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Jones: (unintelligible) Good morning to those who are doing the half day. Morning news will begin with commentary. Various organs of the press are carefully scrutinizing the trends and prospects in the development of relations between USA and what we in Jonestown refer to as mainland China. Diametrically opposite views are being expressed in press comments and in statements by western political figures on the real essence of these relations and their influence on the international situation. The intimate– the enemies of détente and peace who urge the stepping up or escalation of the arms race and the expansion of NATO’s fear of action for uh, anti-Soviet and anti-communist purposes favor a rapprochement or – that means a semblance of peace – between the United States and China of such a kind that it would undermine the positive changes achieved during the past few years in reducing the risk of war and strengthening business-like cooperation between states with different social systems. On the other hand, realistically-minded moderate circles in the West expressed their anxiety over such a development of US-Chinese relations, because it is generally known that Peking continues strongly to oppose any moves or measures to improve the political climate in the world. There are clear signs, both in Peking and mong– and among circles in imperialist USA, that attempts have recently been made at state level to coordinate clearly the US and Chinese policies in the pursuit of aims which are hostile to the Soviet motherland and other socialist countries of the Warsaw Treaty. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, for instance, the Mongolia– the Mongolian People’s Republic and anywa– and really the socialist community in general. Thus US Senator Hart [Gary Hart (D-CO)] said after his visit to Peking earlier this year, that his country should not undera– underrate China’s significance as a political and military force confronting the Soviet Union. Senator Hart, of course, does not hold any post in the US administration, but what one can– what can one say about a number of anti-Soviet statements which the USA President National Security Advisor [Zbigniew] Brzezinski made during his recent stay in Peking. He mentioned the USA and China’s common interest and demonstrated his approval of those aims at Peking’s foreign policy which on a number of key issues coincide with his own views. Like the Peking leaders, this US statesman, if we care to dignify him so, believes that nuclear war would not be a catastrophe– catastrophe for mankind. Stand–

(tape edit)

Continuing with the news, information in the foreign press shows that the Washington envoy and the Chinese leaders discussed the possibility of working out a common approach by the two countries, not only to the problems connected with the Soviet Union, the vanguard of liberation in the world, but also to those affecting southeast Asia, Africa and western Europe. Washington Post observers, Evans and Novak [syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak] said that during these talks a possibility of joining steps in respect to Angola, Mozambique, the Horn of Africa and Indochina were discussed. There are many indications of this. Washington does not even bother to deny them, although the White House tries to disassociate itself from the convictions spread in the USA and in other countries that the attitude to the Peking regime of the present administration was inspired by hostile and anti-Soviet moves.

In one of the most recent interviews, President [Jimmy] Carter said that he– that his administration would never use China as a lever against the Soviet Union because it did– if it did use Peking in this way, it would provoke the resentment of both the Chinese and the Soviet peoples. How, against this background, can anyone explain the behavior in Peking of the US President’s assistant, who we are now informed through Penthouse is actually the leader of the Sov– the– the USA, Brzezinski, who had backed most Republican and Democrat candidates and was picked– hand-picked by the Trilateral Commission to direct the foreign policy of the United States. None of this– of his anti-Soviet statements made there has been contradicted – I mean Brzezinski’s – had none of them had been contradicted by the US government. On the contrary. Shortly after Brzezinski’s Chinese visit, a US delegation left for Peking to discuss scientific and technical questions including, according to US press, the possibility of delivering US military equipment to China. Remember this is Brzezinski who has propoted– promoted the doctrine of the superman. It was Brzezinski who said to a group of reporters openly, “I must retire to talk about plans for genocide” which means racial extermination or ethnic extermination, or whole extermination, of parts of population. It is uh, Brzezinski who said that to think that nuclear war is unacceptable is to be egocentric which showed his ignorance. He should have at least said ethnocentric. It’s also clearly been established that it’s the full delivery capability where unleashed of nuclear energy at the present race on the world– on the rate– on the world, it could cause a imbalance to the very acts of the world.

Peking does not even try to conceal its intentions of using the USA to promote aims directed against USSR and other socialist countries. Peking’s anti-socialist propaganda and anti-Soviet propaganda campaign has become particularly strident and hysterical. The People’s Daily has carried a story about the bear’s claws reaching out to the gates of the United States of America. This nonsense borrowed from Goebbels– Goebbel [Joseph Goebbels], the propaganda minister of the Nazi Third Reich’s arsenal of anti-communist lies, is needed by the instigators of the campaign in order to put the USA imperialists on a collision course with our beloved Soviet Union. At the same time, China itself obviously wants to keep on the sidelines so as to reap the coveted fruits of such a great upheaval. Are the architects of US policy really blind to what Peking is seeking? It is of course impossible not to see the crudely provocative line of the Chinese leaders in matters of war and peace, that they feel that there is something to gain for China by a nuclear war, that they can survive it and somehow spread their brand of communism about the world. Everyday– everything seems to indicate that Washington is purs– pursuing its own aims and engaging in its anti-Soviet flirtation with Peking. It is attempting to use the policy of the Chinese leadership in the interest of the United States imperialist concern.

