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Jones: (matter of fact tone) — put in the warehouse, by name and by file, a list of the caught thieves be put on the warehouse. Before a caught thief can request anything from the warehouse, he or she must submit to a complete search of his quarters to see if he or she had any reason to request the item. Caught thieves will not be able to get items from the warehouse using the excuse that they were trying to replace stolen or missing items. They should have to do without them indefinitely. This is the feeling of several people, including Professor [Richard] Tropp, on that particular point. In addition, the thief is susceptible to periodic searches, unannounced. This is to be applied now, in checking inspectors with Vernetta Christian, recording secretary for the entire Jonestown community, that all people caught in thievery are susceptible and must have periodic searches, unannounced, of his or her quarters to see if their possessions are in strict with the list. Any item in question will be immediately confiscated, taken and put back in central supply. No questions asked. Known thieves are to be always under suspicion, until that pattern has been changed drastically. If a person has suffered a theft, it should be their right to make a citizen’s arrest of any known thief whom they suspect might be guilty. I repeat, if any person has suffered a theft, it is their right to make a citizen’s arrest of any known thief whom they suspect might be guilty — Guyanese law supports that — and be able to accompanying the— the suspect to their quarters and have all of their belongings searched on the spot. This will make it extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing to be a thief in Jonestown, a socialist cooperative. Thievery is not (pause) that extensive, compared to the norms of other socialist communities, or even the capitals of major socialist countries that are still in evolution from capitalism to socialism. And no way does it compare to the thievery back in capitalist society, or fascist society USA. But thievery is one of the worst crimes against the people. It’s a breakdown of society that will not be tolerated, no way, sense or form. Special incentives will be given for anyone who catches a thief and reports them. We will be giving you special rewards, not just candies, but very special rewards which will be worked out in detail. Again, I say, special incentives will be given for anyone who catches a thief and reports them to the socialist community. Reporting injustices in a social setting, it is pure, a socialist cooperative puts a high premium on reporting, the opposite of that in a capitalist society. ‘Cause in a socialist community, you’re reporting injustice, when someone steals. Someone who’s breaking the equality, the most important aspect of life, the equality that we have, which is our highest virtue. So you should put a high incentive upon reporting any crimes against the people. In the States, it would be different when you were reporting a crime against the propertied bourgeoisie moneyed class. But here you are reporting— when someone steals, they’re stealing from the people, a grave immortality, a horrible crime. And thus, it is a highly recommended virtue to report thievery. And you will be rewarded. This must be taught in every level of the school system. I’m asking it, these points to be observed now, that I am making, and implemented in every class, because somehow, the message has not been gotten across to a lot of our residents, and it’s entirely different, horribly different to steal from rich propertied class interest, from stores of the wealthy, from homes of the bourgeoisie, than it is to steal from the people. A horrendous crime to steal from people in our struggle to make egalitarianism, equality for all.

People must keep all of their belonging in their quarters. Any belongings found elsewhere are to go to the warehouse. When people are reporting in to Learning, they must take their belongings with them, or psychological isolation. Their belongings must be secured. The lad that came out of psychological orientation, David Goodwin, had everything he owned stolen. This will not be tolerated. We will reach through the core of these criminals against the people. For you are not stealing the property of the rich, you are stealing from the people. I want to emphasize and review that and reiterate that until you understand how criminal your behavior is, when you steal from your fellow communist. This will hopefully prevent people from stashing stolen goods, if we require that all of your belongings be in your quarters. As this is reviewed, perhaps later on in the day, these rules about thievery, people in the warehouse should take note of what I have said as recommendations on how to handle people caught stealing and the complete list that is to be made of all their belongings, every citizen of Jonestown, and to have it put on the warehouse — the list of the caught thieves to be put on the warehouse — and everyone in the community should have your own possessions. Particularly we’ll be noting the list of all the belongings of those who have been stealing, so we will have a clear, defined area in which to work with those who have this pathology of criminality against the people. I am sure that some do not know what they are doing, and will change with proper instruction about the difference of stealing from the propertied class, the rich ruling elements, and the bourgeoisie middle class, as opposed to stealing from people who are all attempting to share equally, and do share equally in medical treatment, medical supplies, food supplies, housing, shelter, (unintelligible word— sounds like “raiment”), specialized medicines in Georgetown— we have this egalitarianism that must be respected and will be respected, because we will deal very very firmly, as we have Guyanese law behind us. We will deal most firmly with those who steal from the people.

