Q689 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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McCoy: (Sounds nervous) Uh, yeah, is Mr. uh, Joe Mazor in? (Pause) Uh, Carol McCoy. Yes. (Pause) Uh, well, I’d really’d just talk to him, if possible. Okay. (Pause) (Whispered) Pen.

Mazor: Hello.

McCoy: Uh, Mr. Mazor?

Mazor: Yup.

McCoy: Uh, my name is Carol McCoy. Uh, I’m calling from Los Angeles, and uh, I’ve got a problem and I was just wondering if you could possibly help me with it. Um, I’ve been a member of Peoples Temple, and my children, uh, have been sent to Guyana, uh, and I’d like to get them back, and uh, I’ve uh, I’d like to know if there’s any way that you could help me, or that you could uh, uh, possibly recommend somebody.

Mazor: (Unintelligible) child in Guyana.

McCoy: Uh, my mother. Uh, my mother had guardianship over them, and uh, she uh, she was taking care of them, and uh, (matter of fact tone) she sent them off.

Mazor: Are you married?

McCoy: Uh, no.

Mazor: (Pause) (Sighs) Well. (Pause) Yeah, there’s a couple of things you can do to get them back. Did your mother go to Guyana too?

McCoy: Uh, no, she’s still in San Francisco.

Mazor: She is?

McCoy: Yes.

Mazor: Uh, that’s interesting. Okay. What do you want me to do?

McCoy: Well, that’s kinda what I wanted to know, uh, what I wanted you to tell me, was, you know, who I could, uh, you know, what I could do, or —

Mazor: What you could do (unintelligible) to get your children back?

McCoy: Well, you have any suggestions on what— as to what? (Pause) I mean, I, you know, I, I, I’ve been uptight about this situation for a long time and I’ve been in a pretty bad situation and so, (Sighs) I just finally said, you know, the heck with this, I’ve got to do something, um, I’ve tried to talk to my children on the radio, they wouldn’t let me. Uh, I’ve tried to get letters from them, they wouldn’t let me. And um, uh, they let me, very recently, uh, you know, recently, I don’t know, but about four weeks ago, uh, I talked to, uh, my little girl, and uh, the oldest one’s 13, and the youngest one’s seven. She was seven yesterday. (Unintelligible word) (Pause)

Mazor: (Pause) (Unintelligible)

McCoy: Well, um, I know— I know about you from the articles and um, um, what uh, um, things I’ve had with my mom and uh, stuff like that. (Pause) See, my mom is a, a very active member, you know, and uh, I, I attended the church off and on, until about three weeks ago, and then I just — I just finally said the hell with them. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of all this shit. I want, I want my kids, I want — and I want to do what I want to do. You know? Um, I want my kids back, and I’m willing to try to do anything to get them back.

Mazor: Have you got any copies of any of the papers with you?

McCoy: Uh, I’ve got uh—

Mazor: Guardian (unintelligible)

McCoy: Uh, no I don’t. My mom’s got them all.

Mazor: (Unintelligible)

McCoy: See, I lived in— See, I— I was living in L.A. for two years and uh, that’s when I signed guardianship over to her, and uh, then um, um, I decided to try to make it up in San Francisco for a while, but my mom still insisted on me keeping the kids — or on her keeping the kids. And um, so then um, so then um, I— when I came back down to L.A. for a while, that’s when they shipped them over. This was about three months ago.

Mazor: Did you give permission for them to go over?

McCoy: No, I did not.

Mazor: Did you give them permission to go (unintelligible word) to Guyana?

McCoy: No.


Mazor: Well, I think there are several things we could do. I, I’m not trying to be overly (sigh) more than optimistic or pessimistic right now —

McCoy: Yeah.

Mazor: But I think there are several things you could do, uh, all the way from getting a court order, stopping, you know, demanding the children back, going to the D.A.’s office, several things. You seem to be in a terrible position for any one of them.

McCoy: Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

Mazor: But, you know, before I could recommend anything, or before I see what we could do, I’d have to talk to you in person. (Unintelligible sentence)

McCoy: Yeah, well, I could understand that. Um, um. Well, when could I meet with you?

Mazor: Well, when do you want to come up to San Francisco?

McCoy: Uh, possible — uh, well, I don’t know, I could probably make it close to uh, the weekend or the first part of next week. Uh, I’ve got, uh — I’m not (unintelligible word), taking some uh, um — I’ve been taking some therapy for my back, and um, I’ve got uh, an appointment Thursday and Friday, and uh, I would rather be here for that. Um, I might be able to plan after that, um, possibly make it, uh, on the weekend or Monday.

Mazor: Can you hold on (unintelligible— probably “a minute” or “a moment”)?

McCoy: Yes.

(Long silence)

Mazor: Well, I’m open both Saturday and Monday. So whichever you want, I’ll let you talk with my secretary. Uh, she will give you whichever day you want it to be and timewise —

McCoy: Okay.

Mazor: — and uh, take your name and your phone number, if we have to call you and tell you we have to cancel for some reason or the other.

McCoy: Okay.

Mazor: Okay?

McCoy: Okay.

Mazor: All right, hold on just a second.

McCoy: Okay. Thank you.


Secretary: Hi.

McCoy: Hi.

Secretary: What day you want to come?

McCoy: Um, Monday?

Secretary: (Unintelligible)

McCoy: Uh, what time’s best for you?

Secretary: (Unintelligible)

McCoy: Uh, yeah, I live in Los Angeles, but what I’ll do is uh, probably fly in Sunday and —

Secretary: (Unintelligible) come in the morning, then?

McCoy: Well, uh, that’d be all right.

Secretary: Okay, what time, about ten o’clock then?

McCoy: Yeah.

Secretary: Okay. What’s your name?

McCoy: Uh, Carol McCoy, um, 757-5985, and the area code is 213. (Pause) What’s Mr. Mazor’s office address?

Secretary: On the corner of Franklin and(Unintelligible)

McCoy: 1400 Pacific.

Secretary: (Unintelligible)

McCoy: And more than likely, ride the bus.

Secretary: (Unintelligible)

McCoy: Uh, okay. Okay.

Secretary: Uh, it’s suite 904.

McCoy: Suite 904?

Secretary: Yeah. It’s an apartment building.

McCoy: Okay.

Secretary: (Unintelligible)

McCoy: Okay. (Laughs)

Secretary: Okay?

McCoy: All right.

Secretary: Okay. Thank you.

McCoy: Thank you.

Secretary: Bye, bye.

McCoy: Bye.

End of Tape.

Tape originally posted December 1998