Q590 Transcript

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Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: And Patty [Cartmell]- And Patty running through a crowd with those boobs, she’d knock off two with her boobs.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Be a hell of a day. (Pause) Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Crowd: (Hubbub and laughter)

Jones: I don’t want to get charged with indecent. It would be indecent.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: There ain’t nothing more indec- decent to look at, I can’t think of. Okay, where are we, what [are] we doing now, let’s get down to the bedrock shit. We’ve had enough light humor for you- us- I guess some folk need it. (Muses) Who is Betty- Beverly Oliver called to say that she’s going to the police on Gary Young because he didn’t have ministerial license and he, uh, married Bruce [Oliver] and Shanda [Oliver]. Ain’t this the shits. She getting me- She gonna get me for being a witness. Guy (Unintelligible word) said he had a copy of the license and the marriage license made for her. Ain’t that the bitch? She don’t care who she destroys. But keep telling me. That’s good. Keep telling me all this shit, ’cause I- I do want to make mincemeat of her.

Andrea Yvette Walker: Dad, she said the same thing about Tony [Walker] and I, that how can he be married to Shanda, and marry Tony and I, that he was a false minister and-

Jones: He- Uh- False minister, my ass. He’s got a doctor, divinity from the Presbyterian Church, and the Disciples, he’s ordained in our denomination- the bitch- but that just shows how wicked she is. She didn’t know it, and so she’s willing to get him- to go put him in jail. I gonna remember that bitch.

Male in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: And Christine, a black woman, gonna put her in jail too, as being a false witness. I’m gonna remember her.

Male in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: She better live- She better- She better enjoy her- her hate while she’s got it, ’cause that bitch is going to get it someway.

Voices in crowd: That’s right. (Scattered applause)

Jones: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Crowd: (Scattered applause)

Jones: I think we ought to think about some good long way, though, to see that they last a while. Life is its own worst ju- uh, judgment. Yes, Shanda.

Shanda: She told- She also told the foreign minister [then-Guyana Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Wills] here that I was a set-up to get Bruce over here, um, in a slave camp, and um, you know, so-

Jones: (Unintelligible word) -that’s nice.

Shanda: -when I went in to talk to them, he said that um, I would- you know, so he wouldn’t believe anything I had to say. She told him that I was a set-up, to get him over here.

Jones: Well, you’re a pretty set-up. But that’s a damn lie. (Pause) Boy, they sure tell you how they’d do things, huh? How long were you gu- you two guys uh, (unintelligible names) how long were you relating – My Christ – before that happened? Two years? Two years, before you ever come to (unintelligible word), weren’t you and Bruce together? It’s a long time to wait for a set-up.

Voice: Sure is.

Jones: The lying sons-a-bitches. (Pause) This is just- uh, wicked, wicked- I- wicked- I want- just ge- just, just write it up, I- I don’t want to get my mind on the bitch today, ’cause I can’t get my hands on her. And I want to- I want to get her primarily for trying to kill your mother, who- who- you’re Nick’s best friend, I want to get her, come stormin’ ass in that church, trying to kill her. I’m gonna- I’m telling you, the bitch is going to pay for that shit.

Crowd: Right. (Applause)

Jones: Shift around. Shift around. And by the way, uh- It- To show you the evil of the CIA system, the Interpol system, our chief informant, Harold Rogers, has been uh, exposed to triple leukemia. It’s brought about by some type of radiation. He’s one of the chief informers that stepped out, and he’s dying – a black man – who had been high up in police ranks. (Pause) A number of others have been killed by that- by just being exposed to the re- the teststhat are being done by these-  (Unintelligible word) government done of their own officers and their own military, I told you about that. Now can anyone tell me anything about the news this morning? (Pause) Lew, tell me some point.

Lew Jones: Um- Um- you um, Jan, um- Jan uh-

Jones: Better shut up, now.

Lew: Jane Fonda sold her body and got um, fifty thousand dollars for the Black Panthers, and um-

Jones: She did one time, at her high moment.

Lew: And um-

Jones: To an old 70-year-old white prick.

Lew: And it’s- now she’s a sellout, and-

Jones: She’s a sellout. That’s what pains. (Pause)

(Voices in crowd unintelligible)

Woman: He’s still talking (Unintelligible word).

Jones: Amazing, some of the things that some folk can listen to. Sammy Days- Uh, Sammy Davis lost his manhood, if he ever had it.

Man: Yeah, that’s the point. (Laughs) That’s the point.

(Voices in crowd unintelligible)

Lew: And um-

Jones: That pretty good, Lew. You got a- That’s a good- You caught that, I passed over that very fast, so, that’s pretty good.

Lew: And uh-

(Voices in crowd unintelligible)

Jones: Hold it. Hold it. Hmm?

Marceline: Lew Jones Junior, he worked with me the other night giving out uh, treats, and uh-

Voice: Can’t hear you.

Jones: Said they can’t hear you.

Marceline: I just wanted to say about Lew Jones, Junior, I hadn’t had an opportunity to get to really know him too well, I hope to get to more, but he’s a natural organizer.

Woman in crowd: We can’t hear-

Marceline: He is a natural organizer. Lew Jones Junior is a natural organizer. I’m just telling, from what I could pick up, from the way he helped me hand out treats, he could be really a general superintendent when he gets grown up.

Jones: Yeah, I like the kid. I like that kid.

Marceline: Not everybody has that natural ability, to look at a situation and pull it together, and organize it, and push it forward. (Pause) He’s got it.

(Tape edit)

Lew: And uh- Um- I don’t know his name, but he said we should have- they should have more police stories on TV, uh, and-

Jones: That’s what Chlotile- I was very proud, Chlotile has a- uh, Butler has a little problem, that she was- she- she caught that thing on television. That’s pretty complicated. That’s what you was getting ready to tell me, isn’t that what- (Stumbles over words) what you were saying, Comrade Butler.

(Voices unintelligible)

Butler: Excuse me.

Jones: Listen to this, this is- this is our- she’s a senior, she’s a senior, come on, folk, come on. She has some arterio sclerosis, supposedly, damaged from diabetes, that- this is fascinating.

