Q597 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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(Note: This tape was one of the 53 tapes initially withheld from public disclosure.)

Jones: (unintelligible word), Doctor [Larry] Schacht, hold in there.

Crowd: Stirs.

Jones: I— I— Only thing I promise— I promise, I promised Stanley [Clayton], he will not poison you under my jurisdiction. Thank you, Jesus.

(tape edit) (Silence for several seconds)

Jones: And Jack [Barron] tells me, he’s got a big dick.

Crowd: Laughs and calls out

Jones: (Laughs)

Man: How do I know that?

Jones: (Laughs) (tape edit)

Man: You’re wondering how I know his dick is big? That is a secret.

Crowd: Murmurs

Jones: I just believe in giving everybody their own edge. (Pause) (Calls out ) Right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Equal time. (Pause) You played with Helen [probably Helen Buckley]? And she wanted to play with hi— the doctor or anybody else, she got one comin’.

General hubbub

Jones: Isn’t that right?

Music and audience stirring. Voice too soft.

Jones: Hold it in there, Stanley, hold in there.

General hubbub

Male 2: Say, boy must not be feeling so good.

Voice: He shook up.

Jones: I’m gone pass everybody the good news from now on, you’ll be— You— We don’t have to take no shit, you know. Nor— no— Nor does anybody else. (Pause) There’s all kind of fish in the pool.

General hubbub, light applause

Jones: (sighs) (reads) Lori Fields. (unintelligible word) with wood. Good worker and good— Okay, Lori Fields’ off. (Clears throat) Not only fourth time— Edward Ford, you’d be off, but not on there, long enough, too many times on. So you have to stay awhile. James Ford, the same. Stay a little while longer. David Goodwin? (Pause) Uh-huh, David, how you doing? Where’s he at? He’s— he’s resting, is he? Yeah. Umm-hmm. Been out of the box eight days, he was there. (Pause) Joe Jones? (Pause) First time, two days, good worker, good attitude, both days. (Pause) Smile, Joe.

Crowd: Scattered laughter.

Jones: Can you put on me— Can you show how the Lord— how it feels to praise the Lord?

General hubbub

Male: You want to get off— You want to get off—

Jones: Come on, Joe, get the blessing.

General hubbub

Voice: Hit it, Joe.

Jones: Run down that— Run down that aisle and shout. Run down the aisle and shout that we—

General hubbub

Jones: (Laughs) You’re off, Joe. You’re off. Thank you, Jesus. (Pause)

Voice: They all oughta act—

Jones: Tommy Kice. Tommy Kice, [it] says uh, not— he’s a good worker, but he’s been on there— that’s his third time, so he has to go on. [Martha] Ellen Klingman? (Pause) Ellen Klingman, I want you to get to victory. Run down the aisle and praise the Lord, and thank you Jesus, and really put on an old fashioned Holy Ghost fit.

Klingman: (voice distorted)


General hubbub

Voice: (unintelligible)

Jones: (Calls out) You went the wrong way. You went the wrong way. (Pause) I got a block— I gotta block of folk over here that kinda upset about making fun of Jesus. Will you come over here, make fun of Jesus? (Pause) (Fake ministerial voice) Get back there, make fun of Jesus. (Pause) Oooh, ay, ay! (Pause) (Laughs) Don’t hesitate to make fun of Jesus. He kept us in ignorance so long. So long Jesus kept us in ignorance.

General hubbub

Jones: (Laughs) Willie Malone? Fifth time. Six days, too long. Wayne McCall? (Pause) Fourth time. Okay. Works good, attitude good, last three days. (Pause) Okay, Wayne. Where are you, Wayne? (Pause) Wayne!

General hubbub and laughter

Jones: Wayne, you’re going to have to shout and get the Lord’s s— spirit in you tonight. (Calls out) Wayne. Waayyynne! Wayne Wayne Wayne.

General hubbub

Jones: You gotta get blessed. You gotta bless, you gotta get— speak in tongues, you gotta go— Shout— (Laughs) You gotta shout up and down the aisle. You want to get off of Learning Crew? (Pause) You do? Well, you see them getting shout— Did you see them shoutin’ a while ago?

Voice: Get in the spirit, Wayne.

Jones: Get in the spirit. (Draws out word) Shout, you know. Woo!

