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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: The recent decision of Wallace Muhammad, leader of the world community of Islam, in the west, to become an international evangelist for his organization is not surprising. It follows logically from the rightward– rightward drift of the group over the years. Muhammad Imam, or spiritual leader, so-called of the organization once known as the Nation of Islam or the Black Muslims, relinquished his post as head of the group’s day-to-day operations earlier this month. He’s a staunch supporter of the Carter administration and the U.S. capitalist system. As a whole and leader of that– and– and leader of what was once the most influential organization in the black community, one that has been through a number of transformations since its beginning to the 1930’s. Nation of Islam originated as an offshoot of the Black Nationalist [Marcus] Garvey movement. Its earliest days. The Nation of Is– Islam sought to refute one of the main components of racism. Its programs emphasizing blacks were a separate nation, and that black history did in fact exist were important alternatives to the notion that black history was merely one of savagery. Furthermore, the group leader stressed the necessity of black solidarity with the freedom struggles of Third World peoples. Worldwide. Much like Garveyism, this amounted to initial radical rejection of the U.S. system and its capacity to end the oppression of black people. There occurred a major decline (Pause) of the Nation of Islam and other black mobilizations in the 1940’s. In this period, the NOI, or Nation of Islam, existed in relatively isolation and concentrated on self help programs and cooperatives. In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, the stirrings of civil rights and nationalism began once again.

Several years later, a young prisoner was won to NOI, Malcolm X. Malcolm, the black revolutionary leader, was recruited to the group by an older brother, while serving a sentence for armed robbery in Michigan. He rose to leadership within the na– nation soon after his release from prison in 1952. But his activism and brilliant oratory, Malcolm transformed the Nation from a sect to a major voice of black discontent. Through rallies, meetings, street corner speeches and publications of articles in journals, the black Muslims gained massive influence in the black community. The group’s most important publications, Muhammad Speaks, was founded by Malcolm X. The group posed as an alternative to the non-violent leadership of the early civil rights movement, much of which threw its support to the two-party system. Sell out. The Muslims articulated or voiced black America’s sense of solidarity with the rising African and colonial revolutions, and above all the realizations that non-violence could not stop racist terror and that the po– possibility of real integration into the capitalist U.S. mainstream was impossible and un– undesirable. As the Muslim position was typically stated by Malcolm X in the 1950’s, if the people in Africa are getting their freedom, then 20 million blacks here, in America, instead of shouting hallelujah over what is happening 9,000 miles from North America, should study the methods used by our brothers in Africa and Asia to get their freedom. There are 20 million some blacks in America, yet suffering the worst form of enslavement, mental bondage, mentally blinded by the white man. Unable now to see that– that America is a citadel of white colonialism. A bulwark of white imperialism, the slave master of slave masters, said Malcolm X.

Elijah Muhammad, however, while supporting these militant positions, sought to gain black independence and not primarily by the armed mobilization of the black masses, but by a process of black capitalist accumulation. This position lead to de facto abstention, from the ongoing civil rights struggles of the light– late 1950’s and early ‘60’s. In addition, the bureaucratic structure of the Nation of Islam provided a basis for the de– leadership’s material privileges. Defense of these privileges became more and more of the fundamental concern of those tied to the Nation apparatus. These problems led to the 1963-64 split between Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. As Malcolm summed it up, “I didn’t break with the Nation of Islam. There was a split. I felt the movement was dragging its feet in many areas. It didn’t– it didn’t involve itself in the civil– or civic poli– political struggles our people were confronted by. All it did was stress the importance of moral re– reformation. When I found that the hierarchy, the leadership, that the top itself wasn’t practicing what it preached, it was clear that this was– part of the program was a bankrupt.” Its national leadership was bankrupt of any moral worth. So the only way it could function and be meaningful to the community was to take part in the political and economic facets of the Negro struggle, and the organization wouldn’t do that because the stand it would have had to take would have been too uncompromising an activist and the hierarchy had been– had gotten conservative. It was motivated by its own self-interest. Group thrust aside, after Malcolm’s departure, the Nation continued to grow in membership and influence.

However, the group was thrust aside by American blacks, initially by Malcolm’s Organization of Afro-American Unity, OAAU, and later by the rise of militant black organizations, such as the Black Panther Party and the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, Sni– ed– SNCC. But with the decline and isolation of these organizations, the Black Muslims regained lost strength in the early 1970’s, in much the same way that the original-backed Islam movement grew with the eclipse of the more militant expressions of Garveyism in the late ‘20’s.