I will declare an amnesty, as of now, in which everyone has the opportunity to turn in anything that is not yours to the warehouse. You have approximately 24 hours to do this with no questions asked. Again, I declare, I say I will give an amnesty of 24 hours in which everyone has the opportunity to turn in anything that is not yours, no questions asked. But if you do wait beyond that 24 hours, you will be punished severely. The law of the community will deal with you severely, unless you take advantage of this amnesty that I am now invoking, which will last 24 hours, which gives you the opportunity to turn in anything that is not yours, and there will be no questions asked. And since we can assume, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps it ended up in your belongings unwittingly, or you got someone else’s material from the warehouse. But you better be free of anything that has someone else’s initials or name, because we will— we will— we are absolutely going to deal — and you can tell from the content of this message — we are systematically going about it thoroughly, and you have not heard all of the methods we are going to employ to deal with thievery. This will be followed by an announced selective and systematic search after the 24-hour amnesty, in which you can turn in anything without any punishment. So if the amnesty is not taken advantage of, you as a people, as a community for the good of all, everyone here will be subject to a very severe punishment if a search c— uncovers anything in your belongings that is not rightfully yours. I do hope that I make myself very clear. You can tell from the substance and content of this message about criminality, stealing from the people, as opposed to former crimes of stealing against the propertied or rich or white elitist, there is considerable difference. It’s as different as night from day. When you steal against the propertied class, that’s one thing, and even then, you should have used it for revolutionary thought. But stealing is abhorrent to socialist. To steal from the people, to steal in a Guyanese society that is building socialism? Nay, nay. It will be dealt with as the most severe crime, and this has been the practice of every socialist republic, from the continent of Africa to the great USSR, even in the good domestic policies of China. Thievery will not be tolerated, and we are coming down on it strongly. No more toleration of stealing. Even though it is a small element of the population, all you who have been caught stealing, your names are to be, as I again said, posted on the warehouse— I mean those that have had grave stealing problems— Everyone is to give a list of your possessions, if you want them properly secured, that can be put in file in the central supply warehouse that gives to us all equally. And all those that have ever stolen, better get your list in mighty quick now, because if your list does not coincide or jibe with what inspectors are going to be doing now, with quick, unexpected, unsuspected searches of your property, the people’s property that belongs to you, if they find anything in your possession that you do not have listed now— so Vernetta Christian will be held responsible to get to all those that have had a chronic pattern of stealing or who stole considerable amount of goods from the people, in even one conspiracy, you must give a list of all your belongings now, so that there will be a copy for the warehouse and a copy for our secretary, Mrs. Christian. Thank you very much. Stand by.

Tape pause for undetermined length of time

—who sent their request in. A note of interest. Atlas Magazine, known for its international news — and it is a capitalistic magazine — points out that rock music, and this higher type of tempo, pitch and decibels, and boom-shaking rhythm, is dangerous to health. They’ve done some experiments with mice, guinea pigs and other forms of animal life, and actually have proven that it causes coronary occlusions, strokes, affects the eyes, permanently damaging the ears, and it is thought, stress on other organs also ends up destroying and causing other diseases, even such as cancer. So (unintelligible word) Professor [Edith] Roller— (tape turns of for brief moment) I’d rather not hear rock at all, in that it makes me nervous, but we are considerate and will allow you your choices of music. It is hypnotic, it is used for deprogramming people so they won’t think, use their reflective senses, and is very very harmful— this rock-type of music is very dangerous to plant life. We still give you— let you choose. But plants ought to be a good interpreter of what good music is, because they respond to the classics, to the symphonic music. Even a tomato plant will grow better to the music of Gershwin. So if they know what is sensitive to life, we, a— another form of life, animal, human life, should also take a message from them. Anyway the chamber music available may bore some people and probably infuriate the youth. But I think you could lend your ear to see some of its value. This Professor Roller speaks, there are composers of symphonic music who were champions of freedom and revolution. Verdi [Giuseppi Verdi, Italian composer] is an outstanding example. Many of his operas are on such themes, Don Carlos is one, for instance, which is about the struggle to free the Netherlands from the Spanish. Another rewarding detail about Verdi is that he is unusually sympathetic to the old and racial minorities. Stand by.


Emil Travitori is an old gypsy woman who inspires the audience support for her situation. Another of the classic composers who backed liberation causes was Beethoven, his opera, Vedalio, Vedalio is about a man and a faithful woman who tries to free him from prison after he is imprisoned for helping in a revolution. And Tosca, by Puccini [Giacomo Puccini, Italian composer of opera], also has a revolutionary hero, a hero in the story describes the way he and his sweetheart are tricked, and he is killed by the enemy forces. Beethoven was such a believer in revolutionary freedom that he followed the victories of the French Revolution with intense sympathy. He dedicated his famous Fifth SymphonyFifth (struggle with the words symphony and sympathy) (emphatic) Fifth Symphony to Napoleon, who he believed was leading the revolutionary armies. When he heard that Napoleon had made himself emperor, he tore the dedication page up. That story’s well-documented. And there are some folk songs and western songs, black spirituals and work songs. Some other music which might appeal to the people is the light opera or musical comedy or plays of Kurt Weill, Berthold Brecht. Brecht, as we all know was a playwright who fled with—from the Nazis and lived in various allied countries during World War II. He returned to live in Communist East Germany after the war, and was head of a famous experimental theater there. His numerous plays and musical renditions all deal with communism and freedom struggles, so we ought to get Brecht’s music. And they’re full of catchy tunes and lyrics. Weill wrote the music. One of the best is Mother Courage about the 100 Years War, one of the strongest anti-war plays ever written. The Three-Penny Opera (tape turns off for instant) which has marvelous music and poems to match, is a satire on the wealthy and beggars. Also makes its points about loyalty in love, loyalty in camaraderie, of principle. We wonder if anyone brought tapes of these really excellent works. Brecht, Communist, is a poet of some note. Also— and Edith Roller, Professor Roller, brought a book of his poems, his poems which is in the library. Galileo is a thorough study of the conscience of man of science, inspired by the explosion of the atomic bomb, and the responsibility of scientist. Professor Roller’s students at Merritt liked it, although it is short on romance as usually conceived, and is very intellectual, which will be good for us. That is, the action is that of the soul, the deep loyalties of the mind. It doesn’t have much music on it, however. Anyway, there are some au— i— ideas. The Sound of Music is rather escapist, but it did come from oppression, it feeds the belief that all will be well in the world if boy and girl could get together, though. We’d just like to have a mixture of music and teach familiarity with all kinds of music to all of our people. Perhaps the old adage that good money will drive out the bad will also be true of the music. Anyway, something for you to consider.

