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Male voice: Do you want to tape that?

(Long pause)

Jones: –some areas of s– s– west Sahara where the struggle is going there, the last real bastion of US imperialism. Thank you very much. And continue our work. Remember, a promotion of work is going to be strongly emphasized in the People’s Rally this evening. Be prepared for testing, following up particularly– (tape edit) – ral [Trilateral] Commission. [Zbigniew] Brzezinski, the evil fascist who says nuclear war is not only acceptable, but desirable, and makes a joke by turning away from reporters, saying I think I shall go– I must go in now to make my genocidal plans. Thank you very much. (tape edit)

Attention, attention. This should be given priority matter by administration at the highest levels. We should make it a point to give the storage tent on the hill immediate attention. The thing is a mess in anybody’s eye. There’s so much equipment being destroyed daily by the weather, the tent has fallen most of the way down, and there is much that has been absolutely uncrated and left in a heap. Some items are getting tramped in the mud. Others get rained on daily. Vital, expensive equipment being lost. Everywhere I looked up there, I saw piles of shit, waste and rust. I remember the prices we paid for some of that equipment and how important it was to get it along with an extra– how to get it along with– all the extra. I wonder how long it has been since anybody who cares anything about it has looked at the sick mess. Some parts of the tent have sagged down into an open crate of engine parts and now has several hundred gallons of water si– si– sitting on it. Some open crates are not covered at all. The extra parts to the big generator are good examples of how not to store equipment. (Pause) If at– (Tape edit) all the Styrofoam is in the weather. I saw a brand new agriculture machine opened up and getting rain into the rollers and gears. Other parts to it are ticking all over the uh, place. Any of the tin parts to this stuff left laying on the wet ground will rot fast. Crates full of material are getting wet and stinking. Grass is growing up around everything. Nature has a good chance of reclaiming all of the material that went into all that stuff that I’ve raised with sweat and blood– (Tape edit) (Pause)

Male: Testing. One– Testing. Testing. Testing, one, two. Testing. One, two, three, four. Test– (Tape edit)

Jones: –climate development has reported that a hundred twenty-one thousand, nine hundred and sixty-five public employees have been laid off and not recalled since the enactment of Proposition 13. Mostly black, Indian and Chicano.

The District of Columbia has won congressional approval of a constitutional amendment, as you know, that will give the district voting representative– uh, representation in Congress. However, the amendment must now be submitted–

(Overlay of second track of Jones’ voice, Unintelligible)

–thirty-eight states must ratify in seven years. And it’s likely that that will not happen because of the deep, deep resentment to the law, the bill by the South, so US does all these window-dressing games to try to trick people that various change is taking place.

The National Council of Churches announced this week that it has closed its account with Continental Illinois Bank and Trust Company because of the bank’s refusal to stop lending money to the dread fascist state of South Africa, Union of South Africa. The council is also considering closing its payroll account with City Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, for the same reason. The council’s inter-faith organization of Eastern Orthodox and Protestant churches in America with a total membership of forty million, recently do– donated eighty-five thousand dollars to liberation forces in Zimbabwe. Now, in no way does the National Council of Churches headquarters represent the individual church. There’s been great resentment. In fact there’s been many (unintelligible) perhaps seventy five percent withdrawal from the National Council of Churches. But, Professor [Richard] Tropp, we should get immediately upon the fact of us writing letters, praising them for this stand and inviting them here, telling them of the beauty of this community and how brave we think their stance is.

Now we shall continue with a few more. As you know, Chief Imam [Wallace Deen] Mohammed resigns, due to financial affairs not being what they are supposed to be and rumors that he has been an agent in the destruction of the Nation of Islam. (Unintelligible word) cannot speak about that with absolute certainty at this point.

The Nigerian Constituent’s Assembly has approved a new constitution that calls for a political system similar to that of the Soviet Union. The constitution provides for a president elected to a four-year– four-year term with fixed number of seats for each uh, republic and the house of chambers presidium, political– politburo whose make-up will be determined on the basis of population. The new situation has been formally presented to Chief of State Lieutenant General Olusegun Obasangon– Os– Obasango, O-b-a-s-a-n-g-o [Olusegun Obasanjo]. Nigeria has been under military rule since 1966. The return to civilian rule is scheduled in October 1979. However, this does not necessarily mean it will be a pro-S– (tape edit, silence for several seconds) Nigeria has moved away from its dependency upon US and its imperialist allies.

Two-nation summit. President Agostinho Neto of Angola (end of second track) and Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire held a two-nation summit meeting again in Kinshasa in an attempt to reconcile all differences. Neto arrived in the city with a 97-member delegation just– (tape edit) –will end repla– repeated military inva– vasions in the region. The reconcili– (tape edit) –aire [Zaire] could lead to all sorts of new alliances and coalitions. It is considered a breakthrough that was brought about, as you know, by the People’s Republic– (tape edit) –Marxist-Leninist pro-Soviet of the Congo. They opened, you know, the vital Benguela, B-e-n-g-u-e-l-a Radio.

Smith threatens. Prime Minister Smith, Ian Smith, has threatened to invade and destroy Zambia and Mozambique, has– and has initiated other policies in an attempt to rally support for the troubled government after receiving the lift of arms banned and aid banned by our US Congress that ought to cause us to hang our heads in shame, ‘cause it’s their planes, our planes, US planes, that’s doing the dirty work. Smith is in an address to nation– in an address to nation, said he was imposed– imposing a form of restricted martial law promised to liquidate– uh, liquidated internal groups associated with the liberation fighters and invade the two neighboring countries if he felt like it to bring the guerilla forces to surrender. The Soviet Union responded that they would equip Zambia and Mozambique completely, if any such action took place. Well, always more moves.

