Q743 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: (Tape starts in middle of sentence) (Shouts) – now what’s with all those white people on that radio all night, talkin’ to us niggers over here, in the middle of a goddamn jungle. What the hell they doin’ in for? Obviously they’re unhappy. (Pause) (Calmer voice) Uh, she just came out of an isolation, she (unintelligible word) seven, seven days. How do you – how do you feel, my love?
Voice too low.

Jones: Well, that’s the appropriate answer. I’m not asking for that tonight. We’re being much more frank, ’cause you are not going back there – what do you feel like?

Woman: Mmm – It gave me a lot of therapy. (Small grunt) (Pause)
Man in crowd: Everybody wake up!

Jones: Well, we don’t enjoy it, we’re trying to get you to be – You’re very bright, and you’re – you got so many attractive features, we want you to get yourself together, you know? (Pause)

Woman: Thank you, Dad. (Clears throat)

Jones: What do they uh – showers and food and so forth, whatever you ne – whatever you need to do to get um, up to par. (Pause) Tell us your thoughts. He’s talking just very honestly about the things he didn’t like, the things he did – talking about Jeff, who’s been in the box. Michael, you hear what I’m saying?

Michael: Yes, Dad.

Jones: So you tell us what it – ’cause the purpose of the box is to get us together, not to punish. Do you understand? (Pause) Hmm? (Pause) Now if you don’t understand, don’t mind saying it. ‘Cause nobody’s going to Learning for anything. We’ve had a lot of people disagree and say things, and go to sleep, and they’re not going to Learning here or anything. But that’s what you must see. We want you to know you. (Pause) To find the better you. (Pause) Did you hear what I said?

Woman: Yes – (Clears throat) Yes, Dad.

Jones: What are you feeling right now?

Woman: I want to be a better socialist.

Jones: Well, that’s pretty good, for coming out of seven days – Many people in the world would be hostile, and you will have that. But work on guilt. I’ve been talking about my guilt tonight, and wish you could’ve been here to hear it. Might have helped you. Maybe the others can tape (unintelligible word) and maybe the tape can be replayed. But we’re going to help you be a better socialist.

Woman: Thank you.

Jones: Thank you. (Pause) Tommy is doing a good job of therapy in that uh, he – not letting a lot of vengeance and hostility and irritation or ego invest him in that matter, which is highly essential. (Pause) The benefits of communism are incalculable. And the dangers of capitalism are incomprehensible. You die when you’re a socialist, right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: But you have a lot less ic – accidents and diseases, because of the protective factor of medicine first, and then this factor that I have, which is an unknown quantity. Those in capitalism can’t buy it. You go to a capitalist hospital, what happens to you. Boy, you’ll feel it when you – they run by your death’s – boy, when they run in with your little I-been-there, Jesus Christ, and they slap your tray down or they jerk your sheet and you can tell they just as soon you’d die and get out of their way.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: What’d that piece of news in uh, Michigan, (voice rises to ministerial fervor) 54 people killed by nurses? Nurse say why – why did you kill this one woman? She was in her forties. Why’d you kill her? Well, I – I didn’t like to hear her – I didn’t want to hear her complaining, I didn’t want to hear her no moaning. Said, well she had every bone broken in an aw – automobile accident. I didn’t want to hear her. Didn’t want to be bothered. The terrible part of it is, nothing – got paid, they’d have to work someplace, I guess they thought they gonna kill all the sick people ever came and get their wages. Fifty-four people killed, and you know how they killed ’em? (Disgusted tone) Suffocation with a pillow case. Pillow. That’s American medicine, and you say, aw, that just happens once. John Harris can tell you that they don’t report a fraction. He – he – he does autopsies, he can tell you, they don’t report a fraction. They were just talking about it, he didn’t tell me directly, but he told one of our staff, they don’t report a fraction of the murders that take place in San Francisco. They don’t want to upset the general public. They’ll put out one figure, and it’s an enormously higher figure, he said, they don’t want the people to know how unsafe it is to walk the streets of San Francisco. So it’s something you to consider. Death death death. They kill people, give them wrong medicines. One out of three according to Reader’s Digest is given the wrong medication in the hospital. Better than one-half of the surgeries for cancer of the breast, (shouts) unnecessary in American hospitals, just because a goddamned doctor wants to make a quick buck and go golfing. (Pause) That’s what you face. Here you don’t face that. Even if you’re a Lela Murphy, goddamnit, Father won’t allow any kind of feeling whether she was a hostile, ungrateful and stole from us, didn’t make any difference, he’ll still see that everything’s done. He raised hell over there one night (Pause) to get this woman looked through this situation, we gotta get her to Georgetown, and we paid $700 for a plane. (Pause) She had to move that quick. That was three months ago. That’s the way he does. When you get sick, he don’t take any spite out on you, and if you see any nurse doing it, you let me know.

