Q182 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Part 1: Radio broadcast – two tapes overlap, only more intelligible one transcribed

Jones: (opening phrase unintelligible) —and I want to read the following letter, (unintelligible word) blasphemy. One woman who blasphemy— blaspheme against me now has to undergo the most grueling kind of surgery. So it’s blasphemy to talk about leaving till our people are here. I have warned you and I’ll warn you no more. Just a note, Dear Jim, to ask you to reconsider this minor request, and give it your most serious consideration. (Radio break-up) my problem, are the only things that got dealt with. No one has reached the cause. So there you (unintelligible phrase) are still in the same state (unintelligible phrase). You might not be in the same state if you would think of starving children and— (Tape edit)

Colic— colonic— c-o-l-o-n-i-c (unintelligible phrase), people have used (unintelligible phrase), according to this writer, I don’t know (unintelligible phrase). I’m giving these matters consideration, and then I shall uh— just play the news now, play the news. Much love. (unintelligible parting)

Part 2: Strong tape turns off, secondary tape transcribed

Jones: —USA, undoubt— undan— undoubted cloud seeding, according to Russian emba— ambassador, they’re trying to destroy our crops, but that won’t destroy us. But that’s the way they work. That’s their operation. But snakes come to this high point. We are the highest point. (Unintelligible aside off mike) We are the highest point in this region around, and so it’s very, very important that you realize that— that nothing we can do— We’ve never had a snake bite. Think on the miracles of it. Think on the miracles of Fairy Norwood not losing her foot, uh, she should have lost it, she’s laying down there with uh, great recovery. Think of all the miracles that have happened. Ava Ingram this week with a temperature of one hundred and six plus. You don’t come out of a hundred and six plus, without brain damage. Yet Ava has no brain damage. Hire— And her mother’s plea, she caught my heart, I— just walk me through when I was trying to slip— asleep in the chair, and I meditated, and then I went of course and saw Ava, and touched her. But the point is, you are not to take my words, (unintelligible phrase — “unwisely now?” “I want to say now?”)— you don’t know what to say to guests. Every supervisor, I’m holding you responsible. If someone in your home, your apartment or dormitory, makes a mistake— or cottage, then I’m holding the supervisor responsible, because you ought to know that they are to be indoctrinated in what to say, enlightened as to what they should say. Fi— Test them. Test them right now. Test them before they go to sleep. They’re either to be in bed asleep now, watching the movie — a funny movie it is, with two great actors in it, uh— Man Friday — or under the— you should be— I’m giving you (unintelligible phrase) because I feel that— you know that we need every day to study Russian, we need to study it twice as much. (unintelligible aside away from mike). Stand by for questions.

Part 3

Jones: You know that. You know that fact, that you know the only way you can change that is to distribute all the wealth, and take it out of the hands of the big bankers and the rich that hold it in the safe deposit vaults, and piled up in all sorts of palatial estates, the summer resorts. That money’s got to be distributed across the world — that’s socialism — so that people won’t be starving to death. So uh— don’t give me no di— business whether he’s not a socialist, or he’s not a socialist, uh, if there was only one socialist here, that ought to be you. It’s your responsibility. So I don’t want to hear any more of that talk, and I do mean that seriously. And I wish that had been taped. I hope it has. I didn’t look whether it has been, but I hope that it is taken down and seriously put on the blackboard and looked at for three or four days, if Teresa [King] can do that. Stand by. (tape edit)

I’m going to repeat this again, because I want it taped. There is nothing more sickening and more excuse-making and CYA, cover your ass, than to say, “She’s no socialism— socialist,” or “He’s no socialist, so he not going to criticize me. He’s got faults.” That is sick. That makes me so sick, I want to vomit. You know, alone, that— that two out of three babies going to bed in— hungry, starving, every night. If nobody was a communist, it’s your duty to be one, because of that fact, because you know there’s only one thing’s going to stop this terrible fact that two out of three babies— can you imagine, two out of three of our babies here going to bed hungry. It is you (Pause) you, you, you, you, your responsibility to see that socialism comes about, not based on how many others fail. Take criticism from whomever. As Mao [Chinese communist leader Mao Tse Tung] said, and Lenin [Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Russian revolution] said, (unintelligible word), the worst enemies will give you the best criticism. They may be imperfect as the devil, they may be more imperfect than you. That has nothing to do with it. They’ll see you clearly. Every time someone see you more sharply through their eyes than you see yourself through your own.

Now I don’t care— Don’t say any more about these people here, I don’t want to hear anymore, it’ll be a Public Service offense. I don’t want talk, hear— I don’t want to go someplace or see these people, I don’t want to go to Africa or someplace else, to USSR with these people. You are acting like you are a saint, and you’re not. You’ve got just as much fault as anybody here. And don’t talk about “these people.” There are no braver people on the world than on that terrible awesome seven day siege in September, when we were surrounded. Every man, woman and child and seniors, sit in the rain— (tape repeat) sit in the rain, laid down, ready for the final attack to come on us, which we expected any mo— moment, to do— do away with us. That was a brave people. I don’t want to hear any more of that shit talk about you’re not going to take any criticism from this person, don’t— I won’t hear it from this person. You’ll hear it from wherever it comes, and be grateful, because that’s the Maoist teaching, and if they can do it in China, when their foreign policy’s so bad, they still have self-criticism and group criticism. Unfortunately, not enough about their foreign policy. But in the Soviet Union, they have it. We have a duty to analyze ourselves and criticize ourselves, and then to criticis— criticize our fellow comrade. Nobody cares whether you— you think they’re perfect or not, whether they’re bad or good. You take what they got to say, because always they’ll have something to offer you. And that’s what I’m expecting out of everybody in this community. To be socialist. Because as I said, don’t say, uh, I— I have faith in Father. That’s not good enough. If there’s one socialist, then you are responsible to be good. If you got (unintelligible phrase) that Father’s a good socialist, which he is, the best in the world, then you should be a good socialist. And you should listen to every other cotton-picker, no matter what kind of life they’re living, whether they’re good or bad. You should listen to their (Pause) thing— the things they point out so you will be a better socialist. Don’t judge yourself by the low-level of some people who won’t ever come through. Judge yourself by the standards of the highest. Jim Jones, Victor Jara, Paul Robeson. Judge your standards by Patrice Lumumba [assassinated premier of Republic of the Congo] and Dr. Allende [Salvador Allende, assassinated president of Chile], who came out of his presidential headquarters and refused to surrender with a ma— submachine gun, and never fired a gun in his life, and made them kill him, ‘cause he would not surrender to a military fascist takeover and the CIA. Quit looking for the lowest around here to judge yourself by. Look to the highest. I’m tired of it, and I won’t let it get by anymore, because I love you, and I want you— the best out of you. We have great days ahead of us, and great opportunities, if we keep the faith. Thank you so much. Much love.