The Nazis move south. The South African Minister of Sports and National Education has announced that the South African– uh, white South Africans will serve– survive because they are descendents of the Nazi race. The Minister Doctor Pret Kornhoff [phonetic] said as long as God wills it, we have a wonderful future, because we are det– descended from the German race. Korn– Kornkoff received a Ph.D. in anthropology from Oxford and is one of the leaders of the fascist regime that we supported with our tax dollars to the tune of one billion this year, not to mention another eleven billion dollars pouring in to Union of South Africa by the multinational corporate giants of US capitalism.

Prince warns [Jimmy] Carter. Crown Prince Fahd [bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud] of Saudi Arabia said last week that President Carter must be strict with Israel. The prince also said that Carter’s Camp David meeting will not be acceptable in the Middle East. Crown Prince Fahd said the Camp David summit will be rejected by the Arab world. Either peace will be achieved or the door will be closed forever, he said. He said– he also will call on the United States to pressure Zionist Israel. We beav– We believe, said the Saudi of Arabia, one of the richest nations in the world, that the United States should be strict and decisive with the expansionist and fascist nation of Israel. That’s quite a statement from Saudi of Arabia because the Saudi of Arabia is very conservative also.

Chinese anger. The People’s Republic of China has branded Vietnam the Cuba of Asia. In a dispatch received in Hong Kong, the new Chinese agency, Hanoi char– charged Hanoi with serving Soviet interests in the regions. The communiqué said the Soviet Union is using two pair of pinchers to gain ascendancy – that means upper hand – over the United States in Asia and Africa. A pair of pinchers in the Cuban forces in– in Africa and the other is Vietnam, known as the Cuba of Asia. The Cubans– that’s the uh, Chinese point of view. However, by the statement of even Radio Sweden, it has been China that has provoked the activities along the Vietnamese border.

We shall (unintelligible word) fights for pro– for survival, trying to give you a little of your local uh, news.

A proposal to purchase and renovate the building that now houses the Fillmore Community Food Store and the El Hajj Malik El Shabazz [Malcolm X] School will soon forthcoming to School Director Sham– Sam Shepard. The proposal to the San Francisco Development Agency is probably the group’s attempt to block a group from purchasing the site at 630 Gough Street and turning it into a thousand-dollar membership private club for white opera patrons, but a little is really expected to go down– uh, to be accepted. The Uptown Theater, located at the corner of Steiner and Sutter, has been torn down to make way for a parking lot and a– and a new theater to be patronizing the whites. Little by little, the Fillmore is being edged out for black people.

Killed for wrong brand. A white man who killed a black man in San Francisco because he brought him the wrong brand of cigarettes was sentenced to fifty days in jail. Well, that is very interesting. That’s mighty– My God, my God, my God. Uh, I cannot believe all this. I really cannot believe it. Fifty days in jail.

Police want Brown. The California Organization of Police and Sheriffs endorsed Governor [Jerry] Brown for reelection. Why not? He’s sold out, he’s become a law and order man. Says he’s going to crack down on welfare recipients, and he’s for tax cuts. President Gerald Crowley, a sergeant on leave from the San Francisco Police Department, said Brown had an outstanding record on behalf of law enforcement in California, and he placed equal importance on the governor’s attitude towards ran– rank– rights for rank and file officers. “We’re concerned about the laws on the books and we’re also concerned about our own rights,” said Crowley. Crowley is known to be a fascist in the San Francisco Police. That’s the end of Brown, in my mind. That is the end, when we can see that kind of shit come from Brown. The– he has had to turn completely around. (Pause)

The Soviet Union and China ends Soviet ties and China’s Vice Premier Sing His– Hisl, H-s-i-l ping [Deng Xiaoping] said his nation won’t renew a 30-year-old defense pact with the Soviet Union. It expires in 1980. The pact called for an alliance against Japan and all other enemies, including USA. Japan recently signed a friendship treaty with Peking and expressed concern about China’s part with the Soviet Union. Japan, and it nervously again reassures the Soviets, that Japanese Foreign Minister Sorono Solan Sonodo [Sunao Sonoda] told his nation parliament that the ja– Japan-China peace and friendship treaty will not mean Tokyo, Peking and Washington will gang up against the Soviet Union. However, the Soviets are not reassured. Sonoda also told the assembly that Japan will not yield to any pressure from China to break with Moscow, but it will not yield to pressure from Moscow if Moscow decides to act against Japan because of its improved relations with the Chinese. Moscow has called the treaty anti-Soviet with an absolute clause against hegemony directed purposefully at the Soviet Union and a Japanese capitulation to China, which they say have the greatest ambitions of all, the most expansionist aims in the uh, area today.

A little bit about the Fillmore where some of you came from. In the Western Addition, over 40 percent of the workforce is unemployed. That make you want to go back to San Francisco? These facts along with the fact that no more than two hund– one hundred and thirty-six housing units are planned for the area would seem to paint a rather bleak picture. And there is no other encouraging data from the report.

More inflation. Inflation’s particularly hitting the black and Indian neighborhoods. Eleven point two percent increase in inflation, cost of inlin– uh, living price index for the average black, Indian, minority householder– householder in– since June. That’s outrageous, folks.

Vacant housing rolls. A report by General Accounting Office released last week said abandoned houses in American cities are a visual symbol of–

(tape edit, silence for several seconds)

–ty. A study conducted at the University of California Medical Center in San Diego said that Muslims and uh, Adventist and uh, the various other per– uh, people, such as uh, uh, oh, I can’t think– the Mormons has found that vegetarian mothers who breast feed their babies and don’t take a vitamin supplement may be increasing their chances their babies will suffer a severe, sometimes fatal nutritional deficiency. It might interest you that our food is so well-balanced that our iron deficiency is better here than it was in the States. You don’t have to have a lot of meat, but you have to have other foods that have proteins in them. And we have a balanced diet. Pauline Groot has something that should be read at some time, as I have mentioned over the air, because it is a uh– a remarkable show of how well we are feeding our people.