We need to be concerned about agriculture. We have a problem in that we don’t have enough people getting in-depth training. It involves a basic organizational problem, that really is disturbing, at least to farm analysts such as [Eugene] Chaikin. The problem is that people are changing jobs, and are permitted or requested to do so in ways that do not permit the growth of a skilled group of farmers. Some background should be given. Our farm is not productive enough to meet our needs. The last yield of sweet potatoes— sweet potatoes reap— (Pause) yielded maybe one-third of the usual or reasonable expected yield. We have fruiting problems with the citrus. Our cassava yields are very low. Our banana yields are also low. We have more fertilizer, equipment, tools, books, than practically any Guyanese farmer would have. (tape turns off for instant) Our soil of course is different and represents more challenges, yet we produce substantially less than practically any local, successful commercial farmer, though I’m sure we’re trying hard at it. The reason for a good part of it is obvious. We don’t know how to farm well in this tropical area. We don’t have the years of experience that makes know-how. Nor are we studying how the local farmers do it. Our farming people never will get the experience, if they are shifted every few months. We now only have two people in agriculture who can said to be professionally-trained, Russell Moton, agronomist, and James Simpson. The rest, like Chaikin says, even himself, are only amateurs. On the next level, the farm and crews are getting so large that our better people can no longer act as field supervisors. They are just spread too thin. So field crew— crews are directly supervised by only slightly-trained people. When persons who must be knowledgeable supervisors and assistant supervisors are permitted to leave at farming, and are replaced by less-skilled people, to experience that teaches people to be farmers. Farming is going to have to be put at the highest priority. And the experience that teaches people to be farmers is neither obtained or retained under this system that we now have. Unless we can develop a cadre, avant-garde of well-trained farmers, we feel that the farm will never be as productive as it must be to take care of our needs. Relatively unskilled labor can be used, but (unintelligible word) by the genuinely skilled agricultural farming people, and that skill comes only from staying in the farmland, in the fields of production. Example: the suc— the supervision of the cassava crew has been changed three times in the last six months. Russell Moton, to Rob Gieg to Marguerita Romano to Teena Turner. And I understand the present supervisor Teena has only some six months field experience all day and does not want the job. That is just what has been reported. Margarita, now teaching, temporarily in theory, said she has been trying a way to get into the teaching skills for six months. Steering almost appointed as supervisor a very beautiful person who’s only been on the crew and in Jonestown for just three weeks at that time. We have to have more background in farming skills than that to be able to supervise. Except for Danny, all of the field supervisors of the banana crew have changed twice over in the last six months. This must stop, and must be put at high priority consideration by coordinators, steering committee, and all of we in this socialist town forum communal society. This turnover policy is supported by the general policy that everyone must work two weeks in the field, (tape turns off for instant) though some do not, and that after several months, workers in the fields can expect like Margarita, Teena Turner, Bob Davis and many others, to be removed from the fields, which is the mother of us all, the source of our life. All should be in demand to get into the fields, because that’s where we’re going to eat. Perhaps we can alter work schedules. Maybe we can give alternates times in other areas. Later it won’t be such a heavy schedule, but now, we must produce these fields, or we’re literally murdering people who want to come to freedom. Today in Georgetown, we were notified by Comrade Moton’s daughter that their son is in great danger. People like that all the time, I think Glenn, Junior, are always in need of help. But we haven’t even been able yet to see the way to take care of our own people. We certainly will take care of a young man like that, and we’ll do our best, but we must must must produce the land. As Chaikin says, we do not recognize that we have many non-agricultural priorities. Um, perhaps that’s true, that we uh, have other priorities, but the greatest priority, as Chaikin says, and I agree, and other ana— analysts also agree, is the policy with respect to farming and to the transfer persons from agriculture. It must be rationalized within our need to maintain an avant-garde cadre of permanent farm workers so that they can obtain the experience and skill to become productive farmers. For that is what we are here to do in Guyana, and that’s the way we’ll build our image, and be always needed, and can avoid the fear of ever having to be removed, although our own solidarity is our best defense in that regard. But we can win the people to accepting our need to be present at every level of Guyanese society by being successful farmers. That’s what the Deputy Prime Minister [Ptolemy Reid], the Prime Minister [Forbes Burnham], and all the Cabinet have said. Over and again. We must be farmers. That’s the need of agriculture in Guyana, to produce, to feed the people. A great opportunity, a great challenge, rich land, though we don’t have the richest soil of the coastal area, we can still utilize this soil, and by gaining knowledge, perhaps bringing in certain expertise from Amerindians from time to time, we can also all learn how to farm this land well. As the size of the farm grows, we must have tability [stability?] in the organization and skills of those farming this great Jonestown project, or we will not successfully maintain what we have and expand as per our plans, so I’m putting this is an emergency order, that we re-shift our people, personnel, having children, perhaps even more acquainted with farming. There’s a time to learn the professions, and the professions are essential — medicine particularly, essential to maintain our people’s health — but you cannot maintain one’s health, there’ll be nothing to treat if we don’t eat. So eating comes from farming. And farming must be our top-notch consideration.