(Unintelligible burst of conversation)

Part 4:

Jones: Monday news. The Pugwash movement have become an important factor in the struggle against a nuclear threat. Soviet nuclear scientist Moisei, M-O-I-S-E-I, Markov, M-A-R-K-O-V, told the Pugwash, P-U-G-W-A-S-H, Conference meeting in Varna, that the conference reiterated or restated its opposition to production and deployment of the horrible capitalist American neutron bomb. Neutron — remember — destroys people, no property. Typical for capitalist. Attended by 140 leading scientists from 40 countries, the conference recognized that peaceful détente coexistence was a key to the solution of all the pressing problems of our times. It said that it must be made permanent and complimented by international cooperation in the economic, scientific and cultural fields. Attempts to split the movement over the human rights issue failed. The refusal of some American scientists to cooperate with Soviet colleagues and with the Pugwash movement has been seen to be a clear mistake, which must be rectified for the sake of world peace, if USA has any desire for peace and to avoid the nuclear hell that’s going to brought about, unless she does. The conference was devoted mainly to global aspects of disarmament and international security. There was general agreement that disarmament was the most pressing need of the world today, and the surest guarantee of a peaceful future for mankind. Indeed, anybody with their right mind would know that, it would seem to me. That would be logical, that anyone would see that world peace is the most important de— and pressing demand upon us all. (Pause)

Other, October 9, Monday news. The United Nations General Assembly, there is a large-scale support for the Soviet peace initi— initiatives, entirely the balance of nations have poured towards— I mean poured directly towards the Soviet Union. (unintelligible word) The United Nations is nothing more than a sham anymore, in the— the Security Council that the US insisted be set up. You have three major capitalist countries the power to veto any major action, so the United Nations is rightfully in New York, because that’s who it belongs to. It belongs to Washington. Australia’s foreign secretary spoke out for a speedy conclusion of the Soviet-American agreements on limiting strategic offensive arms. He also expressed the importance of a— concluding a treaty abanding [abandoning] (Pause, stumbles over words) completely and universally nuclear arms. And he greatly casti— chastised USA for their slothfulness in this direction, that is, the Australian for— foreign minister.

The foreign minister of democratic Yemen stressed the need of eliminating the hotbed of tensions in the Middle East. He also criticized attempts of the United States to substitute a comprehensive settlement in the region with a separate sell-out deal from Camp David between Egypt and Israel.

Angola’s foreign minister demanded effective measures to implement, that is, to carry through, the rights of the people of Zimbabwe and Namibia to self-determination and independence. It seems that the black nations surrounding South Africa and Rhodesia will not allow United Nations to be used by USA as a tool to maintain the old order.

It was relatively calm in Beirut, once a beautiful capital. Today, after several days of fierce shooting, the rightist— the Phalangist Christian fascist want the Arab peace-keeping mo— force to withdraw from the country, (Pause) and also seek to partition uh, Lebanon. Yesterday the command of the Arab peace-keeping force ordered his troops to cease fire and not respond to provocations. This was done in accordance of the call from the president of Lebanon [Elias Sarkis] and the president of Syria [Hafez al-Assad], who is now conducting talks (Pause) in Dis— Damascus. The United Nations Security Council has also called for a cease-fire in Lebanon in order to restore peace and national reconciliation. The ally of the Soviet Union, Syria, has done more to protect the sovereignty of Lebanon than any other nation. Lebanon would have been run over by Zionist Israel expansionist forces, had it not been for Syria stepping in and resisting.

At the request of the African countries in New York, New York, Security Council committee put sanctions against Rhodesia, held an urgent meeting, its participants stating that the sanctions of the American administration of [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter’s so-called human rights policy to permit Ian Smith to enter the United States is a crude violation of the United Nations’ decision, and his own human rights proclamations banning all moral — as is supposed to be, his proclamation he signed — banning all moral and in— and material support for the racist white Rhodesian regime. But why does Carter or the multi-national corporations hesitate to be the hypocrite. That’s why none of you should trust them. They don’t ever stand up for principle, and will always do the thing that makes them the dollar, spend our tax dollar, which causes such pain to my heart, and should to yours, out on the war-making field of destroying babies all over the world. Addressing the meeting, Soviet representatives said that the arrival of Smith in the United States only confirms the fact, his regime has the support of those forces in the United States which want to prevent the people of Zimbabwe under the Patriotic Front of Joshua N. Nkomo and Robert Mugabe from having real self-determination. One of the leaders of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, Josh N. Nkomo, has reaffirmed— he has reaffirmed determination (Pause) to continue the armed struggle against the Smith racist regime for real independence. Commentary said over BBC that USA’s hypocritical stand has turned in moral way from a nationalist position to one of Marxist-Leninist, meaning that both he and uh, his ally R—Robert Mugabe, are Marxist-Leninists. Speaking in Zambia, Nkomo said, the front will not take part in the so-called all-party conference (Pause) on Rhodesia, which would be attended by Smith and his African puppets. Nkomo accused Britain of violating UN economic sanctions and adding to the racist regime mi— militarily and economically. US has always said for years they were against Rhodesia, but when Rhodesia started to fall to the blacks, and Nam— Namibia, USA run in with billions of dollars, literally billions of dollars from corporations, and millions of your tax dollars, to save those concentration camp regime governments in Namibia, Union of South Africa and in Rhodesia. Nam— Namibia was promised their freedom this year, but the words of the USA means nothing.

