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Jones: –in Baghdad had decided to–

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November 6 news. The summit conference of Arab states in Baghdad has decided to send a delegation to Egypt to try to persuade would-be dictator [Anwar] Sadat to pro– to pro– revoke his policy on peace talks with Israel. (unintelligible word) company of England, correspondent in the Middle East, in Baghdad, said it is generally expected that the conference will agree on some minimum level of rejection of the Camp David sell-out that took place in Washington, where Washington and Egypt and Israel decided to sell out countries that had been invaded, or that they will try to fight against Egypt in some cases. But this is said in mild fury as opposed to some we got earlier in the week from more radical sources. Reports from the same correspondent say that the F– PLO is worried that the e– results of the summit will be too moderate. A PLO spokesman has accused the United States of America of working by proxy – in– in working through others, in other words – through general uh, Arab states, who tried to in– to try to influence the uh– the con– conference against taking up strongly anti-Sadat lines. (Coughs)

The United– United Nations National Council– The United African National Council, a partner in Rhodesian transitional government, has predicted that there will be widespread (stumbles over words) widespread disruption if majority rule is not achieved by December. The de– party which is led by Bishop (stumbles over name) Wisawa– Wisawera [Abel Muzorewa] released the statement after a meeting of their– as I said, saying that any delay would cancel the Salisbury gov– agreement, capital of Rhodesia, self-imposed name upon this s– free territory of African Zimbabwe– of last March, on steps toward majority rule, and would destroy the credibility of the transitional government. This statement was a rejection, a reaction rather, to the announcement by [Rhodesian Prime Minister] Ian Smith, in a series of news conferences last Sunday, that he did not think that December target date, that the handover of the power could be met. The lying honky continues. The white oppressor continues to break their promises. For ten years, they’ve been promising African freedom over this territory, and they continue to lie between their teeth, supported and backed by U.S. Pentagon forces.

It is now becoming clear that the latest border clash between Vietnam and China has been the serious– has been the most serious so far. According to reports from Peking, China, Vietnamese soldiers crossed over the Chinese territory and killed several Chinese soldiers. You know Vietnam is backed by the Soviet Union. It’s an ally. Though they’re Asian people, they have found that the Soviet Union is the avant garde of liberation, and they’re backed militarily by the Soviet Union. So they’ve crossed – the Vietnamese – and killed several soldiers. The Vietnamese soldiers crossed, as I’ve said, over into Chinese territory and killed many Chinese soldiers. This is the first time since tension started that the Chinese have reported any of their troop killed. It uh– represents a (Pause) dangerous in– intensification of the increasingly serious conflict. As you know, the Soviet Union is absolutely committed to (Pause) the uh– Vietna– Vietnamese struggle.

President [Ferdinand] Marcos of the Philippines has announced– has granted general na– amnesty to more than two thousand three hundred martial law detainees on the behest of his wife [Imelda Marcos], who seems to be somewhat of a radical. Under a decree announced last June, correspondents in Manila say that more than four thousand detainees applied for release. The president’s most outspoken critic, a former Sedat– Senator, who’s– had been in prison for more than six years, was not among those who were granted amnesty.

After months of negotiations held against a uh– background of controversy through the country, the Re– Australian government and representatives of the aborigines in an area of the northern country – aborigine means the n– native person to the s– to that soil, the first people to ever live on that soil – well, anyway, the aborigines in that area of that nor– northern territory have agreed that uranium mining will al– start on land with the aborigines regard as saced– as sacred. The area to be mined is about 100 miles east of Darwin, and the full production is expected to be achieved by 1982, if we don’t have a nuclear war beforehand. The agreement described by an aborigine leader is as a historic occasion guaranteed substantial loyalties for the aborigine clan.

Soviet delegates and authorities have described as monstrous, the 50 years prison sentence passed on two Soviet citizens in the United States, accused of spying without any evidence. The Tass agency has said that the two men who worked with the United St– Nations were illegally arrested, and that the charges against them as (pause) to an– as paying an Amer– uh– an American Naval officer from na– military secrets are groundless. Tass says that the sentences are a deliberate provocation by the uh, American security service, and an attempt to damage relations between the countries. The enemy says– the agency says the Soviet Union insists that the United States take immediate measures to enable the two men to return home. This will be quite a stir in the Cold War era that’s been renewed, because when similar situations were charged about US reporters, US re– the USSR did not indict them or try them, they turned them over to the amba– ambassador of the United States and asked them to leave their country. Shows who has mercy.