It has been suggested by (unintelligible name— Ebo?) Bob Davis — a number of his suggestions which should be taken to Steering — one thing is that he suggested the flag of Guyana should be flown on a tent pole for good P.R., the flag at the gate, and also here in our own project. The radio at the dispatch office is useless if the generator goes out. There should be a battery that could be switched uh, to if there is no power. These are some of his requests and suggestions. He has one on wick torches, an alternate plan to Ron Talley’s suggestion at last people’s rally of having two or three teams that would rotate duty. He recommends that there should be six or eight teams, radio should be moved to a shelf on the outside of the building away from the roads so that the guard on duty does not— does not have to go into the building to check in with the dispatch office, which often awakens the relief guard. I don’t know. Some may be workable, some not. Some sound good. Small, nice picnic-style table and bench be made for eating convenience, and beautifying the front gate entrance. Cooking equipment needed, one pot for heating coffee water, one pot for cooking rice, flip over turner, plates, cups, spoons, soap for washing utensils, washpan. Some of these may not be within the reach of us, but they’re worthy considerations, and we always appreciate those considerations.

Eugene Chaikin brings in an important suggestion (tape turns off for instant), our Richard Janaro met a civil engineer in Georgetown that I appointed him to, named of Fletcher, who has heavy background in development schemes and knows a lot about the Northwest. He would like to give us analysis of our energy needs, and the best way to meet them, at no change— at no charge, according to Richard Janaro, to us. He is interested in our project, particularly in the gas generation that Don Fitch is building. To do the analysis, he would like us to write him a letter containing the following information, and we should do if we have not. Identification of the problems. Our present and projected fuel needs, and our present usage and categories, e.g., 300-gallon diesel per month for generating electricity, eighteen hundred gallons diesel per month for agricultural and land clearing. (Pause) And then whatever it takes for tractors and the DC-6 Caterpillar tractors. These are just hypothetical illustrations. The relevant information. What is energy used for? That is, for cooking here, baking, generating electricity for our water pumps and lighting and operation of our wood-working equipment and sawmills, and metal-working and our machinery shop. Where does it come from now? Quantified in tons. Firewood, coal, gallons of diesel, gas and kerosene. We need all this broken down for him. Perhaps Professor Tropp, consulting with Chaikin, could get this kind of letter that he needs. And then he wants to know available wood fuels, wants identification of common local species of trees in the bush or the jungle, relative proportions and what we use them for. How are we using the land, that is, a percentage for industrial, commercial, residential, community, recreational, agricultural crops and pastures, so forth, livestock. He would like our comments on the gas generator which is a marvelous concept that he is once thought of himself, this Comrade Fletcher, at 169 Newmarket Street in Georgetown, and our Don Fitch (stumbles over words), Doc as we call him, affectionately, thought of here, that would save us tremendous fuel cost if it can be effective. And so Comrade Fletcher, Terrence Fletcher, would like our comments on the gas generator or other energy devices. He recently authored two papers on the use of special devices to generate energy in Third World countries for the United Nations, or Terracom, or some organization like that, I believe. Richard would like to get it and deliver it personally. I think it is a great idea. Chaikin says this, and I agree. If Richard is sure of the no fee, no charge to us, and we are careful how we write the letter. The information needs to come from several departments. Maybe Lee Ingram could bird-dog it. It would be suggested that he could, and then Charlie [Touchette], who’s busy in coordination, could also give any proper input. That is one of the essentials.

Now we will go into news of the day. News of the day. The most important event of the day, as I recall from my hearing, was that Trans-sky, large province and— right in Union of South Africa, that was considered territory of the Union of South Africa, in a courageous stance, has broken away from Union of South Africa today. Trans-Sky economically dependent upon Union of South Africa, the racist regime — look at the map, the tip of South Africa — the TransSky province has declared its independence and has been assured of backing by Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. Also the Finnish Prime Minister [Taisto Kalevi Sorsa], who has grown closer and closer to the Soviet Union, the vanguard of Marxist-Leninist liberators in the world of Africa today particularly, the Finnish Prime Minister’s on his way to Zambia and Tanzania for consultations on how Finland, which is a quasi-social democracy, and free enterprise system mix, will be providing economic and military aid to those governments and, in turn, Zambia and Tanzania funnel their aid, as you know, into the patriotic front fighting the Ian Smith dreaded regime. Ian Smith, Prime Minister of Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe — look these matters up on the map, till you know every African nation by heart — today rejected all office— offers or overtures to meet with the Patriotic Front. Where his uh, courage or encouragement is coming from, is not known at this particular point in time, probably from some assurances from the US monopoly capitalist interest. Stand by. (tape turns off for instant) Nonetheless, he will have to meet with the Patriotic Front, or be driven out of Rhodesia, because they have nearly one half of the land area of Rhodesia or Zimbabwe under their control, and the Patriotic Front, under Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, leaders of the Patriotic Front represent three out of four of the citizens in Zimbabwe attempting to overthrow the pirate regime, the Nazi-like regime of Ian Smith.

Letter bomb explodes, delivered to the Communist Party headquarters in New York City today. One of the attendants was treated for cuts and burns. Another received bad burns in the face. Earlier, on Friday, in London, a letter bomb exploded at the headquarters of the Britain, or New— or England’s 25,000-member Communist Party, and there a janitor was injured severely.

The Soviet Union, according to Secretary [Cyrus] Vance, USA Secretary Vance, US Secretary of State Vance, I should say, for your identification, is ballyhooing— his hue and cry on the Voice of America is, the Soviet Union has now broken through with satellite killers. Some new device, probably laser in nature, that can destroy all the satellites of any nation, except their own. He is crying immediately that the USSR must get back to SALT talks. The USSR is saying unless USA enters into legal contract with the Geneva Conference, peace conference and the United Nations, that they will not make the barbaric neutron bomb, they will continue to unleash more superiority in military technology than USA ever dreamed possible. USA admits today, through Secretary of State Vance, that the Soviets indeed do have capability, through some kind of beam, laser warfare, of destroying all satellite platforms and every satellite orbiting in space, except their own. That will give it high advantage to the Soviet Union in the war of liberation against the oppressors.