Voice: You know (unintelligible word), get the spirit, Wayne. Show us how it works.

General hubbub

Jones: Wayne, it’s worth getting off the Learning Crew. (Pause)

Voice: All you gotta do is praise him.

Woman: Go on, Wayne.

Voices call out, then laughter

Jones: What’d he say?

Voices compete, unintelligible

Jones: (Laughs)

General hubbub

Voice 1: Go crazy, Wayne—

Voice 2: Go crazy for Jesus.

Voice 1: (unintelligible) do it legally now.

General hubbub

Jones: Wayne, as Reverend Ed— Edw— [James] Edwards said, have a fit like you did that got you on, and that’s what you do. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

Voice: You want off—

Jones: Thank you, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Woo!

General hubbub

Jones: That’s it, sister, that sister, show him, show him. Thank you, Jesus. (Cries out in faked ecstasy) (Laughs) Hey, thank you, Jesus. Go, (unintelligible word)

General hubbub

Jones: Make fun of this shit. I want to get this shit out of here, because religion was back there. It was at the dinner table tonight. Some of you— All of you, get up. Come on. Make fun of it. (fake minister voice) Jesus, Jesus. Woo!

General hubbub

Jones: (Laughs)

General hubbub

Jones: Glory to God! (unintelligible) (Laughs) Look at Professor [Edith] Roller. Look— (Laughs) Professor Roller back there’s got the spirit. A-hey! Look— Look at Roller, look at Roller. (Laughs) Hold in there, hold in there.

Organ plays. General hubbub. Voices unintelligible

Jones: Hey! (Pause) What— Wayne, you ain’t gone get off of Learning, if you don’t out there and shout.

General hubbub. Voices unintelligible

Jones: Hey! (Laughs)

General hubbub

Voice: Wayne!

Jones: Show ‘em how to do it, Mother— Mother [Burger Lee] Dean, show ‘em how to do it. Show ‘em how to do it, Mother Dean.

Tambourine and organ

Mother Dean: Hallelujah!

Jones: (Laughs) Ninety-one. That’s all right, Momma. That’s all right, Momma. Momma did it well. Momma did it well. You guys— come on, you can do it.

General hubbub

Child: Do it!

Jones: Come on!

General hubbub. Tambourine and organ

Voice: Fall out, Wayne. Fall out. Fall out, Wayne.

Jones: (Sings out) Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

General hubbub, as people call out to Wayne

Jones: (Laughs) He’s half asleep. (Pause) (Laughs)

General hubbub. Tambourine and organ. Tempo rises, more energetic movement

Jones: (Laughs) That’s all right, sir. (Sings out) (Unintelligible word), ooh, right now. Look at that. Look at that. (Laughs) That— That— (Sings out) Oooh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, now. Look at that movement. Look at that movement. All right— Bup, bup— (Sings) Look at him doing it. Got the spirit. He got the spirit. Look at that boy. Look at that boy. (Laughs) These kids are too much. (Laughs)

Voice: And the socialist only goes down.

Jones: (Laughs) You’re all right, Wayne. You’re sweet. From that— You’re sweet!

Applause as music dies

Jones: You’re all right, kid. That was a performance. You ought to give the dancin’. (Reads) Don Fitch, Mary Griffith, Pat Grunnett, Eyvonne Hayden, Gladys Jackson, Clara Johnson, Earl Johnson, Magnolia Harris, Judy Ijames, Paulette Jackson, will you please— (Pause) to the tent to sign the papers.

Voice too soft, mentions Jerry Hart (phonetic)

Jones: Hmm?

Voice too soft.

Jones: What is it you said? Who do you want to dance?

Voice: I’d like to see Jerry dance. He’s— New job on the piggery, and he doesn’t seem to be joining in back there, I see, and I’d like to see him dance tonight. He used to be a Pentecostal preacher.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping. Tempo increase.

Jones: (Laughs) (Calls out) It’s all right. Say, it’s all right.

General hubbub.

Jones: (Sings) Thank you, Jesus. (Normal tone) Lawanda Mitchell, first time, two days, cleans bathroom really well, good worker, good attitude, both days. How you doin’? Where you at, Lawanda? (Sings out) We want a little dancin’. Where you at? Come on, Lawanda. Come on, Lawanda. (Pause) Come on, child. Come on, child.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping. Tempo increase.