The president of San Sengual– Senegal [Leopold Senghor] and the prime minister of Canada [Pierre Trudeau] have been discussing the possible setting up of a commonwealth participation (stumbles over words) of French-speaking countries. Senegal persuade President– (stumbles over words) their President said that the question of Quebec participation would be a matter for Canada to– to solve on its own internally. In the Canadian in the past has opposed Quebec participation, because Quebec demands separate separatism, and is quite sympathetic, by the way, I might say, to African liberation and all wor– third world liberation. In the– This is in Paris, that we’re– we’re speaking about. In this past C– Canadian meeting, has opposed Quebec’s participation. In Paris, a Fench forearms– a French foreign ministry spokesman said French– the French would refuse to attend any meeting that Quebec did not take part in. (Pause)

Famine caused by drought is threatening at least fifty thousand people in the west of Zaire (Coughs). Red Cross authorities have announced daily rations of pilk– milk– milk powder and fish mail– m– meal, and are being sent under a special (Pause) relief program which the Red Cross plans to continue to four months. The Red Cross has been more supported by the Soviet Union than any nation on earth today.

Silent– (Pause) Violent anti-government, rather– It’s hard for me to read my notes – demonstrations are continuing in the Iranian capital of Tehran, which borders the Soviet Union, and one of the rich capitalist nations of the Near East. Bi– The rioters attacked the British embassy, burning buildings and vehicles and continued a general destruction throughout the city. Basic I– Bas– Radio Iran said, windows were broken at– as the Bitis– British Airway agency and various American agencies and 15 buses were burned. Bus drivers have walked off their– their jobs, even though it could mean execution, public execution, but they’re tired of dictatorship. We’re glad to know that people are rising up to determine to be free. And uh, 15 buses were burned, as I said. Bus drivers have walked off their jobs. Strikes are also continuing in Iran. Iran’s in– air flights have been halted and oil production exports in (Pause) uh, ha– has been affected tremendously. The de– demonstrations are demanding that the government and the Shah [Reza Pahlavi] leave the country. (Clears throat) That’s what the demonstrators want. Nothing less. This may be end of the Shah. The ruthless dictatorship that was placed in power some years ago, when the CIA killed his successor [predecessor Mohammad Mossadegh was deposed], and it was admitted that the CIA did it, even in the United States press. And it looks like his days are numbered.

In Egypt, President Anwar Sadat s– says Egypt will not sign a separate peace agreement with Israel, unless the treatment in– uh, treaty includes a settlement on the Palestinian issue. President Sadat reportedly made the statement to his press negotiators during a meeting outside Cairo. The reports say Egyptian President Sadat told the delegation that the legal position of the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation ah– (Pause) by the Israelis who invaded their territory and occupied them by force, must be settled, and he ordered the peace negotiashurs– ne– negotiators to the firm– to be firm on the issue. The P– Egyp– Egyptian peace delegation will return to Washington on Tuesday.

In Baghdad, the Arab nation summit conference continues, and leaders are discussing Anwar Sadat’s proposal and refusal to meet with a conference delegation sent to C– Cairo yesterday. Baghdad Radio said the delegation carried a message urging President Sadat to reject the Camp David agreements with Israel. The broadcast said, the Arab leaders offered Egypt financial aid, if Sa– Sadat agreed, but President Sadat – or dictator Sadat, according to the choosing of your rhetoric – said Egypt Parliament that it– (Pause) told Egypt’s Par– uh, Parliament, I should say, that no amount of money can buy Egypt. Egypt seems to be backing up– backing away from its stance with USA. USA seems to be alone in her policies in the Near East, and it looks like she’s certainly gonna be soon alone with her policies in Africa. And without the oil and the minerals of Africa and in the Near East, Americans will starve to death, because that’s the way they make their money.

Ugandan President Idi Amin met with Libyan Secretary for Culture and Information to begin settlement negotiation plans with Tanzania. President Amin said he is willing to discuss (clears throat) all problems between the countries, but he said Tanzania must be willing to negotiate. (Pause)

Twelve men were arrested today for trying to overthrow and then they were executed, for trying to overthrow the government of North Yemen last month. The me– Yemen– the men including the North Yemen Minister of Labor, were sentenced to death last Monday. In October, a group of leb– rebel army officers reportedly tried to take over the government of North Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Sali– Saleh. The revolt was quickly stopped. More than 20 persons have now been executed for taking part in the successful revolt. Do not confuse the– the North Yemen – Y-e-m-e-n – with the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen, Y-e-m-e-n. That is a socialist country, the latter, that is.

