] and Surinam on the western [eastern] border of our beloved country of Guyana.

Licenses each– issued after eight-month government talks. Licenses that have been issued for airlines – private airlines – to travel over the Brazilian territory from Guyana. So there’s a number of peaceful acts of progress being made between Guyana and her neighbors.

Council has moved in cement racket. It has been reported that a cement racket had been going on in New Amsterdam. And the town council, the cooperative socialist council, has now interviewed several, and such activities have been brought to a halt. It was stated that persons were purchasing 300 and 400 sacks of cement from Guyana refer– refers– Wrefords– W-R-E-F-O-R-D-S, and retailing it at fantastic prices. They will be sentenced on Monday.

Warrants issued for forgery. Magistrate Owen Fung Kee Fun [phonetic]– this is a country made up of all races, where racism, even a re– referral to someone rac– someone’s race is considered a violation of law and social ethics. This principal magistrate or judge yesterday issued warrants for the arrest of two in the uh, Ministry of Education who had failed to attend court to answer charge brought against them for forgery and uttering forged time slips into the ministry. It is felt that they may have fled to United States. United States and Guyana has no extradition. That means anyone accused of a crime here, United States will not send them back. That also means that anyone that is framed or accused of a crime in United States, cannot ask this government to send them back. There is no extradition treaty between the two countries.

Four months has been delivered to one businessman for selling soap above price, as Guyana has a strict price control. We wish we could say that for every nation in the world. Businessman, grocer Peter Jadan [phonetic] sold laundry soap 25 cents above the fixed price. In sentencing Jadan, the court judge magistrate referred to the prevailing of such offenses and the hardships that they were causing to people in the community. He said his most severe sentences will be reserved for those who commit high uh, white collar crim– white collar crime, business crime. He said we punish people – the working class – for wrongdoings, but this court will deal more severely with those who have means and take advantage of the people of this country.

Around the Caribbean: Air Jamaica having to use charter planes. Strike has hit Air Jamaica that has been reported that the CIA is attempting to destabilize Jamaica. The International Monetary Fund is having a great deal of effect on the economy. But there’s a growing communist uh– support amongst the– of the– the masses.

Anti-apartheid group criticizes computer sale. An anti-apartheid group here has strongly denounced the sale to South Africa of computers by a British company with Caribbean interests. Guyana is strongly committed to African liberation.

Wanted to buy: five hundred scorpions. Have you got a real live scorpion you want to sell? We haven’t found any around here, but you want to take note. The university here, one of the most beautiful universities in the world, wants to buy five hundred of them for the Saint Augustine campus in the University of West Indies, which also Guyana supports. The purpose for anti-venom research into the insects’ poisonous sting. In a paid advertisement in the Trinidad Guardian and the People’s Chronicle – a large Chronicle that we’ve been praised twice this week for various activities here that has a circulation of some seven hundred thousand in Guyana – the university said that the live scorpions were needed for the research at the department of medicine. Doctor Courtney Bart– Barth– Barthol– Bartholomew, professor of medicine at Saint Augustine, explained that behind the scorpion collection bid by his department were plans to conduct extensive research into the effects of the scorpions’ venom on human beings. Our research aspects involve finding out how the scorpion venom acts on humans, how it affects the various tissues of the human body. In fact, we’ve reached very far in our research of date– to date. Canaan [phonetic] News Services of the Caribbean suggest that scorpion, the formula of the uh– the– the uh, uh, venom that comes from the scorpion has effect on allaying cancer as well as other tissue-attacking diseases. So if you’re out in the woods – we don’t have any snakes or scorpions in our community – but everyone here be posted to look for scorpions. They’re not that dangerous. Pick them up, put them in a jar, because we could get some money that would help us with more orphans to adopt and the two to three hundred people that we give free medical care to in our lovely clinic that has been called by our distinguished guests [Mark Lane and Don Freed]. You know the number that came from the House Select Services Assassination Committee investigation, high levels of government and the doctors that have been with us recently. They said it was the best they’d ever seen. This community was the best they’d ever seen in the world. And the medical services the best by far they’d ever seen. So, let us look for scorpions. It would be a means of raising funds so that we could adopt more children and give more medical care to more people on our mercy ship as it goes down the river. [moves microphone]