What took place in the 1930’s seems in fact to be repeating itself in different historical conditions. At that time, western leaders tried to channel fascist aggression against the USSR. The Nazi ringleaders of the t– in their turn– in their annexationist– annexationist policy. relied on the west anti-communist, anti-Soviet propaganda. In that way, they cleared the road for themselves to establish control over small and medium-sized nations in Europe before moving for– further towards the seizure of territory. The anti-Soviet gain with the expansionist forces in a catastrophically for its is it– in– in– imitators– in its initiators, rather. But the whole of mankind had to play– pay a dear price for it, with a heavy toll of human lives and suffering resulting from the world’s conflict unleashed in the late 1930’s that many have even been perpetrated by capitalist elements, that A– Adolf Hitler’s Germany may have been even perpetrated, according to some theorists, as a buffer against the first gr– and greatest revolution of all history, the October 1917 Soviet revolution.

Anyway, these lessons are too tragic and grim to ignore. Now that such destructive weapons have been accumulated in the world, only irresponsible leaders who consider it possible to play with the destinies of millions of people can think of setting uh, one state against another.

It is out of place to ask– is it not out of place, I should say, to ask why high-ranking officials in Washington who are so fond, or fon– fon– why– fine words about their allegiance to moral standards, fail to take issue with the grossly negative, inflammatory and inhuman pronouncements that are heard daily from official sources in Peking on questions of war and peace? Indeed, it is not some trifling matters which are at stake but questions bearing on the destiny of all mankind. Washington’s silence cannot but be interpreted by the Peking regime as encouragement of their monstrous theories of nuclear holocaust in their ridiculous and outdated Doctrine of their– of Three Worlds [Doctrine of Three Worlds]. Quite a few serious commentators and indeed influential politicians in the United States of America have been worried about what is correctly viewed as the provocative use of the Chinese card by men close to the White House against the Soviet Union and several other countries. Its– in its issues of July 17, the US News and World ana– Report carried an article by its analyst, Marvin Stone. He said – in the August issue that is – that the Chinese leaders were always ready to give advice to others. Now the US News and World Report is a very ultra-conservative magazine in the USA. Furthermore, it is one of the few that has been revealed by elements of the social democratic and socialist and liberal press to have not had any uh, CIA direct infiltration. Now, Marvin Stone of the US News and World Report, the ultra-conservative organ journal of US uh, A said that the Chinese leaders were always ready to give advice to others. They wanted Turkey to oppose the Russians. They wanted to see the nine– North Atlantic Treaty Organization stronger. They wanted Japan to preserve its alliance with the USA, and they wanted to draw the Americans into a tangle of African conflicts. He asked whether this was good advice, reminding his readers about the statements made by Mao Tse– Mao Tse Tung in 1957 concerning the poss– the permissibility of a nuclear war, a statement which has not been repudiated by the present Peking regime, who are expressing the same ideas in various forms. The magazine drew the conclusion that in its game with Washington, Peking was trying to stir up a nuclear conflict between USA and the USSR in its maximum program in its Doctrine of Three Worlds. Such conclusions about the far-reaching provocative aims – the aims of disturbing the world peace of Peking’s policy – have been confirmed by statements of high ranking Chinese officials themselves. The Chinese Minister of Defense, Xu Xiangqian, said in the August issue of the magazine Red Flag that war is a normal thing in relations between two worlds and that war is a continuation of peace. Official Washington prefers to ignore these inflammatory statements trying to whitewash the Chinese government’s policy. At the end of July, for example, Jody Powell, the White House Press Secretary, stated that a Chinese– that a China conducting an independent foreign policy, and strong and secure as far as its economy was concerned, would meet the interest of the United States. These statements deliberately ignore the disquiet of those Americans who justly regard the interest of universal peace and international cooperation as of paramount importance when considering prospects for their country’s relations with mainland China.

