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This tape was transcribed by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Those who did not pass the last test have only one more class. That will be tonight. There’s also probably a teacher’s class in preparation for tomorrow night.

There are Hollywood movies. I’ll interpret the first. As the radio news builds up, someone can be responsible for the second. I choose to interpret For Whom the Bell Tolls. It was writ– written by [Ernest] Hemingway, one of the most famous novels in the world, and a favorite of Fidel Castro. It was about the Spanish Civil War, in which the democratic government of Spain was overthrown with USA backing by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler interfered with the due process and overthrew the established government of Spain, a sort of social democracy, almost socialism, was called the republican government. But it was a democratic government. USA, directly its aid through its military-industrial cartilus, joint combine with Adolf Hitler, bombarded the Spanish people, and they fought bravely. Some of our socialist loved ones went across the sea. Many members of the trade union[s] in those days, Communist Party, the Socialist Party, all went into Spain. And of course, it has some of the best actors in Hollywood in it. So it will begin to be a first movie, which I’ll interpret, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

I think those that have that last night of class, I’ll give them the break, that they can be in this movie, in lieu of their last night of the five, ‘cause they didn’t get a full fifth class. They can go to this movie and take down notes. Later someone will name the list, the 76 that did not pass the last test.

Be sure to take note of the news now. Remember, for tomorrow night, all of you be studying last night’s tape. The news testing will be exactly over that area that I covered at considerable pain. So I do hope that you will listen to the news. I did not come on this morning, though I was up all night, because I thought you would have at least a day that you could go back and study some of that. All need to review last night’s tape and to know Parallax View. I will be calling– or showing A Parallax View either tomorrow or the next day for those who have not seen it, and I request if they’ve had not me– my interview or interpretation of it. I request that all departments work around the schedule.

Moscow. Geneva racism, world conference. Backed by United Nations. Now 117 nations in attendance. They demand resolute measures to ban the apartheid government of South Africa and Rhodesia. In a vast majority vote that only lacked three of being a full 117 participation, they declared South Africa, Rhodesia and Israeli racism as the greatest threats to world peace. [The] Chairman of the United Nations, Leslie Harriman, condemns USA’s practice of racism. This brought sharp criticism from President [Jimmy] Carter. As you know, USA openly, flauntingly shows what it is, because it banned its delegate, refused to participate in the World Geneva Conference Against Racism sponsored by the United Nation[s]. Only two countries that were invited that did not attend, and refused to be represented, and to discuss their racist policies. That was USA and Zionist Israel.

Rhodesia. Members of the Ian Smith white regime police, backed by the mercenaries that’ve been sent in by USA and trained by our tax dollars on our soil in New Mexico, numbering upwards now of 17,000, fired on striking miners. The number[s] killed are incalculale [incalculable] at this moment, as well as the number wounded. Five was immediately killed– five were immediately killed in the first strafing. They did not even give them notice. It was a legal strike by the laws of even the constitution, but the constitution has been suspended under the interim regime, and supposedly a more broad constitution was affected, but it certainly did not stop Rhodesia from showing its true colors, and USA. The mine is owned by a South African racist regime– racist corporation that also has a great deal of stock owned by the rich ruling class in USA. Also a– a– a brawl, and a disturbance, a rebellion broke out in Port Elizabeth, as people in Rhodesia continue to struggle for their liberty.

It was only in the falling days of Rhodesia’s illegal regime under Ian Smith that USA lifted its ban on shipment on aid and military assistance, in both houses of our US Congress. There is no way USA can possibly hide what it is anymore.

Kubalasa. Political prisoners in South Africa. More tortured today, and were tortured be– before being thrown out a fifth-floor window. [Nelson] Mandela, a moderate human right advocate in Union of South Africa, is on trial for disobeying rules while living in exile. He was in permanent exile, unable to communicate with anyone for the rest of his life. He was– that means prisonment for life. But he gave an opinion – just an opinion – to someone. Now he is on trial, which could mean his death, as an act of treason. That is the government of which one billion of our tax dollars went this year, 447 million dollars just a few weeks ago, of our tax dollars, when there’s not money for jobs, there’s no money for health and welfare, there’s no assistance for the poor, no legal defense, our prisons are overcrowded in USA, and yet they have money to uphold uh, fascist white racist regimes, such as the Union of South Africa, that torture people, like this in Kubalasa, South Africa, and then throw seven of them– seven them out– out of a fifth-floor window, witnessed by all the public below.

Shots at a house of a person– shot through the house of a person who was against apartheid, a white influential family. There have been 16 such incidents this day, said Radio Moscow. Rhodesia and Union of South Africa are getting increasingly cocky, as USA openly flaunts human decency and hypocritically talks of human rights, while backing these vicious– goddamnably vicious racist regimes.

In the hearings on the death of Martin Luther King, in the circus commission before the House of Representatives on Assassinations. (Pause) Well, James [Earl] Ray came in to be heard. However, before he came in, he had been beaten severely in the prison with rubber hoses. The House committee even had to admit. They noted his head wounds, 24 bow– hours before he was to testify. They had to carry him in. Now he is too sick to testify, and was taken by authorities back to the prison. This is USA. It’s getting mighty close now, friends. We’ve got to work hard. James Earl Ray. For years, the press has called him the lone assassin of Martin Luther King. He was so beaten– beaten so badly by rubber hoses, and even BBC refers to it, but not in depth as Moscow. The head wounds were deep. He was unable to testify. It is feared that he may go into coma. Convenient, isn’t it? Twenty-fours hours before he was to testify, he gave a name and said he could point directly to United States government involvement with the assassination of Martin Luther King. Oh, oh, oh. Now where are all of you sleepyheads that love USA? Wake up all those seniors that never want to face the hell.