I don’t understand how any of you could consider to want to go back to that vomit. You ought to consider anything but— but go back and become a part of a murderer, because you are a murderer when you assist a murderer, and if you are paying taxes, buying food, you pay taxes on anything you do there, even a bus ride or pele— telephone call, (unintelligible word) buying a piece of clothing, or renting a home, or buying one, you are paying taxes that helps a murderer. You should feel ashamed of yourself, if you feel no guilt this morning. That’s my opinion. Anyway, the Namibian National C— Conference (Pause) on Justice has called on the people of the countries of— occupied by South Africa to come out against the neo-cono— colonialist plans of the Pretorian fascist regime, Union of South Africa, upheld by US capital, in regard to elections. (Pause) The statement of the organization has been circulated widely, and says they will not take part in the elections against— organized by the occupa— occupation forces in Namibia. They call on the other nations to take urgent measures to undermine the course of (Pause) the elections. Another big move with the Africans in Namibia. SWAMPO [SWAPO] has also— Southwest African Peoples Organization has also declared that it will be boycotting the election campaign that has called for stepping up the armed struggle against the racist regime. It’s bound to be that there’ll be a confrontation that’ll bring about nuclear war over Africa, because USA is on the side of those white oppressors and are determined to stay so, and the Soviet Union, the major party next to USA, is equally committed to the liberation forces of black Africa. So there’s no way it can be avoided.

It has been announced in Moscow that the U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance will come to Moscow — Moskva, as we would say in Russian — and continue talks on limiting strategic arms. The meeting will be on the twenty-second and twenty-third of this month. The Soviet national Pravda says that, while members of the socialist economic community— (Pause) while members of the— (Pause) of the uh, socialist economic community are increasing assistance to the developing countries — I had to sign something there for a moment, and my mind got momentarily distracted, having been up all night, as is quite customary around here, several nights, in fact — the West remains indifferent to their needs. This is the conclusion the paper draws after comparing the results of the meeting of the organization executive committee and the session of the International Monetary Fund, for the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development in Washington, the leading bodies of the two organizations held their meeting recently. Members of the socialist economic community— economic community have responded to the request of Ethiopia, and meanwhile, measures of developing economic cooperation with the country— (stumbles over words) also they informed each other of the helping of Angola in developing agriculture, that is, Ethiopia and the— the Soviet Union.

By the way, a bit of interesting news to lessen the uh, light— to make you a little lighter side of the news, a uh, Floridian young man decided he was going to do something about stopping the destruction of whales, and these very brilliant animals that are almost like man, dolphins. And so he developed him a submarine and fully equipped it, and unfortunately, due to a fink neighborhood— neighbor, who called in and— (unintelligible word) Washington Post called him just that, a fink uh, and a worse word than that, uh, uh, another word which I cannot recall what the radio said. It was a word that I had commonly not used for fink. But— a “snitch,” they called him. “Snitch.” They— He— They told on his campaign. He was going to go under the hulls of two big whale boats and— and these lovely dolphins that are so gentle, under their uh, boat capturing them, one from Japan and one from Chile, and he was going to blow them to hell by a submarine and get away, after placing the bombs. Too bad he did not succeed.

The participants of the Washington meeting, on the other hand, only tried to corrupt the bitter competition between them and noth— and no— nothing at all was said about helping third world countries. Speaking at the session, the minister of Cameroon accused them of showing no concern for the needs of the young developing nations. His call for assistance had— said Pravda, the great voice in the Soviet Union (Pause) fell on deaf ears.

The Kampuchea, or formerly known Cambodian troops, which were once communist and then overthrown by the Khmer Rouge nationalist, have again tried to cross into the territory of Vietnam, which is a supportive, strong ally of the Soviet Union, the avant garde of liberation. Anyway, they threw them back, the Viet army, the Vietnamese army defeated their aggression and drove them back some twenty miles.

I might say sadly, that the young man who tried to blow up the ships, and he never got out, because the neighbor— the good trusting neighborhood, white neighborhood that he was in, certainly they— you mustn’t do anything that’s out of step, they told on him, he is going to face ten to twenty years, so we might take— find out who he is and send him some— oh, I don’t know, some encouragement, it seemed a horrible sentence to put on a young man who was just trying— he said his sa— sadness was, he said, I was only giving the whale mother another chance and the dolphin mother an— a chance to give at least another 4000 calves before they’re murdered. They might have— He said there’s going to be an extinction of both of these species, and they’re so close to man, as you know.

The sale of nearly 30,000 pounds of copper to China has been announced by the Ministry of Mining in Industry of Chile. Another blunder of China’s foreign policy, supporting fascist regimes. He said that the— the agreement signed by the two countries showed their intention to broaden cooperation in every way. The Chinese leadership are ec— recognized [Augusto] Pinochet regime immediately after the military coup in 1973, and the ambassador of the present government of Salvador Allende was immediately sent out of Peking. Since then, China has given Chile large scale military assistance and loans and credits in the sum of hundreds of millions of dollars. It has also been announced in Santiago, the capital of Chile, that Chile’s foreign minister leaves for an official visit to Peking next Friday. They will hold talks on strengthening cooperation between the two countries. In spite of the beauty of China, what it’s done domestically, getting rid of the rats, the flies, and their lovely communes, that they live without the monetary system, and their cooperative uh, communities that have been based upon the mar— the Lenin ideas, and the Soviet Union’s idea, no one can justify their reverse dis— discrimination. Much of their anxiety that they’ve had over the white man through the Boxer Rebellion and the Opium Wars, but nothing justifies this kind of uh, inexcusable behavior. That’s why we’re pro-Soviet. That’s why we stand by the Soviet Union as the avant-garde, because this is a hellish thing to do, to support one of the most brutal fascist regimes, who has tortured dark members— the black members of its population, presently more than any other color on up to how white your skin determines your rank in Chilean society.