Nobody is encroaching on the independence of China’s foreign policy. This is well known. The question is what the nature and the trend of the policy is. The joint communiqué adopted by the governments of the USA and China in February 1972 stated that the confidence of both sides that the normalization of relations between their countries not only met with the interest of the Chinese and American people, but would also add to détente. That means peace in Asia and in other parts of the world. The words are very fine indeed, but the years that have passed since that adoption of this communiqué have shown that Peking continues to oppose any step towards the relaxation of tensions in Asia or elsewhere, for that fact. The establishment of contacts between the USA and China has in no way influenced the tough and negative policy of the Chinese leadership in their war-minded foreign policy. Nor are there any signs that Washington is in any way trying to put into practice the high sounding words of the US-Chinese communiqué. The USSR, the vanguard of liberation in the world, has everything necessary to neutralize all schemes and combinations hostile to it and to the cause of peace. No one in history has ever profited from taking the road of anti-Sovietism. Today, this is truer than ever. The Soviet Union is not without means of defense. We have unequivocally pointed out that forming a bloc with China on the basis of anti-Sovietism would close the possibilities for cooperation with the United States in reducing the danger of a nuclear war and limiting the arms race. Washington should give serious thought to this, instead of thinking in terms of petty anti-Soviet scheming. As for the treacherous line of the Peking leadership, no matter what they’re achieving domestically which is aimed at increasing international tension, provoking crisis situation and setting states at loggerheads, the proponents of this line have again showed the world their true face. They may receive something in material terms from imperialist reaction. It is easy to see what such incentives are meant for. These stubborn facts cannot be ignored by anyone who gives at least some thoughts to the realities of our time and the demands made of any government in the world today, where there is no more vital and important task than progress towards a peaceful and secure future.

Thus ends the commentary on the dangers – the immense dangers – and short-sided gain of the present US and mainland China foreign policy.

Other news: With some difficulty we try to hear Radio Moscow which is not as easy as we would like. The Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko, has arrived in Washington to meet President Carter. Earlier, the foreign minister met twice in New York with Secretary of State Cyrus Vance. The talks centered on strategic arms limitations, including a new bilateral joint treaty. Views were also exchanged on the Middle East. The representatives of the Israeli-occupied western bank of the Jordan have rejected the Camp David agreements, naturally so. The Arab world is greatly consternated that Camp David Summit– USA– Carter– Trilateral Commission, U– Israel and Egypt would be so presumptuous as to try to settle the– (stumbles over words) resolve the solution for the situation when territory of Lebanon was involved that had been aggressively taken over by Israel and also Jordan. It is these agreements of the Palestinians to self-determination that is coming into sharp confrontation with the USA Camp David uh, Summit. They made the statement to the United State diplomat now touring the Arab countries. The Mayor of Bethlehem– Bethlehem pointed out for the Camp David accords guarantee and Israel withdrawal from occupied Arab Tory– uh– Arab territory, uh, restoration of Arab sovereignty to east Jerusalem. He said a comprehensive adjustment required the participation of all parties concerned, including the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Opposition to the Camp David agreements has been reaffirmed again, strongly this morning by Syria, Algeria, Libya, democratic Yemen and even South Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the Palestine– Palestinian Liberation Organization, and the– So what more can uh, the USA possibly do than to back off from this summit agreement at Camp David which has gone against the very piece of a part of the world that they need for their economic survival. Saudi Arabia is certainly a very ultra-conservative regime, but it is highly indignant at the Camp David agreement.

The United Nations Security Council has described South Africa’s decision to hold elections in occupied Na– Nam– Namibia in December as unlawful. The council upheld the United Nation’s decision as called for the removal of the cololial– colonial administration of the uh, South Africans over Namibia and the transfer of power to the liberation people through the mediation of the United Nations, that is through SWAPO, Southwest African People’s Organization. The Security Council’s resolution calls for setting up a group to help Namibia make uh, uh, the transition – that means a changeover – to independence and sending United Nations troops and observers to Namibia. The Soviet delegation told the council it would help if the council took effective measures to isolate and boycott the racist and fascist regime of South Africa, which has been upheld by four hundred and forty seven billion dollars of US aid, this very year alone – four hundred and forty seven million, correction – and several billion more of multinational corporate aid. South Africa could not survive without the multinationals of the garrison military industrial state of USA.