Martin Luther King, advocate of peace, got the other cheek turned a thousand times, roll over, let the white man kick you, nonviolent. They wouldn’t even let him be nonviolent. Not even a black man on TV saying live in peace, I have a dream, that the son of a Georgian plantation owner’s going to sit down with the son of the Georgian slave. Yes, he had a dream. All he ever talked about was a dream. But one– one moment in Memphis, he gave his opinion about Vietnam. Strangely enough that USA was pouring napalm bombs, chemicals, to kill colored people in Vietnam. Within days, he was murdered. And here the only man that can testify about it. There you are. What’re you going to do with that evidence, you that want to go to Kansas and Memphis and Georgia? Where are all you people now? What about it?

The one black man that talked about peace, his murderer, they said, was James Earl Ray, but obviously, he’s not the only one, because he was beaten nearly to death today, and now I see later notes, he is now in coma. He is now in coma, unable to testify before the House Commission on Assassination of leading dignitaries, such as Martin Luther King.

Well, if they keep on probing, you’ll see the military in the streets. They’re getting might nervous when they kill off a man, because the hearing was in closed session anyway. They coulda doctored it up, but somebody’s getting might nervous. The ruling class is about to be found out. They think at least they oughta trust their congressman better. They been good little obedient servants, after all. They’ve send money over to the Union of South Africa and Rhodesia to kill our black brothers and sisters. But that doesn’t bother some of you out there. You never get bothered about that. Rhodesia, that’s too far away. What about Martin Luther King? What about James Earl Ray being beaten be– practically to death, no place on his body, even said BBC, that didn’t have a mark. But about a six-inch wide gash on his head, to keep him from testifying about who killed Martin Luther King? What about that, good black Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes, the few we have left? Talk about it, dear seniors, the brave in heart here, the ones that’re so strong.

Got a report of some of our seniors out, took on some of our enemies right on the street, cussed them out right on the street, dared them, defied them, even observe our enemies, see them getting together with elements of the police. That’s what some of the seniors are doing back there. They’ve had to work out some last-minute details. Some of these letters from our seniors who want to get here would make you cry. (Sarcastic tone) But they’re doing your– their job, while some of you are thinkin’ about your grandchildren, your Aunt Susie, and your kids. What you– Why– What’re your kids doing today? Why aren’t they out on the streets about this? Why is no black America roaming up and down the streets protesting what the hell’s been done here, that they’re hiding the murderer that Mar– Martin Luther King, the only black leader that was ever nationwide renowned since Marcus Garvey, the only one that had national attention. Here James Earl Ray said, just two hours before his beating, he could connect it with the anti-Castro Cubans, the Mafia, the CIA, and the FBI and people up in the government. But he wasn’t going to be able to say anymore, ‘til he got into the hearing. (Moderates) Well, he probably won’t get to say anything now. You remember when they let him loose in the prison, from that maximum security cell? Some of you thought that was just an accident. It was just an accident he didn’t get killed, that a local group of people found him before the FBI could murder him. Where’s your head, you that want to look back to Sodom and Gomorrah? Where is your mind, your conscience, and your sensitivity?

Brazzaville, C– Congo. The Peoples Republic of the Congo. The coup by the military. Witnesses have been indicted. Direct connections with the CIA in the United States. Oh yes, my friends, what about it?

Today, government of Guyana, uh, level– high-level meeting with one of the ministers of the cabinet who’s been kind to us. Minister [Vibert] Mingo, Home Affairs, Immigration, informed us that the whole damn Lutheran Church here is in the CIA, and that Tydeman, the man that we knew about– I knew about him long ago. He’s leaving– He– He’s leaving, and he won’t get back in the country, to try to break its hold on this country. They’re on the job at least trying to resist CIA. They told us that, of course, in courtesy, in privacy. That’s what the CIA is. Tried to murder a whole black beautiful nation. Peoples Republic of the Congo. We’re glad that the head of the CIA they caught today in the church, he’s going to go out of this country, and he thinks he’s gonna get back in, but they said he won’t get back in. He’s the head of the Lutherans, has the largest Lutheran Church, white man, but without him, they’ll be dead, because he was their more colorful clown. He also tried to whitemail us. Some of you remember. And I fortunately had an upper hand of the deck on him. He backed off mighty quick.

Anyway, the plot of the reactionaries closely linked with the imperialist plans, direct links with the CIA have been brought out in the hearing today. CIA wouldn’t even let them celebrate day of peace and holiday and festivities, for the fifteenth anniversary of a true socialist revolution, the Peoples Republic of Congo. They had to try to overthrow it on that day, kill several of their good leaders, drop in mercenaries. But it failed, and finally US imperialism and all of its lackeys, all the monopoly capitalists fascist ruling class will die. That’s one satisfaction, and I with the last breath of my being do pledge that I will use my body on the altar of sacrifice to reach out for some of those class enemies of the people.