Moving on with the news of a local nature: you know, some have been asking for news about it. Past is catching with Hitler’s men. It was not a criminal past, but it was one over which the man, who had been prime minister of Baden-Württemberg for twelve years who ranked number two in the powerful Christian Democratic Union and was a hot favorite for the presidency of the Federal Republic of Germany – that is the neo-fascist inheritor of the Third Reich – in next year’s election would have preferred to draw a discreet veil. That however was not to be, said Guyana Broadcasting Studios. As you know, we have radio shows over all the broadcast networks here in Guyana. For Ralph Hawkhoffe [phonetic], the playwright who loves to protect the high and mighty, alleged in a newspaper interview that during the Second World War, Doctor Filbinger [phonetic] had been overzealous in his duties as a Nazi naval judge and had been responsible for a number of death sentences in the closing days of the war. Doctor Filbinger could have pleaded that he only did his duty and had it– he left it in that context, he might have got away with it, as other ex-Nazis have done. But he was foolish enough first of all to deny the charges, and then when the archives produced irrefutable evidence, he made himself look even more foolish by pleading a faulty memory. In the end, said the Guyana Broadcasting Studios this morning, he had to go through (unintelligible word), unrepentant as ever, and claiming that he had been the victim of a campaign of character assassination organized by leftist and socialist. The sequel was significant. The Christian Democrats of Baden-Württemberg retained Doctor Filbinger as chairman of the party in the state, but they had to find a replacement for him as prime minister. Hans Filbinger, once a likely candidate for the office of president of West Germany, has resigned as premier of Baden-Württemberg after accusations, later proved correct, that as a Nazi naval judge, he has been responsible for the numbers of death sentences in closing days of WWII.

Another German is to face a court– a court for alleged complic–

[At this point, tape fails for approximately five minutes, alternating short snippets of sound and silences]

–don’t have radios. Some of your radios don’t bring it in as clear as others.

According to The Guyana Chronicle, the Soviet citizens have all– all Soviet citizens have equal rights to education. A whole page is covering that subject, so I will not bother to give you that. You’ll be able to get it from the newspaper sources and reading sources of the library. But according to this commentary, the Soviet state pays great attention to the further development, improvement and the spiritual and cultural life of all Soviet citizens, to the development of a humanistic way of life. Guyana Chronicle also credits the Soviet Union for putting up thirty-five million dollar rubles– thirty-five million– thirty-five thousand million dollar rubles in the last five year plan for expenses covering education and social consumption for Third World students, both at the Soviet institutions and in cultural centers and educational centers set up by the Soviet Union abroad.

Spare shortages hits Jamaica. Jam– Jamaican prime minister [Michael Manley] has charged USA with an embargo similar to that that they tried on Cuba and Guyana, as they have a shortage of car parts that has led Jamaica’s auto parts dealers to call on government to remove its ten percent ad valorem stamp duty applied to their goods and to reduce the consumption tax from fifteen to ten percent. Such a step would result in about thirty percent reduction in the cost of spare parts to the consumers, according to the dealers’ association. Mr. Rall [phonetic], who also commented on recent charges that auto part dealers made up to one hundred percent profit on parts because US had stepped up charges to them. He said that the price of spare parts have been government-controlled since the new socialist government had taken over, allowing the importer such a mark-up that it was unfair to the public. Thus, they’re calling for this reduction of taxes. There’s been no response by the socialist government, and there has been no response to the appeal to the US auto corporations to reduce their embargo which is taking the form of just prices that are higher than charged to many other countries. (Pause)

We will see if there’s any other thing in the news, we listen here that you might be of interest in. We have a new Hollywood movie about King Henry the Eighth, and it’s a very good movie that– which– that brings out some of the maneuvers he made to establish a whole religion after his name and uh, so forth. We have a beautiful article in the uh, Guyana Chronicle in the black American publisher [Carlton Goodlett] and others who are praising it. It shows a picture, beautiful picture of oh, so many, I couldn’t name them all. Jack Barron and uh, my son Johnny S– Senior [Johnny Moss Brown], the brother of the prime minister’s wife [Herbie Harper, brother of Viola Burnham], Doctor Goodlett’s right in the front (stumbles over words) his hand on his chin, uh, just in amazement at some of the things he’s seeing. The Doctor Goodlett with hand on chin, looking with amazement over the Peoples Temple project at Jonestown. Second from right is Reverend Jim Jones. Then a number of other distinguished officials that were here, as you know, who are going to get to the bottom of the conspiracy against this great project. It’s a long, long article of praise. And we’re appreciative of such articles. We have had two such articles in the leading newspapers of Guyana this week. Here, we have a free press and a press that has given us nothing but praise. And we are grateful for the recognition of our work and what we have rendered the community.