Two days before the Camp David summit came to a successful conclusion, and everything uh, has been said to be collapsing. Out of desperation, they called the Defense Minister Azour Visnif [phonetic], then they called Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance. Vance called President Carter and the president came hopping down to talk with the ten– the ten head men when [Egyptian president Anwar] Sadat said, “I had– uh, I was under detention.” After a quarter of an hour– (tape edit) –what happened in that quarter of an hour, Sadat will not say, but he was accusing of being held in detention and being coerced into signing agreements contrary to the interest of the Arab people. But he added, thanking– thinking of Carter, we shall face the possible, whatever it is. What happened, according to some observers is– observers is this: the president probably promised Sadat that if the Egyptian leader – Egypt [pronounced in Russian], as the uh, Russians would say – softened his position on demanding an immediately rezeal– immediate Israeli commitment of total withdrawal from the West Bank and the concept of neutralization of all uh, military zones over this area, he – Carter – would significantly increase American economic and military aid to Egypt and also encourage western countries to invest in Egypt, portraying it as a solid investment. Little is known as to whether this will appease the rest of the Arabs that are greatly concerned, such as the Saudi of Arabia and uh, Syria and Jordan, which are powerful, powerful nations, as well as Lebanon. Sadat listened to the president, listen– listened to the president and then yielding, doing what he might’ve intended to do from the very beginning anyway, but gaining much in the process. One must start with the simple fact that Sadat is an Egyptian nationalist, an Egyptian and an Arab second. As he told a group of reporters while he was still in Washington, the Egyptian people are the (unintelligible word) of the Arab world. We have the universities, we have the capabilities and the aspects of (unintelligible word) powerful. For over 40– 30– over 30 years now, the Egyptians have gone to war with Israel and tried to take– make peace with Israel first, taking the– the most casualties, sacrificing their interests for the uh, lar– larger aims of the Arab world. It used to be– uh, it– that used to drive Israel into the sea and which now have been resolved as forcing Israel to return to the 1967 borders, to restore Arab rights, and to set up an independent Palestinian– Palestine state on the west bank of the Gaza Strip, with a corridor running through Israel to connect these two pieces of territory. Sadat has shown the wisdom and the foresight that it is better to get something than nothing, which is what he decided to settle for for the West Bank. As for the Sinai, which is Egypt’s primary concern, Sadat has done even better than that. He has gotten virtually everything: Total Israeli withdrawal, even though the Jews represent several millions in United States, it is clear that Brzezinski has decided to sell out the Jews in his new super-manned Nazi policies. Uh– He bragged, as you know, about genocide. You must read closely on that board and be aware of Brzezinski. He is the man that backed both Republican and Democrat candidates, so by any means, he would be the head of the national security, the chief advisor to the president, the one that has his finger on the nuclear bomb and says that nuclear war is inevitable, that it wi–must come to pass, and that people who are afraid of it are egocentric. Shows how dumb he is, because as I say, he should have said ethnocen– ethnocentric.

The probable dismantling of eighteen Israeli settlements. The Israeli pullout from three major air bases in the Sinai. Sadat says he was not offered a separate peace with Israel. If this– In this respect, Sadat gets his cake and eats it too. He gets a separate peace with Israel if all works out well, but at the same time, he has provided with the Jo– Jor– the Jordanians and the local Palestinians with a formula for negotiating similar peace agreements with Israel. As he even said, that if the Jordanians refused to join the peace process for a while, he will proceed without them. Sadat has broken logjam in the Middle East, it is said. In his trip to Jerusalem, it was historic. He got the Carter Administration– this is an American viewpoint, by the way. He got the uh, Carter Administration to stop thinking only of comprehensive settlement, which has always been unrealistic, and to focus on what is impossible– or what is possible. But it got [Prime Minister Menachim] Begin, dictator of Israel, to think the unthinkable and to act on it. That is to disband the settlement in occupied territory, although it has not yet been done. So this is much wishful thinking. It has unleashed a new dynamic and new vision, says Voice of America, and it– at him at least, a change to normality for the first time. So says Voice of America.

As you know, there’s been a new round of Strategic Arm Limitation Talks with US Secretary of State and uh, (pause) [Andrei] Gromyko, the Foreign Affair Minister– Mr. Gromyk– Gromyko is greatly concerned that if the resumption of Geneva Mid– Mid East peace conference does not immediately take place, and he warned against what he called super deals and US plans for military bases in the Sinai. He said there will be nuclear war. All this he said is being done at the expense of the poor Arabs.

Ambassador Nasako for Somalia has claimed that Ethiopia is planning an invasion of Somalia. But other news broadcasts, Radio Netherlands and Sweden, both not in the Soviet bloc, say it’s another hue and cry, a propaganda device for the USA to uh, begin to inflame more activities and more mercenaries to attack Ethiopia. The Ethiopians said they will call in as many Cubans and socialists– uh, Cubans and Soviet soldie– soldiers that they need to with– resist this attempt, this new attempt of Somalia to invade their bl– their territory. Ethiopia is a black regime, as you know.

Rhodesian Prime Minister flew to South Africa Tuesday, but is not expected to engage in political talks during his visit. The trip, described as a short political visit will include tal– a talk to an industry group in Durban, and a possible courtesy call on John Foster– [B. J.] Vorster, who resigned as prime minister last week, although he still will be one of the ruling powers in the background scene. South Africa’s ruling National Party holds a caucus on Thursday to choose a successor to Mr. Vorster.