Representatives of twenty-eight countries and several national liberation movements have denounced the imperialist powers for their practices in Africa. They spoke in Geneva at the United Nations uh, convention on human rights. Speakers underlined that the practice of, of imperialism means to encroach upon the sovereignty of independent countries and the acknowledged right of the nations to self-determination. Most of the African– Organization of African Unity are in opposition to US practices in both Rhodesia, which is rightfully called Zimbabwe, and S– Union of South Africa, so-called Union of South Africa. One of the leaders of the Zimbabwe Patriotic Front, Joshua Nkomo, the nationalist, has again injected [rejected] the Anglo-American plan for Rhodesia. In their interview– in an interview given by correspondent uh, from Na– Zambia, he spoke against the congregation of all parties conference. He said – that is Joshua Nkomo – that the time of peace nego– negotiations have passed. The arms struggle alone could result in the establishment of Zim– Zimbabwe and people’s power in the country. They represent ninety-seven percent of the country already and genuine independence. Now this is the uh, the nationalist speaking, not the Marxist-Leninist uh, ally uh, in the Zimbabwe Patriotic Front which of course, as you know, is Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwean Patriotic Front now has brought under its control all the rural areas of the country. Its troops are fighting in the immediate proximity of Salisbury.

The Finance Minister of Mozambique has accused the western imperialist powers of pursuing a hypocritical policy towards the racist regimes in Southern Africa. Remember testing, we on (unintelligible word)– without doubt, Monday, for all. Addressing the general assembly session in New York, he said the western powers are trying in Rhodesia and Namibia with the aim of perpetuating their rule. The administer pointed as an example of new colonium– colonialist maneuvering to the (unintelligible word, could be “Rhodesian”) racist made by British oil companies in violation of the United Nations sanctions.

Angola has signed a treaty of friendship and cooperation, as you know, with Zaire. The signing ceremony took place at the end of an official visit uh– by the uh– by Mobutu [Sese Seko] of the uh– the uh– Zairian president and the Angolan President Agostinho Neto. The president led the Angolan government delegation which returned to Angola on Saturday.

In Tanzania, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has closed its tenth regional conference after discussing how to increase food production on the African continent. Speakers stressed the urgency of the problem and said its solution requires all uh– all aid of uh, social conscious minded nations and other social reforms in every country in the world. Production of modern farm methods will have to be implemented by all peace-loving people. They also called for more cooperation between the countries in agriculture for one– one joint action against the pests and disease, the pestilence of, of various uh, (Pause) ro– rodents, uh, you know and uh, funguses and so forth.

The foreign minister, the agronomist ministry of– of Venezuela has urged the world community to give the necessary assistance to the people of Nicaragua (unintelligible, sounds like “who applied for this stand”) of Venezuela, fighting to bring down the dictatorial regime of Somoza [Anastasio Somoza, President of Nicaragua], which is being upheld by US imperialism. Speaking at the session of the United Nations general assembly, the uh, agricultural minister of Venezuela said for over forty years the country has been living in conditions of terror and political assassination. In Nicaragua itself, the situation remains tense. There were new clashes between the National Guard, the secret police and the people in Managua. Many cities have been completely destroyed by the ruthless regime of Somoza, backed by new US military aid. And inside the country near border with Costa Rica, the dictator is clamping down ruthlessly. Somoza is on the participants of the recent uprising. Arrests and executions continue all over the nation, Nicaragua. Where is Mr. Carter? Even Venezuela, I said, in his issues of human rights. Where is he, while the people of Nicaragua are being destroyed to save the dictatorship of Somoza. Planes have sunk several vessels, over 300 refugees trying to leave the country, and vessels have been sunk by the planes supplied by US capitalism too. This merciless regime of Somoza and Nicaragua. All of the refugees died that were blown out of the water.

In Chile, the Catholic church has information from the ruling junta, about the state of political prisoners (Pause) whom the de– the authorities declared missing after their arrest. According to international organizations, there are more than two and one half thousand such prisoners, still presently. Minimal. The government has repeatedly promised the church and the UN Secretary General, Doctor [Kurt] Waldheim – Secretary General – to provide detailed information about the missing persons in Chile, but so far has done nothing whatsoever. And again, no urging by President Carter in his so-called policy of human rights to do otherwise. Relatives of the missing say they will resume their hunger strike if General [Augusto] Pinochet, the military dictator of Chile, who overthrew the constitutionally-elected regime and administration of the great Marxist-Leninist, Doctor [Salvador] Allende, failed to supply information in the near future. Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador has said his government will continue to expand the cooperation uh, with the regime in Chile. He announced that from Santiago. The Ambassador of China was speaking at the University in uh– of Santiago in Chile on the y– anniversary of the Chinese mainland’s uh, so-called revolution. Peking began to cooperate closely with Chile fascist junta after the legitimate Allende Marxist-Leninist government was overthrown. Trade between China and Chile has increased by several times in the past five years. According to Radio Moscow, the Chinese deliver largely weapons to this fascist regime.