Augustin– Agostinho Neto is visiting Zaire. Much to the upset of the USA, Zaire and Angola continue to draw closer and closer together. They thought they had predicted Mobutu [Sese Seko] to be carefully– carefully placed in the right wing circles, the rich right wing strong-arm dictator, but he got tired. He remembered the white man enough, you know, in the Congo that he wouldn’t let Christianity honor their saints days and Christmas. He remembered what the white man had done to his people, and the USA cost him just a little too much, give him less than his price for his own minerals, even though he is in [could be “isn’t”] a representative democracy. He just doesn’t like what the Man’s done to him and his people in the past. Moscow praises it as a heralding breakthrough, the new negotiations of peace and friendship between Angola and Zaire. The building of a railway, so that Zaire can get world prices. It causes the capitalists to tremble, says Radio Moscow, because Zaire was one of the richest spots in the world.

Do you realize that Africa is so big that United States of America will only fit in the northwest corner of the Sahara? That’s that great black country of our heritage. All of us. Yes, that’s where the roots of civilization came. The first man, while the rest of the world was under ice, in Timbuktu, they were doing eye surgeries, yes, removing cataracts, putting in false teeth plates, inoculating against smallpox. Great civilization. Gonna be the great one again, too. That’s why you don’t have to worry in this continent. This continent was raped by capitalism –­ I mean, the predecessors of capitalism – 200 years ago. Enough silver was taken out of uh, one Peruvian mine. That’s why USA is rich. You say, why is it that USA’s rich? I heard one black sister say, well, why did they do so well, if they weren’t right? Well, how does this fit you? In Peru alone, out of one mine, the European whites and US white colonialists pulled out enough silver to build a bridge from this continent all the way to Spain made out of silver. I wouldn’t think you’d brag on what the white man’s done in USA. He hasn’t done very much, when he stole that much out of one mine, that he could build a whole bridge that would span the Atlantic Ocean in silver– Interesting thought that Sarah [Harriet Sarah Tropp] brought up. My, my, my. I wouldn‘t brag about what USA can do. That– they oughta done a lot better than that. There oughtn’t to be any poverty at all in capitalist Europe or in USA. They ought to have streets aligned [lined] with silver and gold. One mine in Peru, darlings. They raped this continent.

So we’re safe here, there’s nothing here they want. We’re not particularly happy, I’d like to fight them eyeball to eyeball. But they’re not going to be invading here, because Africa is teeming, it’s just beaming with riches. White man’s a little coward, you know. (Pause) He’s always been a little bit of afraid of cannibals, the old myths. And like Pat Richartz, we’ve got to be sure that that gets into our report, the uh, chief investigator of our attorney [Charles Garry], professional woman, lawyer. Her husband wouldn’t let her bring her troubled child that was on dope here, because of headhunters. Said there’s headhunters in this part of the world. Cannibals. Well, you know better. We know better. And that’s what kept the white man out of Africa. He’d– He’d steal a few slaves on the coastal regions and where it was safe, but he’s been afraid of that jungle. And we’re fortunate. There’s some diseases over there that the Man don’t know how to deal with. Monkey fever that wipes out white man. He can’t deal with some of those diseases. The tse-tse fly. There’s stuff over there that makes his balls get so big, goes clear down to his heels. Man don’t like that big a ball, it kinda interferes with his walkin’. (Pause) Oh, all kinds of little things over there. A snake that can go about s– oh, about the speed of a fast automobile, and one bite, and your ass is dead. White man don’t like that shit. So that’s why he left Africa as the (draws out word) last of the places to drain. But too late, boy. Too late, white boy. Too late, capitalism. They got their (draws out word) shit together over there, our black brothers and sisters. You can’t murder them down (unintelligible word). You ain’t got enough guns. You ain’t got enough men, honey. Black men there will be free. That’s why they didn’t want us to know who we were, when they got a continent over there that they wanted to exploit. There’s a great history of peace, they had a great civilization in Timbuktu and other places, before ever any other human being was even seen, everybody else was living under glaciers, the Ice Age, and the United States only going to fit in the Sahara, one part of the Sahara Desert. That’s how big that great continent is. It’s so big, that they won’t even show it at its full size on the world maps, because it threatens the hell out of ‘em. And Zaire had so much, honey. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Cobalt, uranium. Ninety percent of the cobalt that the USA need– 90% of the world’s cobalt, 85% of the uranium. They’re in trouble, and aren’t you glad. I’m glad the capitalist are in trouble. We’re not against the American people. They’re working class. They only realize that niggers, just like us. I sure don’t like capitalism, though. I don’t know about you.

All African trade unions setting up parties for the working class, for trade union solidarity and independence throughout Africa. It is being funded by the Organization of African Unity, which is moving increasingly more progressive. You know it represented some 50 states that recently met for a African summit conference in Khartoum, Sudan.

Geneva Conference that US banned again calls for world disarmament immediately before the hell of nuclear war breaks out. Said immediate concrete steps must be taken to control the development of the neutron bomb. They call it a barbarious [barbarous] act on the part of USA to think of building such a bomb that destroys human li– and all animal life and saves only property for the rich. Socialist countries say they do not wish to build the bomb. They strongly oppose the developments of the neutron bomb, but they will be forced to build their own kind of technology, which includes the neutron bombs, and even more– much more frightening types, if USA contiders– continues with its madness.