The Israeli Cabinet has appointed Foreign Minister Moise Dayan, known for his neo-fascism, as the defense minister to represent Israel at the peace talks with Egypt, beginning this Thursday in Washington. Prime Minister [Menachem] Begin, also a fascist, was authorized by the cabinet, to assign other ministers as the head— as the need may arise and the talks also. Begin, of course, is the minister— prime minister, dictator of Israeli— of what we call Zionist Israel. In an interview of an American television, Moise Dayan said that the talks will be on peace between inte— Israel and Egypt, and will not concern the second part of the Camp David talks on the West Bank and Gaza Strip and the Palestinians. None of it will be of any concern to him. And that’s a very open admission of lack of sensitivity. Both of our media and this spokesperson— no concern about the welfare of— of tens of thousands of people that are living in concentration camps because of Zionism. (Pause) What? As Sarah [Harriet Sarah Tropp] says, every dog has a day— its da— its day sometime. He does not expect Egypt to make progress on peace treaty talks conditional on progress on the implepenat— implementation our helping of the second part of the Camp David agreement. U.S. Vice President [Walter] Mondale said the Soviet Union was helpful in furthering American efforts to bring about a cease-fire in Lebanon that would have most certainly led to World War III yesterday. That’s kind. At least when I met him, as the only other person to meet him and to give him the key to the city with Mayor, whoever he was at the time, [George] Moscone. Uh, it is um, I’m glad to hear him give some credit to the Soviet Union as being the— the one responsible for saving nuclea— nuclear war over the Near East. He said— that is, Mondale said, even though the United States asked for Soviet support, he does not expect the Soviets to play a role in the future in settling the Middle East conflicts. That’s the schizophrenia. Naturally, they’re not going to spend any of their time or energy to support the Camp David sellout, which only included— (Pause) My God, so ignorant, Israel, Egypt and USA, when Israel had conquered southern Lebanese territory and conquered the West Bank of Jordan, they affected other Arab nations. Certainly they con— and conquered the Gaza Strip from the Egyptian people. Why would anyone expect them to participate with such an undemocratic and illegal kind of activity? (tape edit)

—meditation in the US Dominican Republic and the Guatemalan government have ended the first round of talks with Nicaraguan leaders, an anti-government spokesman. They’re trying to avoid further bloodshed over the Central American country’s leadership. Dictator [Anastasio] Somoza’s family has ruled ever since the US put him in power, when the Marines, US Marines invaded the country. Many in the Central and Latin America scene, and the socialist third world feel this is a maneuver to get Guatemala to get aid to Nicaragua’s dictatorship, because Guatemala also is a dreaddreaded uh, racist and uh, dictatorial regime, fascist regime that has been threatening uh, a black country just to its uh, (Pause) the new black nation of Belize, and so we can’t feel they’ll be doing anything good. Used to be called British Belize, but Belize is now gaining its independence. Guyana bravely, you know, said that any attack on our country— PNC, our party, Peoples National Congress, and our leader, Prime Min— Prime Minister Forbes Burnham, said that any attack on the black nation of Belize by Guatemala would be considered an attack upon Guyana, and Guyana would go to war. We should remember that, at least, all the good points.

The judge in the United States spal— spy trial frame-up of two Soviets in New Jersey ordered an unusual Sunday session to speed up the proceedings against two Soviet citizens employed with the United Nations. There are tried with trying to buy United States defense secrets, and are supposed to be granted diplomatic immunity, but if they were convicted, they would face death, like the Rosenbergs [Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed on charges of espionage].

Widespread flooding continues to devastate areas of south and southwestern Asia. Hundreds of persons are thought— known to be dead in west Bengal in the last few hours, and India in the floods and their aftermath. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos — Laos is an ally of the Soviet Union — and Vietnam have reported less loss of life, but crop damage.

Let us remember to work strongly and mightily to maintain the liberation for our people. We cannot get some of the things we want done. I want tho— Alice [Inghram] to show me, I want you, our workers, to show me, that you can produce as much— that you can produce two more hours of work in your ten-hour shift than you now do. I want you to increase it, in other words, by twenty percent, and you can do it. If you do that, then that will reduce your hours per day. I also want you to join these various projects to help make money, because it will be then— means of us having a banquet like the Soviet Union were the only ones to notice it, they noticed the discrepancy, didn’t want to be a part of it, they appreciated the kindness, but they wanted to live like we did, and thought we lived fantastically well. The doctor went away saying everyone here should be grateful for what they have. (Pause) And then we have the pledge of absolute security — absolute security — when we need it in the USSR.

The Memphis police has been so bad in murdering black people and Indian people and other minority residents, tortured them in their police stations, that they have been called before the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations. That’s how bad it has been. That takes a serious situation, for the Human Rights Commission to interfere with a nation in their operation of their own affairs, they have been called forward by the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations, Memphis, Tennessee police, on their brutality and torture to black, brown and other minorities. It is said that other cities are likely to be cited. Also the Tennessee Civil Rights Commission said that they could not in any way with justification defend the Memphis police in what they’d done. So that’s how bad things are in good ol’ racist USA.

Thank you so much. Work hard, so our people can get free.

(Several moments of silence)

Part 5:

Jones: There’s one thing that you need to realize and be grateful for. Never forget, the only guest we ever had that did not want to be out in front of the general public were the Soviets. They wanted to be treated as one of us. (Tape break-up) the doctor that is a— that was with us, I’ve forgotten the medical term, Dr. [Laurence] Schacht could tell you, (Tape break-up) few in the world, it’s rare, that knows how to open the chest— reanimationist. That’s what it’s called: Reantimation. He knows how to open up the whole body and revive people from the dead. (Tape break-up) Soviet Union have found that kind of medical breakthrough that other countries have not. So, if I don’t revive you by the spirit, that’s wonderful, the pressure would be off me, so the doctor could do it. And he knows everything. He’s a geriatric specialist, he is a pediatric specialist — that’s children and seniors — he knew everything. He went through with a fine-toth— toothed clomb. He said, they oughta— Comrade Jim Jones, Dr. Nikolai said, be thankful to live in what you’ve provided them. Their diets are very, very good indeed. And the Soviet is no fool either. You need to realize who he was. The consular of the embassy of USSR to Guyana, and the chief of the press section. That’s a top man, a consular. He is at— engineer, an international lawyer, his wife also’s in some form of science and engineering, and he knows everything about the law of every nation. And he called this place the most beautiful and harmonious spot he’d ever seen on earth. He said only a few collectives in the Soviet Union have come close to it. He said there’s solidarity and friendship amongst us. Now let’s keep that. Let’s be warm to each other, smile, start practicing now. That’s a part of your test. If anybody— anybody report anyone who’s unfriendly or won’t speak, because that was asked, and pointed out by the Soviet Union, and I’m telling you nothing but the truth. They are pointing out some of the things that I mentioned. Practically all of them, I’d told you about them over and over before. So I want this cooperated with, young and old. You can change your style, some of you go by preoccupied, you don’t say anything to anyone, you can be kind to each other. And this will be brought up at People’s Rallies, if it is not the case. Young or old, whether you are middle-aged, doesn’t make any difference, you’ve got supervisorial responsibilities, if you’re the top dog administrator, how close you are to me, makes no difference whatsoever, because I love all people the same. My children can tell you, I— well, you saw last week, I got on my child much stronger— he needed it, he needed it, but much stronger than I could some of the fragile nerves of some of the weak ones we have here, but we’re going to stop dealing with the fragile nerves, we’re going to deal with you straight, so you better get your crystal together, or you’ll break in the public services rally, which begins tonight at 7:30, after language class. Thank you so much.