Meanwhile, in Salisbury, bomb disposal experts explode a device found near Prime Minister Smith’s office. It almost got him. Well. Well, that’s almost too bad.

Syrian President [Hafez Al-Assad] met with [Jordanian] King Hussein in Oman. They have completely denounced the agreements made in the Camp [David] summit agreements with uh, Egypt, USA and Israel, (unintelligible word, sound like “choosing” or “accusing”) those who are a part of the real resistance, part of the uh, problem who’d had their territory taken over by Israel as not being involved.

The Sahara Liberation Movement says its forces have killed some three– thirty five hundred Moroccan fascist soldiers and captured several others in a clash this Thursday in the Western Sahara. A Polisario statement issued in Algiers – you know, The Battle of Algiers that all should listen to, you should look at it every now and then, renew the spirit of revolution in our heart – also said that its forces killed some seven hundred other Moroccan soldiers in a series of operations earlier this month. The statement went on to accuse the Moroccan Air Force of using napalm and phosphorous bombs obtained, of course, you know where, with our tax dollars from the United States and then some of you say you have no guilt. I don’t know how. Because all of you, if you were a child even and bought a lollipop, you paid taxes on it, it went to help buy these bombs. In its operations against Polisario forces, the Algerian Polisario Front, a Marxist-nationalist front, is fighting for independence for the Western Sahara. The Western Sahara is the last bastion of US and her imperialist lackeys’ control of Africa. The Western Sahara, up in the northwest, it’s still an area– that’s how big our beautiful continent, the origin of our people is. It’s bigger than– look at the upper northwest Sahara, West Sahara, it’s bigger than the United States again, uh, double practically. So that’s how big Africa is, and that’s what we need to look with pride and teach our children. All of our children, when guests come, should be able to tell them that when all the world was under Ice Age, in Timbuktu – all children should be taught this by the teachers and that should be made a mandatory part of the lessons uh, for testing as they go through the dinner line, please, as I speak to Reb [James Edwards] – that in Timbuktu, while all the world was under the Ice Age, doctors were giving small pox vaccinations, making dental plates, and doing cataract surgery. That’s how advanced our great African heritage was.

Anyway, Michael Bommen– Blumenthal, U– U.S. Treasury Secretary says the U.S. uh, is in somewhat difficulty. I would think so, with seven million dollars of uh, deficit. Seven million– seven thousand million dollars, I mean, excuse me please. You– Can you imagine if you were uh, operating your home and you owed seven thousand million dollars and any hope of getting out of debt? That shows you how bad it is.

British Chancellor [British Lord Chancellor Frederick Elwyn-Jones] presented an optimistic picture of his country’s economy, but too he admitted that the deficits were– there was no way in sight to overcome the deficit spending.

Foreign ministers of the five western nations have negotiated for the independence of Namibia and call on the United Nations Security Council to vote on the proposal this week. However, despite South Africa’s rejection of the plan, and also SWAPO, who says unless there’re guarantees of total and complete free elections and the return of Walmus Bay. South– and so as you know, that proposal was voted against by the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.

South African politicians and clergymen have criticized the World Council of Churches’ grant to SWAPO. We need to also praise them in large numbers, One World, because they’ve carried articles favorable to us all over the world, it goes, One World. That’s the World Council of Churches. They’ve given several hundreds of thousands of aid to SWAPO, Southwest African People’s Organization. Sometimes it’s strange enough, that even though the churches are the opiate of the people, the best of the socialist lot will work their way up to the hierarchy. I’ve seen this happen before. At least it’s a courageous stand. We need to give as much backing into it as possible.

Continuing: Cuba and Algeria have signed an agreement to begin a shipping and uh– uh– uh, commercial agreement between the two countries that will make them close allies. The shipping is needed because of growing freight between Cuba and Algeria, who are close allies. Air flights are expected to begin– (tape edit)

–soon. A Ghana news agency reported that former Prime Minister of Ghana, Doctor [Kofi Abrefa] Busia was buried in his hometown of Wenche [phonetic], Central Ghana last– (tape edit) –during this– this present week rather, Sunday. Doctor uh, Gocia was 65 years old and died on August 28, in Oxford, England. There were three days of national mourning in Ghana for his death. Doctor Gocia was a left-of-center Prime Minister. From September 19, 1969, he held power through January ’72, when he was overthrown by a rightwing military coup. That means a military takeover.

Zambia security forces have launched a new campaign to round up aliens living in Lusaka and other Zambian towns. Zambian Home Affairs Minister said that three thousand, five hundred aliens have been sent back to their own country, and fourteen hundred will be follow– will follow later this week. They also said Zambian ur– (tape edit) –up and sent to reconstruction centers, that they will not take city jobs, they will work on collectives. Last month, the government of Zambia forces detained some 4000 foreigners in shanty compounds during a crime wave and rising unemployment. As you know, China re– in one sense of redemption to it does give full support to Zambia, Tanzania, who have been bravely – Tanzania particularly – bravely, anti-US imperialists and Mozambique.

Federal authorities are continuing an investigation in Southern California on the plane crash that killed at least a hundred and fifty persons yesterday. The accident occurred when the Pacific Southwest jetliner collided with a small private plane and plunged into a residential district in Southern California. It was the worst aircraft disaster ever, ever known in US history. Officials say that both pilots were warned that they were enting– entering in the same flight path, and both radioed back that they had each other in the sight before they fell to the ground. It’s been noted for some time, as walk-outs have been taken by radio controllers at airports that their– (tape edit) –air traffic, and it is not safe to really fly plane– (tape edit)

–years of freight train service have come to a halt throughout the US today as the East Coast railroad strike– railway strikes spread across the nation. The spokesman for the railway clerks said the action has shut down about two-thirds of the country’s railway service. Trains in the heavily-populated corridor from Boston to Washington are not yet affected by the strike.