[Cyrus] Vance told Senate, Israel will not be penalized from getting weapons. Secretary of State Vance, upholding good ol’ Zionist, fascist Israel. Says that Zionism will not be penalized from getting weapons from US, based on their reactions of racism– racist statements that they made. Some Zionist made some terribly racist statements at the conference, and they will not be penalized, said US Secretary of State Vance. (Pause) Why should they? The attorney general [Griffin Bell] appointed by the president belongs to Ku Klux Klan, the FBI director, William Webster, just appointed, belongs to the Ku Klux Klan, I mean, four racist clubs and sexist clubs, and the Congress didn’t even require him, or the president, to give up his membership in them. Why should you indict anybody for racism, when probably– We might– might as well remember– Do you remember when Carter, driving into his home, poor old black man down the road, on the road, had a right to his property, been there 40-some years, but they had to tear it all down. Make him move to the city, and didn’t even give him any money to indemnify [compensate] him for all the years he’d put in it. Why? Because they didn’t want nobody to see it on the road as they drove, and Mr. Carter and his family drove in and out of Plainsville [Plains]. My, my, my. (Pause)

Five point six million new unemployed flood the markets of Western Europe. Radio Moscow said capitalism is definitely failing. Unrest grows at every country. Strikes in all major sectors of the six major European top capitalist nations of the Common Market. Forty-two percent of the women of Western Europe are unemployed, who want work. Thirty-six percent of those between 18 and 36 are unemployed in Western Europe, in white Western Europe, capitalist Europe, who want employment.

Hanoi talks with China, trying to ease that trouble spot that could break out in war, but Moscow reports no progress.

USSR medical team has left for Ethiopia, at the request of the Ethiopian people, to implement them in fighting the geophysical war that has caused such a drought where a million people in that region and in Chad face death by starvation. The Soviet Red Cross has sent tens of thousands of tons of food and medical supplies. It feels, said the medical society of the Soviet Union, that they can cut this figure of death at least in half in the next three months. Who else is sending aid? Nobody.

Space mission, Salud [Soyuz]. Three months in space thus far, world-breaking record. No physical effects on blood circulation now, as Soviets have developed new types of spacecraft suits and other areas of technology that are on uh, the confidential side, secret side. Their platform as big as a three-city block that they have in mind up there, and they can do things with heat, energy, infra-ray, you know, they can send down the sun, they can sen (short laugh)– sense in, hone in a missile, or whatever they want to, laser beam on anything that draws up heat. That’s humane. That’ll pick out the factories, instead of the residential sectors like USA who dropped bombs and killed the poor people of Dresden, Germany and Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

USSR. A program of social and economic development, 5.1% expansion in the economy, in gross output, this point, in the last four months. Three and a half percent increase in farmers’ income in the last three months. Grain, there’s going to be a surplus, so that they can have long-term contracts with the government and other developing Third World needy nations.

CIA seeding of the weather, their geophysical warfare, apparently has backfired on them, as the hottest temperatures ever recorded in history continue to plague sectors of USA. Temperatures up to 120, and nearly 130 degrees. Droughts, until the earth has caked open in Oklahoma and parts of Texas, even after the flash floods that killed many, many dozens.

Twenty thousand foreign students are being accepted for the September term, in addition to the Third World black and brown people of color that were already in Soviet universities. Twenty thousand more. Paid for totally, their medical, their housing, and even entertainment by the Soviet people. One hundred thousand students in addition will be trained abroad by the Soviet Union this year, in colleges, seminars, training centers, along with medical teams like in Ethiopia that are being set up at this very present time.

Bravo to socialism. With all of its problems, and problems they are, problems of nationalism that unfortunately breaks our heart to see divisiveness between China and USSR, and maybe it’s not all divisiveness, maybe it’s some pragmatism to trick US capitalism so that the horrible nuclear war will get over with. But anyway, we know nationalism is a problem. That’s why nuclear war, that will lay USA in dust, make it a wasteland, a desert, as Dr. Daniel Ellsberg said, that’s why we’ve got to work to get our people out, think of ways of saving money and making money. (Emphatic) We are not in trouble. Some who fear we can’t make it, we will make it. Don’t you worry one little bit, we will make it. But we’ve got to all pull together. (Pause)

[Leonid] Brezhnev, head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, statement to the World Conference against Racism that USA boycotted in Geneva, said before 1917, USSR was nothing but a prison. It was a matter of national policy. All minorities were held down, the white Russians maintained the domination. Now USSR, made up of a hundred national groups and ethnic and racial groups, their policies reflect absolute abolition of racism. Even Finland and Sweden praised them for this. The Soviet government’s international task of ridding colonialism and racism. Nigeria, Guinea, has been one place that they’ve been able to help eliminate racism, to their aid. Well, that’s good to find out. Nigeria, oil-rich Nigeria. Must be fairly close to the USSR. The USSR conference is giv– getting ready, of all their allies, on finding ways that amongst their own alliance, they can rid apartheid as they’ve lost faith in many sectors of the United Nations to be able to carry out the will of the people. Though they have great respect for Secretary [Kurt] Waldheim, who heads the United Nations, United States can block everything in the Security Council by a veto.

