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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Freya Kory. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: (unintelligible) Tuesday, October 31 news–


Jones: –Senate has approved a nuclear bomb (unintelligible word). US Senate approved 2.97 billion in funding for the development and stockpiling of neutron bomb components. The bomb is notorious for its ability to destroy life without harming property. (unintelligible word) that only a capitalist (music stops abruptly) who regards property would even consider. It’s so barbaric and inhumane. Neutron bombs, you know, can be dropped in a ghetto. Every person in the ghetto could be killed, every living thing. But the property would be left intact and the radiation level would soon disappear so the capitalists could move in and enjoy the fruits of their killing.

Air disaster: It has been reported that it was avoidable. A Pacific Southwest Airlines 727 jet collided a few weeks back with – a few days ago – with a single-engine private plane in the San Diego area. The worst US aviat– aviation disaster in history. There were no survivors on the jet, and the death toll reached 147. Our good friend Lieutenant, M– M– [California Lieutenant] Governor Merv Dymally was scheduled to be on the plane but cancelled at the last minute. Also one of our fine attorneys, attorney Charles Garry, also was planned to be on it, but other circumstances arose that prevented him from being on the plane. As the bodies of– of the victims were being lowered into freshly-dug graves, evidence mounted last week that the collision and all other US air disasters could have been avoided. Representative John Burton, Democrat California, Chairman of the House of Government Operations Subcommittee, the panel looking into the San Diego crash, said the Federal Aviation Administration – FAA – could have avoided the disaster if it required the proposed collision avoidance system. The FAA is still years away from certification– certifying operational collision avoidance system to prevent mid-air collisions. It’s always a matter of profits above human life, even though the technology has been available for many years. Air Line Pilots Association President John O’Donnell told cr– the– (Pause) Stand by– (tape edit) –morning before the crash hundreds of airline passengers have died in mid-air collisions in the past few years, due to deficiencies in the present air traffic control system and the unwillingness of the big corporations that own the airlines and maintain the airp– ports refusing to give financial assistance and its dependence on the “see and be seen” principle. O’Donnell, testifying for the 30,000-member Pilot Association, said the FAA has dr– dragged its feet constantly in installing safety equipment because of the protective relationship between the FAA, the federal government and the manufacturers. Big business again. Alliance of big business against the people’s welfare. (Pause) Noted, that the regulatory body had been– has been assigned (pause) to carry out the deal and– and the dual function of overseeing airline safety and promoting the industry. Safety, O’Donnell said, is bound to suffer when the FAA, Federal Aeronautics Association, a supposed government regulatory agency, and General O’Donnell, as I said, is speaking for the 30,000 pilots of the USA and airline-related people. Anyway, safety, O’Donnell– Safety, O– O’Donnell said, is bound to suffer when the Federal Aeronautics Association attempts to balance a– against such economic factors as the cost of airplanes. He said it’s already apparent that most airlines are subsidized by government. Welfare for the poor is condemned, but many airlines receive outright government welfare subsidization to keep them afloat with their massive profits. Using the proposed collision avoidance system advocated by the Pilots Association and Representative Burton, Pacific South uh, weth– west Airlines 727 jet pilot may have been able to direct– detect the presence of the smaller craft earlier than the maneuvering– and maneuvering then to safety. The issue of air safety will become more and more pressing as the number of planes– passengers skyrockets. The FAA estimates that the number of commuter passengers alone will nearly double up to sixteen and a half million annually in the next twelve years, unless there’s a nuclear holocaust which many fear will be the case.

