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Jones: News of the day. Demonstrators numbering over two hundred thousand marched through the streets of Tel Aviv, here the night of September 9, demanding new Israeli moves for peace in the Middle East on the eve of the Camp David summit huddle which Anwar Sadat- which it- which actually brought together President Menachem Begin, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat together with US President Carter. “Compromise is not a dirty word,” said one of the slogans unveiled at the city hall plaza rally. New settlements in the occupied West Bank which they said is sabotaging the peace. (Pause) I think I missed a line there, I’ve been up several nights now, and I think I’m showing the effect of it. (Slurring) And we shall try it again. Demonstrators numbering two hundred thousand marched through Tel Aviv that there is a largely laboring class of people in Israel that do not in any way uh, agree with the more rigid uh, uh, Zionism that we often hear about. They marched through the streets on the ninth of September demanding new Israeli moves for peace in the Middle East on the eve of the Camp David summit huddle which was to bring Premier Menachem Begin, right wing primin- Prime Minister of Israel and the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat called uh, for a uh, strong arm leader ever since his referendum of a few months ago, together also with US President Carter. “Compromise is not a dirty word,” said one of the slogans unveiled at a city hall plaza rally. New settlements- uh, plaza rally is- where- where speakers denounced the Begin government policy of erecting new settlements in the occupied West Bank which they uh- (Pause) which they said is sabotaging the peace progress. Stand by.

Several voices, including Jones, off mike, unintelligible.

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Jones: -have accused the summit meeting at Camp David in their first diversion from the Soviet/USA line that they’ve been following, they called the (Pause) effort to bring peace a sell-out. As you know, China has a very firm policy. The USSR agrees that the state of Israel certainly has a right to exist, but China denies that it has any right to exist at all.

Striking Peruvian miners this week defied a government ultimatum to return to work or be fired, and the government newspaper reporter ordered- ordered- orders have gone out to shoot workers if necessary to control them. However, to those who have working class hearts, it has not in any way noticeably affected the striking Peruvian miners. Makes one proud to be a member of the working class.

Continuing with the news. (Pause) Citing recent military and political provocations by the government of the Peoples Republic of China against the socialist Republic of Vietnam, a message was sent last week to Hanoi from the leadership of the Communist Party USA assuring them that the increasing (Pause) strength and influence of the socialist community, also the advances (Pause) of newly independent countries and liberation movements, the growing strength of the working class and democratic forces will assure ever increasing support for the defeat of the aggression that we have seen these past decades. The wire signed by Communist Party Chairman Henry Winston and General Secretary Gus Hall was sent on the occasion of Vietnam’s National Day, Sep- September 2 and was also the Vietnam Solidarity Day called for by the presidential committee and o- on, on the peace- the world peace council. Stand by.

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Attention. Continuing the news. As you know, I’ve been up for several nights and days. I’m sorry if there is a little drogginess in my voice. As you know, I am not drinking. Unfortunately there would be no liquor about, ha ha, if one wanted to drink.

Chile’s fascist military junta last week declared a state of siege at (struggles for word) Tu-ku-kamata [Chuquicamata], the world’s biggest open pit copper mine in northern Chile. We are glad that the song that touches our heart, and turn it on after I’ve finished that has lifted our souls to know that man can reach the heights, that he does uh, have a dimension above the animals. Victor Jara. Letta- Let that be played after I’ve finished the news.

Anyway, the world’s biggest open pit copper mine in northern Chile. Radio reports said a number of the mine’s ten thousand miners had been arrested and because of what was termed labor unrest, strikes are officially illegal in Chile, and yet the brave Chilean workers continue to strike. An estimated 20 percent of the labor force of Chile have continued to defy the fascist re- regime of [President Augusto] Pinochet, who makes me feel guilt every time I think of the tax dollars I’ve paid that has gone out of monopoly capitalism to such evil regimes. The gentle regime of Doctor Marxist [Salvador] Allende had taught me then- taught me well, there’s no way you can trust those who say you can change the heart of the oppressor. The her- it just doesn’t work that way. Rare indeed. It might be possible in a few exceptions but the- those who have the oppressive role will not give it up willingly.

Anyway, we’re proud to report that the Chilean workers have been fighting with s- su- such solidarity. The Chuquicamata mine is run by the state-owned copper corporation of mines, Codelco. Many of the miners are supporters of the now-outlawed Christian Democratic Party of Chile. Early in August the Coindelco management fired six miners for asking for a wage raise. In response, ten thousand miners went on lunch-pail strike. What’s interesting development taking place in South America, Bolivia and Ecuador and Peru and in Chile, is that those who are Marxist are forgetting all their damned silly-ass differences as to whether they’re a Maoist or a Leninist or what particular brand of ah-interpretation they have of Marxist-Leninism, but all those who believe in liberation have got themselves together, and it certainly is taking a tremendous toll on the oppressor.