We have been invited, as you know, to sing, to dance and to entertain in three different celebrations coming up in Georgetown. You that wish to do so will have to prove your interest in production by giving extra time in doing things with your hands to make every inch of the ground grow. Over one technicality: we are making a demand that we receive coverage from the last performance. Certain elements of the press here are undoubtedly in the control of those not friendly to as advanced socialists Marxist-Leninists as we are. So we are demanding that they give coverage to the last event in their major newspaper organ, the Chronicle. If they want our talent, they will give us coverage. That is a stance I’m taking. Every day I take a stance of White Night. Fortunately, every day, it doesn’t lead to White Nights. But one has to live the crazy nigger life all the time, in order to maintain your life. As Shirley Hicks said in one of her write-ups, the beauty is that no one can come and take your child away. No guarantees ever exist in the United States of capitalist fascism. Your children are always a prey of a drug-pusher, the system in crime, youth and adult gangs, and then finally, genocidal patterns of ethnic weapons and concentration camps in which our people would have been destroyed. But here your Father stands, high on the wall of your protection, and states every day, don’t try to take any of our children, give us our proper prestige, give us our liberty, or give us our death. At least on those terms, we choose our death, and no one chooses it for us. A tremendous protection when you have a leader — and some are fearful that he’s dying or aging — don’t worry. Your Father is much in command. He stands as the mighty rock of Gibraltar, and is capable of many a battle. I would suggest that when he is in the walkways or the streets of the community, that not so many people just stop and converse at one time with him. As I’ve suggested, I will converse with you. If you will make note, and need some special counsel, send it to the office. I counsel, sitting in a chair, monitoring the theater, seeing how people react to bourgeoisie propaganda, and I point out, or moderate, views. I don’t always do the talking, as Professor Tropp is so kind to assist, because my voice always feels like a boil. But it’s good to see community reactions, and it’s good for me to get certain stimulation from watching films, such as Children of the Damned, and particularly, The Day Of the Jackal, which I think should be shown again and again. Tonight, of course, is people’s rally. Then we’ll go more days between this one and the next one. Agriculture and other reports are to be prepared for full delivery. If I decide to make them concise, that will be my responsibility. I wish we could just attend to agricultural matters alone, take thought to the admonition I gave to you just a moment ago, that we must stop this alternating of people out of agriculture, we must stop this bourgeoisie spoiling that we have, that we want to get out of the fields. We should revere the fields. I would to God I could be in the fields every day, and didn’t have this mental pressure of strategy, like today, having to make the proper terming of the words so that they’ll realize we mean business, that we intend to be given respect and coverage, by God, or we will not be utilized. If they want us to be the chief float and march in the days of May Day Workers Communist celebration, then, by God, they will recognize us. If they want us to sing and perform, and consider us to be the best talent and the best band, then they will give you coverage. Not that we want it, but we are tired of being used by any element anywhere. We have had that from our beginnings in the dregs of fascist USA. And so it’s up to the government to stand up to their goddamndable press, and say, give those people some coverage. I don’t want the coverage. I don’t— when I talk all night on the radio, up all night, I never even use my own name. I just get the information and the education to build goodwill for Jonestown, for Mission Village, for this Agricultural Project of Peoples Temple. There is nothing of me that wants to be given any attention. I don’t want to be in any of these articles, but by God, (emphatic and deliberate) I do intend to see that they give coverage in their news media of your entertainment program.

Now, we’re not in a White Night situation. We’ve been covered by special programs. Our musicians and talent were on all kinds of radio shows. I’m talking about the one element in this government that apparently seems to block some coverage in the one little medium. We were heard on all of the radio stations and all the media, one way or the other. But we were given a word that this Sunday, there would have been a full coverage. Now it may be procrastination, and probably is. Whatever, by God, it will be done before we return to perform for them. If they are ashamed of us, their media people giving us attention, then they can be ashamed of us when we are to walk with them and give them the only talent backing, the most superior musical talent backing they have. We will not be used. So I live in a climate, not expecting the day to end, and don’t give a shit. I will stand up for what is right. That’s why you have so much protection. You’ve seen every White Night be victorious, because I make my whole will, body, mind and soul a willing sacrifice to protect our children, our seniors. Last week, when they wanted to come in, the court orders against child and with seniors, I make my stand clear. And by the way, Lian Harris, be sure to let your dad [Sherwin Harris] know that he had better not come here, that you do not want any more part of him, and for him to go straight with, forthwith to hell, because he will not be allowed to come into the interior. Talking about flying a plane. He’ll fly it in, and it’ll be shot down. But he can’t be flown anyway, the government won’t allow it. So you please put on record, our radio needs to tell the government, that she does not want to see him, she’s a grown adult, and we do not have to be imposed upon by a fascist pig who is working along with all of our enemies, the Stoens and so forth, it was on the radio show, we got their letters, we got all their letters that they sent to a radio station, we have them all in our file. And he was one of the sniping bastards that wants to possess a grown, adult woman, and use her for some sexual sublimation of his mind, or possession. Well, he will not come here. That’s the stance I take every day. And that’s just a few of the stances I’ve taken today, saying, hell no, you can’t come, or, hell no, we will not do this. This is what I mean by a mind standing up, ready to die at any time, it gives you far longer guarantees, you’ll live much longer, free of worry, free of the terrible pressures that bother every other citizen on earth, because you have a lead— leader standing in the gap of the hedge, standing on the wall, as it were, like a Nehemiah, and will not fall down in principle. He will safeguard you. He will shepherd you. He will protect you. (Pause)

A clash near Tyre, South Lebanon. Israeli forces and Cali— Palestinian commandos clashed severely near Tyre yesterday, shortly after the arrival of the commander of the United Nations peace force in Lebanon, who did nothing to help the Palestinian Liberation Front. However, the Palestinian Liberation Front drove the Israelis out of the district. Force Commander Major General Emmanuel Erskine had come to inspect French troops stationed in the region. Major General Emmanuel Erskine is a black Nigerian who— or Ghanaian who is somewhat the Uncle Tom.