Butler: I said, TV was set up back in [former President Dwight D.] Eisenhower’s time, and Harry Truman, uh, for the- for the black man’s benefit, that he would blow his mind on different kind of musics and all that hi- hi- hifi- hi- high music, and there were folks that- it was so high that they’d have to uh, almost knock their eardrums out, listening at it, but itworked with the young people. And of course, they are keeping it up all al- all along to keep the ru- older people ruler over the young man’s- young people’s mind, that they won’t be able to think for themselves.

Jones: Yeah, you got an important aspect. There’s more to that story, too, there. (Mumbles) It was very, very- (Pause) We all knew it, uh, but it now is revealed by the FBI papers as a sick mess. It was a long, complicated mess. Boy, they- they been anticipating the human mind for years. I’d say anything that that’s well-orchestrated, friend, you can know is at a high level of conspiracy at this day. ‘Cause they weren’t- they didn’t hardly know what TV was about, and they had already this concocted shit, and government funding to do it. What was some of the things they set TV up, they- all the purposes they tried to achieve through TV? (Pause) I don’t expect every one of you to remember all of it, but you- yeah, yeah, what, what- what was some of it. (Mumbles) Well, hold it, now hold it. Uh- Let’s go down- let’s go down the line here. Let’s go down the line here.

Voice: Excuse me.

Jones: Let sister- that sister standing, you want to ask her?

Voices unintelligible

Jones: Hold it. Hold it, hold it, hold- hold it.

Ethel Mathilda Belle: John Wayne is dying from open heart surgery.

Jones: Good. I’m glad he is. But- thank you for the news.

Belle: (unintelligible) I’m eighty- Today is my birthday, Dad.

Jones: What’s that?

Belle: Today is my birthday.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Jones: Happy birthday, honey. Happy White Night.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Belle: Today- (laughs)

Jones: (Laughs) You’re my sweet. You’re lovely. I love you.

Belle: (Laughs)

Jones: Happy birthday, darling.

Belle: 88 years today, Dad.

Jones: How many?

Belle: 88.

Jones: 88.

Belle: Yes, darling.

Jones: Beautiful, love. You wait- You left the Caribbean to go to the United States and come back. Well, that’s good.


Crowd: (Scattered applause)

Jones: 88. Marvelous. (Pause) She’s sweet. Not only that, she heard something else about John Wayne today. What else do you hear about John Wayne today? I can’t get over these sons-a-bitches. I’d at least die with a little dignity if I had- I’d think even capitalism could get over their fears. What happened to good old Johnny? Bruce? What happened to Johnny?

Bruce: Uh, President Carter’s sister went to him to try to convert him over-

Jones: No, she didn’t go to him. He called for her.

Bruce: Called for her. He converted her over to-

Jones: Can’t hear. (Pause)

(Voices unintelligible)

Bruce: Uh, President-

Jones: Shut up back there.

Screech from Mr. Muggs, Jonestown chimpanzee

Jones: Thank you, Muggs.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Bruce: Uh, he called for President Carter’s sister to come with him, uh, that convert him over to Jesus Christ and that in his last minute, that he think that, uh, Jesus Christ is uh, going to come out at the last minute, save him a spot maybe in heaven­­-

Jones: Said he had a feeling in the hospital room that Jesus entered his heart. The poor fuckin’ heart’s been just opened so it’ll flow with the- let a little blood in. I don’t know how he got that big fart Jesus in there on top of that- something else.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: The old son-of-a-bitch. (Laughs) Stupid old son-of-a-bitch. It ain’t no- it ain’t any no- Fuck. (Bass voice) Big shoot ’em up cowboy John Wayne, find he scared of dying, so he gets on Jesus’ side, just before he dies. Throws his cigarettes away, just in time.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: (Bass) So he can be in that great Hollywood company up in the sky. Gonna shoot ’em up for Jesus. (Normal tone) Dumb ass. (Pause) I- I don’t mind White Nights, when I think of the maniacs that’s back in that country.

Scattered: That’s right.

Jones: Yeah. What’s up?

Woman: (Unintelligible about kitchen)

Jones: (Laughs) She said, the kitchen wants us to die. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on.

Woman: (Laughs)

Jones: (Laughs) She said the kitchen wants the diabetics and the pregnant mothers to do what?

Woman: Raise their hands-

Jones: To raise their hands, so you can get your potion first.

Woman: (Laughs)

Jones: (Laughs) Okay. Okay. Where are Moms Mabley? You making any new jokes on all this shit? (Laughs) You ought to have eight new lines on this shit. (Laughs) You- You ought- For Guyana, you oughta do- you oughta do a take-off on John Wayne finding Jesus, in your next show.

Woman in crowd: (Unintelligible) Don’t forget Mae West.

Jones: Mae West? Yeah, yeah. (Unintelligible word) (Laughs) Mae West! (Laughs) Mae West tried to have her boobs tied up, and she got some fuckin’ infection, and they’re about to rot off.

Crowd: (Hubbub One person claps)

Jones: (Laughs) I think she deserves it, the old bitch.

Crowd: (Scattered applause)

Jones: Right.

Crowd: (Scattered applause)

Jones: All right, what- Lew Jones, what happened? What were some of the horrors of that TV business?

Lew: The uh- I was going to say something else about the FBI.

Jones: The FBI?

Lew: Um-hmm. Uh, one-

Jones: Shh. Quiet, please.

Lew: One um- one of the FBI um, agents um, revealed about um, about TV’s, what, um, let me see-

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: A CIA storm. (Pause) All the meters are dead, all of our bands, they said. (Pause)

Lew: Oh- And uh, that um, he said that it makes- it makes people don’t want to stand up to the um, capitalist-

Jones: When I’ve got quiet now, we’re going to get some news here.

Lew: It- it-

Jones: You can’t hear back there. What do you mean, you can’t hear back there.

Lew: Okay. It makes the um, people don’t stand up to the capitalist- And so-

Jones: Is the PA dead back there? You’re having more trouble than usual?


Jones: Well, everybody else is waving at the back row, and even outside, saying they hear it. So let’s get the- Let’s talk on loudly. Come on.

Lew: Okay. Um- One of the FBI um, agents said that um, they can brainwash people by-

Jones: What’s his name? Anybody remember it?

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: I’ve forgotten myself. That’s why I’m asking.

Voices: (variations on) Puchrio.