More on the production on the nuclear neutron bomb. The bill’s passage, apparently, is a dodge to commit and to permit the [President Jimmy] Carter Administration to begin immediate production of neutron bombs, the bombs that destroy all living things but safeguard property. US shows its inferiority to all other systems in social sensitivity by the fact that it– the US alone that made napalm, that is a severe– a weapon against innocent civilians that causes their skins to fall off – horrible scarring – and the anti-personnel fragmentation bomb has recently been shipped to Rhodesia, when everyone in the world knows that the true government of Zimbabwe– uh, Rhodesia is the Liberation Patriotic Front under Joshua Nkomo, the Nationalist, and Robert Mugabe, the Marxist-Leninist. And 97% of the country is behind the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, until the United States showed its true colors, its much fanfare– The US has much fanfare for, uh, discussions of human rights until reality faces them. When it came down to the fact that Rhodesia and its minerals, that they’ve been exploiting for years, were about to be lost, you saw how quickly they lifted the ban in the Congress against economic aid and military shipment to Rhodesia. In fact, many papers, even establishment papers, brought out the fact that two multinational corporations, billions of dollars, have been– being funneled in to Union of South Africa every year and in Rhodesia for all the years of its pirating government’s existence. Anyway, the bill’s passage apparently is a dodge to permit the Carter Administration to begin the immediate production of these horrible bombs without a lengthy overhaul of– of assembly lines or delivery systems, according to a exclusive article that appeared in a magazine, Progressive Magazine. It also allows Carter to sidestep his pledge to deter production of the weapons. The bomb is designed to release high speed neutrons, which disintegrate human tissue while leaving metal and concrete structures intact. Only a capitalist bestial system would think of this, se– there’s not a socialist country that has thought of anti-people bombs, anti-people destruction. There– there’ve been defensive and there’ve been offensive warfare, designed in case of capitalism’s encroachment upon the socialist world but no, never have we heard of the Soviets even – and no system is perfect – not one time have we heard of any socialist or social democracy recommending such vicious, vicious kinds of things as bacteriological germ warfare, which was just recently praised by [National Security Advisor Zbigniew] Brzezinski, and Brzezinski who really rules United States through the Trilateral Commission, stated that he had to be dismissed from the reporters that were engaged with him that– so he could go and talk, uh, make plans for genocide. A joking term that was hardly appropriate, because genocide means elimination of o– of races and ethnic groups that are undesirable to the social system at– at hand. In the eyes of the Pentagon, the bomb’s unique characteristics make it an ideal weapon, (Pause) (tape edit) particularly for deployment in Europe. (Pause) The Progressive article states that Carter is particularly interested in deployment of neutron bombs along the Russian border. The article goes on to say that there’d been exert– exerted pressure from the Trilateral Commission – you know, Brzezinski, who is now the chief aide, Head of Security of the United States and the chee– chief aide of Carter, openly a neo-fascist who says all people who think that nuclear war is not acceptable means of con– safeguarding capitalism is– are e– being guilty of being ego– egocentric. Showed how ignorant he was even of the human language, uh, of American English so forth, he should have said ethnocentric at least, but it shows how stupid the man’s vision is. He’s talked in cruel terms like this many times of using nuclear war as a– a very perfectly, uh, uh, ideal solution, alternate solution to any problems if capitalism is put in a corner. And so Carter’s getting pressure from the Trilateral Commission, and he’s bending to that pressure. Carter is particularly interested in deployment of neutron bombs along the Russian borders. Neutron warheads can be fitted easily to the 7,000 nuclear weapons and 3,000 delivery units which NATO already has in Europe. Production of neutron components will make the conversion of these weapons a simple matter.

Reaction to protest. Faced with worldwide protest from even capitalist allies and lackeys in NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization – not to mention the social wo– socialist world, the Marxist-Leninist world, or the social demo– democrat world, the proposal to produce and deploy the neutron bomb has brought wide-range protest. President Carter had announced, in the summer, his decision to deter– defer the production of nuclear weapons with enhanced radiation effects. Attempts to get an outright congressional ban on delevernment– development of the weapons were defeated, though. The compromise demen– amendment requiring advanced notice to Congress of neutrin– neutron bomb production expired September 30th, the day before the new Senate bill was passed by a very clear example of the inhumanity. It passed the bill 68 to 1. That’s how little concern there is for human life and the dangers that menace the world through nuclear war, the increasing tensions that are bound, finally, to bring down, at least those in North America and Europe, widespread dea– death throughout USR– SSR and, uh, China. Less so in USSR and China and Sweden, because many of them have underground complexes to protect their people. But in the United States there is nothing to protect their people, because people always come second to profits.

New York City Mayor Ed Koch last night announced that he intends to esc– eliminate 24,000 municipal workers over the next four years to get– and then in yet another effort to shift the burden of the city’s fiscal crisis onto its workers and citizens. A clear violation of his candidate– candidacy when he was– when he was running for office, his pledge. However, a representative of the Emergency Financial Control Board, F– EFCB, the business-dominated agency that controls the city’s finances, has complained that Koch’s proposals are too weak. (tape edit) The FCB comptroller, Sidney Schwartz, has said (pause) that a number of city workers will have to be laid off in addition to the 24,000. (tape edit) Fifty-cent transit fare must go up to seventy-five cents, and all aid to the city university must cease, and the F– EFCB comptroller, Sidney Schwartz also says that there must– there’ll– must be at least 100,000 laid off from work in New York. The capitalist system, its economics is not aiding, uh, the American people very well. It’s supposed to be such a superior system. There seem so many flaws.