Jones: Get in there, girl. That’s good. Come on. (Laughs) All right, all right, all right. She just danced her way off the Learning Crew. (Pause) C— Chris Newell. You— Hold it. And you gotta do— you gotta dance heavy. You gotta dance heavy. ‘Cause I’m giving you a break. You gotta dance heavy. (Calls out) All right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. (Laughs)

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Calls out) Oh, yeah! (Laughs) (Sings out) Shift your hands, clap your hands. Shift, shift, shift. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: Now, Richardell [Perkins]. Richardell, you gotta put on quite a scene. Come on out, Richardell. Come on!

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Laughs) (Sings out) Don’t you feel it? Don’t you feel the Lord moving? Catch the heat from feeling it now. (Pause) Now, Gloria Rosa. Got— Got to be a good performance, got to be a good performance. Ah, glory, come on. All right now. (Laughs)

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Laughs) (Sings out) Oh, yeah.

Music. General hubbub

Jones: (Enthusiastic tone) Very good. Very good, darling. You got a good dance. That’s all right. Let’s give a good hand there.

Applause. General hubbub

Jones: Kay Rosas!

Shouts from audience. Music. General hubbub.

Jones: (Laughs) (Calls out) Come on, shout, Kay, shout. Run up and down those aisles and shout.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Laughs) All right, honey. (Pause) Keep it cool, Kay, keep it cool. (Pause) Now we got the— (sings sleepily, unintelligible word).

General hubbub

Jones: Rochelle Kemp.

Shouts from audience

Jones: Come on, Rochelle. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on, Socko (Phonetic), let’s go. Come on, Socko. (Laughs)

Shouts from audience. Music. General hubbub.

Jones: (Laughs) It’s okay. It’s okay. (Pause) All right, Rochelle, that’s all right. That’s the way they do it. (Pause) Now, Derek Walker, you’ll get a chance, if you— you gotta— you gotta do it good. Gotta go it good.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Laughs) (Calls out) Oh, yeah. (Laughs) (Music stops) (Normal tone) It’s all right, son. This is wonderful, you— I— I heard about you, that you had such a good attitude [during] your days on, that you would even work with a painful boil under your arm, you were also very kind to the chickens when they killed them. That’s sweet. When he had to butcher them for us to have chicken tomorrow. Appreciate that.


Jones: Ricardo Arterberry, you’re going to have to shout good.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Laughs) All right, son, all right. (Pause) Gleniel Johnson, you’ll have to really dance and shout and talk in tongues and— Where he at? Where he at? (Pause) Where’s Gleniel? Let’s go.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: Where’s Gleniel?

Woman Voice: He’s trying to get down.

Music. General hubbub.

Jones: How long does it take him to sign these people up, for Christ’s sake? He—

General hubbub.

Jones: Is Irvin Perkin— Is Irvin Perkins up? Where’s Irvin? You gotta do some dancin’ and some shoutin’, Irvin.

Music. General hubbub.

Jones: Oh, Irvin. (Laughs) All right, Irvin. (Pause) Well. (Pause) (Music stops) (Reads) Second time, (unintelligible word), good worker, good attitude, worked good. Very good today. Mark Rhodes [Marquess Rhodes], we give a little mercy, this is a Mercy Night. Let’s see how you do, Mark. Let’s see how you can do it, Mark. (Calls out) Go, Mark.

Music. General hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Laughs) (Sings out) All right. (Laughs) These kids are just— (Pause) You’re all right, sweet. You’re all right, sweet. You’re all right.

General hubbub.

Jones: Tell him, tell him. Talk to him a little bit.

Voice: Come on, Gleniel.

Jones: Come on, Gleniel. That’s the way you get off of Learning Crew tonight. Everything happens around here.

General hubbub.

Jones: Shift, please. Shift.

General hubbub.

Jones: Warnings, uh, Comrade D— Darnes, Najuandrienne Darnes, Robert Franklin, Darell Keller, is it?

General hubbub.

Jones: Darell Keller. The second warning? Join the Learning— (Pause) If you do a good job of working, you can dance your way a little bit later. (Pause) Darell Keller, Learning, please. Eugene Smith. If you don’t understand these warnings, then you can ask. (Pause) Vennie Thompson? Attitude poor, quite a mouth, and hostile at times. Pearl Land? Attitude poor at times.