Anyway, as I was saying, feeling was so strong that even the pro-junta- pro-junta Chilean workers union Altrak [phonetic] was compelled to come out and say the miners’ action is a display of workers’ frustration confronted by unresolved problems, and to deny the official junta explanation that it was all just the work of communists and agitators, banned politicians and illegal trade union organizers. Social democrats, Trotskyites and communists and social democrats of all sorts were fighting side by side in this general strike. The Chuquicamata miners have known to be asking for 50 percent wage increase, they have received full support from the 12,000 copper miners at El (struggles for word) Tieteitete [phonetic] mine.

The situation in Costa Rica’s banana plantation (Pause) s- remains grave. That’s just above Nicaragua, where the Somoza [President Anastasio Somoza] regime has been maintained ever since the US Marines put the last fascist government in power, which was a little over 44 years, I guess now, that Somoza has maintained his iron-clad dictatorship. Well, the situation in Costa Rica so-called ba- banana plantations remains grave, said Rodrigo Pantiagua [phonetic], general secretary of the General Confederation of Labor. Pantiagua, speaking here last week, made it clear that the trouble is only partly in Costa Rica. US corporations are also involved. Employers are refusing to recognize plantation worker’s unions affiliated to the G- of the CGT, he said.

Plantations are in an area (Pause) uh, I- I missed something. The plantation workers (Pause) are in an area where the US firms Del Monte, Castle, and Cook and Standard Fruit – we all know of Standard Fruit and the toil [toll] it’s taken of oppressed nations in Latin America – Standard Fruit and big investments in Pallanigua [phonetic] said the bosses are- are deliberately trying to provoke conflicts in hopes that the government will intervene. However, our struggle is not against the government, but for trade union freedom and against company unions, he said.

Continuing with what little more than may be in the news that would be of vital importance today- I shall look here briefly and try to give you no more than you just need. I know your radio uh, broadcast don’t always come in too clean- (Pause) uh, too clear, and I try to give you a little bit of it, being that I’m up all night anyway.

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(unintelligible word), capital of Israel, a Tel Aviv paper. The United States president and the Israeli prime minister have agreed on a plan that would leave the West Bank of the river Jordan under Israelis’ military control. The plan does not even hint at the reestablishment of Arab sovereignty over the area. Prime Minister Begin of Israel is refusing to agree even in principle to the Israeli withdrawal from the Arab territory. Many commentators, at least this commenta- tator Sawyer on BBC, saw that the Near East could lead to nuclear war at any time. Little (struggles over words) did we know we might end up in the only world- part of the world safe from nuclear holocaust, where our Geiger counters didn’t even pick up any radiation at all, but we must do all and remember to write the letters that you were asked to write to support world peace. There is no future for man in an atomic holocaust.

According to White House spokespersons, the Camp David summit conference will not end tomorrow. Reports say that the differences are still very great between the delegations. President Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Begin have had no direct meetings for over a week.

There are plans in the Pentagon to start deploying neutron bombs, what the army jokingly calls their nigger bomb, as we have heard said so cruelly before, by the general that was in NATO, how easily such bombs could be dropped in US cities, in ghettoes, and there’d be no more problem for them. They could move our corpses out and just pick up even the little (struggles over words) a pencil and a piece of paper. Nothing is damaged. Well, there are plans in the Pentagon to start deploying – that means placing – neutron weapons, according to BBC, in circumvention of the- of the temporary plan on their production. Such des- deployment, such placement of these insidious neutron bombs could begin and early- uh, could begin as early as next month. The Pentagon wants to take advantage. That’s the military industrial complex that rules the United States. That’s why I have such guilt. I’d like to be at home with Daniel Ellsberg, who’s going to begin- We just talked to him yesterday, but he’s going to begin his jail sentence for putting his body on the very railway tracks keeping uh, nu- nuclear materials from coming in and out of a mine. We want to remember him with a lot of letters. We’ve invited him over, if he needs to relax, but oh, my God, how my soul desires to be in that struggle. I know how all of you feel about that.

Anyway, the Pentagon wants to take advantage of new technological advances that make it possible to convert conventional weapons to neutron bombs. Who else but those who worship property above people would think of making a bomb that destroys only people and leaves all property untouched? So they want to find new ways to make neutron weapons with relativ- little ease, and in this way they can start manufacturing the main co- components of neutron weapons for all those freedom-loving nations quote unquote – and I’m quoting Voice of the Netherlands – that are besieged. Some of the nations suggested were s- hold your tongue – Rhodesia, where the Zimbabweans long ago were the rightful rulers, South Africa, Australia and the European nations (Pause) be controlled now by any means possible. It seems to me that there’s no subtility anymore amongst capitalist. They just agree, we’re going to take over somebody’s property, and we’re going to maintain it, if we have to put a neutron bomb over you.