What’s communism? asks a steel company chief. The specter is haunting the United States steel industry, says United States Steel chairman, Edgar Spear. It is the specter of community-owned steel plants. In a speech before the ke– McKeesport, Pennsylvania Chamber of Comm– Comm– Commerce, col– earlier this week, Spear announced a plan advanced by Youngstown, Ohio church groups for res– reviving production of the Campbell work mills. The mill was shut down a few years ago, throwing 5,000 workers out of their jobs. The ecumenical co– coalition, backed by a number of l– left and liberal groups, proposed to have this mill owned by all the people of the community of Youngtown, Youngstown, its workers. For– for Spear the plan is nothing short of a Communist takeover, and he says the KGB, uh, the secr– the secret police of the Soviet Union is behind it. He says that this whole concept of community-owned facilities is the same as comm– communism, particularly where the profit of the facility will go for the social benefit of the people. This is communism in his mind. We know how capitalists feel about communism.

Proceeding on with the news. (Pause) The men who were formerly employed by the United Nations have each been sentenced – two men who were formerly employed, that is – each have been sentenced to 50 years in prison for buying American defense secrets on behalf of the Soviet Union. The sentencing to Valdik Enger and Rudolf Chernayev, a federal court judge in the state of New Jersey said they had obviously been acting on orders from a very high lev– level, indeed. Each of them, he said, had been prepared to do everything he could to destroy the United States. The judge said that he was imposing heavy sentences as a deterrent to others. The court was told of how an American double-agent lerd– lured the Russians into buying top-secret documents, including plans for anti-submarine warfare. Both men were released into the custody of the Soviet Ambassador pending an appeal. The prosecution had told the judge they should not be jailed, because of foreign policy considerations. The BBC Washington correspondent says there is speculation that two, at some stage, may be a part of a prisoner swap arrangement with the Soviet Union, and said that the situation of their so-called selling of secrets was a staging by the USA so they could be in a position to get some people that had been actually carrying on intrigue in the socialist world.

At the meeting of the Arab foreign ministers in Baghdad, Syria has made a strong attack on Egypt and called for her expulsion from the Arab League. The Syrian Foreign Minister described the President, said, uh– described President [Anwar] Sadat of Egypt as a enemy of both the Arab nation and the– the European and the Egyptian people. He said Egypt (Pause) should now be subject to sanctions. Twenty foreign ministers are attending the meeting which has been called by Iraq to discuss what response the Arab states should make to the Camp David accords. Correspondents say the foreign ministers are apparently divided over what strategy to adopt. Camp David sellout, in which Carter called a meeting, as you recall, between [Menachim] Begin – Zionist Israel – and Sadat of Egypt, who practically has a dictatorship now due to a– his fraudulent referendum, they decided the matter of land redistribution or reclamation without the present of– presence of Jordan who uh, had the West Bank stolen from them, and Lebanon – the whole southern portion of Lebanon – stolen by Israel from them. No agreement could have been made and the world has protested it. It’s only driven nations of the Arab League – even nations like Syria and Saudi Arabia and uh, Iraq – closer to the Soviet position because the whole world is incensed by the decision that was made. The arrogance, the uh, presumptuousness of the United States to make such a decision at Camp David without the people that are– that own their land, that are dispossessed and living in concentration camps almost, crowded, in uh, in the capacities that they’re hard for the human eye to look upon. The last pictures we saw of Palestine people inside Jerusalem, or inside the Jewish nation being kept in the conditions that were almost as bitter as the camps that had been used against those very same Jews, those people who were so terribly treated by the Nazis in World War III– World War II. Anyway, twenty foreign ministers are uh, attending the meeting which has been called by Iraq to discuss what response the Arab states will make to the Camp David accords. Correspondents say the foreign ministers are divided over what strategy to uh– to adopt but one thing is certain: United States has lost many friends, according to BBC.