The Soviet Union calls on the abolition of the Rhodesian white racist regime of Ian Smith, the total abolition of the Union of South Africa’s white government. This is stepping up their demands. Formerly they had asked only for the abolition of apartheid. Now they’re demanding immediately South Africa to get out of Namibia. These resolutions went out by communiqué and Soviet emissaries to the various governments of the world just an hour ago. They demand full release of civil rights activist in USA. They say that USA is now admittedly by the black lawyer’s conference, to be filled with millions of political prisoners. They charge USA with hypocrisy for talking about four of their people. Said we must be doing a good job, when you can only pick out four people in USSR who were convicted of crimes, and who are white, and then claim that we are racist, and only two of them were Jews. So, USA gets a blistering indictment. It would take me 15 minutes to give you all of Brezhnev’s speech, but he’s now calling for the eradication of the governments of Rhodesia, the elimination immediately of all torture against civil rights activists, and promising– USSR is promising Africa that they will intervene as quickly as possible to see that people are not thrown out of fifth-floor windows and seventh-floor windows and continue to be hounded and tortured night and day.

Mangela, copper mines, Rhodesia. Salisbury authorities shoot down more in those copper mines. Five– five killed there, seven wounded. More may be killed and wounded. The late news has not brought it in. All because they didn’t strike, they just merely made a resolution amongst the workers, demanding a pay increase and improved working conditions, where they die of an average age of 31 years of age. The miner who begins at 12 lives to be 31, who dies of dust, black lung disease– white lung disease, we should call it. Anyway. What are they getting paid? You don’t really want to hear. A dollar twenty-one cents a day. That’s how US upholds its riches. That’s how you thought you had prosperity. You were living off the blood of our black brothers in Africa, our brothers and co– sisters of color in Southeast Asia and Indonesia and the Philippines, and all the place else that we have colonial outpost for US bastion of the ruling class. Sure, they throwed you out a little handout like the dog gets a bone, but you had to do it at such a price. You watch TV at such a price. You had your can of beer and your little hamburger at such a price. You were killing black brothers who can’t even wa– sign a wage demand for an increase from a dollar twenty-one cents a day, for the most dangerous work in the world in Africa? What is it? Dangerous? Yeah. Twelve years of age they start, 31 years of age they’re dead, plus twenty percent end up crippled or dead from accidents in the mines. Now do you feel good about all the things you enjoyed in USA? Your taxpayers, your dollars went over there to help put in that white army that’s now shooting on them, because they just merely signed a petition.

Congo’s abortive coup, the whole socialist world is praising the brave and strong reaction of the peace-loving Republic of the Congo that had a very understaffed army, but won’t be that way in the future. They had a very peaceful, pacifist form of socialist democracy. They found the CIA plans. The plans were laid out for the world to see. I’m sure USA will not see any of it. They were to kill every principal Marxist leader, their families and their children, every leader of the trade union movement, every leader in the government, their wife, their children and family, were to be wiped out. That was the CIA plan that has been exposed by the Peoples Republic of the Congo that stopped the abortive coup by the mercenaries that were sent in by USA and her imperialist lackeys. (Pause) The Soviet Union and even China sent praises to the Congolese people for their valiance and bravery in the midst of such threat. (Pause) The president urged Congolese to keep on working, and will have solidarity with all socialist countries. Good to know that there, USSR and China are both giving aid.

USSR ecology. The (unintelligible word) European rivers to the arid so– southern region is the goal of the Soviet people next year, to remove the last of deserts in the great, most large, vast nation of the world. Irrigation and drainage will reach every part of the Soviet system by the end of this year. Irrigation system means reclaim land which goes to the farms free. They will be distributed to the farmers free. Sixty–si– Six– A hundred sixty-seven and a half millions acres of reclaimed land through canals already have been done in the past year. Five hundred thousand acres of irrigated land have already been achieved by the Soviet people this year. What? You think capitalism can compete with that long? No wonder they have to threaten nuclear war, and put people in jails, torture and kill off those that would testify about their infamy, like James Earl Ray today.

Sierra Lo– Leone thanks the USSR for helping its stop– stave off starvation. There’s public thanks. Sierra Lo– Leone – you should look it up in the almanac and give more attention to it, remind me in another day – it seems to be drawing very closely to the USSSR, the Soviet Union.

Benin now is a functioning country again, after its brave leader was killed in a contrived car accident at 39 years of age. The masses are supporting the new government. Soviets are sending goods and services, experts, helping them set up a university. Zaire reminds Benin to remain watchful of imperialism. (incredulous) What is this? Zaire? (laughs) Well, that’s the turn of the day, I’m telling you, the turn of this last few weeks. Encourages them and sends them some assistance in their goal. Benin is a totally Marxist-Leninist state. Praises the new government for its national unity, Mobutu does of Zaire, in the face of the imperialist attempts to destroy them. They’re now establishing what they call Red Saturdays, meaning Socialist Saturdays. All people come out and clean the community, and help build community resources and help develop natural reserce– resources. It’s called Red Saturday. Oh, USA must be boiling in its s– own stew.

The news is so much to be given at one time, but I’ll continue.