The Soviet Prime Minister [Leonid Brezhnev] and Finish Prime Min- President [Urho F. Kekkonen] are continuing discussions on relations between their two countries and other international problems also. In the- (Pause) Stand by for a question. In an- Uh- (Pause) where- who are continuing discussions in- on relations between their two countries and other international problems. In the course of the meeting, it was learned that the northern European- that northern Europe be turned into a zone of peace like USSR and all nuclear powers, even China and uh, USA have called this area a zone of peace. They’re also trying to add the Indian Ocean. So many of the Soviet scientists and American scientists feel that nuclear war is so certain, they don’t talk when, they talk- uh, if, rather, they talk when. We’re also in one of those zones of peace. If that gives you any real satisfaction, it doesn’t do much for me.

Woman’s voice: (off mike, unintelligible)

Jones: Right. Now they express satisfaction in the development of relations between their countries and discuss long-term cooperation between them. In an address to the Yugoslav people, Leonid- Leonid Brezhnev, chairman of the communist party of SSSR [initials spoken in Russian], remember, that’s the way they would say it Russian, US[S]R said there is no uh, way to need to explain to the people of Yugoslavia, that war against fascism means blood. The blood jointly spilled in the great battle has forever made the people of the two countries akin. The memory of the exploit should live, [emphatic] not only- not only as a tribute of profound respect for all those who gave up their lives, but also for victory, the memory of the exploit and by the peoples of the Soviet Union who- should ever be repeated. (reader’s voice) “The defense of peace is the defense of socialism,” said the Yugoslav Prime Minister [Josip Broz Tito, President]. Anyone would think that’s reasonable enough. The last statement of the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia on the morning news, when he was trying to iron out some differences between he and the USSR, in that China had recently come through and made some attacks at Soviet hegemony- he-  hegemony, he said that the defense of peace is the defense of socialism, the defense of a bright future for all mankind. Said Tito, “There can be no peace without some form of socialism.” (Pause)

All right, continuing. We’re getting closer to the end. I’m sure you’re glad for that. You asked for the times of the news. I’m sorry to have to give them to you, but we go by vote, and this is the day it was morning.

In Nicaragua, reporters say that dictator Somoza launched attacks against the country’s second largest city, Leon. Eyewitnesses say that the city, defended by the patriotic Sandinista Liberation Front, has been subjected to missile and artillery fire of a sophisticated nature that had to come from the United States within the last 48 hours. I thought the United States these days were talking much about human rights, and how they were going to uphold human rights, but I guess the message hasn’t gotten over to the people under Somoza, who has held a bloody brutal dictatorship over the lives of the people for 44 years. Somoza has sent reinforcements to attack (Pause) the refugees, to attack, yes- to- to attack the city. Refugees report that the city’s youth are joining the fight and – unfortunately – uh, the liberation front is receiving- No, fortunately, it is- the liberation front is receiving broad support from the populace fighting. The capital- In the capital of Managua, the dictator Somoza is being supported by the United States said even Costa Rica and the most reactionary regimes of Latin America who are sending uh, mercenaries to Nicaragua. Who would you guess the most reactionary would be? Chile, of course. I guess US is no longer even shamefaced about the kind of support she gives to nations that don’t stand up for individual liberty.

Remember uh, tonight we will have our classes. Let us be sure to be caught up on our uh, Russian classes, I think it is tonight. Remember as much as we can do, it’s all by voluntary- it’s all of the heart. The more we can produce our lands, and please those that have participated in th- those (unintelligible word)- our Mickey Mouse dolls, to do your best and as fast as possible because we can already by October 31, make 33,000 dollars. That would help us immensely, because we are having to live off reserves. You have no imagine- no imagination what it costs to maintain this program. Just last week I and some other administrators had to approve 57,000 US dollars of medical aid across that radio. Because we are determined- I am absolutely determined that you will have always at your fingertips the very best of medicine. In fact, you can rest assured you’ve got be- better medicine than you have if you were living in most cities in the United States.

American diplomatic activity has intensified in Nicaragua. Stand by, question please. (Tape edit) Diplomatic uh, activity has intensified in Nicaragua because of the crisis. The United States government is supposed uh, to be supporting the sending of a fact-finding uh, committee by the Organization of American States. Washington has called on the ad- adversaries to agree on a cease-fire, but the American government has failed to criticize the Somoza regime, in spite of the numbers of cruel massacres – even many of them school children – of the national guard of Somoza’s dictatorship. In a number of Nicaraguan cities, massacres have also taken place, and it’s impossible to calculate the dead yet.