Lew: Patrio. James Cabrio. James Cabrio. Cutrio.

Jones: Yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Shh.

Lew: And uh, it makes- it makes the people don’t stand up to the capitalist because it shows in the TV’s that the um, people who be trying to struggle, they always lose and they- it- it make the people scared of the um, the police stories and stuff like that.

Jones: Okay, now, let’s go down point by point. Each give a point of what – thank you, Lew, you have a good mind, a good sharp mind – what- what are some of the very dangerous horrible things that the- that this FBI paper revealed, this guy had held it for 25 years, and he’s dying. Um- I guess it’s the only way to feel safe to- to reveal it. His wife’s dead too, wasn’t it?

One voice: Yeah.

Jones: Okay.

Man: Uh- Another thing about the TV shows that this- they’re- they’re um- they’rebrainwashing the people by sh- by showing them um- they use um, large guns so they- that they won’t know that small guns can do the same amount of damage as the larger weapon, and also-

Jones: That’s what the mayor’s commission called for. (Pause) Yeah. This is a little different from the paper. That was a separate thing. The mayor who cau- who concerned about the violence that (stumbles over words) the handgun, the Saturday Night Special, uh, gives people too many ideas that they can go out- See, they don’t want- (Stumbles over words) That was something they didn’t count on. They liked the violence because, what did it do? It release- it released the pent-up emotion. People get caught up in the shows, then they lose all their anger, and it- it works- it’s good thing for them on that angle. That was number one. Shit, it was so complex, I’m too tired without um, rest to remember all of it. It uh- what the shit- There was some new angle- Isolation. Promote isolation. But there some horrible things that [former FBI Director J. Edgar] Hoover quoted, that when the population has to be isolated, when segments of the population have to be isolated, (Pause) then that- they what? They-

Voice in crowd: Dangerous minorities.

Jones: Dangerous minorities, yes. When the-

Another voice: Forget when they’re hungry-

Jones: And forgets when they’re hungry, yes, it forget- cau- cause them to forget when they’re hungry, and that there was a governmental funding to see that the major television industries be able to put a TV- Westinghouse in particularly named- to put a TV in every house, no matter if they had food. (Pause) And we see that. Do you notice that everything in the United States is going up? TV’s were going down. We shoulda been able to see that. That was plain. And when TVs went down down, you can even get color TV for a damn cheap price.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Hell, you could buy a TV, all of a sudden, it’s 400, 500, then you could re- buy a son-of-a-bitch for 69.95.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Woman: That’s right. That’s the only thing you can put on credit, almost.

Jones: It’s about the only thing you can get on credit. That’s what it said. This FBI report said that.

Woman: And also they had- the really (unintelligible word) you can rent (unintelligible word) for almost nothing.

One voice: Right.

Jones: You can rent TVs, almost nothing, on contract.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: But Hoover admitted the ineffectuality of the system too. He said something else. I wish I could stick my brain on it. I’ll have to go back and get the notes. (Pause) So even though it’s the be- the free enterprise system, it cannot meet ne- the needs- (stumbles over words) of total employment, or something they needed to not- not be done. Can’t eliminate poverty. (chews ice) And eventually, it will have to isolate whole segments of the population. The government’ll have to do that. So we want to make them passive. So they put the input on police stories, so people would respect the police – wake up, dears, please – would uh, would uh, put the- the input- the emphasis would be on police to make them respect police, so they would not resist when the police came for them. And we see that every day. Woman- Police Woman- Police Stories. I don’t know all them damn- all those damn things. I never watch TV.

Several voices.

Jones: What is it?

Voice: Make them hate minorities.

Jones: Make them hate minorities. Yes. Subtle prejudices implanted- both in Hollywood too. [Walt] Disney was bigly- was greatly funded for all these cheap shit comedies. (Pause)

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Woman: Gets people to convalesce early.

Jones: And gets people to convalesce quicker, so they can be back uh, in the job market, and save the insurance companies money. Big business. I been dealing with human beings not like that for twenty- (unintelligible) The report’s 25 years old, and it started before that. (Pause) Now that- that’s a (stretches out word) bad business. If they were back there dealing with people like that, like a piece of shit, dealing with specks of dust, or like you deal with some kind of a one-celled creature, if they were doing it back then, you can better believe what the hell they’re doing now.

Woman: Right. (Unintelligible) Lay awake in the night-

Jones: If you lay awake at night, yeah, about insomnia. What- what was it exactly. It’s insomnia- Insomnia- Insomniacs can be dangerous. So you’ve got to get them- divert them with the late, late sh- um, shows.

Woman: But if they lay awake at nights worrying, they might get to thinking that the system was wrong instead of them.

Jones: Yeah.

Woman: And uh, they- people should not be allowed to have time to just think. They- they had to be kept diverted.

Jones: That’s right. (Pause) And they said, you don’t need as much food, too. With TV, they’d been proven, they’d done some study, that you don’t need as much food. It’s wonderful. To think we were- we were lending ourselves, (stumbles over words) I wish every time I’d seen somebody looking at the son-of-a-bitch, we’da throwed something through it. Think that we were being controlled. Don’t need Adolf Hitler. We had Adolf TV. (Pause) You’re waiting too long. You’re waiting too long (unintelligible under radio interference) take over the world. When are you going to go back and fuck with Mrs. Carter [First Lady Rosalynn Carter]? Huh? When are you going to go back and fuck with Mrs. Carter in (unintelligible under radio interference)? (Pause) This is one thing, give me courage. I wish you would- It would make no difference what, just as long as they’re not- not one of them honky, (unintelligible word), (accent of stereotype yokel) come through with honky mommy, but she’d now a nigger mommy, but my God, he’d come through, just slid through. Slid through. Just give it some time, ain’t gone have no trouble, ’cause they all gone look like this.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Jones: That’s right. (normal tone) Then you- what we’re gone fight over. Ain’t gone be able to fight over race. Say, look at me, honey. (unintelligible under radio interference)

Crowd: (Laughter)

Jones: I fuck, and I come through. (unintelligible under radio interference) (normal tone) Daddy is mixed, Asiatic and white. (unintelligible under radio interference) And then his momma is white, and he still comes through, you look like (unintelligible under radio interference)- express, right down the damn Asian mainline. Right? (Unintelligible) That’s gives me encouragement, not ’cause he’s my grandchild, but because, by God, one day, Mr. White Man won’t have any- he thinks he’s racial purity, he- shit, he can’t match that. (Yokel accent) You fuck her tonight, you fuck it, I want it.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Jones: (unintelligible under radio interference) (Normal tone) -I sense has got plans for me, I don’t know whether I like him or not. ‘Cause I’m hardly off the bottle. (unintelligible under radio interference) -the bottle. The bottle- (unintelligible under radio interference). (Pause) I would call that a hostile look. Tch-tch-tch.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Jones: He’s okay. Shit. I’ll share anything with Father, (stumbles over words), that, everything has to be going- (Laughs) Okay, what’s next on the damn mess?