Volunteer sugar workers to be honored today. Those who saved the sugar industry, thousands of Guyanese workers from all walks of life who helped save the national economy by cutting cane, will receive honors today, national recognition and a special banquet on their behalf.

Cardinal Luciani, as you know, is elected the new pope. Cardinal Albino Luciani of Italy, Patriarch of Venice, was last night elected 263rd pope and leader of the world seven hundred million Catholics, though only five hundred and thirty million are active, because of the previous Pope Paul’s uh, position that women had no right to practice birth control. He will take the name John Paul the First, Cardinal Pericle Felici told a crowd of thousands waiting at Saint Peter’s Square. The choice took Vatican analysts by surprise. The names most mentioned as possible popes had been Cardinal Sebastio R– Bargio [phonetic] and Paulo Bertolli [phonetic]. Historically, all popes are Italian. The new pope, who is sixty-five, has had a reputation as a moderate figure. He also has appeared as a strong anti-communist who urged communists not to vote for the Euro-Communist party, even though it’s a moderate, non-aligned Soviet uh, not a– not a pro-Soviet communist party. As Cardinal Luciani, he supported the reforms of the 1962-65 Vatican ecumenical council, but according to some Vatican analysts, appeared to have become much more conservative in recent years. There have been accusations of interference for the first time with the selection of the pope. Bestep– bespeckled and gray-haired, he is the son of a socialist glass worker. Wearing a papal white hat and a mauve, gold-embroidered cassock, the new pope emerged on the balcony, looking solemn and serious. But he smiled and waved happily, as the crowd now about fifty thousand strong, burst into applause. The Swiss guard with its band marched into the square in his honor and the new pool– Pope introduced a prayer. Pope John Paul left the balcony with a beaming smile after blessing the crowd, turning at the last minute to give a final wave. It was one of the quickest conclaves ever. The election of his predecessor, Pope Paul, who died on August sixth, took two days and that of his predecessor Pope John [XXIII] lasted three days.

Muslims of Guyana are calling for special meditations for world peace. The emisar– the Holy Quram from Mecca is due to visit the Muslim temples of this area, and he has expressed great concern over Israeli expansion in the Near East and the dangers of the– of nuclear war. So they’re calling for special prayers of concern for world peace, said the President General of the Guyana Muslim faith Nassir Kahn [phonetic]. (Pause)

Speaking on of news, crackdown–

(tape is blank for a while)

–into Radio Canada, are eating dog food and cat food as a regular part of their diet, due to the high cost of living.

United States resumes aid to India. Though the United States is greatly concerned over India’s turn towards a Soviet– Soviet Union, they yesterday resumed direct aid to India after a seven-year break, signing agreement for three loans worth sixty million dollars. The agreements covered two loans of thirty million dollars for medium-sized mission projects in (unintelligible location) and twenty-eight million for the import of anti-malaria insecticides and a grant of two million dollars for the application of science and technology to rural areas. We’ve not had to worry about malaria here. We don’t have to worry about– (tape blank for two seconds). We don’t have to worry about the viruses that beset USA. We have easy bacterias which can be treated. It’s much better to live in a community where the problems of disease are caused by bacteria rather than viral infections.

President Arthur Chung and Prime Minister Forbes Burnham today sent telegrams to the United Nations demanding immediate boycott of trade with the Union of South Africa. They also sent s– sympathy telegrams to the family of President Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya. President Chung, the Chinese president of our country, Guyana, said that President Kenyatta will always be remembered for his sterling contribution to the African independent struggle, a contribution which nobly inspired others engaged in struggles for liberation of oppressed people everywhere. Prime Minister Burnham, in his message to acting President Daniel arap Moi, referred to President Kenyatta as an outstanding son of Africa, a true world leader. Comrade Burnham added he was a leader of world standing, who consistently supported the cause of freedom, justice and equality. A socialist and non-aligned member, who had been more uh, dependent economically on Britain than the new government says it will be. He was always respected for the fact that he was fair and impartial on any issue. And that is fairly good analysis, I would say.