Woman Voice: Second warning.

Jones: Both of them?

Woman: Yes, Dad.

Jones: Um, dear Jesus, I hate to send uh, my seniors to Learning, but will you jo— go join in Learning, my dears, for the night? (Pause) (Reads) Mike Simon? This morning, Mike was told by Ernestine Blair to check with (unintelligible name; could be Tarik Baker) about two compost cans that needed spraying for maggots. Marie Rankin and Brian Bouquet observed that Mike started spraying without asking questions. He sprayed the pig feed cans that had food in them. (Pause) He knows where the different cans are located. In Marie’s estimation, he just did not care, and was disturbed with Ernestine that morning, because she confronted him for being late to work. He would’ve had another crisis at the piggery if the poisoned food had been delivered to the pigs. (Pause) Please, my children. (clears throat) That’s Learning? Is that right? You said second warning?

Woman: Yes, Dad, (unintelligible)

Male Voice: He gets off of Learning (unintelligible phrase) spraying altogether. He’s too careless.

Jones: Say it louder, please.

Male: When he gets off of Learning, if he’s— if he’s going to Learning, I’d suggest he be removed from spraying because he’s entirely too careless.

Another Voice: And uncaring.

General calls of assent.

Jones: (Pause) (Reads) James Arthur is to be praised for taking Learning about the soils and plants around here. He comes every day after he gets out of school, and studies and asks questions. Thank you, James Author— James Arthur, that’s beautiful. Vincent Lopez has shown (clears throat) interest— He’s using his mind to pick up what is being taught in class. When I orally quizzed his class on things that have been taught, he is the first one to answer correctly. Thank you. Some extra things tomorrow for you.

Light applause

Jones: These people are to stay around that I named. If I named your names— How many remember your names being called tonight? They can have a movie— a late movie, and you’ll have to wait until they can sign things over. I’ll give you the list, as you’re to be the next group that’ll call for it, List Four, what is it? List Four is Shanda James, Robert Johnson, Laura Johnston, Annette Jones, Ralph Jackson, Kathy [Kathryn] Jackson, Eartis Jeffrey, Che Jones, Irra Johnson, Wanda King. (Pause) List Five, after the List Four is finished, will be [Forrest] Ray Jones, Agnes Jones, Edie [Edith] Kutulas, Karen Lendo, L. [Levatus] V. McKinnis, Earl McKnight, Earnestine March, Andrea Martin. But they ought to take Earl now. It’s a miracle Earl’s living and coming—

Low voices. Tape edit for several seconds.

Jones: Michael Simon. First warning, but uh, this spraying of the food, God, that’s bad. (Pause) List number Six, after that’s finished, (unintelligible word) Jane Mutschmann— How many have seen The Children of the Damned? You ought to study that. That’ll be the first movie tonight. There’s a good animal picture about Africa, but if it’s full of propaganda— You’ll have to see these movies in the next few days. (Pause) Jane Mutschmann, Herbert Newell, Maud Perkins, Edith Roller, Glenda Polite, Lois Ponts, Ron Sines, Darlene Ramey. Take Brother McKnight now, take him over there, as I said. He shouldn’t have to wait. List Seven will be Abraham Staten, Annie Rozynko, Santiego— Santiago Rosa, Shirley Smith, Willie Sneed, Adeleine Strider, Bobby [Robert] Stroud, Armella Tardy, Bernice Thomas, Ernest Thomas— Ought to take Ernest over there too now. Harriet [Sarah] Tropp, List Eight, Alleane Tucker, Richmond Stahl, Inez Wagger, Cheryl— Wagner, rather, Cheryl Well— Wilhite, Mary Wotherspoon, Peter Wotherspoon, Bea Orsot, Danny Moten, Cynthia Davis. List Number Nine, Preston Wade, Mary Ann Casanova, Tom Partak, Mary Castillo, William Castillo, Rochelle Halkman, Sylvia Grubbs. List number 10 will be Mark Boutte, Corliss Boutte, Roosevelt Turner, Christine Miller, Ernestine Blair, Dorothy Brewer, Rosie Burgines, Pauline Groot. They can call on them. Will you tell Loretta [Loretta Mae Cordell, aka Loretta Coomer] to call on them in that order? (Pause) Uh, somebody here. Yeah, this— Is he ready to d— Is he ready to dance?