Part 6:

Schacht: Attention, attention. I want to remind you of some of the miracles that have occurred here in Jonestown, some of the miracles that Dad’s performed. (Pause) I want you to know that Dad takes into his body, takes into his body, all of the pain, all of the pain and the suffering that those of you here who have been very sick have not felt, and have not endured, and all the times that people who have not died, is because Dad took that pain into himself. And we’ve tried to get him to get some rest, and we’ve recommended strong sedation, and have tried several times, and he cannot get any rest. The notes and the requests and the demands and the— (Pause) the wr— the written papers that are handed into him continually. It’s too much. He’s got to get some rest. And we’ve tried strong sedations, we’ve spoken to neurologists, we tried all methods, and he needs to get some rest, he needs to be left alone.

I want to remind you of some of the miracles— (Pause) some of the fantastic miracles that have happened here. You remember the night that the tire exploded. We were all in the— in the rally, and we could hear the explosion reverberate, and we rushed down there, and Tommy Beikman was lying there, with his arm twisted around like a pretzel. He was blue in the face, and with the fluid running out of his nose and his mouth. And we turned him over on his back, and Dad was there, and he said he’d be all right. And he came back to life. He started breathing. His eyes were full of mu— metal particles and dirt, and he looked like Jello or gelatin that had been blasted with a— with a force that just ruptured the eyes. I couldn’t see inside his eyes. They were cracked and— and broken. I personally did not think he would ever see again. We cleaned out his eyes, but I didn’t think he’d ever see again. He went to Georgetown, and he came back, and his eyes were whole, and they’re clear. He’s able to see perfectly. He’s been— His arm is being taken care of, thanks to Dad.

Another case is Robert Johnson. And Robert Johnson was in extreme pain, extreme pain, you wouldn’t know unless you’d seen him, he was— he was quivering and shaking in pain. He couldn’t be moved, he couldn’t— he couldn’t stand the pain. He was given high doses of medication. We did everything we could, everything we could to analyze the situation, but Dad said, we’re going to send him into town, because he’s got a ruptured appendix. And though the evidence wasn’t clear to us, Dad knew, and we sent Robert Johnson to town, he’s— we got him on the boat, he made it to Georgetown, and he’s doing fine now. He’s doing fine.

There’ve been many, many cases where Dad knew the answer. For instance, Bertha— Bertha Smith. It was mentioned the other night that Bertha Smith had a bowel obstruction, and she did, she had the most serious kinds of bowel obstruction, she had a bowel obstruction of the large bowel, of the colon, it was wrapped around, and it was twisted off, and it was distending with air, and if it hadn’t been for Dad’s power, working for her benefit, I can tell you for sure she would’ve died, because it would’ve exploded, and feces stool would’ve filled her abdomen, and she would’ve died here. But Dad took care, ordered a plane, we got her to Georgetown, she was operated on. But even an operation shou— shouldn’t have been enough, ‘cause I know it was Dad’s power that protected her.

Henry (unintelligible last name, could be Mercer) is another example of a man who would’ve died. He was at the door of death itself, and Dad said this man is going to die. But, he didn’t die, because Dad said he will not die. And we put him in the Special Care Unit, and within a matter of minutes, his pain from— he had severe pain in his legs, and it went away. And his electrolyte imbalance shifted into an— into balance, and he was— he was able to become alert, and he began talking about his experiences of the past, when just a few moments before— a few moments before, he was almost unconscious.

And recall Charlie Touchette, Charlie Touchette, who lay down in his house for days with a stroke, a large clot, a blood clot must’ve struck a central artery into his brain, he lay there for days, barely conscious, his eyes staring at the ceiling. His eyes looked like— looked like doll’s eyes, they were glazed. I turned his head from side to ide— side to side and his— his eye coordination was— was um, was not normal. But Dad said he was working on him, he was working on him, and Dad sent every day, sent his power every day, and he kept Charlie Touchette alive. And Tarlie— Charlie’s okay now. He came through it.

And you should note that— that those who looked back to Babylon, those who look back to Babylon and don’t accept Dad as their savior and don’t accept his power, think they have their own life to live, like two we have now in the Special Care Unit, lying deathly ill, we have to arouse them every hour, just to be sure that they haven’t passed, (Pause) these two have been looking back to Babylon, repeatedly write notes about going back to the USA, the USA where they would be thrown in prison, the concentration camps, and tortured. And Dad’s told them many times they’ll be severely ill, and at this point, they are severely ill. They are unable to even (Pause) communicate normally. So be careful about thinking about anything else than Dad’s power and the protection he’s given us by being here. (Pause) (Unintelligible syllable)

And Karen Layton had bone cancer. She had bone cancer that was diagnosed by X-rays. You could see the bone cancer on the x-rays. And it was— She was in severe pain, and any of you who ever had a— a fracture know how painful bone— bone pain can be. And her pain was severe. But Dad took— transferred the pain from her body into his body, and he said it was the most severe type of pain, and he took that pain from her, and then she went— Later she was healed, it— by a diagnosis of x-ray, she was found to be healed. And she’s had no problem, no pain at all in her arm. (Pause)

There was a man who passed recently [either Emmett Alexander Griffith or Plickards Norris], [I would] point out to you, that he was calling on the wrong— he called on Jesus, he didn’t call on the— on the power that’s in Dad. And owning that power, the power that’s in Dad, could’ve saved him. But he kept calling on the wrong power, he kept calling on Jesus, he kept saying that he had it in himself, he had some power in himself, and uh, when Dad heard him calling on Jesus, he said, that’s it. There’s no hope. You have to call on Dad, you have to call on the power and the light that’s in him.