Caffeine. USA has had to admit that caffeine has caused thousands of birth defects in US mothers. No US mother – expectant mother – should drink coffee or tea or anything with caffeine. This must be taken immediately by our medical staff to heart. The FDA, according to BBC, had tried to keep this from the US public, but the Consumers Union, scientific association representing consumers, have now got worldwide press. There’s absolute proof that caffeine has caused thousands of birth defects. Drinking of coffee and tea and caffeine pills, anything with caffeine, has caused thousands of birt– birth defects in USA mothers. Children. Their moth– the babies. The babies will be– be deformed or handicapped. So stop it. We have had none, won’t now, keep faith high, but let’s stop the consumption of caffeine here, by any expectant mother.

House. The Senate gave tax credits for parents of college students only by a very slim majority.

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Side 2

Jones: (unintelligible word) The Senate threatens to filibuster. A conservative bloc of Senators and right wing reactionaries threaten that they will not pass the three-year extension, thus killing the chance for women to have equal rights, because it’ll take them another three years to bypass the opposition, the setbacks they’ve had, Nevada recently voted them down, several states, Indiana voted down the rights of women to be equal. If they won’t even let white women be equal, you know what they think of us who are black and brown, Indian, poor whites.

Dissident trial ends in USSR. ‘Course, that’s Voice of America. It was again charged by the Soviet Union that a scientist is involved in the CIA. He comes up that he says he has data on how the Soviet Union have used chemicals and psychological methods to alter the personalities of those who confess. Sounds like the same lies they tell on us. (turns from microphone to cough) Said he had proof of brainwashing techniques. That’s the great capitalist phrase these days. You don’t think Christian, you don’t think white supremacist, you don’t think that motherhood, apple pie, the American flag is the best in the world, if you believe in socialism, you’re brainwashed. But they’re the ones that are brainwashed. They can’t think any further than motherhood, apple pie, Jesus Christ and the star-spangled banner. We can take on every subject and have differing opinions and disagree, and yet agree to unite in solidarity against the oppressor, wherever he shows his ugly head.

Well, the guy, even though he’s an agent, only got five years of exile in Siberia. He must live in a village with his family out of communications with any people in the scientific community so that he’ll not be able to pass on any more information. The lenience in the sentence was given by the Soviet government because the information he had provided was not that important to the Soviet security.

Caffeine again being the center of the news, says World Health Organization also. They had been telling USA this for two years, but the FDA and big business, coffee lobby– You know, you know big business speaks. The FDA had refused to face the fact that tens of thousands of birth defects have been caused in Europe, Canada and United States. Said one World Health Organization medical team, the United Nations, it may be in the millions, the children that’ve suffered damage from mothers using caffeine. Well, you know, it’s always hard to get the truth out when big business can bend the ear of the Congress. (Pause)

Well, a terrible happening. Eleven leaders of the Church of Scientology have been indicted for conspiracy to infiltrate government offices. That includes their leader, Ron L. Hubbard [L. Ron Hubbard], un– a famous fiction writer, his wife, Mary, and also nine other important leaders of each of their churches, an obvious plan to destroy the Church of Scientology. They’re also charged with planting bugs in government offices in the Internal Revenue Service, they are charged with forgery of government passes, they’re charged with so many things that they would face upwards of 5000 years in jail. (unintelligible word) see, it’s a Scientology church that revealed the connections of Nazis (unintelligible word) in Interpol and Customs that’ve been hounding us. It’s Scientology that has revealed to the world the techniques, the terrible techniques of the Internal Revenue Service, the spying that I gave you that Senator [James] Abourezk spoke of yesterday morning that you should go back and review in the news. It’s Scientology that’s been speaking of how Nazis have been kept secretly protected in USA by the Immigration Department, so the Nazis have now in the USA that obviously rule capitalist circles have fixed it so Scientology will be dead. Every leader of its eleven remaining churches and its foreign leader, who’s had to stay abroad, and his wife, are now indicted in combined sentences which would include – if they were– get convicted – they would get 5000 years in the federal penitentiary.

Memphis Gas Light and power have been sabotaged. The whole of Shelby County has been thrown into pitch darkness. Millions [of] people in Shelby County had to wander out as their water was turned off and their lights were turned off. The police and firemen are continuing to strike. They have been fired upon. Four police and firemen have been injured by the National Guard, showing that in the final analysis, the ruling class will shoot down its own police pigs that do their dirty work. The strike is getting more general support. It’s almost becoming a general strike, said Memphis governor [Mayor Wyeth Chandler]. You remember what happened in San Francisco when they had a general strike? (Short laugh) They fired on the people, shot them down like dogs in the streets. Well, let’s hope that the working class begins to realize who they are. If the police can realize they’re working class, maybe somebody else here in this project that’s always talking about going one place or another in USA can realize that you’re a nigger, just like me.

(Pause) (Sighs) There’s a horrible development, that USA just openly flaunts freedom, just attacks 11 leaders, that broke into all their churches, stole their records just a few months ago, just tore up the Los Angeles church and the Washington church of Scientology. The FBI, IRS, I think a team of a hundred men, crushed into Los Angeles. Now they have arrested them and indicted them – the ones they can catch, two are out of the country – but nine of them face these kinds of criminal charges.

[Richard] Nixon trust is in question. But more news is being given about his grandbaby [Jennie Elizabeth Eisenhower], which I don’t give a damn about which one it was. It’s 23 inches long, if anybody’s interested.