Unconfirmed reports from East Africa say there has been an uprising in Uganda involving at least one army unit. The BBC East African correspondent says that while it is not known precisely what is going on in Uganda, there are reports that rebel troops killed at least 150 soldiers loyal to President Idi Amin, who recently praised Cuba as being the hero of Africa, from the town of Kampalala [Kampala] and then retreated towards the Tanzanian border, about 25 miles away. However residents of Kampalala told reporters by telephone that the situation there was normal. Uganda radio has not reported any trouble in the army, but for several days it has– it has accused socialist Tanzania President [Julius] Nyerere is a good friend of own ambass– uh, pr– Prime Minister here, Forbes Burnham and a very good outspoken socialist leader in the United Nations at least, for the liberation of Africa. He claims– uh, Idi Amin claims Tanzania has, uh (Pause) uh, been planning to invade Uganda, claims which Tanzania has dismissed as total nonsense. BBC’s correspondent says that one plausible interpretation of the situation is that apart from a possible army mutiny, President Amin is also facing guerrilla activity from Ugandan exiles. In the past, Tanzania has been sympathetic to their cause. Idi Amin has been a difficult man to understand. He first was trained in Israel, very strong pro-West views and then he turned after the remarkable air feat in which some people ex– um, they’d been hijacked in a plane, were rescued by a raid of Israel into his territory, he’s become vehemently anti-West, partly because of the Israeli situation, and he has been very strongly pro-Cuban in their right to come to Africa to help with liberation, but Amin is– is a difficult personality to– to certainly, too difficult for me to try to evaluate.

Zambian authorities have reported that a locomotive has been destroyed and 150 feet of track was ripped up by a landmine placed by the Rhodesians on Sunday night. That’s again Ian Smith that should call all of our hearts to ache and our consciences to be gripped that we have paid taxes to United States that provided all those munitions and all the military, the artillery and even much of the personnel that Rhodesia now has, as well as the South African situation. The explosion cuh– cuh– occurred about two miles north of the city– Kafue railway bridge on the border with Rhodesia, some twenty-five miles south of Lusaka. Zambian authorities gave no details of the casualties of the cargo– of, of the train, but it was considered to be high.

The American dollar has been under pressure again in trading in the foreign exchange. It fell to another record low against the yen. This is the lowest it’s ever been again, since the Crash of 1929 when the Great Depression caused America to be nothing but blocks after blocks of people in soup lines, if they had anything to eat for the most part. This came after further calls yesterday on markets both in Japan and Europe, where the dollar lost more ground to the West German mark, the French franc and the British pound. (pause)

West Germany and Britain has urged the United Nations, educational, scientifical– scientific and cultural organization, UNESCO, to postpone a decision on its draft declaration on the mass media. The British overseas development minister, Mrs. Judi– Judith Hart, told a UNESCO meeting in Paris that there are– were aspects of the draft which England or Great Britain could not support. Several Western government– uh, governments and journalist organizations have denounced the declaration as inviting government interference in news reporting and of being in general a threat to press freedom. Draft proposal uh, being backed by the Soviet Union and extends from the disquiet expressed by developing countries on what they see as a biased and unbalanced flow of information about them on the part of the Western press, radio and television. It seems that even though it was a USSR-instigated proposal, that it may well  pass.

The city council in Paris has said the army will be called in today to remove thousands of tons of rubbish left in the streets by a strike of the city’s uh, dustmen. The strike has been hitting various parts of Paris over the last month. Strikes are in fact on every– every city of the capitalist world uh, almost. Throughout every city of the United States today, there is a strike of one type or another, and racial violence of one type or another. In other industrial unrest, continued action by the merchant seamen has hit all major French ports, and television workers have threatened another one-day strike tomorrow after similar action last week. The strikes are beginning to come in to cripple the capitalist system, and then what the capitalist system does, as you know, its final declining days is to become de facto fascist – USA as long as it can get by with it – to appear to have some democracy, when in reality, both the Republican party and Democrat party are two sides of the same coin and two complexions of the same capitalist election. Nonetheless (tape edit) then when that s– pressure gets too hard, the president calls (unintelligible word) martial law, like [Adolf] Hitler did, when he set up the burning of his own Reichstag and blamed it on Communists when he had done it himself. So that’s the nice little phrase, martial la– martial law, that gives every so-called capitalist democracy the right to eliminate democracy whenever the system is being threatened.

In Britain, the Daily Mail (pause) reports that the National Health Service is suffering a crisis of money, manpower and morale. Newspapers emphasize the plight of the hospital’s nurses, many of whom complain that they are being overexploited and underpaid.

