Q650 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Side 1:

(Music in background)

Jack Beam: I remember one time he would uh– we was going somewhere, and I was in a car, and he was in a car, we both had carloads of people, and he pulled up alongside me and uh, I notice uh, he just take off, just like that (unintelligible under radio interference), hell, he wanted to be first to wait at the stoplight. Come up to the next stoplight. Well, I just pushed a little bit–

Woman 1: Dorothy?

Beam: –and let him go ahead, but he– he was determined to be first, you know, he– he– he had a very, very competitive spirit about him now and then.

Woman 2: (unintelligible question)

Beam: Yeah.

Woman 2: (unintelligible beginning) in those days?

Beam: So much that uh, it was very uh, uh– that–

Woman 2: (unintelligible question)

Beam: He has– he has a little difficulty today, I would say, you know, with that, uh–

Woman 2: (unintelligible beginning) church a long time.

Beam: Yeah, he was in a Seventh Day Adventist church, and he really thought that that was the (unintelligible word) to worship God, you know. Well, he’s changed since he don’t believe in God at all now, uh, you know, he’s all right.

Woman 2: (unintelligible beginning) people change.

Beam: Yes, yes. (unintelligible word) But he was a– he was a royal ass, very hard to work with. Very hard to work with.

Woman 2: What was the (unintelligible word) involved with his children, (unintelligible word)?

Beam: Uh, he told me uh, how he got involved, he said uh (Pause) Jim had been ridiculed over the– over the radio (Pause) and– and he made a play one night, Jim did, and Archie [Ijames] was with him, he said uh, I’d be the first to confess to you, the radio audience, that I don’t have all the answers. But if you do– but if you have any answers, come and let us reason together. I’ll try to– I’ll try to live a more perfect life, or do a– be a more perfect person, if you’ll help– and he said he had never– Archie said, when he heard that program, he had never heard anybody speak with such honesty in his life. And he come and he never left. He has some rocky times. He thought he was going to leave (unintelligible word)–

End of side 1

Side 2

Recorded music of Blood Sweat & Tears.

Tape originally posted June 2006