Steven Heard said the indictments from the Justice Department will boomerang. The last remaining spokeperson who had to step in, said on the Voice of America – it picked him up, they said it would– the sert– Church of Scientology will be able to put on stand people who have spied on them illegally and other dissident church groups and human rights groups, civil rights and so forth, for 28 long years. Said for 28 years, said the new head representative, being that they’ve arrested all of the rest of the heads of the Church of Scientology, said we have been spied on illegally, criminal means have been used by the FBI, the Internal Revenue, the Customs, the Treasury, for 28 years. He said we now have discovery rights. But don’t get unduly encouraged. This is the Church of Scientology’s posture, to always act like – whether or not you are doing so – to act like that you are getting the upper hand. In any situation, turn around and look brave. That’s good– good psychology. Their attorney Sheehan [Brown] has dropped them, because they would not tell him all of their doings, that he had told them to pay somebody off, give them whitemail, pure extortion, but the Church of Scientology did not want to pay out the money. Sheehan is a man who’s given us a great deal of legal counsel. They probably shoulda listened to him, ‘cause he said that– that man had the goods on them, and he did. He told about how they bravely resisted fascist federal government agencies intrusion into their life. The federal government started denying them of their rights, looting their buildings, bugging their buildings. But the next-to-the-top leader has become a fink for the moment. Let’s see what happens to him. Watch out, he disappears. The governments use finks and then they die so conveniently.

Reports of looting and firing throughout the neighborhoods in Memphis after sabotage of the West Memphis power station. Police and fireman strike has gone into the third day, in spite of court orders, telling them that they are guilty of crimes that could put them in jail for 20 years. Sabotage officially, Voice of America says, the police and firemen. They have not yet charged the conspiracy, but it was elements supporting them that’ve sabotaged the West Memphis power station, throwing Shelby County into a blackout and unable to turn their faucets on to get a drop of water.

Vietnam government ask for peaceful relations with the United States. US snidely on the Voice of America says it’s because of difficulties with China. Snidely C– uh, the CBS documentary on Voice of America said, what’s in it for us? What’s the hurry about giving recognition back – (incredulous) Would you believe this? – to the gooks? Yeah, that’s what I said. That’s what they said. They were quoting a CBS commentary. They said what– we’re going to demand that they release the people they’ve got in concentration camps, 300,000– They’re not concentration camps, they’re 300,000 exploiters of the ruling class. Said, before we give them any aid, a recognition they got to ease up their uh, the restriction on religion. That means giving more toleration for CIA activity. They must release all of Vietnam from being a vast tiger cage. That was CBS blowing off. Vietnam said, we are not in need of your friendship at such a price. The ABC was equally hard-nose. Said, we want to know where our missing persons are. We know that they’ve killed people and have listed them as missing. Another, however – NBC – said we should have diplomatic relations. It’s a powerful nation, it’s developed vastly in the past months. It’s dangerous when you do not recognize a government. NBC says, do we tell the Russians to let their prisoners go that they convict, if we don’t like it? Yes, you do, really. But he said, we don’t break recognition. Have we told the dictatorship of South Korea to release its hundreds of thousands of prisoners? No, we don’t. NBC said, well, we recognize those regimes. Then they cite an example of 1865. Great Britain had supported the South and recognized the Confederacy. But in the days at the close of the war, when it was clear that the Confederacy was England– uh, going to lose, England immediately dropped the recognition of the Confederacy and recognized the Yankees as the only duly representative government of USA. NBC said, even though we are chagrined by Communism and its dictatorial process, we must do the same with Vietnam. It is rich in minerals that we need to exploit for the world market. I don’t know how these bastards co– don’t– they– they could use a different word. “Exploit”? That’s what he said.

Swiss almost lost– costs the world an international incident by accidentally firing five practice artillery shells into little nation of Liechtenstein. Now you wouldn’t know enough about Liechtenstein for me to talk about, probably, but Liechtenstein (tape failure on and off for several moments with momentary audio followed by silences), but it has been free of war, like Switzerland, for centuries. As I said, mostly it’s being used as a tax haven, but it’s getting tougher on them. Liechtenstein had Na– Nazis right across them during World War II, staring down on the top of the mountain at them, but they never got involved, because the Nazis smuggled some of their wealth in– into Liechtenstein, and you have to go through Liechtenstein to Switzerland. They stayed out of World War II, as I said. They discovered that uh, they’ve had a little frightening crisis here. It almost cost a break-up of the coalition, Social Democrats– there’s two parties that run the country, they both agree and they’re both capitalist, uh, though there is a democratic kind of government there, but they’re fighting over who shall be the foreign minister.

Another terrible disappointment to US capitalism. Wednesday, this morning. Congressman [Charles] Diggs went up for the primary. The Democrats were confident they would throw him out with an Uncle Tom. You know, Congressman Diggs faces 37 felony counts and 175 years in the pen. The Uncle Tom lost, and there’s no likelihood now that the Republican [Dovie T. Pickett] can defeat Diggs in the fall. Diggs called it openly a conspiracy of the white man to drive him from his office, just as his father had had done to him two generations before. At a speech in Oakland, Diggs lag– lashed out to the chagrin of the Baptist ministers who walked off the platform at the white devils that are out to get black leaders. He’ll get himself killed. They may not put him in the pen, but they’ll– he’ll get himself killed, if he keeps talking like that.