Woman: Yes, he is (fade out)

Jones: Okay, dance, my son. Dance, my son.

Music starts. Smaller hubbub. Music stops.

Jones: Lew Jones would— Junior would like to w— work with Cleave [Swinney], learning how to fix tractors, and how to make things. Would you take that down, see if that can be done? (Pause) Little but— Little guy, yeah, but— Put it in Learning— I put it in the Steering. (Pause) What’s that? Son, how would we know you wouldn’t go to battleline, that we— if we asked you to fight, if we asked you to fight, um, racist— the racist that want to kill, and the capitalist. Would you go out there tonight? Hmm? Would you do that? (Pause) Well, swing your hand like you’re going out with a cutlass. (Growls) Gleniel? Swing, swing, swing your hand, like you’re going out with a cutlass to get ‘em. Go down, go down, go down the aisle.


Jones: Come on. Son? How would I know you will go if I called on you to go fight? Show me you’ll go fight. There’s the enemy down there. Go fight him. Go. Take your hand and go.

Music starts. General hubbub.

Jones: We can’t let pride, son, stand in your way. We can’t let pride. Son, you’re being embarrassed. Would you be embarrassed if we asked you to defend you— to defend us tonight? Would you be bothered? You wouldn’t, would you?

Voice too low.

Jones: Would you? Would you be embarrassed, or would you go out and fight, if we had to fight tonight? Huh?

Voices too low, calling on him to answer.

Jones: Gleniel, I’ve got to keep the rule for everybody. I’ve got to keep the rule. I made a rule tonight. I don’t— Uh, you, you can surely dance. That’s no problem. Go down and shout. We don’t all dance the same.

Voice: Come on, dance down the aisle. Come on.

Jones: Can’t you dance?

Voice: Come on, dance.

Jones: Come on. Won’t you dance? Hmm?

Voice: Turn around in circles.

General hubbub as music starts.

Jones: Come on, son.

Voice: Come on.

Music. Hubbub.

Voice: Clap and shout.

Music, hubbub. Low voices.

Voice: Come on, Gleniel.

Several voices unintelligible.

Jones: You take it. You take it. It’s okay. You’re all right. (Pause) He’s all right.

Voices too low.

Child’s Voice: I am.

Jones: Okay, Vincent [Lopez]. [I] Hear good reports. (Calls out) Can you dance your way off?

Voice: Come on, Vincent.

Jones: It’s gotta be a good dance. It’s gotta be a good dance.

Music. Hubbub. Excited voices.

Jones: (Sings out) Ahh. Son, now you know— I been working my ass off, baby, and I got out there and made a fool of myself. Now, c’mon.


Another Voice: Do you want off? You want off?

Jones: (unintelligible phrase), well, still show us how you can dance. C’mon. Come on. Come on, come on.


Voices: Come on, Vincent.

Jones: Come on. Don’t be— don’t let pride stand in the way of a socialist. Go right on. Go on.

Second Voice: The girls still like you, Vincent.

Voices call out.

Jones: He was trying to get you off, son. (Pause)

Voice: Yeah, I know you are.

Voices: Come on, Vincent.

Jones: Still don’t let pride stand in your way. Don’t let pride stand in your way. You people got— Don’t let s— pride stand in your way.

Voice: And you’ll jog for me, right, Vincent? Right? Can’t dance with the (unintelligible)—

Numerous voices.

Jones: Come on. Come on. Come on, son.


Another Voice: Take him— Reb [James Edwards], Reb, take him down the aisle.

Jones: Don’t be embar— Listen. I’m worried about you people. I’m worried about you people that let embarrassment stand in your way. I’m worried about it. Huh? Come on, now, get on out there. I did it.

Second Voice: He told you to do it, punk, now you run up the fucking aisle.


Jones: I did it. I did it to make that child feel at ease. Do I need to do it again? I haven’t had much sleep.

Voices of dissent.

Jones: He was just doing it to— He was doing it to be kind, though. But now you’re up there, son. You’re up there. He was doing it to be kind. Now show you care.

Second Voice: If Dad can do it, (unintelligible word) at least you can do it.