Woman: Another thing was that Ramona [Lamotha] is holding her own and ga- and gaining more ground.

Jones: Yes, yes (unintelligible under radio interference) It’s okay, Rose, she was up all night, she should be- she should be in bed. Uh, we don’t punish people- (unintelligible under radio interference) (Laughs) If she’da been nice (stumbles over words), I could hate you one day, and if you get nice 24- get nice 24- 24 hours later, I love you.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Jones: Keep smiling, Kay [Nelson]. You look beautiful. ‘Cause with good work is what beauty- You worked and didn’t make (unintelligible under radio interference) worked all night, I think we ought to give Kay a good hand.

Crowd: (Applause)

Woman: Do I have to be under supervision, Dad?

Jones: What?

Woman: Do I have to be under supervision, Dad?

Jones: Is it important for you not to be under supervision?

Woman: I don’t know.

Jones: Well, what I’m saying, you want to not be under supervision?

Woman: Yes, Dad, I’d like that.

Jones: (unintelligible under radio interference) doing pretty well-

Woman: Yes-

Woman: Today (unintelligible under radio interference), they’re all sleeping-

Woman: I know, yes, Dad.

Woman: Well, honey, we’ll let you try. Don’t fuck up.

Woman: Thank you, Dad. I won’t.

Jones: ‘Cause some night, I think everybody ought to be under supervision, makes the- brings the best out of us.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: I’m under supervision. (Pause) Yeah, they don’t understand it. It’s too complex to understand, I guess. (Pause) I’m under supervision. I’d- I’d just delight to come here and talk. Just delighted. Thirteen hours yesterday- I love that so much, hell, I went home and jacked off five times after that, I- I had so much fun here. (Pause) And I hope you (unintelligible under radio interference)- I’m obviously a prisoner. The last thing I want to do is talkHurtstoo much, in the first place. Second place, it don’t work. And in the third place, people always mumble. So you- ­nobody could listen, and you people in security are going to have to take uh, more loosely in here to get it to under control, ’cause they just keep it up. Go ahead.

Alfred March: Well, Dad, the thing I was going to say about television was already said, but Lew asked me to say that um, TV- that they use it for propaganda, and that they said that they was going to get everybody having a T- television, even the poor people, and I had another thing I was going to say, they said that um, UFO’s, that they is- they come and- that you had said, they come in groups of four and sixteen, (unintelligible under radio interference) and the Air Force has tried to go out and catch up with them, but they went up to them (unintelligible under radio interference), they went- they went fast or sometimes, they just went up higher, they just completely stopped. And the other thing that you had said, was um, that Sammy Davis Jr. was a- was a sellout and that he was going crazy ’cause he couldn’t fuck anymore.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: That’s the- You’re a smart kid. He’s a bright kid. And by the way, another thing he reminded me of, I forgot, and then I reported- they didn’t- I didn’t- they didn’t make the connection. We remembered before we had heard news about cable TV being put in the homes so that they’d be able to monitor every home both ways, it’ll be- they- you can see it, and they can see you, Big Brother can watch you, like 1984. Well, it said the goal was to have a cable TV system in every home, and it re- at that time of this report, it mentioned that currently- the- the current news was that there were twenty-one thousand five hundred homes in USA that have cable TV. Now that would be, if your average family is five- (short laugh) be better than half of your people are already ge- under cable TV. I didn’t pick up on the cable TV. Uh- that was in there too. So they can watch you. You worry about a little watching we do, how’d you like being watched while you screw and watched while you blow your nose and watched while you wipe your ass or take your Tampax out, huh?

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Male: TV on or off.

Jones: TV on or off. It will- It will monitor you. On or off. USA.

Woman: Um, they had something in Detroit, they were going to start a mandatory uh, situation where it cost six dollars that, you’d have to pay the six dollars and they would connect something to your television that would allow them to tune in (unintelligible word), like an emergency, they could just come into your home, and you would hear the government or the system speaking to you through your television. They would cause you- You’d have to put it on your uh, I think it was through the Edison Company, it was six dollars, that would be added to your-to your bill. It was sometime after that that if they were going to put on your television, that-

Jones: We could see.

Woman: No, this was putting in through your home, start talking to you (unintelligible word).

(Several exchanges unintelligible under radio interference)

Jones: -buying that TV ser- I mean that uh, telephone service, paying six bucks for it in all- major cities now, and all the instructions are what– And- And then they say it’s supposed to protect you and they- in case of a national emergency, nuclear war. What the fuck they going to tell you? “Hello, patron. The bomb is coming. You have 18 minutes to get ready to have your ass fried.”

Crowd: (Scattered laughter)

Jones: That’s all the fuck you could do. What you going to do in downtown Detroit? No underground shelters. Only Soviets– Only communist countries have underground shelters for their people. (Unintelligible word) dumb pricks, pay six dollars to have somebody say, “Bomb’s on its way, honey. Pray.” (Pause) You people don’t know what the hell’s going on out there, I’m- I’m not trying to be humorous, but you show that you don’t understand what’s going on.

Female voice too soft.

Jones: What’s that?

Woman: I don’t think they’d tell the people anyway. Oh, Reb [James Edwards] had overheard some stuff to the effect that if people know about this coming, they’d panic and run around crazy and that the decision was that (deliberate tone) they would not tell the people-

Jones: I’ve not read it, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

Woman: And the- the excuse was that more people were unsheltered right after they heard the news, ’cause they would panic and rush out from the stores and stuff, but the net effect was, if a bomb would be coming, they would not tell the people, they would let it land on the people’s shelters without any warning.