Eleven more people have been killed in the outgoing [ongoing] prot– protest and demonstration against [Mohammad Reza Pahlavi] the Shah of Iran. Today diplomats in Iran are wondering how long the Shah can survive in the face of the rising protest in every city against his reform and dictatorial ways. Eleven that were killed today at the hands of the national security police during a demonstration were killed in cold blood. There wasn’t even ang– all they were doing were just chanting. It is the confirmed opinion of most of the Western world and the Communist world, that the Shah’s days are numbered, indeed.

In Moscow, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko is meeting with Yasser Arf– Arafat, the head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the PLO. Tass news agency said they discussed the Palestinian problem and a general Middle East agreement was made. The nature of the meg– agreement has not been given to the public as of now.

Washington, DC: The United States has confirmed reports that the Soviet Union has supplied Cuba with high-speed MIG-23 jetfighter planes. US officials say they believe that the Soviet ship carried as many as 20 of the planes to Cuba earlier this month. This is the first time that the for– large M– MIG-23s have been in the Western hemisphere.

There is much ado about it amongst the moderate and right-wing, which is the increasing element in United States, by the way. The right wing is moving eviden– everywhere. The right wing is moving in the form of– against taxation, uh– against welfare for the poor. Proposition 13 that passed in California that cut off all services to the poor, all job opportunities for minorities, is now being modeled in some 30 states, and since the days of the uh– I can’t remember – the, the little lady [Anita Bryant] that was so threatened over sexual orientation in Dade County, Florida, that has uh, now been taken up by Congressman Briggs [State Senator John Briggs] in California, and it holds great chance for success and has already won in, uh, states like Michigan, Wisconsin, uh, Washington, Oregon and uh, a host of others, I’ve– I’ve not nearly covered the, the number of states. Many of the states already had such rules prohibiting homosexuals from work but there’s a wire– the right-wing wave is most apparent in the United States these days. (pause) So, no doubt, the right-wing is getting ready to whip up another kind of fervor that they did under [President John F.] Kennedy’s administration and when they attempted to get the Cuban exiles into Cuba to dep– to overthrow the rule administration of, uh, Dr. Fidel Castro. Little know (sighs) what will come of it. But there’s a great deal of hue and cry out of Congress over the fact that these uh– these few– twenty MIG-23s have been placed now so close to the heart of world monopoly capitalism.

Tokyo, Japan has agreed to help Mexico develop its newly-discovered oil supplies. In return, Mexico has agreed to begin exporting oil to Japan by 1980. Mexico and Japan also announced plans to expand economic cooperation in other areas. Mexico’s President, Jose Lopez Portillo and Japanese Prime Minister [Takeo] Fukuda announced this after holding opening talks in Tokyo. They will continue discussion on Wednesday.

Lima, Peru– Lima, Peru is returning some government-owned companies to private businessmen. Peru’s finance minister said that government hopes this will increase production and earnings. Peru did have a left-wing leadership, but unfortunately it has moved more and more to the right. Yet protests are still con– extend all over Peru and Bolivia and Argentina and Uruguay, where to protest means death. We need to look at those great exceptions of life, for people of great personalities like Victor Jara and the Patrice Lumumbas. That’s the only thing that gives life any meaning, that there are people who are capable of smiling like Victor Jara did in Chile when his arms were cut off and he kept singing the songs to the people that were sitting around him and sang “Hope, Put It In Their Hearts,” and he left a smile. Before he died, the smile was still on his face. There’re too many great ones in history, Haymarket affair, the great numbers that died in the Spanish Civil War, the war against fascism, great heroic efforts of the human spirit. Otherwise, if it were not for socialism, human beings would be nothing above the animals. There’d be no purpose to life and there could be no meaning to life. But we have seen socialism build a prosperity in Angola early that was not dreamed possible in these two years, and in Mozambique, three years they’ve brought them from feudalism to empower– a powerful modern, uh, industry of medicine, free medicine, dental care and so forth, education. Well now, Peru is trying to get uh, back in good favor under that dictatorship and some of its business associates. (Pause)

Organ– OAS, the Organization of American States, has asked President Carter to veto legislation to reduce meat imports in the United States. The OAS permanent council decided on the action in a special meeting held Monday. One of the members said the legislation is restrictive and the measure would most seriously affect the industries in Costa Rica, Guat– Guatemala, Dominican Republic and El Salvador. Carter does have– have himself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. American farmers are strong in their demands, impressing them in strikes and (unintelligible word) slowdowns that they want no more importation of meat products from outside, when US farmers are suffering so badly inside the United States. So perhaps inevitable contradictions that arise in capitalism are coming into the foreplay sooner than we would think.