Cleave Swinney’s a good example of a— of a man who should’ve died 12 years ago. He should have died 12 years ago, with severe arteriosclerosis, or fat hardening of the arteries, where fat accumulates in the vessels. This man was going to be operated on, and even the neurosurgeons who were going to operate on him said that he had only the smallest chance of remaining alive, and if he remained alive, that he would certainly be paralyzed in part of his body. But you see Cleave Swinney walking around here, going back and forth to Georgetown, carrying on like a— carrying on with the strength greater than many men younger than him. And he has absolutely no evidence of a heart disease, (Pause) and he has no evidence whatsoever of stroke or uh, brain impairment.

Rose Peterson was found here to have a nodule in her thyroid gland, and whenever there’s a nodule in the thyroid gland, it’s a very serious possibility of malignancy. She was sent to Georgetown, biopsied, and they discovered that it was malignant. Once a person has a m— malignancy in her thyroid gland, it’s all over for them. It’s just a matter of time. So they closed up the incision, they sent her back to Jonestown, and said she’d pass here. But she’s still alive, she’s been healed by Dad’s power, she has no problem with malignant metastatic cancer from her thyroid gland, and the leading testimony is the fact that she’s here and alive and healthy, and she wouldn’t have lived but a couple of months at most, and she would’ve died a terrible, terrible death.

And David Goodwin was struck. He was struck blind. He couldn’t see. For two and one-half hours, he couldn’t see. And Dad said that he would give his life, he would give his life, he would die if David Goodwin couldn’t see again. And David Goodwin was told by Dad to (unintelligible word), look to Dad, Dad said, look to me and live, and David at that point, and only at that point, saw. He saw Dad’s face, it was the first thing he saw, and up to that point, they put fire in his face, they put bright lights in his eyes, and he was stone blind. When Dad said, look to me and live, (Pause) he saw. And he still sees. But the fact is, that Dad would’ve put his life, he would’ve given his life, just for this young man’s sight. (Pause)

Isaac Edwards, who was struck by a— by a ballbat right in the forehead, shoulda killed him instantly, would’ve killed an adult or a large human being, would’ve killed him instantly, and he was stunned and knocked into a coma, he was sent to Georgetown, and I was in Georgetown at the time, and you all have seen the x-rays, everyone of you has seen the x-rays of the large skull fracture that he sustained, if he had— that he had running all the way from the front of his head to the back, a large skull fracture, and uh— (Pause) he should’ve— he should’ve died, he should’ve been blind, he should not’ve even lived five minutes after he was struck in the head by that ballbat, but Dad again put his power into that child, put his healing into Isaac Edwards, and Isaac Edwards is walking around here now as bright and alert as any other child. Completely healed. He’s not blind, and he’s not damaged, he has no problem whatsoever. (Pause)

Many people— I can remember Millie Cunningham should be grateful. She has good reason to be grateful, ‘cause I can remember her eyes when she had cataracts. And I looked in her pupils, and they were white. She had dense cataracts. And I remember after Dad healed her that her pupils were clear. I could see right through into her eyes. Clear. He’d healed her cataracts, she has a— a lot of reason to be grateful. She has a lot of reason to be grateful. (Pause)

And Jann Gurvich also has good reason to be grateful, because she was healed of breast cancer. Dad healed her of breast cancer, and if she hadna been healed, she’da suffered and died the most horrible death you can imagine. If you’ve ever seen anyone die from breast cancer, you know how horrible it is. It affects the brain, and it affects the glandular system, the large bone mestastacystic (unintelligible word under radio interference) cancer invades the bone, and it’s just like a person has boils over their entire body. So that Jann Gurvich is not the only one who needs to be grateful, and— and is— is grateful to Dad, for healing her of breast cancer.

Also others here. Remember Mom— Mom Taylor— Virginia Taylor went to Georgetown with breast cancer, she had a large lump, with bleeding into the lump, bleeding from the— the breast, she definitely had a very serious breast lesion, she went to Georgetown, she was operated on, she’s still alive. She’s still alive, because she knew that Dad’s power would reach her. And she didn’t call on anybody else but the name of Jim Jones. And she’s fine now. Even though the pathology report was very, very serious, she’s still alive, and she’s still healthy. (Pause)

(unintelligible word under radio interference) know that many of our obstetrical, or our babies that have been delivered here, several of them were born absolutely dead. One is particular was— was blue, hanging limp, but within seconds, we called on Dad’s name, and the baby was back— back to life, was bright pink, with the highest score that a baby can have, which is ten. Good heart rate, pink skin, crying and moving around with— with perfect reflexes.

Gloria Griffith was— (Pause) was affected with uh, premature separation of the placenta. She’d been bleeding before she delivered her baby. (Pause) And when we did deliver the baby, the baby was fine and healthy, and she was fine and healthy, but between the placenta and the inside of the uterus was a large blood clot which indicated perfectly that she’d been bleeding, and that there was no possible way for the last hours and hours and hours that that baby could have achieved or obtained any oxygen through that placenta. So that baby, Camella, is alive and healthy and beautiful, because Dad’s power kept that baby alive during those moments during the delivery. (Pause)

Mom Jackson should’ve died four years ago, but she was sent to Surinam, sent to Surinam by Dad, so she could be operated on, and she— even though she was told at that time by the doctors that she should’ve died, she’s here, she’s healthy, and she’s doing fine. (Pause)

So to remind you, that each of these cases, and many, many more cases, like Samuel Johnson, who just last week got his hand injured by a chain saw, and chain saws, once they get a hold of your hand, they injure your hand severely. He was fortunate. He was fortunate, and he was protected, and I’ve seen many, many, many times where people’s hands have been protected, just like Sam Johnson’s— Samuel Johnson’s hand was protected. It came within a hundredth of an inch of injuring the artery that goes through his fingers, and that artery, once injured, he would have had to lose the finger, it would’ve had no blood supply. But we could see the artery pulsating there, and it was not touched. (Pause) And thank Dad, he’s going to have all his fingers— all his fingers, because uh, when a chain saw gets a hold of your hand, you never come out without the loss of one or two fingers, if not most of the hand. (Pause)

So I want to emphasize that all these healings, and all these miraculous healings take place, and the pain’s removed from so many of you that you don’t even know about it, he doesn’t call people out like he did so much before in the States, he doesn’t make it— he doesn’t make it so obvious, but he does the work, and he takes that pain into his own body, and he hurts in every joint in his body, he has severe urinary pain, he suffers all the time, he can’t even sleep. That is a fact. (Deliberately spoken sentence) He cannot sleep. He’s got so much a burden on him, he reads these messages from the USA, he reads the messages from Georgetown, and he’s continually dealing with track— traffic from those two places, and he’s dealing with all the notes, the requests, the complaints, and letters that he gets from people here in this community. So consider that, consider that.