Jones: Sure. Makes sense. Keep the slaves in order until they’re fried. Till your eyeballs drop out. They ain’t gone tell nobody. ‘Cause you might run down the street and get in the way of one of their helicopters while they’re trying to get out to some refuge or to get to their jet to take off, if they could make it in time. Or their underground tunnel that they got for all the rich ruling class, what they’d call that mother fucker, in the, in Silo Mount uh- Iron Mountain in New- New York, for [Nelson] Rockefeller. (Pause) Huh?

Voice in crowd too soft.

Jones: (unintelligible under radio interference) Vertical what?

Voice in crowd: Vertical take offs and landings. VTOL.

Jones: Vertical take off and landing, so they can shoot right up a jet and get their asses out.And come down here, so we can shoot ’em.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: That’ll make good hunting. We’ll be able to have these ovens hot.

Man: Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

End of side 1

Side 2

Male: And also the problems her daughter would come home with. (Tape edit) There should be a- a- a strong- (Tape edit)

Jones: People- people feel- and you look tired. I thought I’d give you some hours, but obviously, you must not have got some rest. Sit down. Some of you look tired. Some of you look uh, tired.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Peace. (Pause) I don’t think while I’m talking, you want to be swatting the fucking flies. That don’t make not sense. We- we’ll-we’ll- we’ll work on it. Now you’re going to have to settle down here, too. It’s going to have to settle down up here. All of you [are] going to have to settle down. (Pause) Don’t climb up this high, nobody, because- They can’t do it. It distracts. All right. Um- I- I was starting to say something, (mumbles), I don’t know. Oh, oh, last night. Now I’m going to tell you the kind of hell I had. I was setting in that chair, and I was reading these goddamn reports- where- where are those reports from- Steve [Stephan Jones], uh, Ji- Jim [James McElvane], I gotta go over them, Jim, the last I had of them, Jim, you had ’em.

Male: They’re all (unintelligible)

Jones: (Murmurs) And I was reading reports that- books, they’re books long every goddamn night, you know, you- you- to get even caught up. I went to sleep for fucking two minutes, and I’m a son-of-a-bitch if I didn’t have a dream about somebody being on a high bridges, and different ones of you were leaping off into the water, and I couldn’t stop this one, I’d try to catch that one, I’d try to catch this one, and I’d try to catch that one, and uh, then uh, one hit – one of you, I’m not going to say who – and you were paralyzed. Oh, what the fuck am I going to do. I wanted to jump so bad, I wanted to leap, uh, here the people down thereinjured, people up here injured, I woke up and the sweat was pouring down my neck clear down into my belly button. Now if this ain’t the fuckingest life ever was on earth, that anyone cannot even go to bed without getting reality so involved- I didn’t go to bed. I was in the damn chair. I woke up, I was- It was just horrifying, ’cause I care so much. I had peopleinjured down in the fucking water, so you couldn’t die- just exactly the way my mind is, you see, subconscious, so real, they couldn’t die down there, and there was folk back up there couldn’t die, on the fucking bridge, and I couldn’t control the- the situation. Now you talk about hell. That’s as close as you can come to hell. And I thought they can’t all leap, because here’s one of them down there, he was screaming, he was screaming, begging me to do something, and he was paralyzed, ’cause he was- It was a hell of a leap, and I watched each of your bodies go down into that murky murky murky deep. And- But one of them made it. (Pause) And so there wasn’t an answer. There was no solution. Couldn’t get everybody to jump off, ’cause there wasn’t no guar- There was no guarantee everybody was gone die. And that’s just true to life too. You can jump off into water, the Golden Gate, and many have tried it, and some old folk have tried it and come out who- whole, and young ones died. (Pause) So that’s life. (Pause) That is life. (Pause) If you care. But I would still not be selfish. I don’t like to watch selfish people. They’re a pain, somewhere, close to the ass region. (Pause) What were we talking about? News? (Pause) What kind of dreams do you have? Do you dream about fucking? Work on your socialism. Hmm? (Pause) Yeah. Work on your socialism. You might find you’re worrying about some children leaping off (pause) bridges. And then not being able to make it. No escape. (Pause) It isn’t that bad, but I’m- I care for you so much, I always look for the worst, so you carry that looking for the worst over into your dreamworld. I don’t even want to go to sleep. If somebody could find a way to keep me, just get a little rest, so- By the way, you people ought not have to be told, you ought to be checking my blood pressure right around the clock. It ought not to be told. ‘Cause I am the best protection these people have at this particular moment.

Crowd: Right. (Applause)

Jones: And I’ll tell you, subconsciously, you reveal something if you don’t do that. But subconsciously- whatever it is, uh- and I don’t want the doctor doing it, please- one of these medical, and uh, Marceline can do it, or Judy [Judith Ijames] can do it. Somebody here can do it. One of these people around here can do it. (Pause) The only reason I said those people, don’t want more people worried about it. ‘Cause sometimes it gets worrisome. There no need to have more people worry about it. A lot of good people here can take blood pressure. (Pause) (Muses) Okay, give me the news, while I’m working here. Let’s see, what reports are back.

Male: This- this- this uh, is regarding uh, about television. Dad, as I remember you hearing- I remember hearing the news, you saying that uh, the CIA called it Operation Distraction for the People that uh- that the television shows there had a lot of involvement with police shows, and the shows uh, relax the minds of people, and when you s- mentioned that uh, a person could be in a room or a hospital, you could have a major operation, and the television would kinda help get over his illnesses because he’d be in a relaxed state of con- mind, not thinking of uh, the realities of the world, and then I was thinking of like an example of uh, uh-

Jones: You know they miscalculate that, though. They miscalculate that, because some of them fuckers watching TV, and they’re dying off with the strokes and heart attacks at early age, so it isn’t working just exactly right. ‘Cause some of them people don’t have nothing but empty brains, and they never concern themselves about anybody, but they still drop over at 50 and 45 and 39. John Wayne could never have worried about nobody. He’s had cancer, and he’s had now heart attack. And he’s got the best m- medical- He got a personal doctor that he keeps with him every day, has for about 15 years. He ain’t keeping him from dying, though. (Pause) ‘Cause somebody- I know some anarchist who are in here say, it pays not to worry, and I want to live a long time. Then you must be, not only an anarchist, but you must be a moron.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: The way some of you folk talk about getting older, and one of you (stumbles over words) you know, put it in the light of a- an achievement– I- I never- When my birthday comes, just let it come and let it pass. (Pause) Go ahead, son.