Last three years, says the USA in the Voice of America, we have never heard such kind of language out of a congressman. They indicted him heartily, and tried to rake him over the coals. The Voice of America spent 15 minutes commentary running him down. They said he should go to jail, they said only 12 black congressmen were indicted– My God! Twelve black congressmen in three years? They only got 14 in the goddamn Congress. I don’t think I’d brag about that. But they said only one thus far has gone to jail. That’s the Cong– that’s the secretary of state, the one black leader. And this Voice of America said, only one’s gone to jail. But they attacked him heartily. He’s got the wrath of the multinationals. But apparently all the public are not believing the newspapers these days. That’s good. It still doesn’t change the scene, child. There’s only one way for us to keep building this place up, showing goodwill and friendship, following examples of friendship, warmth, smiling, keeping the a– all the rules issued [on] that tape on conduct as we greet guests, so we’ll have a place for people, a place to organize. There was a slight hope which there’s not. You watch it. The matchstick’s gonna set off a nuclear war, sure as hell.

Multinationalist Peugeot of France is taking over all of Chrysler’s European markets. Chrysler is in trouble in USA, financially.

England is in turmoil over it, because in 1976, the government gave welfare to Chrysler of 65 million dollar– pounds. A pound’s worth te– about two dollars of our money. So 130 million dollars USA. And another straight law– loan without any interest required of 60 million. Now the English feel the French will not pay them. The French say they will, but they did not say when. What’s worse, 23,000 Englishmen look like they’re going to be put on the unemployment line, as France is talking of closing up its Chrysler industries in England and moving them – where? Of course! – France. In the final analysis, each capitalist looks after itself. So that’s bad news to the world economy. Even some speculation that it could threaten the very stability of the uh, economy in England, and England’s already in enough trouble, because if this Labour government fails, the one in the shadow is Margaret Thatcher, the white he– heifer who threatens to put all– all people of color out, send them out, even some of them’ve had roots of 200 years, and allow no immigrant in. That’s Asian, Indian, black, no person of color, not even from lower Europe.

There’s worldwide news about the Memphis power blackout (small laugh) and water cut-off. It’s all over the world news. Raising hell in (unintelligible word) Memphis, those Tennesseans are raising hell, lootin’ and shootin’ and uh, the poor National Guard is beleaguered, Carter’s now tis– discussing whether he’ll send out a whole Army base. Well, we told you so, didn’t we? We told you so. [You] Say, I’d like to be there. Yeah, and get shot down like dogs. You watch what I’m telling you. They’ll shoot their own police down like dogs, if this keeps up.

US Agriculture Department is going to crack down on Democrats for appointing fellow politicians and families into lucrative fat paying jobs that do– when they don’t do anything. That’s nepotism. Seeing will be believing. Voice of America wasn’t even sure that they were going to do anything about it. Said the Agriculture Department’d been talking this way for three years.

Scientology Church has claimed harassment again of one of its members and forced torture to extract certain testimony. Well, I don’t know about that. Possible. I know some of our exes, you don’t have to do anything, and one of their exes, you sure didn’t have to do anything. He just sang for a little– a few bucks. That’s why that Sheehan, a former Jesuit who was a powerful attorney who gives us free advice on the side, dropped them, because he wanted them to tell the truth. He said, pay that guy whitemail, and get him out of the country. But the church didn’t listen to him. Now they’re paying the– a price for it. Strangely enough, I wanted to do something like that, and our attorney said do just the opposite. We should remember that when our attorney comes, be very kind to him, very lovling to him, but uh, one of our attorneys, we should– the counselors, we should remind him what I wanted to do and what Sheehan told his people to do was exactly what I wanted to do, and his people – the Scientologists – didn’t do it, and got their asses in trouble. I do believe most everybody has a price. And we sure seen our enemies have a price. A very small one.

Mary Sue Hubbard faces this  most serious uh, charges. Her husband’s quite elderly now, the head of the church, so she’s the most active, so they’re putting the most charges against her. Forgery, conspiracy, bugging. Poor woman, so– I don’t know how she could get all this done. (Pause)

But (Pause) three Americans, in the midst of all this, floating over the Atlantic for the first time have made a historic record. They’re dropping at 24 miles per hour and are going to be the first, it looks like, to make a floating balloon carry them across from America to Europe. (Sarcastic tone) Aren’t you all thrilled about that?

Consumer groups asking FDA immediately now, there’s a hue and cry all over America, to stop drugs, and most of the drugs that keep people awake have caffeine. Center for Scientific Studies of the federal government and the Consumers Union magazine also say they have given conclusive evidence time and time again to the FDA – the Federal Drug Administration of the federal government – which has been ignored. So I guess uh, there must be a lot of little children having birth defects that are requiring government money, or they wouldn’t be bringing it all out in the public now, because for years they’ve known it and done nothing about it.

Well, that’s the end of the news. I think you’ve probably had your fill of it, and plenty of that you know I don’t enjoy it, because it’s painful to my chest, but I have to give you the news. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth has made you free. It’s the only thing that’ll free you in the world. I love you very, very much. Remember those 76 who failed the last test, you go into the movie when I start it, called Who– For Whom the Bell Tolls, about the great Spanish Civil War. It’ll be probably por– told in liberal terms, but I’ll interpret it. It has uh, Gary Cooper, some very good actors. It was considered the best movies of all times, and the favorite of Fidel Castro. Other meetings will be called now. Thank you, and I do love you so much.

End of Tape

Tape originally posted January 2013