More news on Iran. Tanks are using– are being used in the streets of Tehran to back up the government’s soldiers. Rumors about the future of the Shah and the president [present] government are sweeping the city. After the last few hours, the most likely option seemed to– seem– seems to be the creation of a new broadly-based government, because the people seem not willing to settle for Shah to be their leader. Bridging– uh, they want to bring in groups that will be bridging the opposition groups. A statement issued today by the country’s main opposition leader, Dr. Harlen Sung Jabi [phonetic] of the National Front – and it has been very friendly to the Soviet Union – said the present monarchy had no legal or religious basis, and the structure of government must be decided by a popular vote on the fundamental of Islam democracy and independence.

Let’s get to work now, moving around, we’re moving around here too slow. Let’s get to work. (Clears throat) It’s after ten o’clock. (Clears throat) Some of you don’t– (Pause) You don’t seem to be able to get started before ten, and we’re going to have to bring you up in People’s Rally.

As I said, the National Front said the present monarchy had no legal or religious basis, and the structure of government must be decided by a popular vote on the fundamentals of Islam democracy and independence. Yesterday’s rioters were worse ever, since 25 years ago in Iran.

In Austria, Chancellor Kreska– [Bruno] Kreisky’s government had narrowly– had been narrowly defeated in a national referendum which rejected plans to put the country’s first atomic power plant into action. The defeat was only by a– a slim one percent majority. When will people ever learn? Europe saw the ravaging of war. Australia [Austria] was an ally of [Adolf] Hitler, and was run over with uh, tanks and their ancient cities destroyed, but only one percent is all that made the difference. Fifty-one to 49. One percent majority. The chancellor had earlier indicated he would resign if the verdict against him (clears throat) went against sanity that there be no atomic weapons and bombs in Austria. He had earlier indicated he would resign if the verdict, as I said, was against  him. The nuclear plant has already been built at a cost of two hundred and fifty million pounds. (Pause) Capitalism seems to have its ugly foothold everyho– everywhere. (Pause)

There was a happy turnout of voters in an election in the south of India. A state where the former prime minister Indira Gandhi – beautiful woman who was a pro-Soviet and staunch stateslady – i– in ma– in– is making a– a return to Parliament. Decided return. The state g– government is controlled by her Congress Party, and she is regarded as the favorite candidate. The shots– (Pause) Th– The whole country– This shoots the ho– the hole in the theory that Indira Gandhi is dead, because the whole country feels that if she gets back to pa– Parliament, it will be long– it will not be long before she’s back in power. The final results of the ba– of the poll will be known– will not be known for ten days. You remember, she is the niece of Mahatma Gandhi, the great man of peace who laid– laid– they laid down their bodies and made the British cross them before they would give up their resources or make them work at menial labor. That’s why I named Stephan Gandhi Jones. Gandhi is a very powerful man. He was a powerful man. A curfew– and he said himself, Gandhi did, he said, if it came to the choice – even though I’m a peacemaker – if it came to the choice of living under slavery or human bondage, or the choice of freedom, I would make the choice by using arms, whatever kind of weapons I could use. A curfew has been imposed on the city of Delhi, India following street clashes between demonstrators and police in which five people were killed and many more injured. Indio– India’s radio says three hundred people have been arrested. The trouble began when (unintelligible word) Sikhs – pronounced Sikhs – brandishing swords tried to break down a police protection, a bold– a– a protecting build– building– (Pause) Police protecting a building where a conference (Pause) of the– a rival Sikh sect was being held. Police claimed (Pause) they had been forced to fire when one of their men were killed by a stone. Ridiculous. Fascist propaganda. The BBC – British Broadcasting Correspondence – shu– said, the area looked like a battlefield, with several burnt-out buses and glasses and stones littering all the streets. In 1973– 75, whe– whe– rather I believe it was, approximately one– seven point tenths of one percent of India’s six hundred million population belonged to the Sikh religion. That shows how powerful it’s grown in the political reen– arena.

The premier Peng [Teng Hsiao-ping] of China and Thailand Prime Minister [Kriangsak Chomanan] are meeting to discuss trade and technical cooperation, in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the start of the tour of the three-members states of the South Asian National Association  by Mr. Peng. (Pause) He is the vice president of China, and Thailand has been closer to the Soviet Union and Vietnam late– later than– of late than they have (Pause) they have been the uh, Chinese. So we shall see what will come of this.

The world is a stormy picture. We need to work hard, think of wick– making money like we’re seeing down here carried out. We expect to make forty thousand dollars on our– our dolls. Some of the rest of you could be thinking of things to do and make while we’re gone. But we need your help to make money, to save our people from slavery, from nothing but unadulterated slavery, because when they can hang young men on tree limbs, beat them to death with rocks, as they did in the Southern city, this is horrifying to consider. And it’s still 1978. But some people would think it’s 1878.

Thank you, and I love you very much.

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Tape originally posted March 2008