Jones: Let’s don’t have no violence tonight.

Music starts, then stops. Low murmurs.

Jones: Hmm? (Pause) (Calls out) I don’t trust you. If you will not dance out there, and make a fool of yourself. Anybody that is embarrassed, I don’t trust it. (Pause) Now you show me that you can overcome that embarrassment.

Voices of encouragement, demands and derision

Jones: I have a sprained ankle, son. Son, I have a sprained ankle, and I got out there. I damn near— couldn’t (unintelligible word) the ankle to get back up here. Now what— what— what is this? I sprained it running, ‘cause these things are not supportive. There was—

Voice too low

Jones: Well, if it’ll help him.

Voices: (Call out) Start the music.

Music starts. Voices of encouragement and derision. Music stops.

Jones: You’re too intelligent— Uh, you’re too intelligent to not understand, Vince, what I’m talking about. Anybody that is embarrassed that much uh, over this little silly-ass thing?

Voice: I thought I was doing you a favor, Vincent.

Voices of dissent.

Jones: Why do you want to kill a whole night for us, son? Why do you want to be the only difficult one here tonight?

Voice: (unintelligible) —fuck is wrong, you gotta dance. (unintelligible)

Jones: Ah, shit.

Voices: Come on, Vincent.

Other voices: Start the music.

Music starts. Voices. Music stops.

Voices: Look at Jack Barron.

Jones: Yeah, that’s good. Look at Brother Bar— Look at Brother Barron. How do you feel, Vincent? Vincent?


Jones: (Laughs) All right, Jack, that’s good. He’s a chemist. He never was in Pentecostal, he don’t know any of that bullshit, and he did it. (Pause) And it— How— Will you dance— Will you dance with Lew, who just came out? Will you just dance— Will you dance over Isaac Edwards’ been released, and no trouble, and no brain damage, in spite of two fractures? Will that cause you to dance.

Cheers. Music. Hubbub. Rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Shouts) You’re a goddamn masochist. And you’re not going to get me to change my disposition tonight. Somebody else’ll do it. If you want to be arrogant, you can be arrogant, prick. You be arrogant. I don’t trust you.

Low voices.

Jones: (Tight voice) Get him out— Get him out of my sight. Get out of my sight.

Agitated voices.

Jones: Yeah, I can see. She says he’s got it easy on Learning, well, it better be picked up. It better be picked up, because I’m— I’m— I’m (stumbles over words) People just want to be killjoy in a— what’s been a grand affair. I think it’s wonderful, what happened to Isaac, and he had two major—


Jones: He had two major— I’m talking about— I’m talking about (unintelligible word), now, I’m talking about (same word).

Cheers. Music.

Jones: (Calls out) Yeah. (Shouts, voice distorted on mike, unintelligible introduction) right, right right right. That’s all right, children. Clap your hands.

Music. Rhythmic clapping. Low voices amid hubbub.

Jones: (Off mike) I don’t know what her report is. Go over there and see what it is. I don’t know anything about it. (On mike) Ah, that’s beautiful. Look at Paula [could be Paulette] out there. (Sings out) We got somethin’ to shout about.


Jones: (Calls out) You know who I’m talkin’ about. You know who I’m talkin’ about. A little boy. A little boy. They said he’d be blind, and you heard me say when they took him out, you heard me say when they took him out— shh! Hush hush hush hush hush hush. (Normal tone) That’s the little boy that was struck with a missile of the ball bat. Blinded and fucked— the whole fracture, cracked with the skull, not just a concussion with— Right over the main blood. Blinded. Didn’t expect him to come out, and he was in hallucinations. I haven’t bothered you with it. Umm-umm [No]. When they took him out blind, I didn’t bother you with it. I said he’d see, didn’t I?

Crowd: Yeah.

Jones: I said— I said he’d be all right, didn’t I?

Crowd: Yeah.

Jones: Well, he’d been in hallucinations— For three days, he was in hallucinations, going in and out of his mind, that damaged, but I said he’d be all right. Now if you don’t think you got a reason to shout, there’s something (sings word) wrong with you.

Calls of assent. Music. Hubbub and rhythmic clapping.

Jones: (Calls out) Hey. Oh, yeah! (Pause) (Sings out) Ohhh! (Pause) Hey!