Film actor John Wayne had a, a massive heart attack, requiring open heart operation. We are very sorry for this right wing cowboy. He is in a critical condition after an operation was performed yesterday of some five hours. His son Patrick told reporters, he would be a great loss to the nation. (Dismissively) Well, that’s a matter of opinion. Stand by.

(Tape off for few seconds)

Nicosia. Unfortunately, the Cyprus court yesterday sentenced two Palestinians to hang for shooting dead a close friend of Egypt’s

(Tape cuts off)

(Side 2)

(cuts in) —to circle all through, trying to get various nations to let them land. The nations are getting a little bit more edgy about allowing any hijacker to land anywhere. They tried in Libya, they tried to land in various parts of the Mediterranean, the one place they could have landed was Syria, but they would not because of their Mohammadin religious opiate poison, that didn’t want them to go to Syria where Syria offered them sanctuary. Syria is in a strong alliance with the Soviet Union, and these two that are now sentenced to hang did not like communism. It was the incident which led to the abortive Egyptian attack, you know, the commando raid on Minako (sp.) Airport in Nicosia, Cyprus, and caused the Cypriots to break relations with Egypt. They killed all the Egyptians who tried to come in and take the two away. They were found guilty yesterday of the February 18 murder of Mr. Josef Sabal, editor of El Allan newspaper chain, and they were (unintelligible name), 28, and Said Hussein Ali, 26. Twenty-eight and 26-year-old are set to date— that as of this date, their execution date of June 1 will be the time that they will be hung by the neck until dead. It was set by Mr. Justice Demetriatous, president of the three-man special assizes, who said that the motive for murder was that Mr. Sabal was held to have harmed the Palestinian Liberation cause. The defense said it would appeal, but much pressure is being brought on Cyprus. However, the Cypriots have said that if US continues with its aiding of Turkey, which is now doing — Turkey’s in an outbreak, you know, of malaria, the world’s worst in a hundred years — but US again is giving military aid to the reactionary fascist regime of Turkey, and the Cypriots say they may commute the sentence, if United States continues to give this kind of support to the fascist co— uh, nation of Turkey. Look that up on your map, too. It’s just above Lebanon and, uh— you’ll see it, reaching out into Mediterranean.

Release all Communist prisoners, was the last order of the day. From Rome, Italy. The leftist kidnappers of former premier Aldo Moro, Prime Minister, last night demanded the release of all communist and socialist prisoners immediately, and a letter apparently written by their captive called for a prisoner exchange. Already they have sent one ear of Prime Minister Moro to show that the Red Brigade means business against the fascist terror shown by the police and courts in Italy, that has been sold out, as you know from yesterday’s news commentary by myself, by the Communist Party of Italy, who has broken away from the great Soviet (pause) Commuturn Warsaw Pact line, and have developed what we hear at independent Euro-Communism and have actually adopted capitalistic perspectives and capitalist goals and even have called for uniting with the AFL-CIO and have pulled away from the workers’ federation trade unions of the world, which is socialist or Marxist-oriented. But Prime Minister [Giulio] Andreotti- Andreotti told Parliament that he rejected any form of blackmail by the Red Brigade’s — we should say, whitemail — guerrillas, who abducted the 59-year-old Prime Minister on March 16 and killed his five guards. Said it is with much regret that he will have to see the Prime Minister die. That’s how little they take care of their own.

That’s the difference that you have here in this great communist confederation. I won’t let one of you go. We pledge all of our lives to your safety. If they come for one, they must come for all. We have 1000 lives guaranteeing that you will eat, a 1000 lives, and better, guaranteeing free medical care, or surgery, if necessary, till I did the miraculous healing of Isaac Edwards, prepared to pay $25,000 for surgery, for consultations, to fly him to the best surgeon, neurosurgeon, neurologist in the world. That’s the protection you have. But capitalists have no protection.

Here he is, the Prime Minister, and his successor, Prime Minister Gilio Andriati, who has even formed an alliance with communist, who sold out the great communist goals of the Soviet Union, and broken away from the Soviet alliance— he will not give any of these demands. He will not release one socialist, communist that has been imprisoned for nothing more than political reasons. He will not drop— he will not see that the trial in Turin, Italy, that’s just a facade, an absolute political trial— he will not see that that is dropped. He will give no demand, he said. He is sorry and regretful to the family of Prime Minister Aldo Moro, that he must die, but he cannot meet their concessions. They don’t even take care of their own. Here is the top dog of the capitalists, and they’re going to let him die, rather than be decent and release any socialist or communist from prison. He said we have many times declared that one of our fundamental aims is the liberation of all communist prisoners and the destruction of concentration camps, said the Red Brigade. The Red Brigade’s statement, released in Rome and Milan, said that these fundamental aims of the liberation of all working class prisoners and the destruction of concentration camps that the national police have set up, are our basic demand. And if you do not meet them, we will kill the fascist renegade that used uh— I mean, it was Aldo Moro that, for the ruling class, the Prime Minister that they have kidnapped, who set up these concentration camps and imprisoned these socialists, and yet the industrial-military class that used him to carry out their nefarious works and schemes against the working class will not lift a finger to save their own chief advocate and their best servant and the most imporf— portant powerful man in Italy, the Prime Minister, Moro. But he’s not to be saved. They will not release one socialist or communist. And the Re— Red Brigade sounds like they do mean business, that he will die, unless something is done. Stand by.