Male: And uh, well, I was thinking of example of- of TV viewing, and being people don’t eat, their regular nutritional values ain’t that high with- when they watch TV, as I was thinking of say, the average American kid who would spend about 24 hours a day or 21 hours a day watching TV, he runs to the corner store, buys him a candy bar and a Pepsi, comes home and watch TV, and usually doesn’t eat that much. I was thinking of that. And then you also said that um, about uh, the American visitors fund, where they spend- Congressmen spend money, or Congress spends money on touring uh, people from different countries, the lots of uh, money from taxpayers’ dollars and stuff like that, and uh, it’s just uh- it’s just uh- just plans to get countries to uh, he- help support the uh, United States in some way or another, by being friendly to them, showing them on tours and stuff like that.

Jones: Monitors asked some of the people to give you a new piece of news, you security, I- I’ll wake these fuckers up, you don’t want to- we don’t make them public. Just go by ’em. Some of these- the young ones, it’s ridiculous. I ask you to give one piece of news as you go by. (Pause) Whispering. You go wake some of these people up. ‘Cause some of these folks could never- they don’t remember one piece of news since they got here, that- as we found out there- last night. (Pause) I was ashamed at the performance of a young person not knowing any more than that. There ain’t no damn excuse. You have to try not to know any more than that. Unless I’m looking at things from a very tired perspective, and I feel so tired that anything would be pleasant. Any form of death right now. But um- (Pause) Slow or long term. (Pause) But it seem like- this is terrible when somebody been here for nine months and can’t give you a piece of ne- news, that’s bad shit. (Pause) Sorry that our uh, black nights, uh, White Nights are in the middle of the day. This is the hottest time. But we can’t pick White Nights. If I ca- If I can, uh, the next one I’ll order, I’ll order it from between 12 and 5. (Pause) I’m not hostile. (Laughs) Am I, Martin [probably Martin Amos]?

Martin: (Murmurs)

Jones: I love everybody, but I’m still hostile. (Pause) Oh, lower the sheet. How many more times do you think one will have to piss before they step over. (Pause) Please don’t prophecy. How many more times will you have to hold the ugly thing and aim it in a can? Hmm? Is life that miserable to you? Then you’ll be ready for revolution. How many times will you have to sit on a shithole and empty your bowels and wipe your ass and (unintelligible word) yourself and wait for the next time that you get something, and break out. (Drinks) Folks, some of you not ready for revolution. That’s how I been all my life. Ever since I was a kid, and had to go on living for some animals, and then finally some needy person down the street. I thought, what is- what a waste of time to shit when you could stop it all. (Drinks) Fertilize some greens for some poor people in Africa that long ago deserved to eat while we were wasting our fucking money, like some of you did, going out of style. And I still haven’t had many people write about it. We’ve had people to have the nerve to write me notes. “I never did nothing back there, Father.” That’s true. That’s true. (Drinks) You did nothing. ‘Cause if we’d all worked like we could’ve, we’da had us a goddamn submarine, an Air Force ship, and an atomic missile. That’s how much money we’ve throwed away. (Pause) Go on, I hate a silence. I hate to have to direct. Anybody go, do whatever they gonna do.

Boy: Um, Dad, the um, the main actors of M*A*S*H are- are going, uh, getting, yeah, are acting- are getting all uh, messed up and stuff ’cause they’re losing their popularity and-

Jones: They’ve- they’ve lost uh, they’ve all lost their positions.

Boy: And so-

Jones: In Hollywood, you come and you go. They’re the most po- uh, most celebrated. It’s good that you took note of that, son. The most celebrated actors, the most popular, have lost it all. And somebody else lost. Do you remember another actor?

Boy: It was Kojak [Telly Savalas]. He tried-

Jones: What’s happening to Kojak?

Boy: He tried to commit um, suicide five times.

Jones: Three weeks, I think. He’s on what?

Boy: Yeah, he’s on Skid Row.

Jones: Skid Row. That’s all right, my lad. (Pause) (Calls out) I’m glad the fucker’s there, ’cause he never did nothing to help the ACLU or the NAACP, and he’s certainly didn’t help no communist.

Crowd: (Light applause)

Jones: So fuck him. I hope he rots on Skid Row. (Pause) I’m glad he’ll li- One thing that makes me slightly overcome a little bit of my hostility is while black people suffering and going through hell, and poor white working class people and Indians, that at least some of those son-of-a-bitches do get some misery-

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: -that’s obvious. They’re all miserable. It’s all miserable. (Pause) Will I be quiet? Thank you, honey.

Young man: Also you said about uh, this lady, she was uh, given medi- uh, medicine for a dollar and two dollars, and she’s- uh, she’s a 60-year-old doctor- (Pause) 68, and uh, she was charged for illegal medicine and she just wanted to keep the prices low so that the people uh, you know, so it could be lower for the people so they could buy s- afford some medicine, and she hasn’t changed her prices since 1947, and they’re charging her for illegal medicine.

Another person: I want to add on to what Alfred has said, um, in the UFO’s. The um, America, um, they trying to find- they know- they already know that there’s UFOs, and if- they trying to find out if it’s going to help capitalism or if it’s going to destroy it. And if it ain’t gone help them none, then they gone um, try and make some kind of weapon that could destroy them.

Jones: I don’t know, I think I ought to have something to eat, uh, probably, putting this stuff on, plus they ought to have the blood pressure pill there, as my blood pressure seems to be going up. I missed that. What was that, sweetie? I missed it.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Another person: I said that America was going to try to- they already know there’s UFOs, and they gone- and if the UFOs ain’t gone help- help capitalism, and if it’s going to help socialism, they’re going to try to destroy ’em.

Jones: That’s good. (Pause) (Groans) What?

Voice: The doctor?

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Now I said, to start breakfast at 10:30, which would usually be the wake up time, but they said they woke up people at 9:30.

Voice in crowd: Oh, that’s not true, Dad. People were- People- People were up. People wereup at- at that. They got up at 10.

Jones: Well, it was a complaint, so I- I just was reading it.