Leonid Brezhnev, President of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, has expressed his profound condolences over the passing away of the head of the Roman Catholic church, Pope John Paul I. He sent a message to the state secretary of the Vatican.

Soviet cosmonauts are setting a new world record for staying in space one hundred and six days. The previous world records were set last March, also by two Soviet cosmonauts. The highest American record equals only eighty-four days. The current flight is saturated with different experiments. The cosmonauts received on board their spacecraft two international crews, with representatives of Poland and Democratic Germany, the GDR, the East German democratic modern communist state. Two automatic spaceships with equipment, food, water and they walked in space for s– two hours and inspected the spacecraft. They also did uh, complicated maneuvers that no other nation in the world is able to match. They changed the link-up of the various crafts over transport ships from one fourth unit to another.

Soviet specialists have designed a tractor which is operated by a small computer. It takes into account the– the necessities of tilling and the best speed. The computer works faster than most experienced tractor driver. The machine has been built in accordance with the government’s program of completely mechanizing agricultural production [to] take the burdensome work off of human beings. The country turns out annually about fifteen new models of farm machinery. Th– That is, our beloved USSR. They are told– they are sold at a discount price to the collectives.

The order of Lenin and the hammer and sickle gold medal were presented yesterday to– (Pause) I am not uh– some (stumbles over words) to some labor group– I’m not clear on that. They go with the title of hero of socialist labor for his contribution to Soviet literature and in connection with his fiftieth birthday. I’m not clear on who the– who received the wa– the award.  The people of this small nationality did not even have a written language before the socialist revolution. When we get further clearance on that, perhaps our, uh, beloved and honorable consul from the USSR will be able to clar– clarify who received this award. We have enjoyed the negotiations, and they’ve gone very, very well, our discussions with the Soviet Union. We have hoped that they have been– have [been] enjoying themselves here. They’ve been uh, giving us all sorts of assistance. Tonight, the consul will be speaking to us. The second-in-command of the Soviet Embassy. He will be addressing us, we will have a play and we will have some entertainment, so prepare at the hour of, I would say, seven-thirty minimally to present this program. All attend and listen to the remarks. As I say, we couldn’t have had more warm and uh, understanding agreements. Uh, we have had nothing but deeply fraternal uh, negotiatin– negotiations and friendship and understanding. We have made no mistake in making the Soviet Union our spiritual motherland. Much love, comrades. Thank you.


Part 2

Jones: – miles an hour. A hundred mile link of the storm and it’s moving towards a lo– and a group of islands in that area between Bermuda and the USA.

Somoza not able to last long, said BBC.

Anatolov (unintelligible last name) and uh, his wife have appealed to the President of the United States through the Voice of America for some help because he faces death by firing squad. However, the Voice of America admitted that he had been clearly convicted as being a CIA operator and given vital information to the United States.

Riots in St. Louis as dogs were turned loose on blacks. Rioting because of lack of food in the stores and increased cost of living and rents. The– The police brutally and angrily pressed the blacks back into their residences and into their alleyways, and the dogs bit upwards of a hundred people.

At present time, it will move northward, says the radio just now, [Hurricane] Ella will move northward. And it’s hop– uh, they’re hopeful that it may come close, but may miss the coast. It’s the fifth major storm of the year. We are fortunate, we should say in our (unintelligible) that we never have any acts of nature that dan– or dangers here. No cyclones, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no typhoons.

People were– have been killed in Nicaragua, fifty more innocent citizens in the fifth day of crisis. President Carter says [Vice President Walter] Mondale must assume all government administration while he is in the summit conference at Camp David with Israel and Egypt, because, he said, his future and the future of USA could rise or fall on the success or failure of the meeting.

The Soviet individual sentenced to die by firing squad, the man is in despair. The appeal went to Washington on deaf ears. Carter did not reply to interfere with the CIA agent in the Soviet Union.

Retired telephone operator discovered he had carload of dynamite in his car. Someone of a activist group, a terrorist group, must have been drunk and put dynamite with uh, time bomb mechanisms that could have blown up seven-story buildings. Well, he gave them into the police as he would be expected to, I suppose.

Past workers– post office workers will have s– strike on, if it is not settled. They want their demands met, they want more safety conditions, health conditions and the cost of uh, living increase or several tens of thousands of postal workers will go out on September sixteenth. They say their bosses have sold them out– the union bosses have sold them out.

There is a new danger to the health of the American citizen. It is a chemical. I’m not quite sure on what it is but just two parts per billion will cause cancer, and it is in all the beer of USA. Again, it’s like sodium nitrate that’s in all the meat. A spokesperson for Voice of America did not feel it would be likely that anything would be done about it.