Many blacks, disillusioned by the Black Panther Party, joined the Nation. This gravitation towards the Nation was facilitated by the Panther’s own turn in 1969 to counter institutionalism. When the BBP, the Black Panthers’ began to create free breakfast for children programs, liberation schools, many black school– many blacks people saw this as what Elijah Muhammad had been doing all along. The Nation, from the time of Malcolm’s departure until the assumption of leadership by Wallace D. Muhammad, Uncle Tom sell-out in 1975, continued its course of attempting to gain black independence by the slow accumulation of small businesses such as bakeries, supermarkets, fish stores, clothing shops and so forth, as Elijah had summed it up in point five of economic blueprint for the black man. “Observe, observe the operations of the white man. He is successful. He makes no excuses for his failures. He works hard in a collective manner. You do the same.” As a mi– as explained by a leading minister, Louis K. Farrakhan of New York City in 1970, who has now broken away from the Nation of Islam over the sell-out policies of his brother-in-law, in a speech of the Congress of African people, F– Minister Farrakhan said, “Muhammad says to you, unite with him in this effort to put you on the road to independence.” “What do you mean, Muhammad?”, Muhammad asks. “How are you going to be independent with your mouth in the white man’s kitchen?” Muhammad is purchasing farm land to feed black people. We have thousands of acres here in Georgia. Many thousands now in M– Alabama, in Mississippi and several other states. “What are you doing, Muhammad?” “I am trying to prepare a meal for black people so that the black people can feed themselves.”

This, in sum, was the program of the Nation of Islam. A program of black business development. As being the true path for the liberation of black people, which is erroneous. Blacks can never succeed in the system. Most of their farm acreage has now been lost. Black businesses are going downhill. Eighty percent loss of black business in the last ten years. Eighty percent of them have gone broke in the last ten years. (unintelligible word) in the black nation, according to Earl Ofari in The Myth of Black Capitalism, is that you just can’t find liberation through capitalist systems. In the context of capitalist America, the perspective for black economic development was utopian. How could small grocery shops and restaurants hope to compete with the giants of U.S. imperialism? How could Shaba Steak and– Steak and Takes compete with McDonald’s and Burger King with their cheaper prices and massive advertising funds? The Nation of Islam business existence was above all a reflection of the political support and solidarity extended to these establishments in the ghetto. Their long-time in– inevitability and viability, however, was revealed during the first waves of the 1973-76 economic recession. The economic crisis hit hardest among those upon whom Elijah’s economic projects depended, the black workers and unemployed of the ghetto.

We’ll be continuing this, perhaps tomorrow or another day on the Nation of Islam and its rightward turn, (Pause) and we will be linking it to certain white racist elements of a Nazi nature. It has been proven and it is now substantiated by the press that Wallace D. Muhammad is a provocateur. And it is he that brought about the rift between Malcolm and Elijah, and he more than anyone that brought the Nation of Islam to its right wing trends, its neo-fascist trends. It is an interesting story, and it’ll take some time for me to tell you.

President [Jimmy] Carter formally opens the next round of peace talks between Egypt and Israel tomorrow at the White House. Congressional leaders and members of the diplomatic corps are expected to attend the ceremonies. The negotiating teams will then move across the street to the presidential guest residence to begin a series of long bargaining sessions. Late this afternoon President Carter meets with the Egyptian delegation which is expected to arrive in Washington shortly before leaving Paris this morning. Egypt’s acting Foreign Minister told reporters that he hopes expected peace treaty leads to similar accords between Israel and other Arab countries. Of course, no one in the Arab world is falling for the sell-out that took place in Camp David.

King Hussein of Jordan has stated his negative position to the Camp David agreement. Addressing the people on his own country– of his own country, the Arab nation, over radio and television, King Hussein said a settlement should be based on the immediate withdrawal of all the troops from the occupied territories and respect of the right of the Palestinians to self-determination. He demanded the restoration of Arab sovereignty over the eastern part of Jerusalem, the holy city of Muslims. King Hussein had been formerly very right-wing and in the U.S. camp, but he’s fastly moving out of it because of Carter’s blunders at Camp David.