Voice in crowd: No. Peo- People got up on their own. They had to run ’em back inside.

Jones: People got up on their own, they had to run ’em back inside. Well, you can’t do nothing about that. (Pause) The security can move in, don’t get drenched. Save your clothes. Ain’t no- uh, nobody in sight. If it is going to be that, don’t- which I doubt- (Pause)

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: A nice, (draws out word) cool rain.

Crowd: Yeah. (Hubbub)

Sounds of rain.

Man: Paula [Adams]? Paula, you spoke about- to a Congressman-

Jones: Shut up now, you have to shut up, with the rain falling, you can’t hear.

Man: You spoke about to a congressman. You spoke about Congressman [Charles] Diggs, uh, which they had him charged with defrauding the government of a hundred thousand dollars, 35 counts, which would get 175 years.

Jones: Yeah.

Man: And he uh, he have had a pre- preliminary hearing, and he pleaded not guilty.

Jones: Yeah.

Man: And he will have his trial the sixth of June. Then they spoke about Congress Miller, a New York Congress who was- who was uh, charged with molesting two boys.

Jones: Yeah.

Man: And he was outspoken Congress because he once spoke out when S- Senator [John] Stennis sent the two Air Force officers stayed behind, they uh, the black mayor from Mississippi who came to our church.

Birds screech

Jones: Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. He was the one- He was the one person that- (Pause) (Addresses birds) You little fuckers. Shut up. (Back to crowd) Uh, they, they- that’s true, that’s exactly what he did, he was one of the few people that wrote a letter in condemning Stennis for doing it on our behalf, and now charged a Congressman on the streets molesting two boys. Now you know there ain’t no shit to that. That’s a bunch of bullshit. No Congressman have to do that. He could pay and have boys come to him. (Pause) Right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: That stinks. If he was that way. I mean, if he was that way. (Pause)

Bird screech

Jones: (Addresses birds) I wish you two’d fuck each other and shut up. (Pause) Thank you. (Back to crowd) (Laughs) They quit. It’s almost as if they’d heard me, then. (Unintelligible, making bird noises?) Even before she walked over there, I wish people would behave as well.

Woman: Chile, USA and South Africa signed a genocide treaty. That’s another thing that was mentioned. And also uh, Rev- (Pause) Rev wanted me to- to reiterate on uh, this doctor, her name was Doctor Emery and she’s from Oregon, and uh, she charged one dollar for office visits and two dollars for home visits. And the uh, medical-

Jones: They’ve hounded her for years.

Woman: Yes, and the medical society is down on her now, trying to stop her from doing any type of medical work.

Jones: They got her on some kind of goddamn malpractice. She facing uh- she’s facing going to jail. I don’t know what the hell they’ve done to the woman. (Pause)

Woman: Also the US has sent some uh, weapons to Somalia to start this war again with Ethiopia, and this time, it will be more or less a nuclear war. This is what people are afraid of now.

Jones: Recent news was, when they pulled out the sack, where there’s a tight military- dictatorship is so tight that- that a- there’s a curfew, everybody has to be in by dark. (Pause)

Woman: Uh, you also said on the news uh, something about in West Germany, concerning the satellite- (tape fades) Uh- Concerning the satellites that were seen over there. Uh-

Jones: The uf- The unidentified flying objects, yeah.

Woman: And uh, it says that someone should uh, study these satellites-

Jones: Yeah, and that’s was what killed me. That’s what killed me.

Woman: And see if they were friendly. And if they wasn’t friendly, they was going to use some kind of uh, gun or ammunition or something on ’em to kill them.

Jones: No, it’s narcissistic as hell. They traced them all over the fucking skies, going to high altitudes trying to catch the sons-a-bitches, and can’t catch ’em. They think we got some kind of weaponry that’s going to be able to stop somebody from outer space that’s watching. I just- uh, hopeful. I don’t believe in liz- believing in vague hope or notions, but it is interesting that they’re watching the most important um- they seem to be circling around that, whatever that German name, I can’t remember.

Voices in crowd: Murmurs. Nuremberg.

Jones: No, it wasn’t Nuremberg. It was something. I spelled it. I spelled it.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Why don’t you get down and say it. Uh, give her the microphone, please.

Woman: You said, N-U-B-I-R-D-I-G. Nubirg, Germany. In West Germany. (Pause)

Jones: Well.

Male: How do you pronounce it?

Jones: I don’t know. Shit, this is- No, it’s not Nuremberg, it was not Nuremberg. I thought-

Woman: No, it not Nure- It’s N-U-B

Jones: Nubliberg or something. Nubi-

Woman: I-R-D-I-G. (Pause) Nurbidig. In-

Jones: It was an Air Force base for all U.S. major atomic arsenal’s kept in central Europe. I hope the sons-a-bitches are intelligent enough to watch us. (Pause)

Voices in crowd: Too low.

Jones: He kept what-

Man: -It kept going out- It kept going out gradually, until it was out of sight, but it- it coulda been uh, uh, a satellite, it coulda been anything. Because you could see it for a good while.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: They’re red and green. They probably got one up there just for us. I hope.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: One with a high-powered nuclear bomb (unintelligible word)

Lee Ingram: All right, quiet. If you have a news article, please come up to the microphone.

Woman: People that spoke before, don’t keep popping up in the line.

Jones: Yeah, do that. Thank you. We’re not up here for a stage presentations, we’re trying to get people involved. And some of you people never get involved. But I tell you, I want you people to go and do- ask, and everyone you can think of, ask them. Because some of you people quiet, and they hide in their quietness.

Woman: Another article that uh, was in the news was concerning um, (Pause) um, the shark that was on the beach, and it was attacking everything in its path, except children.

Jones: It wasn’t just a shark on the beach. Whole fucking school of them. It’s a new phenomenon they’d ever seen. Attacking everything that gets in the waters out- off of Australia. Whole school of them, but they don’t bother children.

Woman: Uh, Dad, while I was on security at night, about these satellites, uh-

Jones: I hope nuclear radiation has caused a sudden evolution in some of these species. (Pause)

Woman: On security, I’ve seen uh, twinkling uh, lights up in the elements. It was smaller than uh- it was larger than our regular star, and uh, as uh-

Jones: It’s a first- It’s a first signal that Jesus is coming.