(Tape off for brief moment)

Brazil has rejected — Brazil, South America, the rich nation to our south — has rejected the overtures of the United States to draw closer economically to USA. This is considered in brief, world brief, a great breakthrough for the forces of liberation in the Third World. It means that means we will not be bothered at least by the (Pause) danger of the big nation from the south. Brazil, mineral rich, untapped, is larger than the States, United States, by again the state of the size of Texas, twice. That’s how big a country just Brazil is. So you know how vast and rich and big a continent we live on.

New Trans-Siberian rail link. The Soviet Union are plunging into a three thousand two hundred mile Baikal or motor railway, which will open up a vast expanse of territory and give access, according to the Guyana Chronicle, the organ of the Peoples National Congress, the ruling party of our country. It will give the Soviet Union access to valuable mineral reserves a— and has been dubbed Russia’s construction project, and the world’s most fantastic construction project of the century. It will be completed by 1980. Three thousand two hundred mile railway system, the most modern type in the world. Just one of the Soviet Union’s great projects of the future, and shows the power of what the Soviet— I mean, the people’s system. Soviet means us— council of the people governing. Eighty thousand Soviet workers are building the three thousand two hundred mile long Trans Siberian railway, which will open up these vast territories and give access to the rich minerals that have never been touched, and oil. The Soviet Union is vastly rich. Nearly three times the size of the United States. The line begins (unintelligible name) in the Urkust region, crosses Lake Bai— Baykal and by early 1980 will have reached the far eastern city of (struggles with “Komsomolsk”) to link with an existing link, or the line to the Pacific port of Soviet Haven. This article reports on the progress of the Baikail-Amor Railway. Komsomolsk is the point at which it will reach on the Pacific, all the way from Poland, through Moscow, Sverdlovsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tayshet, Irkutsk, Nerchinsk, and (unintelligible names) and Ugal, and then finally to Komsomolsk, the seaport, large beautiful seaport that looks almost like San Francisco, on the Pacific Ocean, just above Japan. So you can find on your map. From Moscow alone, it stretches three thousand two hundred miles. That’s how far it is. You’re in a vast vast region. You can cross the United States in about— the whole United States in about three thousand miles. Or less than three thousand miles. Stand by.

(Tape off for brief moment)

That’s the primary coverage of the news. I do want you to strongly consider our important stance on thievery. All of the people will listen to it again at the news time before the people’s rally. You are to read very closely, listen very closely to this news, and digest it, because you’ll be tested on the message about agriculture, the message about gas energy, the message about stealing, the new ethics, and the way that we will have implementing same.

A freak storm hits Western Australia, killing several hundred people. They do not know how many people are dead. Caused widespread blackout, bush fires and severe property and crop damage. Said the weather is nothing like it used to be. The army was called in to fight more than 300 bush fires which have isolated four towns in the southwest of the state, the worst hit area in the history of Australia, South of Perth, which was encircled by fires, as evacuations began. There are fears for the safety of, as I said, hundreds and hundreds of people living in scores of shacks, communes and abandoned farmhouses deep in the forest country, as Australia also is ridden with poverty.

All immigrants in New Zealand have been ordered out of the country, forthwith. Within a matter of three weeks, all immigrants are to be removed from New Zealand. There’s a war throughout the world against immigrants. Here we’re fortunate to be in a land where we are popularized and wanted. Immigrants are sought actively. The only nation left on earth which— that is so, because of crowding— overcrowding ecologies, ecosystems that will not support the people. But here we have only a nation of 800,000, mostly around the coastal region, leaving 97% of the entire region of this great nation, the size of Wisconsin, Minnesota, untouched. And many don’t li— not liking socialism are fleeing. So they are actively pursuing more people to settle. So we are accepted. We have a place of acceptance. United States is calling for the removal of all people, particularly blacks and Indians. So is England. They’re actively pursuing the course and want to have their immigrant black Indian population, Asian population removed in six months. The same policy is being pursued in Canada. Racism is running rampant through Europe, as Germany, Switzerland and France are all seeking the active removal, even of people from lower Europe, because the so-called lighter skin Europeans are prejudiced against the Spanish, the Italian, and the Greeks. That’s a kind of racism. There’s always a pecking order, a horrible, horrible pecking order.

Mr. Heinz Langer, the (stumbles over words) Ambassador of the German Democratic Communist Republic to Guyana, arrived in this country yesterday for discussions with the Guyanese government. Ambassador Langer, who was accredited to Guyana in 1975 and is based in the Caribbean, in Cuba, is likely to be in the country for several days. We ought to seek out also the East German Democratic Republic, it’s one of the most flourishing Communist nations in the world, and the most flourishing in terms of employment and industrial output of any nation on earth, and we should make that one of the list of invitations. The more we secure our friendship bonding, eternal bonds of solidarity and alliance with the Communist nations of the world, the more we guarantee our freedom of existence. Yet our greatest key is our own solidarity. Refusal to be moved. A pledge of blood loyalty to each of us. United we stand, and divided, we will not fall. We cannot be hurt from without, only from within. And that’s why all measures of security suggestions should be given, so that we can increase every phase of our security. (Pause) Remember the people’s rally. It must begin at promptly at 7:30 this evening.