The reason you don’t see people with severe strokes like— (Pause) (Off mike) What’s that woman’s name, the one— (back on) like Lena Benton, she had three severe elevations of her blood pressure, her blood pressure to over 240 over 150. It’s— Anything above 130 is considered absolute serious stroke level. But she didn’t have a stroke. She didn’t even realize her blood pressure was that high, but because Dad insists that we take everybody’s blood pressure, and we check on people who have these problems, she was picked up and found to have blood pressure that high. Hundreds of dollars worth of medication has been brought in her bed— by Dad, but still, even with medication, it shouldn’t have prevented her from having a stroke at that point. She’d gone way beyond the point where she was safe, and thanks to Dad, she’s not in— pulling herself along right now, dragging one of her legs, or seeing out— only out of one eye, or having her tongue hang out of the mouth to the side, because she can’t control. She’s got control, and that kind of protection is unknown anyplace else in the world. (Pause)

So don’t put any more— any more burden on him at this point than you can, because, even though he doesn’t talk about it, he takes these burdens in, he takes on these problems, he— he does more than (unintelligible phrase under radio interference) begin to mention. All these healings that have taken place, all the hundred people that’ve been brought down from— from elevated blood pressure, all the diabetics, the— the fo— the foot, that Fairy Norwood’s foot has been saved by Dad. All the— All the diabetics whose blood sugar has become normal be— has become normal because of his power, because of his influence. (Pause) All the people with heart disease who— who’ve lived on borrowed time have— on borrowed time should be grateful to Dad because of the power that sustains their life. (Pause)

Another miracle that just happened this week was Ava Ingram, who had a severe elevation of temperature, she had a fever of a— over a hundred and six, and severe pain, and she would’ve been mentally retarded, she would’ve had brain damage, she would’ve had a decrease in her IQ, because the brain fries when it gets to temperatures over a hundred and four, a hundred and five. But Dad went and touched her, and she’s all right now. She’s had no problem whatsoever, no decrease in her mental ability at all, we can thank Dad for that. And that’s not the only time.

And aside from the fact that he himself has had severely high temperatures, 105, 106, very often, very often he’s 103 and 104, and yet he comes to meetings, he gets on the— the uh, on the uh, P.A., and he discusses problems and teaches, and he reads the notes, he reads the continual influx of notes that he has to deal with. (Pause) I’ve seen the stack. It’s— Sometimes it’s nearly eight inches, nine inches thick of notes that he has to go through. And that’s being conservative. (Pause)

So think about these miracles. Think about the miracles that have happened to you, there’ve been so many, you really can’t tell them all. Another— Another great miracle, of course, was Walter Williams. I saw— We saw— went to see Walter Williams after he’d been struck on the back of the head by a beam, he was lying in the back of the— the trailer, unable to move anything from his neck to his waist, he would’ve been paralyzed, and Dad put it very well when he said, that his arms would’ve withered up like sticks, hanging at his side. That’s exactly what would’ve happened to him. He had a severe brain injury, he had blood and spinal fluid gushing out of his nose and his mouth, and I did a complete neurologic exam on him, and found his eyes were not working together, one of them was stuck, uh, looking out to the side, the pupils were abnormal. He was in very serious shape. I tried to get him to grasp my hands and to— and to make some motion or some kind of signal from his arms that he could feel or move them, but there was nothing, no response whatsoever. And Dad walked over, took his hands, put his fingers in Walter Williams’ hands and said, “Grab my hands,” and Walter Williams squeezed, and he was— I’m going to tell you, Walter Williams was grateful at that point, and should be grateful for the rest of his life, because that power— that power that Dad has went into Walter Williams at that time, and healed what was a very serious spinal fracture, very serious damage to his spinal cord. And Walter Williams was sent in to Georgetown, just to be sure, just to be sure, because Dad always— even though he knew perfectly well that he healed him, that his power had completely taken care of the problem, he always wants to make sure that we do everything medically— medically proper, and so he was sent to Georgetown, but the next day, he was up walking around in the hospital, completely healed.

And Steve Addison was brought to my attention one day down in the uh, uh, the apartment where he lay, and he was in seizures, his eyes were wide open, his lids were twitching, he was sweating, his tongue was hanging out, he was unable to— to talk, he was unable to— to move, to swallow, and you can’t go on very long when— being unable to swallow. And he was in spasms and seizures, and we went to him, and we tried to go as long as we could, but Dad was told, and Dad went down there and looked at him, and said, “You will be all right, Steve, you will be all right, Steve,” and up to that time, we’d asked Steve, “What’s two plus two?” and he’d say seven or one, or wouldn’t say anything, he could hardly even talk, and then Dad asked him, “Steve, what’s two plus two?” and Steve said four. And he healed Steve from that— that terrible stroke and seizure that he had, that should’ve left him a paralyzed vegetable the rest of his life, Dad took all that into him, and healed Steve. (Pause)

Also the woman who had um, a stroke, was unable to swallow— (off mike) What’s the (unintelligible word) name? (unintelligible sentence) (back on mike) The woman who— who was unable to swallow, she was in the nursing department, she couldn’t— she couldn’t uh, pull her tongue in, she was unable to— to uh, she would’ve been a vegetable the rest of her life, ‘cause I can tell you, when you can’t swallow, and you have to be fed through a tube, then you’ve had it. You’ve had it, because you end up getting into severe electrolyte abnormalities, and dehydration, and it can only be fought so long, so long. (Pause)

I want to tell you about the time that Earl McKnight was healed. Earl McKnight had— had severe edema of his lungs. If anybody had seen him, he would have seen that he had legs as big around— almost a foot around, they were terribly, terribly enlarged. He uh, had a gigantic heart, we took an x-ray, and found a gigantic heart and a large amount of fluid in his lungs. We moved him over to the Special Care Unit, and we found (Pause) at that time that he was just about dead. I looked at him in his face, and I said, “He’s gone. He’s gone.” We told Dad— We told Dad that um, (Pause) about his condition, and that his mouth was hanging open and his tongue was out to the side, and saliva was running down his face, and his eyes were sunken in and wide-open (unintelligible phrase under radio interference), and he said, “He’s going to be all right. He’s going to be all right.” And he was. He was all right. Within a matter of moments, he was alert, he was up, he was talking again, and if you look at Earl McKnight now, he’s been completely healed, his heart size has been checked since then, it’s lu— it’s coming down to a normal size, his lungs are cleared up, and he’s doing well. And if you look at his legs now, they’re absolutely normal. Absolutely normal. (Pause)

And it’s to be pointed out that the reason that Earl McKnight was— was so sick and almost died is because he was calling on Jesus. Again, he was one who had been calling on the (Deliberate tone) wrong name. He didn’t call on Dad. And the only way to achieve healing, the only way to maintain your health, and the only way to keep your life is to call on Dad.