The Lebanese President [Elias Sarkis] returned to Damascus today for another round of talks with the Syrian President [Hafez al-Assad]on the crisis in Beirut. Earlier, he stopped briefly in London after concluding a tour of gulf states that participate in Lebanon– Syrian-led peace keeping force. The Lebanon President has called a conference of those states this Sunday on putting an end to the crisis in this country. In Beirut, meanwhile, the ceasefire between Lebanese fascist Christians and Syrian Muslim troops continues to hold firm despite sporadic fighting. The right-wing leader said today of the Christian Phalangists that he did not believe the Sunday meeting would bring any conclusive results. He also charged that Syrians used the current truce to bring additional troops and supplies into Lebanon. The Syrians, I guess, has right to enter Lebanon in that it was a Muslim majority, and Israel marched into it by force of arms and aggression – the Zionist Israeli neo-fascist movement – and they have never yet given up the southern territory of Lebanon that they conquered by force.

Rhodesian white mini– Prime Minister so-called, or should we say dictator?– Ian Smith says Rhodesia is willing to attend an all-parties conference on a resettlement plan– or a settlement plan for the country, but the black guerillas are not. Mr. Smith, addressing the National Press Club in Washington, said the Patriotic Front leader– said they are not interested in such a conference. This is a lie, of course, but Washington is good at carrying out lies on Voice of America. He said nor did they want to talk to Britain alone about the country’s status, but he said if there is a chance for a successful constructive conference, Rhodesia would attend. Both Mr. Smith and executive counsel member, Satoni [phonetic], maintain that black activist leaders do not support the internal settlement plan because they know they would lose in a free election. This is ridiculous when it’s been proven by poll after poll, even in the capitalist world, that ninety-seven percent of the population– ninety seven percent of the population– stand by for a moment.

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Jones: –of the entire nation, yes, ninety-seven percent of the territories in the hands of the Patriotic Liberation Front already. They said the guerillas uh,  didn’t want a peaceful settlement plan, because they knew they would lose in free elections. Of course I said (stumbles over words) ridiculous and they would rather ga– uh– gathers power– seize power by force, said uh, Prime Minister who’d been given the welcome mat in Washington. Asked about their opinion of the US Ambassador, Andrew Young, Ian Smith declined comment, but Mr. Satoni said Mr. Young and British Foreign Secretary, David Owen are committed to the patriotic front. Well, we’re glad that David Owen is standing up for re– that right principle in Britain, and Young– we hope, we never know where Mr. Young is, back and forth. He said the sooner USA and Britain find more unbiased people to deal with, the chances for pro– progress will be better. Meanwhile Prime Minister Smith and Ambassador Young cancelled a meeting which was– were scheduled for today in New York by mutual agreement. US spokesman said their meeting was cancelled because of the wide disagreement on the Rhodesian crisis, and there was nothing further to discuss. Very interesting.

South African Prime Minister Peter Voda [B.J. Vorster?] meets western c– contact group in Pretoria next week to discuss the issue of Namibia’s independence. The joke, that is. There is no intention of South Africa to give independence to Namibia. The foreign minister’s statement in Pretoria said the Prime Minister and Foreign Ministers will meet Monday and Tuesday with representatives from the United States, France, (pause) West Germany, Canada and Britain. The statement said the discussion will concentrate on reaching an internationally-acceptable solution for Namibia’s independence. The five western powers have been negotiating with South Africa and SWAPO, Southwest African People’s Organization, on the independence issue.

In Guatemala, the general strike declared Saturday has spread practically all over the country. Another one of USA’s dictatorships is about to totter and fall. Un– unrest began earlier this month when police used tear gas, provided by US aid, to disperse picket lines and demonstrators, protesting its raising city transport fares. The police have used firearms – where’d they get them from? USA – and tear gas and fifteen thousand were wounded in the process. The demon– demonstrators however continued to demand its restoration of democracy. That’s the kind of courage that human beings of any worth are made of, and that’s what a socialist should be. Fearless. Fearless of death or anything in life.

Hungary’s Deputy Foreign Minister has called for more energetic actions against racial oppression in South Africa. Speaking at a session at the United Nation anti-apartheid council, he indicated the oppression against black people in South Africa has been intensified. The letter to the UN Secretary General, Kurt Waldheim, the people’s voice of the German Democratic Republic, a modern communist East German state, restated solidarity with the oppressed people of South Africa. The security council has approved a resolution of criticizing the United States for permitting the head of the racist regime in Rhodesia, Ian Smith, to visit their country. This granting of the visa to Smith is a violation of the United Nations sanctions which bans any material or moral support to the authorities in the illegal government of Salisbury, Rhodesia, which should be called Zimbabwe. The resolution demanded that the United States observe all of the sanctions strictly, as they are so strict to demand of others. No talk of human rights these days by Carter. There’s not much he can say. The Nicaraguan dictator, [Anastasio] Somoza is bombing all of his people to death and so is the Guatemalan dictator [Romeo Lucas Garcia]. Not a word from Carter. The United States, Gre– Great Britain, West Germany and Canada all abstained at the meeting. What else would you expect? They’re not going to vote sanctions. They’re all capitalists, or capitalist controls. Canada is seventy percent controlled by USA.