In the closing headlines, Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko became ill today while addressing the S– United Nations. It’s too bad, because he’s been considered by some to be the successor to uh, [Leonid] Brezhnev, the great leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet– USSR (then gives Russian pronunciation). He had to be helped in the General Assembly in New York to the platform by two other delegates, but he continued his speech.

Somalian Ambassador, Lusaka, as I said, claims Ethiopia is planning an invasion on Somalia, but this is another trumped up, US-imperialist propaganda, said the Ethiopian Embassy in London, and it only means that USA plans more provo– provocations against Ethiopia, the black nation, that is socialist in Africa, at the Horn of Africa. Know where your map is. I’ll be testing you again on your map.

Moscow, this is Radio Moscow bras– broadcasting. Soviet Foreign Minister Gromyko advises other countries to step up action in favor of relaxation and peace. (Pause) Excuse me for just a moment there of delay, answering something.

Iranian Foreign Minister [Amir Khosrow Afshar] has completely condemned the Camp David agreements. It’s a complete surprise. The Shah of Iran [Reza Pahlavi] has absolutely condemned the United States for the agreement between Begin of– dictator of Israel, and Sadat, dictator of Egypt, and USA.

Court martials of Rhodesian racists are trying to uh, stop the just struggle for their death sentences. Because they received court martials, it’ll probably be just only a few weeks or months. And that’s typically what happens. In that country they could not fight another day, because the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, that all of you must know controls 97 percent of Rhodesia, which is led by that white racist Ian Smith. But the true leaders are Robert Mugabe and – he is a Marxist Leninist – and his close ally, Joshua Nkomo.

Somalia plans aggression against neighboring Ethiopia, says the Soviet Union.

The United States is trying to uphold the Somozan regime in Nicaragua [of President Anastasio Somoza Debayle]. This is charged by Sweden, even in the Netherlands and Bel– Belgium.

China is planning on border skirmishes with Vietnam. Anything to carry out its Doctrine of Third World– thr– Three Worlds [Doctrine of Three Worlds], based on the absolute that nuclear war is to come within months.

Those were the headlines. Now the news in detail. Soviet Foreign [Minister] Gromyko has urged other countries to step up action in favor of relaxation and peace before it’s too late and nuclear war comes. Touching on the Middle East, he said that a comprehensive settlement can only be reached on the basis of joint efforts of all parties concerned, and that separate deals can only detract from the solution of the problem. The minister favored total elimination of colonization and racism in Africa by US and its lackeys. He called the existence of colonial rule in Rhodesia and Namibia, South Africa and– (Pause) barbaric.

The Iranian Minister has sharply criticized the separate agreement between Egypt and Israel concluded at Camp David. He called them (Pause) complete sell-outs to the Arab people. The minister was speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, uh– that is the minister, ambassador, poor Iran, the Shah of Iran. He said the agreements (Stumbles over words) ignored the rights of the Palestinian people, the Arab people, and a just Middle East settlement is impossible without insurance of these rights. The Camp David deal was condemned by the Arab countries. These are Syria, Algeria, Libya, Democratic Yemen and even North Yemen and the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Liberation Front.

Somalia’s rulers have not given up their country’s plan with regard to Ethiopia. Their camps in northern Somalia are being trained with mercenaries from– provided by the United States. More of our tax dollars to make our stomach turn and cause guilt if you have any conscience at all, and cause us to work to get our people out of that hellhole of freedom– out of that hellhole to freedom while we can. As we saw, again, that sad and tragic picture last evening on the golden years. We should not want one of our seniors or anyone to have to live as far as that goes, alienation exists for not only the old but the middle years and the young. No one cares, and everyone’s in danger of mugging, danger of gangs, in danger of arsonists, in dangers of accidents, not to mention the dangers of genocide by the madman Brzezinski that runs USA. The true ruler, the Trilateral Commission, not to mention also, the disasters of earthquakes and all that, that we do not have here. We have no hurricanes, no uh, cyclones– we’ve almost forgotten the name of them. No tornadoes, no typhoon– night– no– no typhoons or no hurricanes. One of the few places in the world that have absolutely no natural disasters.

Three thousand US mercenaries are being trained, says Radio Moscow, for an invasion into Ethiopia.

Moscow news: over a good part of the country, there is an– introduced bordering on Zambia and– and several regions in the immediate vicinity of Salisbury. A spokesman of the Army headquarters threatened to introduce new preventative actions against independent African countries supporting the liberation struggle (unintelligible word) Zimbabwean people. This is the quote of Moscow against the (Pause) mental case– the mental– maniacal uh, oriented Ian Smith.

Norway’s Foreign Minister [Knut Frydenlund] has urged United Nations to introduce economic sanctions against the racist regime of South Africa. That is another breakthrough, because Norway is a member of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the lackey of US imperialism. Say they want sanctions immediate– immediate, but ignore Security Council decisions on Namibia. Speaking at a political discussion at the General Assembly, the representative of Norway called on the world uh, community to increase support to the struggle of South African nation against racism and apartheid, and condemn US commercial interest and aid that is being given. The only thing that is possible for the Rhodesian fascist white regime and the Union of South Africa concentration camp regime to be upheld.

Japanese Foreign Minister favor– (Pause) of the summit meeting but with reservations. In line with the United Nation decisions, democratic elections under supervision of the organization and granting truly independence to Namibians. They are hesitant, though, about US plans for Namibia. They feel that Africa must be, says Japan, assured – the Union of South Africa – that they will not be able to infringe upon the pure independence of the Namib– Namibian people.

You’re listening to a daily round-up of the news and comments from Radio Moscow.