Crowd: (Laughter)

Woman at mike: (Short laugh)

Jones: And if he comes, he’ll miss here.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: And if he lands, he’ll have holes in his ass bigger than the one he’s got.

Man in crowd: Oh, yeah.

Jones: And if we capture him, Reb will cook him.

Crowd: (Hubbub. One person claps)

Jones: I ain’t gone look for no satellites to save us, honey. I didn’t mean to get into no astral notions. (Pause)

Man: Uh, Dad, the news about Guyana was this morning, when you were reading about uh, Mr. Jagan [Cheddi Jagan, head of the opposition Peoples Progressive Party], said that the uh, thing that he did yesterday was seen to be some part of a stage play, when he threw over- the papers over his desk.

Jones: It’s possible. We’ve heard- we’ve heard from the Soviet Union two things that- We might as well get down to some basics, that’s true. We heard two things. The Soviet Union has said, we have nothing to worry about, that this country is going to move more socialist than ever before. That’s what the ambassador told us. Now, that was what- a week ago? No, hold it. Don’t- don’t get your- don’t get your ass in uproar. Then secondly – I told you that a week ago – then we heard that (Pause) that [Guyana Prime Minister Forbes] Burnham wanted to accept- the prime minister wanted to accept the joint government with Jagan, but members of his own party are opposed to it. So, he couldn’t risk a takeover by uh, the wrong elements, and Jagan had to deal with some people even in his own East Indian community, so that they made an undercover, under-table agreement. Under-tub- Under-table agreement. Now. It may be – it may not be true – we’ve heard it with some reliability, we’ve heard a lot of reliable folks say some things that were reliable, and some things that were just full of shit. Now, it seemsstrange that Dr. Jagan would make that kind of move. It’s not his disposition. He’s a very controlled quiet sort of person. And it could be a diversionary tactic, to act all that upset, like everything is shot to the wind. The Russians tell us, don’t meet with him right now. That’s strange. They say, out of- for our own welfare, don’t meet with him. Obviously, they’d want us to meet with him, because he’s their man. He’s always been their man. Maybe they don’t want us to step into something and trouble something uh, that’s going to take place in the next few days, that would save us all, ’cause the Russians have been very friendly to us. They told us, don’t get in public and make money- more statements- ‘course, that’s a little late for that. And don’t- don’t make these statements about the USA. Well, shit. Fuck that. I won’t- (Pause) (Sighs) That’s too late. We- We handled it pretty well, but uh, I- we were worried the Russians would think we weren’t strong enough, because shit, we said we’d been, you know, President [Jimmy] Carter, he nice, and the Embassy was nice and all that shit. And they thought it was too strong. (Pause) That’s what they said, wasn’t it?

Woman in crowd: Yeah, they- they were worried-

Jones: They were worried. They admired us. They admired us. They said we were idealist, we were real- we were genuine revolutionaries like they were in the days of their revolution, but you got to become aware of realities, and you have to make compromises to survive. And we have to decide about what kind of compromises we’re prepared to live with. (Pause) That’s what we have to decide. I say, Russians have to make compromises, because of nuclear war. It’s a terrible thing to unleash a nuclear war all over the goddamn globe, but weup- up here, I don’t think have to make the same kind of compromises. (Pause)

Man: Uh, if we went over on- in- into Russia’s camp full hardy, would they probably in turn try to use us as pawns in a more, bigger scale on- to threaten the U.S. And-

Jones: They don’t seem to be inclined to. They seem to be very careful, and want us to be extremely careful about being seen with them. Want to be sneaked in, if they come in. I reallythink the Russians are pretty genuine along that line. They’ve been most concerned and considerate. Most con- I would say, most concerned.

Man: Okay, thank you, Dad.

Jones: All right, I don’t believe they were trying to use us-  if they wanted to use us aspawns, they’da sure got busy. Excuse me, I’ll have them take some food- you- any food I eat, you can see here, I haven’t eaten.

Man: Well-

Jones: So I’ve got to take protein, because I’m in a little blood sugar problem. Anyway, um- (Pause) Oh, what, and have to explain everything you do. Everything you do, you gotta explain. I’m so tired of it, I don’t know what to do.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Woman: Please, quiet.

Jones: This is- This is a age-old piece of uh, chicken, I guess. It’s cold, so I’m- I can assure you, I’m not enjoying it. (Pause)

Woman: Uh- uh, another thing, Dad, they know that we have- how we do White- uh, I’m sure they’ve heard about our stands and our White Night stands, uh- and probably not in the full detail, but in some instance, and yo- you know, wondering what we would do or how we would do, if, you know, if they got into the camp with us, and things didn’t go like, you know, just what they thought it would be.

Jones: I don’t want to stop your dissent. I like dissent now. That’s the only way we grow. Now what did she say that? I missed that. (Pause) Wait- Will you people all shut up so we can hear it? It’s a point of viewing different minds- Will you take those fucking birds down and put them some place on the- on that- on that curb and let them screw each other?

Woman: You know, I was just saying, uh, probably that they’ve heard of how we re- protect ourselves and you know, and White Nights, and what have you. I wondered, you know, were they just kinda, you know, easing in and not just, you know, to see where we would- how would we go and what would we do. That’s what I was asking. (Pause)

Jones: I’m not following. I’m- I’m not feeling too good, so it’s possible- It’s not you, it’s me.

Lee Ingram: Start from the top, and say it slowly.

Woman: No, I was- What I was saying was, you know, uh, like, you said that they don’t want to be seen with us, when they was eat- you know, we were going about in different ways of meeting the Russians. We have- You know, we’re not- having anything to hide, I’m saying, and uh, have they heard about how we have White Nights and what, you know- in other words, how we’ve done demands with the uh, Guyana government, you know, would they figure that we would do this with them? That’s what I was saying. (Long pause)

(Tape edits)

Children whisper, unintelligible

(Tape edits)

Jones: Put the blood pressure medicine here. And then I’ll take it if I need it. And I’ll- Blood pressure- You can live with your blood pressure being high, (unintelligible under radio interference), ’cause you got a lot of will. There was 13- here, wake up now, wake up. Wake up. (Tape edit) (Unintelligible word) That’ll scare the- (Tape edit)

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2004