United States plans for the manufacture and deployment of the neutron weapon has come under sharp criticism at the United Nations general assembly. The German Democratic [Republic] Foreign Minister, Austin Fischer said the neutron bomb is a vicious hazard to human rights. The neutron bomb kills people and saves property for the capitalists, as you know. His country, the German Democratic Republic, Communist ally of the Soviet Union, has an unconditional ban on this type of offensive weapons. Its use by NATO countries, he warned, would lead to another round in the arms race, at– the– the ultimate of nuclear hell. The Foreign Minister of Mongolia has asked United States to accept a Soviet proposal for renunciation of neutron bomb production.

The Federation of Latin American journalists has charged that the United States is responsible for the occurrence of the dictatorial regime in Nicaragua. That’s quite a statement. All the Latin American Journalists Association. They say Washington is giving assistance so– so– the– madman, Somoza. The statement draws occasion to the mass murders going on in Nicaragua committed by the National Guard on orders from the dictator. Some one hundred thousand people are now died or– or– or missing at the hands of the guards and paid mercenaries, and the money is supplied by our tax dollars, and it’s a matter of record in every newspaper across the world. It should cause us to hold our head down in shame.

A Libyan economic delegation started talks in Moscow on Wednesday on the prospect of cooperation with the Soviet Union. The Libyan economy is a great socialist economy, as you know, you should read much of that and review that economy. I have a whole uh, text series on that, and it should be put up for you to review, because some time I’m going to refer to testing about it. Soviet participation in Libyan gas and oil project has been discussed.

Again, I would have a lot of letters uh, prepared, if we could, Jann [Gurvich], for this Libyan uh, mission here. They are fantastic in their applications of socialism. We should praise them for their achievements.

In the Soviet Union, the Red Cross, the Central Trade Union Council, the Peace Council and other associations have decided to help Vietnam. Medical supplies, food– food and goods will be sent to this country. The Red Cross is also giving aid to the flood victims of Laos and the many victims in West Sahara who are dying of starvation and dying of thirst due to cloud-seeding by the CIA.

Soviet experts have worked out methods of prolonging the periods of man’s active life. One of the world leading dermatologists from the Soviet Union says medicine can control the process of aging. Perfected preparations and vaccines are being developed. Among the methods are tissue transplantations and physical exercises. Longevity centers are opened with free clinics in the Soviet Union where patients can get consultations and treatments. In the famous doctor’s opinion, man’s active life can be extended 30 years at present to average lifespan to the country of the USA and the Soviet Union is 70. USA is a little bit longer than– they– their lifespan has increased a little longer than USA. That’s quite something because, so over fifty years ago, when they were living in feudalism, their average life expectancy was something like 29. That shows the power of socialism.

Italian Red Brigade shot and killed a noted criminal investigator in Naples today. They’re going after those investigators and judges who condemn the revolutionaries there. This is a second such assassination in the last twenty-four hours. The left wing urban activist group, (unintelligible name), claimed responsibility for today’s shooting of the head of the Naples University Institute of Criminal Anthropology. His death followed the Red Brigade’s claim that yesterday they had assassinated a prominent Italian judge who has been involved in recent investigations and judgments against those of the group and their activities for liberation.

Italian communist party leader Enrico Berlinguer returned home today after two days of talks in Yugoslavia with President [Josip Broz] Tito. A joint communiqué issued at President Tito’s resort home noted the need for open discussion between parties and movements with the full respite for the independence of each. Mr. Berlinguer uh, the head of the communist party of– of uh, Italy. Ugisav– uh– In his Yugoslav visit followed similar talks in Paris with French communist party leaders and in Moscow with Soviet officials.