Brazil: Fifty thousand metal workers have gone on strike in the Sao Paulo area. They rejected a fifty-six percent pay increase. The metal workers are demanding a sixty-five percent increase which they say is necessary to keep up with the high cost of living in Brazil. Sunday night thousands of women demonstrated in Sao Paulo against the high cost of food. The military regime has been reduced and the teeth has been taken out of its uh, tyrannical hold and thu– thus far the army has done nothing or made no pronouncement of doing anything, because there’s such an unrest in Brazil from the top to the bottom, and you know it’s a nation much larger than the States– the United States plus another area the size of Texas, but no uh, military or police moves have been brought against the fifty thousand metal workers and thousands of women who are demonstrating in Sao Paulo at this very moment, up and down the streets against the high cost of food. This is a brave act, because technically to demonstrate is illegal. To strike is illegal and can carry thirty, forty, fifty years and even life sentences.

La Paz, Bolivia: Security forces have arrested five leftist political leaders and charged them with plotting to overthrow the government. The Bolivian interior ministry said the five were arrested after they had tried to involve members of the armed forces in their plot. The left is making its effort in South America, though. In Colombia, the, the left has still brought some other provocateurs that were in their ranks and informants for the racist regime in Colombia– we mean the fascist regime in Colombia, they– they have brought them to trial right under the nose of the army of– of uh, Colombia and convicted them and executed them by people’s courts.

Africa: Food scarce, hunger widespread. All but two of the fifty-four– Africa’s fifty-four countries are in critical need of foreign aid to boost food shortages and domestic production. The two exceptions, South Africa and Rhodesia, were not surveyed because they are not members of the UN Rome-based Food Agricultural Organization, but large sections of their black populations also faced starvation, because nations have been concerned too much about exploitation and imperialism than they have about the welfare of the people. According to the FAO– FAO report, food production in the surveyed countries increased by only 1.3% between the– 1970 and ’77. The countries also spent a total of 1.84 billion on food imports in 1973, causing a strain on their foreign exchange balance. Africa’s self-sufficiency ratio, ratio in food commodities, especially cereals, fell from 98% in ’63 to 90% in 1973. If trends continue, (pause) the ratio will drop to 81% (Pause) in another couple of years. According to the organization, however, the 52 countries could reach a 94% self-sufficiency level by 1985 and the– this could be maintained until late 1990. Drastic improvements, however, would have to be made in agricultural methods, and cau– cause of waste and corruption would have to be combat– combated, and western imperialists will have to quit putting arms into Africa, but putting food, as the Soviets and some other social democracies have and ecumenical church groups as the World Council. The FAO stated that wars, droughts, animal diseases, shortages of animal feed and inadequate irrigation were major causes of the problem. Many parts of the continuous– um, uh– the uh, the uh– many parts of the continent, rather, have been ravaged and the peoples uprooted by anti-colonial wars of liberation. Large reaches– le– regions such as Sahel, have experienced droughts which has been blamed in many circles to be CIA cloud-seeding, in this year of East Africa. (Pause) It does not look to be improving. Pestilence such as the plague of locusts in this year in East Africa and floods in Sudan would have been other causes of the lack of food. And again, there are reports as I said, from India, from certain Arab nations and African members of the Organization of African Unity that say the US is behind this in cloud-seeding. We certainly know they did do cloud-seeding over Cuba. That’s now a matter of world record.

White revolutionary governments such as– as in– While revolutionary governments, correct, correction, not white– While revolutionary governments such as in Mozambique and Guinea have concrete programs and policy to feed their peoples, most of the continent is dominated by the neo-colonial regimes. All the socialist nations that have been freed – like Angola with the backing of Soviets and Cubans, and E– Ethiopia and Mozambique – are doing very well in maintaining their people, but those countries that are still under the domination of Western power, neo-colonial regimes, whose leaders and bur– bureau– bureaucrats often export the food for their foreign to their– they– they allow the amount of money for food for their foreign bank accounts so they’ll be able to escape when the people wake up to how corrupt their leadership is. E– Ethiopia, under Haile Selassie and Ghana since 1976 are classic examples. Both placed millions and millions of dollars in foreign banks while their people starved. Furthermore, food from do– donations from foreign countries have been used mainly as a source of private wealth for many (Pause) uh, co– for many colonial government officials. (Pause) The news can go on and ever– it never ends, but that is enough, I think, to digest for anyone any day.