Jones: How are my daughters? (Pause) Sister Powell out there. Sister Powell out there. She’s got a pacemaker. See Sister [Rosa] Peterson out there? See her dancing? They gave her up to die with cancer. They gave her up to die with cancer. She’s dancing out there now in that pink dress. They said she couldn’t live. Said it was too late, but (sings out) ohh, yeah.

Cries of affirmation

Jones: (Calls out) Clap your hands, and dance, my children. All right. All right right right right right. (Pause) (Conversational tone) Just take her off.

Dancing continues

Jones: Come on now, folks. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. Hey hey hey. Hold it. You see her in the aisle— (Music stops) I’m talking about fact now. They sent her to Georgetown, she been through all the hospitals in the States. Too late.

Voice in crowd: Too late.

Jones: (Normal tone) Too late. Cancer was too late. It was too late. Said, there’s nothing we can do. And I said, she’ll be all right. The doctor said, it’s a miracle. I don’t understand it. That’s been months ago. Cancer all through her body. Now, if I can dance, and I— I’ve lost some weight, and my pants are about to be lost, and I got a sprained ankle, some of the rest of you can move and act like you— (Cries out) Hey!

Woman’s voice: Ah, thank you, Dad.

Music and dancing. Shouts of joy.

Woman: Oh! Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

Music and dancing

Jones: All right, all right.

Woman: Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

Music and dancing

End of side one

Side two

Jones: (unintelligible opening) —chance. (Pause) Look at Mother Ever [Rejoicing, aka Amanda Pointdexter]. Look at Mother Ever. Be careful. Mother Ever. But be careful. Be careful. She’s out there. A hundred and seven— hundred and eight years of age, dancing, Mother Ever. I’m not talking about make believe shoutin’, I’m talking about real. Real, real, real. (Pause) Real. I said, real, now. Real.


Jones: All right. If that was your little baby, you’d be shoutin’ tonight. (Hums with music)

Cheers and applause

Jones: (Sings) Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ what your father has done for you?/ Oh, everywhere I go/ everywhere I be/ Oh, I can’t forget, can you? Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ No, no, oh, what my father has done for me/ Oh, everywhere I go/ everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you?/ (Calls out) Let’s clap your hands now, (Sings) Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ Oh, what my father has done for me/ Oh, everywhere I go/ everywhere I be, I can’t forget, can you?/ I said that I can’t forget, can you/ No, no, what this (unintelligible word; could be "cause") has done for me/ Well, everywhere I go/ and everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you? (Calls out) Let’s clap your hands, clap your hands. (Sings) Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ oh, what this cause has done for me?/ Oh, everywhere I go/ everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you?

Others sing along

Jones: (Conversational) Peace. I’m not talking about foolishness now. Time for play. There’s time for real. No way that the natural law that we’ve discovered up to date, could do what was happening with that lad. No way it could do for Rose [probably Rose Shelton]— no way that the ordinary laws that we know — there are higher laws — we should be sang— uh, singing now, because that coulda been your child.

That’s right.

Jones: Coulda been your grandchild. And it was a pitiful situation. Child that could not see and did not know. And I’m talking about three days later. Three days later. And now released, safe and sound. So you better clap your hands and say: (Sings) Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ what your father has done for me?/ Oh, everywhere I go/ everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you?/ Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ what your father has done for me?/ And everywhere I go/ everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you? (Calls out) Everybody now! (Sings) Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ (Calls out) Socialism, my God/ (Sings) Oh, what your father has done for me?/ Everywhere I go/ Hey! Everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you?/ Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ what your father has done for me?/ Oh, everywhere I go/ everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you?/ (Calls out) Everybody now! (Sings) Oh, I can’t forget, can you/ what your friend has done for me?/ Everywhere I go/ Everywhere I be/ I can’t forget, can you?/ Ohhh!/ I can’t forget, can you/ what your father has done for me?/ Oh, everywhere I go, Socialism/ everywhere I be, Socialism/ I can’t forget, can you? (Out of breath, speaks to crowd) Tell your neighbor three miracles. The next group then go over. The next group that was due, go over to sign the forms. The movie will begin in ten minutes.

General hubbub.

Jones: What’s that?

Low voices.