Agreement with the International Monetary Fund: This agreement has paved the way for the Cooperative Republic of Guyana to proceed with the development program of the People’s National Congress, our ruling party. The agreement provides the nation with two (unintelligible word, sounds like “Stanley”) loans totaling forty eight million dollars. There will be no deflation of– of the value of the dollar of Guyana, guaranteed by the Guyanese government for one year. To those Guyanese who are genuinely interested in the development of this country, the agreement means very much. IMF finally bowed to demands of the government that there would be no interference with their own economic affairs. Government’s case was ably presented by finance minister, Frank Hope, and economic develop[ment] minister, Desmond Hoyte. Opposition leader Doctor Cheddi Jagan and fellow PPP assemblyman (unintelligible name) [likely Harry] Persaud [phonetic], in opposing the arrangement, said nothing new in parliament. Their opposition to any assistance from what they call Western imperialism is well known. It is still difficult to understand why these PPP assemblymen neither criticize nor condemn their own friends for receiving billions of dollars from the Western imperialist. To put it mildly, their policy is baffling, perhaps selfish and disappointing. The PNC, our party, the party that rules this country, People’s National Congress – though we don’t vote, as US citizens, we’re not involved with politics – but our prime minister is Forbes Burnham, he said that h– he had matter of documentation that the PPP had received billions of dollars in an attempt to destabilize the socialist PNC government from USA multinationals. Well, that’s an interesting charge. Finance minister Frank Hope’s explanation of government’s policy, insofar as administration standby arrangement with the IMF is concerned, has convinced and satisfied all those who are interested in Guyana’s economic independence. Minister Hope explained how the advantage of the agreement could not be measured only in terms of how much money the IMF will be able to assist Guyana with, the advantage must be measured by the fact that countries and institutions which have funds available for lending for development purposes will be able to rely on their own resources by this agreement and not have to become victims of IMF decisions about their in– internal affairs. Many countries and institutions with available leading funds– lending funds, do not have the facilities to examine the state of the economy of countries seeking financial assistance in one form or another. One point is clear: most Guyanese are convinced that there must be no turn back as government proceeds along the road to socialist development and progress.

Thus ends the reading and commentary of the news. (Pause) We wish you a good day. We also would like to say one last bit of news I’m just hearing. This is the longest news I’ve given, ever.

Guyana is producing an anti-cancer drug at the Cartaboo [phonetic] Ecological Research Station. And now we have established that, since the founding of the Cartaboo Ecological Research Station. A lot has been accomplished by founder, Doctor William Beebe [phonetic]. But before stating other facets of research conducted by members of the research center and what plans Doctor Margaret Collins has, it would be interesting to note that a chemical secretion from one species of termites which inhabits Guyana’s hinterland has what has been initially detected as definite ants– anti-cancer drug. Uh– My my. We want to get to that. That would be beneficial to some that may develop cancer in our community. We caught them, fortunately, when medical expert opinion USA said they had none, we caught some 30. But we should contact this Cartaboo Ecological Research Station immediately. This, according to Howard professor uh– How– University professor of zoology, Doctor Margaret Collins, was recognized because of its odor, and she pointed out that the species from which the solution is extracted is indigenous only to Guyana. She further explained that the termites use a chemical in warfare exercises, and at least one of the compounds that acts as a cell poison for cancerous growth is present and is proved very workable and effective. Our medical team here in Jonestown should contact Doctor Margaret Collins, a– a student of Doctor Alfred Emerson. The founder there of that institute was Doctor William Beebe. But I believe Doctor Alfred Emerson who was attached to Cornell University and wrote the life history of the Ca– Cartaboo termites was inspired by the scientist to pick up where the others left off. A lot more has been done by other scientists – Guyanese that is – stemming from acti– tivities at Cartaboo Point. It was Doctor Emerson who discovered some seventy species of wood ants and just within a half mile of the station. Of those fifty species– fifty of those– fifty of the seventy species were new to science. A most remarkable series of a hundred kinds of guest insects were also collected, some modified to an astounding extent and very useful in various medical treatments. The cast of soldiers, workers, kings and queens, the nest, fungus disease and parasites, wing development and general habits of many of these species have been report– and recorded in notes, drawings and photographs. The interest is primarily scientific, yet investigation such as this will ultimately prove to be of considerable economic help to Guyana. We shall look into that.

Thank you. Have a very good day, and I do love you very, very much.

End of Tape

Tape originally posted March 2009