Peruvian people are still in a strong resistance movement in the ru– rural areas. Even children are invited– invi– involved, whereas over in Thailand, child slavery has begun. Tens of thousands of Thai children aged between nine and fifteen are employed illegally in factories. They have to work ten to twelve hours a day – nine year olds, can you imagine? – seven days a week and are paid far below the minimum w– wage rate, and the work is a fast pace, they have to work at a fast pace or they’re whipped, according to recent report by the Associated Press correspondent. Most of the children are nine to fifteen, but many are under ten years old. Some are sold by their parents to factory owners for an annual price of ninety dollars and thereafter the children only receive food and housing in a big cold room for their labor. Oh, the pain, when one is a internationalist, when we concern– we all must be our brother and sister’s ker– keeper. We’re all comrades of one world. It is painful to realize that we eat so well here, that we have the best medicine in the world, we have people– three of our people that needed help, we sent them by our– our socialist collective sent them to Venezuela and where it looked like the one young man was going to die, he’s improved steadily, but it’s a very costly uh, medicine, and rare– that we had to find the medicine to cure him. He was unable to walk or to see towards the last, but he’s now walking again, standing, and this is encouraging, and of course the thorough– before I was interrupted with a question that had to be answered, our comrade that had cancers all over his body and went through US medicine ignored, and the thirty-seven that would come into our community here that had cancer, and doctors told them just days before in the United States, there was nothing wrong with them. So if we hadn’t caught them by our total preventative medical plan, even where we have practical medical emergency teams who know how to diagnose, so that every three months our people are given diagnostic care and preventative medical care. This also is going to be a costly affair because comrade (unintelligible word)–

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–we’re spent out seventy-five thousand dollars because of hospitalizations, housing, cost of– this, that and the other medical care. Seventy-five thousand. That’s what we will run into at the present rate of medical care ‘cause Caracas is high, but that’s where the– they had to go and the people– their doctors are very conscientious and uh, that’s the only place we could find the specialists we needed, and we had to go to the extra cost to find the medicine that was so rare because something was going wrong in young comrade Klingman’s brain, and they thought it was cancer, but they’ve now found it now to be a rare disease that will then cripple, unless he has this medicine, and we got the medicine. We had it flown in specially – which cost us more – from Europe. So that’s the kind of care that’s given to you, and we all should take gratitude for it while two out of three babies go to bed hungry. Can you imagine what it is to go to bed hungry? Why don’t you close your eyes for a moment and think about it. Why don’t you imagine seeing your child, or someone you love next to you, crying and whimpering in the night because the stomach is aching for food. Then perhaps all of us would be more grateful and we’d work even harder to make it possible for others in Guyana to move into our cooperative and others in North America who will have to flee fascist terror that soon will be de facto fascism, according to Dr. Goode– [Carlton] Goodlett, Mark Lane, Dr. Mark Lane, Dr. [Don] Freed, all admit that there will be de jure fascism, that USA will have to come out in the open and show its fascist colors, so we should have room for more, and the only way we’ll have room for more is a voluntary society, we’re a peace-loving society, we’re (slurs over words) we don’t even spank our children. So all we can appeal to you is with a human intellectual appeal. You are your comrade’s keeper. You have a debt to pay. Many of you, I’ve gotten you out of troubles, jails, paid your hospital bills, saved your homes, so let us now pass that goodwill on. I don’t want any thank you’s, I just want us to see to pass that on and think every time you increase your work, and step up your production, you’re making it possible for our people to get here sooner, and believe me, the climate is outrageous. There’s a gathering where Briggs in San Francisco was arguing with uh, our good friend, Harvey Milk, who is the San– San Francisco supervisor. There was such a mob of people that booed him and called him such names, that it was crushing to the human spirit. If you could imagine anyone talking to a supervisor, just because he was calling for rights for all people, including gays.

Thank you very much for listening. Remember this evening there is the current events class and uh, first, and then there’ll be languages, we are all learning different languages. Uh, we have language studies in French, Soviet or Russian and Chinese and English and Portuguese, so we’ll have language study this evening, and then following that will be farm policy discussions. Thank you and much love to you from the depths of my heart.

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Tape originally posted April 2008