The US dollar again plunged downward horribly on the world money markets today as the price of gold soared to another new all-time high. It’s up in the two dollars and some forty cents an ounce. At Frankfurt– the dollar fell two hundred and forty dollars– I will corretch– correct myself there, two hundred and forty dollars an ounce. At Frankfurt, the dollar fell to its lowest point yet against the West German mark, and lost strength against every other currency, in spite of intervention by several banks. Earlier today in Tokyo, the West German Chancellor [Helmut Schmidt] – the capitalist West Germany that prides itself as being the third– (stumbles over words) head inheritor of the third Reich of [Adolf] Hitler’s – called for joint German-Japanese efforts to help stabilize the world economy before there’s a total economic collapse in capitalism.

Chinese Foreign Minister Huang Hua met in London today for wide ranging talks with British Prime Minister [James] Callaghan. But few details of the discussion have been reported at this time. We looking at other points of the news. We shall see if there’s anything else that has any particular striking effect. I think there’ll be just one thing that we’ll give in the vast uh, closing session of this news. It’ll be something about health.

I would like to mention that a black woman who is pregnant has been arrested in Chicago for protesting, and she will be sentenced to a period in which you have to give birth to the baby inside the prison institution. Beginning now to be quite inhumane. She was just simply demonstrating against her right to job benefits and striking in a peaceful protest way. But she was sentenced to one year, which means that her baby and she will have to be born– it’ll have to be born inside the prison.

Tips for avoiding kidney stones. You can reduce your chances of being among the one out of every six Americans who suffer from kidney stones during their lifetime, says a prominent physician. So that means we have a better chance here. We have much less of it. Kidney stones are very rarely kill anyone, said Doctor Vernon Smith, but those that get them wish they were dead. It’s very severe pain. Doctor Smith, professor of urology at the medical college of Virginia in Richmond, offered the following tips for avoiding kidney stones: increase fluid consumption until urine output is more than two quarts per day. Any fluid, that means you’ve got to take uh, at least uh, how many glasses is there in a quart? (Pause) Eight glasses, is it? That’s sixteen glasses, two quarts– anyway. Whatever. Two quarts a day. You’ve got to drink that much water. Any fluid is fine except tea, which has been found to be an aggravating factor. Eat fewer fleshy foods, such as meat. Here again, we find another medical release that meat is not good for our health. If you do eat meat, stick to the poultry variety and fish. Substitute grains (Pause) and cereals for fleshy foods wherever possible. I can say without a doubt that drinking plenty of fluids has my– and of a modified diet can cut kidney stone formation in sixty percent of the patients, Doctor Smith said. But it’s difficult to get people to stick to a diet of any kind. As for increasing in– fluid intake, he said the only way to know if you’re drinking enough fluid is to collect all the urine you produce in twenty-four hours. If it’s more than two quarts, you are drinking enough fluids. There are several theories about this, but the most acceptable is that stones are formed because the things that are in solution in the urine make a stone, they make crystals, and the crystals get together and make a stone, so if you keep them diluted, the chances of them developing into kidney stones are obviously far less. Doctor William C. Thomas, Jr., who is professor of medicine at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine in Gainesville agreed. He also explained why fleshy meats contribute to kidney stones. If you eat a lot of meat of any kind, you put out more uric acid in your urine, he said. And uric acid crystals promote the formation of oxalate, o-x-a-l-a-t-e crystals, which we think is the eg– aggravating factors that cause one out of six Americans to have kidney stones, and as he said, when you have them, you wish you were dead. They won’t kill you, but rarely, but you do wish you were dead from just the enormous pain.

Remember tonight, our language class. Thereafter, there may be a film, Sounder, after some commentary on the news. Uh, it’s– it’s a very good thing the way you’re doing it, you based out the commentary on the news first, and show it graphically. This will help people. And then brief language class and then Sounder, excellent movie– Hollywood movie on a black family. Thus is the ending of the commentary. I say much love, you will show your love and your labor, so we can liberate our people from the oppression that is so terrible there. Some who run he– from this place and are caught, and come back diseased as the last two have. The young man is burning with temperature now. (Pause) They want to get away from this place while others are begging, literally crying out to find this place.