Voice of America is warning USA that it’s having an increasing number of strokes and heart attacks. To be aware and seniors should take note of this that I’m talking to now. If you feel dizzy and see double vision, if you feel dizzy and see double vision, you should immediately call for someone to get you to our doctor. That is a precursor– doesn’t mean you have to have, but if you take note of those dizzy s– those dizzy feelings, particularly when they are connected with double vision, then we can get you proper medical relief and you’ll avoid any strokes. Already there would have been dozens of you that would’ve died in USA and dozens of youth that would’ve been in jail and in accidents and killed or crippled if they had not been here. (tape edit)

[Former President Richard] Nixon has not been given an extended welcome to the Soviet Union, though he has requested to go. He is also not been given a welcome to China, though he has requested to go. So Nixon seems to be a man who wants to travel and making millions off of his life of crime against the people, but no one seems to uh, want him around.

China had warned two days before – mainland People’s Republic of China – that there was an earthquake heading for Taiwan, but Taiwan – capitalist, one of the more modern capitalist nations upheld by US monopoly capitalism – took no heed, and exactly two days after the Chinese seismologist warning, earthquake struck Taiwan. It was six point on the Richter scale. As high as five story buildings toppled. The casualty rate is not known, but uh, property damage and human lives have been damaged all over the island of Taiwan, which used to be Formosa before the United States took it by force and gave it to the fascist Chiang Kai-shek [President of Republic of China] who had fled from the great revolutionary, Mao, on the People’s Republic of China mainland.

The– (Pause) uh, something I’m not able to make out, it’s something about a terrible train accident somewhere. Two trains have struck each other. It’s in Chicago. The news says it’s in Chicago. The casualties are not known. To– Due to human error, they say someone, some brakeman, someone, signalman has low– allowed human error and they got on the same track moving at a high speed and have crashed into each other.

Nitra Sominous [phonetic], Nitra Sominous, Nitra Somons is the name of the chemical in beer that causes cancer, and it’ll cause it invariably in all the test cases that’s been done on animals, it causes it, absolutely, and the suggestion of the health bureau, World Health Organization and even the Health and Welfare, Education Association of USA is don’t drink any beer whatsoever.

Court reverse unpopular, but need school integration of some sort, said the court reversal. It’s an unpopular position we have to take, but we need some sort of peace in Los Angeles and Boston, so they upheld schools convening in their usual, separate and unequal fashion. We are back to the beginning of the fifties again.

Conventionally-poor– powered aircraft carriers would cost one billion dollars less and six billion dollars less to operate over the thirty years that it would be youth– useful. Thus Carter is begging the Congress to veto the craft that Senator Stennis [John Stennis (D-MS)] wants to approve because some big business ears– have gotten his ears rather, some big business men and he wants to build a nuclear one that will cost two billion uh– a billion dollars more and six billion dollars more to operate over a period of thirty years than the ordinary aircraft carrier will, and it will do just as good, said President Carter. Stennis is building up quite a campaign against Carter. We should remember him. He is the one that sent the two Air– Air Force officers [Thomas Dawsey and Leon Joly] apparently to try to blow us up, the San Francisco Temple when we had uh, Unita May Blackwell Wright as our– our speaker. That should be told to all the socialist worker youth if they get in today. Those kind of things should be traced step by step to show the conspiracy.

One of the greatest news though– what did Voice of America say was the most significant news of the day? Oh, I’m sure you’ll be shocked. A four legged duck is going to be given a trip to Hawaii from Washington. Everybody is just simply amazed. They’re coming out to see a four-legged duck. It sounds like Rome when Rome was falling, while Rome was bur– burning. They went to circuses to find all kinds of strange and bizarre things. They got involved in all kinds of sickening sex that did not satisfy when the great civilization of Rome fell. Yesterday it was a hamburger that they were eating. The day before, for the last week in fact, it’s been a balloon. America is really sick.

Matagalpa. Twenty-five thousand population have successfully fled to the mountainous regions around and left the city deserted, as the secret police of Somoza, dictatorship, moves in. But, he’s got no captive– he’s got no captives at all. He is a dictator without any people. A country– It is estimated that ninety eight percent turned against him.

Great breakthrough: It may be that Mexico will become the richest oil nation in the world. They have suspected of finding off the coast of two hundred billion barrels. That will put them out even richer than the Arabs nations and also there are some many trillion– too many trillions of gallons of natural gas than they’re able to now estimate or calculate. Richer, I said, than the Arab League.