The United States is trying to keep in power the Somoza regime in Nicaragua. They tried to stir up the Costa Rican military right, but the left seems to predominate and had no success and the people resisted it. In fact, Co– Costa Rica has given haven to some of the refugees from troubled Nicaragua. It is a horrible thing that’s happening there. (Pause) Horrible thing.

Jordan held talks with (Pause) the Arab league and promised to also help to Somoza. Jordan said Somoza would (Stumbles over words) (Pause) said Somoza could by no means hold power without the help of the American weapons that’re being sent by our tax dollars. Instructures– instructures– instructors and mercenaries from the US CIA. The authorities in Nicaragua are continuing to violently suppress the population. Over the past two weeks alone, over 100,000 prisoners were killed and tortured in punitive operations by the US backing the dread uh, Somozan regime in Nicaragua that’s been in power for 44 years after the US Marine[s] invaded illegal N– illegally Nicaragua and put the Somoza family in power. Major cities are being destroyed. Thousands and thousands of people being forced to leave the country.

The newspapers has reported the concentration of Chinese troops along their common borders. The newspapers of Hanoi. They have at their disposal hundreds of tanks and aircrafts during September. The newspapers say that Chinese have been constantly violating the borders. Fishermen, territorial water mine bed provocations were staged against the border guard. Peking is also trying to l– send thousands of ethnic Chinese who have lived in and left Vietnam back to their country to carry out subversive activities. Some authorities say also that the people – the Chinese – that they first welcomed in are not welcomed now because they’re not accustomed to the collective lifestyle that dom– China’s domestic communism has. Which is good. Just terrible that in a nuclear age, you don’t have time to work through the nationalism, the chauvinism that was called by– caused by the Boxer Rebellion and the Opium Wars that caused the Chinese to distrust the white man.

In Britain, already six hun– six hundred thousand employers– employees of the Ford Motor factories are on strike. The walk-out began on Friday. The participation demands higher bay– higher pay and better working conditions. The owners have the support of the government that approve that the growth of wages and salaries. The labor cabinet adopted a proposal on their behalf. At the time it was supported by (Pause) later– Labor Party leadership, because the government assured it would keep inflation rates under control. Now, however, a trade union – a social contract, as it is called – is only a means of shifting the burden of the economic crisis on the shoulders of the British workers.

The Soviet Union has condemned the NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization, lackeys of USA – General Secretary, Joseph Luns, for start– releasing neutron weapons, uh, what the Air Force USA jokingly call their nigger bomb, that’s planned for every black ghetto, Indian reservation and Asian ghetto in USA or other poor white areas, if they don’t want– because it can be controlled within yards’ distance– as I said, controlled so accurately, not a piece of paper will be burned, no, not even a curtain will be moved, but every living person will be bombarded with so much radiation that they will die. All living beings, animals and human. Anyway, the Soviet says that they condemn the USA and the NATO allies for putting neutron weapons in German hands, and a German western radio station also condemned the use of the (Pause) neutron bomb. They urged the American president not to– to defer the decision on the manufacture. However, the German government did, West German, which prides itself as being fascist now, the inheritors of Neo-Nazism, the Third Reich – [Adolf] Hitler’s Third Reich – of these weapons, and deploy them in Western Europe regardless of the views of the United States allies on the matter.

Also, as you know, U.S. has deployed them in Rhodesia and in Union of South Africa. It’s hopeful – hopeful only – that USA has control of them, because if Union of South Africa, as they are going to fall, being outnumbered 18-to-one, and in uh, uh, Rhodesia 20-to-one or something like that. It’s– it’s certainly c– absolute that in time, the black and Indian that are outnumbering the whites will win. Then the white regime would, of course, use such as they jokingly call by the USA Air Force, the nigger bomb, the neutron bomb.

West European Parliament and government are now taking decisions of the question of– of the people of neutron bombs in the hands of a Pentagon general. They don’t like this. The Soviet news agency points out that this country uh, does not intend to start their production of the neutron bombs, if the [United] States does not produce them either. The Soviet Union also reminded them that they have vastly sophisticated technical warfare weapons that can counter anything that the Soviet– that the USA would try to use against the Soviet peoples and her allies, the Warsaw Pact.

A Vietnamese government delegation has arrived in Algeria. It has met the new president. Vietnamese-Algerian talks will cover uh, relations and international problems of interest to both sides.

A new earthquake has been registered in Iran, last night. They’ve had enough of (unintelligible). The af– epicenter was two hundred and seven kilimon– kilometers on the uh– from Tehran. By powerful underground (Pause) tremors (Pause) that also went as far as Tibet. As the northeast– northeast part of the country. Twenty thousand people immediately died as a result of the earthquake in that city and its neighborhood. The number of victims of yesterday’s tremor is not reported.

You are listening to the round-up of the news from Radio Washington. Now on the closing: Cosmonaut (unintelligible name) of the Soviet Union have resumed work on the powerful telescope in their space land. The telescope is one and one half meters in diamener– diameter makes it possible to register star radiation and different uh, light spectra. Today, the cosmonauts have studying ultravi– ultraviolet radiation. This is the Soviets, you know. They’ve been over a hundred days in space. They’ve made history, remaining in space far longer than any other country. It can be registered, space– in space because it is absorbed by the atmosphere. Practically completed. The cosmonauts are in their fourth month in orbit. Think of that. Over a hundred and twenty days. This is the longest space flight so far. (tape edit) The communication center has released data about another major experiment, uh, which has been corrected (Pause) uh, of the– by an unmanned uh, new space experiment which is uh, going to have to be corrected before it’s umound– unmanned b– uh, attempt– flight for Venus (pronounced “Venice”). Both are traveling when they do, uh, they should reach the vicinity of Venus at the end of December. There’s much concern amongst scientists that there’s going to be polluting of other stars and other planets in our solar system.