An interesting last minute news. Mayor [George] Moscone, in uh, I don’t know where I have that someplace close by, Mayor Moscone. Finally, I guess he’s got an awareness. He ought to have stood up for Peoples Temple when the time was right. He sort of forgot Peoples Temple, you know, like we weren’t around. That’s rather dangerous. Uh– You should uh, always remember that when one person’s liberty is threatened, another–another is also threatened. But uh, he didn’t and he kept as far away from us as he could during that period. Do you remember? And uh, he uh, (Pause) he (laughs) is in a lot of difficult. Uh, I’m not happy about the fact that he’s in dif– in difficulty, but uh, Mayor Masca– Mayor Moscone has uh, been uh, charged with accet– accepting ten thousand dollar bribe from Hughes Airwest just before becoming mayor. It was all done in rumor form. He had no idea who was making the accusations, but suddenly, there was a question of investigation now with the FBI. There’s an article on it attached. Of course, one’s usual mentality perks up knowing we had expected he might be approached by the conspiracy to work against us, (Pause) with a fair degree of confidence that he would not, but based on the past, they come and get you anyway. Whatever he did. He gave them assistance or didn’t give them assistance about us. He certainly gave– didn’t give us any active support. Anyway, he’s being set up to be the next one to be destroyed in USA.

Note that the biggest airline crash in US history, the PSA plane collided with small plane over San Diego. Scheduled to be on board were Lieutenant Governor Dymally and our attorney, Charles Garry. Just last minute changes kept them from being on the plane, which killed what– everyone was killed. No one was left alive.

Huey Newton was found innocent of assault, but guilty of being a felon in possession of a gun. News reported he went berserk in the courtroom. Yelling at the judge, calling the judge a racist and had to be forcefully restrained and put behind bars. Hue and– Fortson and Andy were there, said Huey was really eloquent, he was speaking against– out against the system. It wasn’t like that at all. We always know how newspapers tell things. They never tell the true. Never tell the truth.

It is a bad time for gays as all the states of the union are coming out against them. The world has gone crazy in America. Sixty-one percent favor that all gays should not hold employment. Eighty-three percent of the In– of the United States people want death penalties re– returned. That’s quite a situation we face.

Anyway, I see no more particularly important things. I think that this will give you something to think about, and I hope you think about liberating our people. Working harder because we could get our work hours down to eight if you (stumbles over words) pick up your pace and do as much in eight hours as you would do in ten, we’ll have it done. I love you very, very dearly. Take care.

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Jones: Attention, attention. We’re to work up till the six o’clock hour with as much enthusiasm. We’re going to call up those that come in off their duties before work time relief and those are being observed who do not use their fly swatters. Remember, at quarter of eight, we begin the news review, which they did so beautifully by screen and words the night before. Then at quarter of nine, we’ll have (unintelligible word) Russian, it’ll probably go to nine thirty, then the– the film Sounder. Remarkably, beautifully portrayed black film for Hollywood. It certainly is one superior. Thank you and much love.

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Jones: Furthermore, the USSR constitution will be now playing in five minutes under the uh, library uh, pavilion, and it will play till six, giving people some time to catch a review of Geri [likely Geraldine Bailey], who does it beautifully. I heard her voice all day long, not being able to sleep, but that was one of the pleasant things I heard her giving the rendition of “The Constitution of Avant Garde of Freedom, the Soviet Union.” So that– that– it will begin also within five minutes and will continue upwards of seven o’clock. Uh, I would say, yes, upwards of seven o’clock if anyone needs it. The Constitution under the library pavilion. The news will be played under the theater pavilion then at quarter of eight, they will review it with the flashboard projection screen. And it’s a nice way of doing it. Breaking it down for you, so you can get things in a perspective where countries are. Little of their history, how– what the political situation is. It helps you. I was very pleased with the demonstration the other night. I listened to every word of it. So, if you will, uh, follow that procedure tonight, then after that, at the quarter of nine we’ll be in Soviet, the Russian language and then perhaps in forty five minutes we will proceed with Sounder. Forty-five minutes, no later than an hour. Thank you so much. Much love.

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Jones: Attention, attention. A bit of good news, to say the least. Months and months ago at the beginning, I wanted Charles Garry to put the magazine on notice, when we knew they were plotting with members of the government, big oil companies, not to print any lies about us, but he refused to do so, or Mr. [Fred] Furth who was working with him was to make one statement about malice, and that phrase that we didn’t want about guns was taken out. I asked Doctor Mark Lane, world-renowned author, lecturer, lawyer. I asked him to get up from his dinner– dining seat and go into the radio and tell his secretary to immediately put on notice that we would sue National Enquirer and we would sue New West for malice if they printed one more word. He was humble enough to do what I told him to do, and both periodicals are kissing our rear right now. None of them are going to print– those two are not going to print one word against us. That shows you the difference of people who will listen. You all ought to listen to one another, and certainly you ought to listen to me because there, I had the difference between a lot of pain. Some of your relatives would have caused you a lot of pain if those articles of lies had been put in there. Thank you, and I love you.

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Tape originally posted March 2008