Redd Foxx has been charged for making sexual advances of a perverted nature against a minor, of fifteen years of age in Reno, Nevada. We’ve got Redd Foxx on entertainment– I knew he was a little bit too outspoken. Finally it’s come for this man, black comedian. He has given no comment, and Voice of America is making much to do about this old man and his terrible sexual appetites for a fifteen-year-old child. A perversion. I don’t believe it, and I don’t think you would believe it. This is just the way they do to any black that has any reputation or dignity. There’re probably many of the right wing racist elements of USA that remember some of his too frequent punches even in his comedy against the white racism that does exist from the very bottom of the foot to the head of America.

“Where’s Carter about now? And what’s going on in Nicaragua?” is the commentary of the New York Times in a surprising change from yesterday which it sounded almost like a fascist paper. Said where is Carter and his great human right program now? ‘Course, Times may be getting nervous, as Somoza’s talking of heading t– over towards the Soviet Union. Anyway, it’s quite a blistering headline: Where is Carter’s human rights program now uh, with what’s going on in Nicaragua. Why does he not have something to say about the bloody dictatorship in Nicaragua?

John and Emily Harris bravely face their judge, expecting twenty-five years of sentence this morning. The judge yesterday had bowed his head when they refused to accept a compromise and did not silence the court as they gave a mass standing applause, when they said they had committed the crime to show the evil of the ruling class, they were not sorry that they had kept (stumbles over words)– demanded two billion dollar uh, hostage money. They had kidnapped Mrs. Patricia Hearst and they would not take in a– a lesser sentence offered to them by the Federal District Attorney if they would say that Miss Hearst did not act under her own free will, that they had tortured her, but the judge in a shocking uh– uh, surprise to the– it said, the District Attorney fell back in his seat. He said they will receive no longer sentence than 1983, and I perhaps recommend that they be freed before 1983. So maybe in the heart of that old judge – he’s secure, a federal judge appointment, he can’t be removed, he can be assassinated – but shockingly he admired their courage. The finks are not going to get off. Little Miss Hearst will face a much longer sentence, but in the final trial against the Emily Hearst and John Hur– Harris, John and Emily Harris rather, they will get no more than five years, if that.

Robert Shaw, famous in the Jaws and in the deep resident voice about the play–play of King Henry– we do have a new Hollywood movie which you should see– should see, it’s very good in Technicolor. Actual story of King Henry, how he murdered and created the– the second largest church in the world by murder and by criminal acts. It’s interesting to see how religion gets starts. It’s a very beautiful movie in Technicolor. Very well played. Anyway, Britain is be– bereaving this man, he was one of their best actors. He died in the young years with a heart attack and left ten– ten children, one baby a year and a half old.

South Dakota (stumbles over words)– Senator [George] McGovern said Arab oil cartel has been excellent to give them power against imperialism, and now he’s suggesting that USA, Canada and Argentina set up a price-fixing wheat cartel that will give them a certain bargaining power against oil. It’s hard to say where Mr. uh, McGovern’s coming from. One day he talks like a liberal, the next day he talks like a monopoly cri– cartelist– a monopoly capitalist. That’s what he’s recommending today, to be– to tie up all the wheat and fix the prices of wheat and so the o– Arabs will be forced to have to bring their prices of oil down. How serious it’s being taken, we do not know.

As of ten pm, on September sixteenth, it has been handed down by the federal court that all postal union members must accept the agreement without right of strike, with no l– lay-off clause that they had demanded on having, or they will be in contempt and will go to jail. Openly now, US is showing that there is no freedom. S–There is no right to strike.

N– Nitro pho– Nitro phena– phonemes is the name of that drug uh, in the beer. I got it more clearly that time. Nitro phonemes. It causes cancer to people drinking beer.

Anthrax disease, a very dangerous disease, has broken out throughout C– Colorado and the southern states in the United States.

Again, US health authorities are begging for a ban against sodium nitrate that’s used in all the meat. But the US government and the president has shown a deaf ear.

Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe say that [Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian] Smith has come to them this morning, offering to transfer the power of government to them for promised safety of himself and a few other whites, and safety of his wealth being exported. It is not yet said whether the Patriotic Front will take Smith’s offer. Approached them like Nicodemus did by night. Yes, Ian Smith, the dread white fascist of Rhodesia, according to Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe of the Patriotic Front, has approached the uh, them– them. They– through representative government on how to bring about a transfer of power of the government of Rhodesia or Zimbabwe to the rightful people, the Patriotic Front under Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe, the Marxist-Leninist leader. That is good news, I would think to all who are listening. We are glad to hear, that that is finally happening. He’s realizing he’s losing the war, apparently.