At the same time, Venezuela and Panama plan to send in their air forces to Costa Rica in case of a direct attack by the Nicaraguan government. We’re pleased, to say the least, since our recent guest- recent guest who said he’d been in the CIA and had plans of blowing us away from the comfort of going back across the Venezuelan border, we’re very glad to report that Venezuela has taken a decidedly Third World course and very independently and rightfully so proud of their own development. Also we are grateful that a peace- a term of peace and friendship has been signed between Guyana, Surinam, Brazil and Venezuela. So that lea- least that is good news from our children’s standpoint.

Let’s see if there is any last bit of news that should go across. I don’t know. (Pause) The situation in- in Costa Rica is getting serious, by the way. Uh, Venezuelan pla- plane- planes had been brought into the sector and- Also Guyana, as you may know, has sent aid to uh, that beleaguered country. Even as small as Guyana ha- is, I’m always proud of the way she stands up, when any Third World nation is oppressed. When Belize had the conflict with Guatemala, they pledged – the Guyanese government, as you remember – pledged to send its entire Guyana Defense Force, rather than see Belize lose any of its territory. The situation in Costa Rica will be more clear as the day goes on, and we will give you news about it.

A probe into the activities on Mexican soil of the US Central Intelligence Agency has been demanded by leaders of Mexico’s political parties, members of the Mexico Congress and number of the leading Mexican newspapers. This came after Central Intelligence Agency activities were exposed in testimony given to Havana radio at the recent World Conference of Youth. Gonzalez Altarbalany [phonetic], member of the congress and leader of the conservative National Action Party said that Mexico po- Mexican police have suffered evidence and experience to act immediately on the facts already revealed, and that if they do not do so, they are guilty either of complicity or incompetence. Rafael Au- Auguilar Talmantesty [phonetic], head of the Mexico Party of Socialist Workers, DST, stressed that the Havana revelations show that the United States transnational oil companies particularly and their big monopoly corporations that strangle the world, have secret data on the Mexican state-owned oil industry which they could only have gotten through the CIA. The Mexican City daily newspaper, the Excelsior, demanded that the Mexican government act immediately to put an end, to stop US espionage, sabotage of Mexico by the CIA.

I think that’s probably enough news. I can’t think of anything else particularly that you may have missed. May be a couple of last lines.

A strike by several thousands of political prisoners in jails in Israel is certainly significant. Even in occupied Arab territory has gone into its third week. By the way, there’s a growing support of real socialist thinking, not- not- not Zionist thinking in Israel. A number of strikes are taking place. Anyway, the strike has gone into its third week. While exact figures were not available, Palestinian officials said that the actions involved the major portion of 15,000 men, women and children in the area prisons and camp pro- camps protesting the living conditions and mistreatment.

In final word. Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark has accused the United States Central Intelligence Agency uh, of playing a role in the military overthrow of Pakistani’s president Zofter- Zulfikar Ah- Ali Bhutto. Yes, that was a assassination of a cruel sort. He made the allegation after returning from Palestan [Pakistan] where he acted as international observer at Bhutto’s recent murder trial. (Off mike) Uh-huh. (On mike)  Bhutto was convicted and sentenced to death, a verdict Clark labels totally unfounded and corrupt, outside exploitive CIA interference, and he said there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done.

It appears from what I hear of the news- I’m trying to catch this, I can’t (stumbles over words) too clearly that (Pause) he is- th- the whole charges were not uh, justified based on the evidence that they had. Clark said similarities between Bhutto’s overthrow and President Suva- Salvador Allende overthrow in Chile three years ago- or three years earlier are, in his words, very- just too close. I would gather from what it sounds that Bhutto has already been murdered.

One day we shall be glad that people will learn to live in peace. We want to thank the children who saved the aquarium when it broke. We want to thank the children for feeding the kittens. We want to thank you for noticing every little flower and not stepping on it. We are grateful to all of you that make this place prosper, and let us be grateful ever, because there’re so many that would just give their life to live in a place where we don’t have to lock our doors, where we never have any form of- of violence, even to the point that families, when we arrived here months ago, voted that we would never spank a child. What an atmosphere, not to worry about rape or to worry about crime, and then not to mention all the beauty of- of the fields and the adventure of hunting and fishing. Let us think of others. Many, many more need this great project, who, if they’re not brought here, they will be- they’ll destroy themself before there’s time for them to do something in the liberation of the Americas. Much love, and thank you for your attention.

Tape originally posted May 2004