The Patriotic Front has discussed the latest Western peace moves and were willing to set down and discuss, but today, as I told you, the Ian Smith fascist regime of Rhodesia or Zimbabwe refuses to discuss any kind of joint settlement with Mr. Robert Mugabe or Joshua Nkomo, head of the true liberation forces that represent the people— three-to-one are in the camp of the Patriotic Front, her— that are heralded and led by Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe.

Most significant news of the day is that it has been made public by the Secretary of State Vance, the Soviets have satellite killers, s— some kind of advanced technology which Secretary Vance said I’m speechless to even discuss the awesomeness of its power. Moreover, another great breakthrough for liberation was at one of the regions that was actually a part of the territory of Union of South Africa, TransSky — look it up on your map — has broken away and declared itself completely independent, though it’s landlocked, and will not, it said, subdue itself anymore, subject itself to the will or whim of Union of South Africa, even if it meant the death of their na— of their state. A great breakthrough. TransSky, one of the region’s territories of the Union of South Africa, the dreaded fascist apartheid regime run by the big corporations of the United States, in which our people live in virtual concentration camps. This black region, this entire territory of TransSky has broken away, heroically, from the Union of South Africa, and for that we are indeed thankful, and our hearts rejoice.

Again we say, we want you to take into consideration all types of music. Take note of the message on m— music.

The United States has called for an earlier conference in the summer than had been originally planned for the fall in Bonn to discuss the IMF emergency and the economic emergency that exist in the capitalist nations. Japan did talk a little more softened today about the possibility of lowering their tariffs barriers because J— J— Japanese, of course, export more than they import, so they have a favorable balance of trade. USA is in economic real dire emergency, because United States is now having to import more than it can export. It has to buy more than it sells. That means for danger, absolute danger. The IMF takes in Saudi Aranian— Saudi and Iranian currencies today. International Monetary Fund has included the currencies of two major oil producing nations, Saudi Arabia and Iran, in the making up of its internal accounting unit in a Special Drawing Right, SDR. The change reflected their greatly enhanced position in world trade after the large oil price increases of 1974. The value of the SDR is determined by weighing a so-called basket of 16 currencies in terms of their proportion of world trade. To make way for Saudi Arabia and Iran, the International Monetary Fund dropped the South African rand and the Danish crown from the basket because their relative world trading positions have declined since it was introduced on July 1, 1974. Union of South Africa’s in real trouble. Their money is becoming of no value in the capitalist economic order. The Saudi Arabian rial was weighed at 3% of the SDR valuation, and the Iranian rial at 2%. The International Monetary Fund also announced some changes in the weighing of other currencies in the basket, with Britain’s share dropping from nine to seven percent, and the shares of Canada and Italy falling from six to five percent. The United States and West Germany (pause) retained their top positions of 33% and twelve and half percent, respectively. The United States still holds the highest value in currency, by mutual consent of the reactionary capitalist, monopoly capitalist, who are trying to shore up US currency, because they say if US currency goes down any more, it will mean total chaos for all of the International Monetary Fund capitalist supporters. Sweden’s share was cut from two-and-a-half percent to one percent, but the Belgian proportion went up from three-and-a-half to four percent, and the Austrian share from one (pause) five down to one percent. Sweden of course has been moving more and more to a socialist position, and that is disturbing the IMF and the OECD that controls the economic health — you might say illness — of the capitalist countries today.

Guyana’s making a great push for high blood pressure control. Having one of the lower blood pressure problems general of the norms of the world, they still on— concern for World Health Day, are observing a crash project to test everyone in Georgetown’s high blood pressure, or t— testing them for hypertension, or high blood pressure. This year, the health problem i— in the spotlight all over the world is high blood pressure, and the slogan is “Down With It.” In Guyana today, as elsewhere, high blood pressure is becoming, at least, an important concern. It is not the cause of death and disability that exist in the northern hemisphere, in the colder regions, in the tense driving competition of such fascist monopoly capitalist states as USA. But it is becoming a problem. In addition, high blood pressure also increases the risks of strokes, heart, kidney diseases, as well as, they think, cancer, is triggered by the eh— additional pressure of the blood. As blood pressure goes up, life expectancy goes down by years. One of the most disturbing aspects of high blood pressure is the fact that it generally presents no symptoms in its early stages, and is commonly believed by most people uh— to be no problem. A person may feel good, look good, and still have very high blood pressure, and not be aware that he or she has the disease. We are grateful that over 100 people that have come here have seen their blood pressure go down from a high risk stroke region, to— a high risk heart attack region, to normalicy. That’s one of the fringe benefits of being in this lovely project of our own. Jonestown, as Diane [Wilkinson] so beautifully changed the song, “Beautiful Jonestown.” That’s why we’re here, to protect this land, our land of freedom, land that we can see is ours to produce and protect 30 miles round. No higher purpose have we come to. It would be a good place to build for the future, or every day be prepared to make a last stand, to guarantee that we will have life, liberty, guaranteed medical care, food, housing, protection, security for all of our children and all of our seniors.

Thank you, and all of my love. I love you more, as I say so often, than you’ll ever begin to know. You can never dream how much I love you.

(End of session)

(Class teaching, which had been taped over for JJ news, on history of economics and politics of South leading up to Civil War)

Tape originally posted May 1999