Jones: Well. Depends upon how long they been there. How many times—

Male: Do you have that list? Those lists? Did he read everything out—

Jones: It depends upon how many times they been on it.


Male: Well, he’s ready for that next list.

Jones: Ah, yes.

Male: Ready for a new list.

Jones: Ah, yes. Movie. The children, uh, children of another plane, another advanced civilization, it’s a movie about children of an advanced civilization living in a wicked, racist, war-mongering world. It’ll begin in just a minute, just a few minutes. Gather your seniors, help them around our blessed people. One family, one people, aren’t we?

Scattered calls of assent

Jones: Yes, yes. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Male: Could we have everybody to kind of stick around until we get this tax situation out?

Jones: Shh!

Male: It could affect our future. We got to take care of that.

Jones: All those groups called, must stay here. (unintelligible word) watch the movie until your name is called. You understand that.

Male: Please don’t make us have to come out in the cottages or in your respective places, and look you up. We have to leave here at dawn in the morning.

Jones: Peace. That’s indeed true. Seven o’clock will be the getting up time, one o’clock will be the ending of the day. Those getting up at six will get up at seven, those getting up at seven will get up at eight. One o’clock, the ending of the day.

Male: Brother James Edwards and Jan Wilsey, would you come here and see who?

Low voice.

Male: See John. See John Jones. Johnny Jones.

Jones: That’s sweet of you, honey.

Male: James Edwards and Jan Wilsey.

Jones: Seven o’clock is the getting up— If you get up at six, you get up at seven. If you get up at seven, you get up at eight. And you must be out on time to help free our people. Help free our people. Help our seniors in. Get the movie started. Movie projectionist, get the movie started.

Male: Let’s all quiet down while Dad’s talking, please.

Jones: Peace. Movie projectionist, set up. Those that get up at six, must get up at seven and be out there, if you care about the liberation of our people. Those that get up at seven, get up at eight, and we’ll work through to one. Thank you. I love you. Fried chicken tomorrow. Full— fried chicken, because I couldn’t see how we could have equal justice without giving a quarter of a fried chicken, so you’ll all get the same.

Male: Earnestine March.

Jones: About forty-five hundred dollars, four thousand, five hundred dollars worth of chicken. Let’s be grateful.

Male: Go over there. All right. These people, you haven’t showed up on your list, list number 5. Earnestine March, Andrea Martin. Would you please go over to the Rice Tent, number 1. Uh, Anita [Annette] Jones.

Jones: (unintelligible under male) warning. He just gets a warning. He doesn’t go on Learning. (Pause) Get the movie set up here quickly, please.

Male: Annetta [Annette] Jones. Jay Jones, and Irra Johnson, please go over to the Rice Tent number one now, they’re waiting on you.

Male 3: Beverly Mitchell, come to the back and see uh, Leslie [Leslie Wagner, aka Leslie Monique Fortier Wilson]. (Pause) All the people that’s putting up benches, let’s get the big benches out first. Marthea [Hicks], come see Judy [Ijames] in the front.

Male: Marthea, please come and see Judy in the front.

Male 3: There she is.

Male: Huh? Linda is supposed to go over there. All right. What is this?

Male 3: Would all the crew, Allen Newell, Jerome Anderson, Billy [Michael Ray] Jones, Chuck Kirkendalf [Kirkendall], Ray McKnight, Michael Heath? Let’s get all the big benches out, and leave the small ones for the movie.

Voices low

Male: Could we have two young men to volunteer to take the costumes back out to the cottage, please, with, uh— (Pause) Ruby.

Voice low

Male: We would like two young men to carry Earl McKnight back over to his place of residence. Rheaviana Beam, here’s something— (Pause) I— (Pause) Andrea Martin? Go over to the Rice Tent, please.

Low voices, including male, unintelligible.

Male: We got— We got these lists, I have to (fades out)— I mean, when we call ‘em. We’ve got several more lists.

General low conversation.

Male: Okay. Announce it from over there. (Pause) I am in the business of— If— If (unintelligible word)— Joe, can you wait? I’m in the business of this tax thing.

Voices low. Organ plays softly for several minutes.


Part 2: Radio traffic.

Jonestown end: We don’t know what do with it, over.

Unintelligible voices.

Woman: Attention— No, it isn’t on.

End of tape

Tape originally posted September 2003