United States press is much concerned about Moscow’s expanding armada– ar– armada. A great deal of Cold War whip up about Soviet nation– naval build up.

(unintelligible) debates peace. Two eminent Israelis define the controversy dividing their country that is almost splitting the– the nation, the Swiss way, the world conflicts as seen from an aligned peak. It’s very serious. And the Swiss are digging deep into the Swiss Alps, with nuclear bomb shelters, expecting nuclear war.

The next great canal, ‘cause there will be a vast new Nile project that will save water and change societies.

The gift of creation, the world’s number one (unintelligible) of art is the– the talk of Toronto.

Farewell to hegemony, psychological toll of multi-polar politics, says the Bombay press, that hegemony is going to give way because there is no way that any one nation can maintain power in the world of today.

Living with parity, adjusting to an era of new realities. Two societies, social dynamite. Race and education, the inseparable challenges. According to Le Monde de Paris, the world will be divided on lines of color. People of color will have to unite against the white world, because they will not give them proper assistance. The Soviet Union criticized Le Monde terribly for this racist appeal and calls it another capitalist device to try to divide the– the li– liberated nations, the nations seeking liberation, from the Soviet Union.

Crime at the top, Soviet perception of white collar amorality, a-morality, rather in the United States. It’s a very horrifying indictment at that. Said that the crime at the top of big business and in the US government involves over thirty-five percent of those in business circles and government circles.

I’ve given you a rather fast rundown of the news. I don’t know if there’s anything that I’ve missed that is very shaking. The rightist drive sparks Portugal’s crisis, as you know. They’ve not been able to get anything (Pause) settled in that part of the world. This summer’s government crisis here represents a clear es– stepping up of the right wing campaign to reverse the popular gains of 1974 and 1975. There are rumors that within three weeks we may hear something from the Army, who is strongly leaning towards the socialist position. It was the Army that brought about the original revolution in Portugal from [António de Oliveira] Salazar who had been upheld by US monopoly capital for forty some years.

Who are the real welfare cheats? An unem– unbudgeted welfare pay-out of eight– four hundred and eighty four million dollars by a– our tax dollars. A major federal agency might be expected to produce an outburst of agonized protests from conservative politicians. Right? No. Wrong. Or one might conclude that in response to recent jumps in both unemployment and inflation, the government was providing emergency financial assistance to roughly a hundred thousand people. You would think all taxpayers would be aroused. You’re wrong again. You see, the agency in question is the United States Navy and the beneficiary of its generosity is the General Dynamics Corporation, a big capitalist company that’s receiving welfare, a company which ranks eighty-fifth in the Fortune list of the five hundred largest industrial companies of the world. The Navy is giving four hundred and eighty-four million to General Dynamics for eighteen new attack submarines that have no use whatsoever. What puts this payment in the category of a welfare handout is that General Dynamics has already been paid one point eight billion for those same submarines, the actual price at which it con– contracted to build them for the Navy. But they complained, so the Navy gave them four hundred and eighty four million dollars more. And it goes on to tell how bureaucrats have been kept on in big business to keep them happy with your tax dollars. I’m sure we all feel sick at what our tax dollars has been– how it’s been used, how they have been wasting the money of the people, the poor people who pay most of the taxes and using it– using it to kill our brothers and sisters across the world. We should all go out with a desire to work and help liberate our people and bring them here quickly.

There’s new evidence that they’ll be making moves in Los Angeles against some of our people. They’ll be names called off by Teri Buford, radio room, in a little while. Please, respond if you know any of those names. Also, I urge upon you that if you have any relatives in Los Angeles, that would write a favorable letter, if you would dictate it, you must step forward and give it to the radio– give the names of them, relatives, friends, or anyone. It’s very important to try to stop them from framing up in a gross lie and injustice people like [Jim] McElvane and Florida [Johnson] and others there. We’ve got to see that we move fast on this matter. All politicians recognize the use of the vote, so everybody that has anybody in Los Angeles, will you please step forward immediately so we can be using this. I’ve been up night and day for so many days I can’t remember, and so have some of the secretaries working hard to save these lives. Let us work in the fields and step up our production immensely so we can get them out of there. That’s what we need to do, find ways of making money and get them out of there. I beg you, because it’s serious. This is a CIA conspiracy, Lieutenant Governor [Mervyn] Dymally told us that just two days ago. Anyone you know that will write letters in Los Angeles, o– on your bidding, your contact, please step forward now if you have any concern. And repeat this appeal all through the day, radio staff. Thank you and much love. I love you with all my heart.

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 2008