And Bobby Stroud— Bobby Stroud came in after he’d been run over by the truck. He should’ve been dead. Large— Large wheels, rubber tires went right over his— his pelvic area, crushing his leg, cr— and then it ran across the other leg and crushed the other leg. One inch more, and it would’ve run across his bladder, right across his rectum, would’ve been permanently impaired, he never would’ve been able to have a normal bowel movement, he never would’ve been able to urinate normally, he would’ve gone into what’s called uremia, which is renal failure, and become terribly infected and died. Plus the fact than anytime anybody has a severe hip injury like that, so much blood flows out into the hip, into that area, you can lose as much as your— half of your blood volume, half of your entire blood into that area of the body, and he didn’t. He didn’t. And I thank Dad, because that tire just missed his vital organs, and I thank— thank Dad that he didn’t die in shock. And now he’s up, he’s doing well in Georgetown, he’s— the last report was, he was going up and down the stairs by himself. (Pause)

And Bea Jackson, who fell into the sea forty— at least forty feet, she fell, another senior fell with her right on top of her, she fractured her hip, and she’s walking around now. And Dad protected her, ‘cause nobody falls that far without dying, much less— much less walking around a year later. And she was walking around a— a lot sooner than that, within— within weeks. (Pause)

And she’s not the only one who’s been protected from severe falls. I know myself, I fell down the— the back steps of the senior center, and I want to thank Dad, because the way I struck my arm, I should’ve fractured my— my elbow in both the arms— both the bones in my forearm, and it would’ve been a very serious injury, very serious, involving arteries and nerves. But because of him— and I’m— and I’m grateful to him for that. Because of him, I was protected and didn’t fracture a bone, got right up and went on. (Pause)

In the night we worked three hours— no, two— two hours— It was about two hours on a baby that came in from Port Kaituma, it had a foreign body obstructing its nose, and up in its upper airways, it would’ve certainly aspirated and strangled and— and had to be operated on through the chest wall, and we worked and worked and worked to try to get that out, it had swollen so large, and Dad walked in the room, and the— the object just floated right up out of the child’s nose. It floated right up out of his nose. All of us there were amazed to see that happen. It was five minutes— Dad just walked right in the room, in fine minutes, it— it came right out. (Pause)

And just— just shortly ago, Scott Thomas got a severe burn in his eye with uh, juice from the hot pepper, and it just fried his cornea, and yet in a matter of minutes, he was— he was fine in a matter of minutes. The cornea, which was scarred and— and uh, looked like a waves were rippling through it, it was just turned into gelatin, just a matter of minutes later, we thought on Dad, and his eye cleared over and healed over, and the severe pain went away. That was miraculous, because others of us— and those of you know how severe the burning and the destructive nature of that uh, that uh, (Pause) that material is. It’s very, very painful. (Pause)

And it should— It should certainly be obvious to you— It certainly be obvious to you that— that this community has an aura of power surrounding it, because of Dad, because of the small number of— of serious medical problems that have occurred here. There’ve been almost no serious— serious ah, heart conditions that’ve— for instance, heart attacks in— In a full time we’ve been here, we’ve not had one heart attack occur. That is— (stumbles over words) That never— That’s unheard of. That would never happen anywhere else. (Pause)

Kim Fry had a severe laceration to her foot, went right through— went right through the skin, and some of the tendons which— that’s been repaired and taken care of, but the fact is, that whe— she’s walking well now, but the fact is, when a person receives a laceration like that, it was only miraculous that she didn’t lose all her toes and the entire end of her foot. That’s a miracle she should be very, very grateful for. (Pause)

And of course, the time that the six children gotten into poison, because the— because the poison was left in a bottle that made it look like a— like a uh, soft drink, or some kind of beverage, and the children took the poison, which as soon as it hits the stomach, spreads throughout the body and damages the nervous system severely, causes severe mental retardation and paralysis, and these children are all perfectly healthy, perfectly normal. By the time we got them there, and got the tubes in, it would’ve been too late to get that poison— to keep it from spreading throughout their body. But because Dad prophesied that they’d be okay, they were okay. And they are okay now. Every one of them, fully restored to health. (Pause)

Teena Turner, who had severe postpartum infection, in the— in the— ex— she had a fever of a hundred and five plus, and she had ex— excruciating pain, her uterus was like a ball of pus, her in— her abdomen was inflamed, and she had infection spreading throughout her abdomen, you could tell it was already up to her diaphragm, and she was begun on antibiotics at high doses which had been provided by Dad, ‘cause he’s provided all medications for us here, but even that— even that would not in any way have been enough to counter an infection like that. Within a matter of 24 hours, her fever was down, and she was already becoming well. (Pause) And she’s of course perfectly well now. (Pause)

And Oliver Morgan fell from the power pole, fell nine feet, flat on his back, should’ve torn his back, twisted ligaments, suffered spinal injury, but he didn’t. Not at all. No problem whatsoever. He’s— He’s able to walk. In fact he just walked up here and told me about that.

The woman was Louise Shavers who had a severe stroke, and was unable to talk or swallow, and who Dad said would be all right, and she’s all right. In a matter of moments after he spoke the words, she was fine.

And I want to thank Dad personally, because I wouldn’t be standing here now, if several years ago, he hadn’t have stopped a plane from crashing, which was landing in the San Francisco airport, (unintelligible word under radio interference), and when the plane landed and touched down, there was tremendous jolt when the plane first touched the runway, and all the people in the plane looked around in amazement at each other, and the person I was seated next to looked in amazement at me, and when I got back—

End of tape

Tape originally posted February 2003