A general assembly of international union forces the– the conservation of nature and Euro– uh– Urba– urban resources has opened in central Asia. Scientists over– from fifty countries were discussing the rational use of natural resources and environmental protection. In this country, environmental protection is a part of a world economic plan, though environmental concerns had been given little concern by the US public. The na– the national budget aggregates more than two million dollars uh, be supplied yearly, whereas the Soviet Union are providing two hundred rubles– two hundred thousand rubles a year. Quite a difference, quite a difference uh, two hundred thousand rubles and they’re going to pull-up– provide uh, I mean, two hundred thousand million rubles, as opposed to a million for ecology and de– developed means of controlling pollution, and US is only at two million dollars.

In the Soviet Union, it is good. It is true of all the main crops. Best year they’ve had in– in ages. Crops are coming to the– the fullest of fruition. Deputy Minister (unintelligible name) said in an interview the large scale food are brimming– brimming with good results. In the last twelve (Pause) years, more and more money has been (Pause) allocated for the purpose of food than in the previous fifty years. As a result, there’s been a sharp increase in the output of farm machinery, chemical fertilizers, immigration has expanded, uh, average onion and grain production in that period grew by over sixty million tons, and Soviet Union are encouraging any immigrants that are socialist by nature. And they were still very friendly, by the way, today – very, very friendly – and they’ll be arriving tomorrow, if everything goes well, so we must have all of our children trained, and we’ve got to have our Soviet classes tonight, at seven-thirty. Remember, tonight at seven-thirty. And to be trained and talking about our happiness, and to greet them in Soviet, to be able to say good morning. Some of those words that we may just have to carry around the piece of paper and just keep reminding ourself, ‘cause it doesn’t come easy. We know it doesn’t come easy to remember all that we need to remember. So tonight there will be Soviet classes by your vote (Pause) at uh, (Pause) last night’s rally when you said you wanted the uh, (Pause) meetings to begin at seven-thirty.

The new pope [John Paul II] is considered to be a rightist who will not break with the rigid past. Carter wagering peace popularity on summit success, and is expected to lose, according to the British. Begin probably will not budge, but he will have to in the long run, because Israel does not have any oil that USA needs. The fear, however, the– (tape edit, long pause)

–nuclear weapons.

S– Steven threats fail to sway NLR– RB. The Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, ACTW, marked a significant step forward recently in its campaign to organize JP Stevens. A complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board in September charged that Stevens’ intimidation tactics and even murder had made a fair election impossible at four plants where a majority supported the union. The NLRB, forced by public pressure, said that the textile firm should recognize the union there immediately. We shall see, we shall see, we shall see.

American farmers worry about growing foreign own– ownership. Who owns farms in uh, USA? Well, much of Texas is owned by Liechtenstein, uh, the King of Liechtenstein [Prince Franz Joseph II], and the Queen of England [Elizabeth II] owns very lucrative land in Mississippi cot– cotton plantations and uh, it looks like USA is just about to go out of business in a term. Even the Senator, Herman E. Talmadge, said that sixteen percent of Georgia last year was sold to foreign organizations. It’s easy for it to be done because they hide behind U.S. corporations that were set up to protect U.S.A., but U.S.A. is becoming the poorest of the nations in many ways, because her dollar’s losing value, she’s had to sell much of her gold, but behind the ownership of American farms, we find 80 percent of the land has gotten out of control over American interests.

Bad news. Portugal replaces socialist rulers, sadly to say, with technocrats. Socialist [Mário Alberto Nobre Lopes] Soares’ ouster, as a part of anti-democratic strategy. There is still much resistance in the military, but it is not expected that there will be immediate– in the immediate future, a takeover by socialists again. We have a techno– technocracy. That’s a sort of nationalism, not socialism.

Danes, the Danish government, the flag of the anti-nuclear movement flew over Denmark, raising the possibility that the Danes will set an example for the world by rejecting all new pow– nuclear power plant constructions and neutron bombs that USA is setting. Proclaiming Atomkraftnej Tak, a-t-o-m-k-r-a-f-t-n-e-j, capital T-a-k, about 300,000 people converged on the Christianborg Palace at the center of the (unintelligible) the capital on September 16, and another 50,000 massed on the northern city of Argus [Århus]. Some eight thousand more rallied in neighboring Sweden, which has six nuclear reactors. More and more reaction against nuclear war that the world feels is impending and likely to happen at any moment.

[Augusto] Pinochet stalked by domestic foes. US investigators. Angered by the US, the government of Pinochet, the dictator of Chile, has threatened to extradite ex-CIA head Richard Helms for the role in Allende-era murders because he said that the orders came directly from Washington. As you know, ex-CIA head Richard Helms is now the head of Bechtel Corporation. But that’s the news. Even Chile, rightwing Chile, is getting tired of taking all the heat, when they said that the orders for these killings were done uh, by directly from Washington through the CIA. Our tax dollars again.

Guerillas hit El Salvador. The Salvadorian Catholic Church denounced the disappearance of ninety-nine percent– persons arrested by the police. Archbishop Arnold Fuller Romero [Óscar Arnulfo Romero], listing all names at the cathedral mass, said church-government relations had become increasingly strained since the church came out in defense of the oppressed. Last week, the armed forces of resistance kidnapped a Swedish telephone company executive, demanding in exchange for him, publication of a manifes– manifesto that the guerilla organization intends to continue fighting against US imperialism and multinational corporations.

Multinationals: US corporate multinationals exit Argentina. The latest of thousands of kidnappers– kidnappings of opponents of the military dictatorship are Elias Zayman and Roberto Chistino, leaders of a mo– Maoist tenden– ten– uh, tendency. Their whereabouts are unknown. Following the closing of the General Motors plant in Buenos Aires, Goodyear Tire and Plants, supplying GM with plate glass and gears, have substantially stopped production, and the first wave of firings have begun in plants supplying electrical equipment, coils and econdon– and also condensers. GM, General Motors car concession– concessionaires – that’s the one that makes Chevrolet – are suing the company, stating that they represent a higher capital investment that the GM subsidiary itself, and that they had to fire most of their employees. Meanwhile, Citroen, C-i-t-r-o-e-n, has cut production to thirty cars a day. Mercedes Benz has fired seventeen hundred workers who asked for raises. Borgward, B-o-r-g-w-a-r-d, has laid off fifteen hundred of its seventeen hundred employees, and John Deere and Massey Ferguson have closed down for per– permanently this month. The union leader said this was a solid demonstration for those who see a solution for the Argentine economy and the good intentions of multinationalist captila– capital and enterprises which in fact act exclusively in their own interest. The general exercising governorship of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina Province, said this will be good for so over-extended inder– uh, this will be good for so over-extended an industry. The wages received by the workers are fully satisfactory. Wages don’t matter. When they don’t need you, they let you go. They’re moving to cheaper and cheaper places, ‘cause Argentina has too many big capitalists being kidnapped.

Peru copper miners strike. A strike of four hundred thousand miners and metal workers, paralyzing copper, zinc, iron and lead mines, have entered its seventeenth week, with losses to date of more than eighty– eight hundred million dollars. A Peruvian miner with ten years senihonor– senior– seniority receives– receives about three dollars a day. Fifteen thousand miners with their wives and children camped in the gardens of Lima, the capital of Peru, the faculty of medicine, and marched through the city to publicize their struggle, in spite of it being an act of treason that can cause an– their– their death by a military tribunal. That’s a brave people. They [There] were reports the strikers had been ousted. That’s just across the way from us here, in Guyana. There were reports that strikers had been ousted and sent back to the mining areas. Firing of 35,000 public employees had been authorized but not carried out. In view of the privations they already share with private industrial workers, the bank employees federation is set to strike. The left in the constituent assembly insists that unilateral rep– repudiation of Peru’s foreign debt now ex– exceeding eight billion is the only solution we have. Paid it long ago with interest, they state. And the nation’s wealth which is mul– which multinational fascist corporations of USA have siphoned out, leaving crumbs in the exchange.

(unintelligible word) Townley murder charge. Hortense [Hortensia] Bussi, B-u-s-s-i. H-o-r-t-e-n-s-e – widow of socialist President Allende – said yesterday that the American Michael Townley, alleged murderer of Chilean ex-Foreign Minister, Orlando Letelier, also made the bomb for the assassination in Buenos Aires of General Carlos Protz, the French Minister and Commander-Chief of the Chilean Armor [Army] under Allende, and was aided in the total operation by the CIA.

Well, that gives you a fair coverage of the news of the day. We hope that you uh, will study the news because testing is bound to come this time. We’ve gone too far.

Carter’s getting in trouble even in United States for his bad neighbor policy of supporting the murderous regime of Somoza in Nicaragua.

Agnews– [Spiro] Agnew, former Vice President, ghost haunts Farber and uh– he’s moving up. The fining and imprisonment of New York Times reporter, Myron I.A. Farber, and fining of the Times for refusing to obey a subpoena to turn over Farber’s entire fi– files relating to the New Jersey murder trial Doctor Mario E. Jasclau– Jascalevich is another in a series of blows against the free press in the United States. It follows closely upon– upon the US Supreme Court’s ruling that the Fourth Amendment does not prevent judges from warranting police to invade newspaper offices without warrant, without court orders, to search and seize materials in journalists’ files and desks. Unlike the near universal protest by media people and civil libertarians against the Fourth Amendment ruling, the response to the Farber ruling has been divided. And even some protestors in apathetic America– that’s why there’s no hope, that’s why we needed to come here and build here and take any other opportunity– (unintelligible word) opportunity in the world looks better, because America’s too apathetic. They have been ambivalent in their opposition. That means divided. The Farber case is said– uh, poses two difficult questions, that of the two basic rights in con– conflict. The freedom of the press versus the right to a fair trial, and that of whether freedom of the press elevates journalists above the law. We think however that carefully examining the Farber case does not involve these questions so simply put, but that they are false issues of curring– obscuring the real issue of press– press freedom. This is (Pause) good old Agnew’s wish. He wanted to stifle the press and he’s finally got it done.

[Richard] Nixon is on the comeback trail. Nixon has a 35 percent higher rating at the poll than Carter, the president of the United States. (Pause) Since he resigned four years ago, he’s received an ann– annual pension of 66,000 a year, even though his wife has suffered a heart attack and he’s having repeated illness, plus another 35,000 dollars for other governmental services and a postal allotment of 14,700 dollars a year. This in addition to a stipend of a 150,000 dollars a year for staff uh– uh, and office expense. To this must be added the six hundred and fifty thousand dollars plus ten percent of the profits he received for his television performance last year, with the repulsive operator, David Frost. They must have been useful to someone aside from Dick and David. Now they were carried by a hundred and thirty eight stations. National sponsors paid a hundred and twenty-fo– five thousand dollars a minute for six minutes in each of four shows, and local stations sold the other six minutes to local sponsors, to their everlasting shame. Those sponsors include such hucksters as Alpo, and Calcon, Gallo Wines, Datsun, Columbia Pictures, Chevrolet dealers– Chevrolet dealers, Red Carpet Real Estate, Northern California Savings, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Bufferin, World Savings, Pontiac, Pacific Stereo, Carte Blanche, Sizzler, a fast food chain, a new one, which is an ad nauseum chain owned by a group of racists. So, that’s where Nixon is. To these little items, add the two thous– two million and three–

End of tape

Tape originally posted March 2010