Crowd: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: However, how would some of you know, being that you’re so self-centered? And the ones that are not self-centered won’t be noticing it, and it won’t be happening to them. (Short laugh) But, everybody has a complaint. It would help us, though, like Jeff started, he said, I’m going to point out my faults, and he went into some of the – the discourse about the way he is, and I’d like to hear some of you – and I think that’s the way it ought to be, and we’ve made that law, and I think everybody should have to abide by it, that there should be a requirement – a absolute requirement – afore you get up and complain about anybody or write a complaint, that you have to talk about your own shittiness. You hear what I said?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: I think that ought to be a law. Seniors too. Say, I can’t write. Well, then, talk. Find somebody and tell it, before you start griping about this, that and the other, ’cause all that’ll be heard out of this tonight is somebody’ll go, (mimics black voice) “Ah – the Father told you, Ah didn’t have to put up with the way you’re treating me in the drugstore or the way you’re treating me in the hospital.” If you’re really honest, the reports I get back from that hospital, is I never saw such care. I hear black and white. You say, Jesus Christ, they take care of you around the 24 hours. When we had all that thing that they brought in from United States, that horrible flu that closed down schools, we had it cooked, killed and isolated, and they showered you and took care of you around the clock. Naw, you won’t get that. (Pause) But some of you’ll have to get sick before you appreciate that. Your husband or your wife. And sometimes it won’t be your husband or your wife. You yourself will have to be sick. Not your child, but you. You’re asking to be sick, because you’ll never know what this place means until you’re in trouble. Until the law comes knocking at the door. It’s 30 or 40 people now, the law’s after in the United States, (singsong tone) and I said they can’t come and get you here. And the [Guyana] government has backed me up. Why do they back me up? Because they’re so principled? No, because they know exactly what I mean. I’ll raise more hell in the Northwest District than anybody can think about, if they try to come get one of you. I’ll raise hell. That’s why they’re not going to fuck with us up here. (Pause) And that’s why we have to deal with anybody here severely, and reach them with our justice, all over the world if necessary, if they try to internally go out and cause us trouble from within. And l – lie or tell stories about us from within. We have to get those people. Because (Shouts) we can never be hurt from any outside source. As long as we keep our strength and our solidarity, they’ll never bother us. Our children will have more peace than any children on earth because they won’t dare move against us. I don’t care what kind of a government comes in Georgetown. We’ll still be a fact, and we’ll be an angry fact. And it’ll get down to them how angry we are. ‘Cause the world’s still lookin’ on, I don’t care if it’s technocrops – technocrats in Georgetown or socialists, Russia’s still watching, and Russia isn’t going to go nowhere. That’s a point to remember. Russia isn’t going to go away. When Russia goes away, the whole northern hemisphere will be gone, and by God, when that whole northern hemisphere be – is gone, as much as I – my heart would break over the thought, we will take care of ourselves then. (Pause) Hmm?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: When governments teeter and totter and fall, and there’s a thousand of us niggers up here on this hill, (Pause) oh, love, don’t tell us we can’t take of ourselves then.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: I thought they shit with us – (small laugh) on that doctor – I had me some screams, I’d picked out a few folks that got some rich wealth and I know where they’re conserving, and I was going to go runnin’ through Port Kaituma and get that goddamn money, and – and wealth like Mao [former Chinese premier Mao Tse-Tung] and – don’t write that down. Edith, what you write that shit down. Don’t write that shit down on no paper.
Scattered laughter.

Jones: (stumbles over words) – go – I was going to go through the whole of the bailiwicks and get that stuff. Get it! I was going to get it and distribute it to every person in Kaituma. That’s what Mao did, before they betrayed the goddamn revolution and built their chauvinism. Just distribute it all. Say, you want to work with us? And if they didn’t want to work with us, they gonna feel mighty bad about the fuckers in Georgetown when they come in, and we’ve distributed the wealth amongst the people, when some of them haven’t had all that they shoulda had. (Calls out) Honey, there’s ways, and we need to get our minds to workin’. We could actually shake this whole country for socialism, we could shake it for revolution, till, by God, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. We could do it. Don’t let a foreign image stand in our way, or an American Yankee image stand in our way. When folk get to eat, they don’t give a shit who’s feeding them.

Crowd: Right. (Pause)

Jones: They won’t care whether you’re a Christian or Jew, Mohammedan or American or where in the hell you hail from. And you ought to have your creative minds to work for some of these kind of strategies. I’m sick and tired of every goddamn White Night having to stand around in a war council and talk what the hell we’re going to do. And I’m sick and tired of waitin’ on a White Night. We should be doing some thinking. Fucker says we can’t give no food away, one of the little fuckers in the government, there ought to be some ways we can give some things away. And our minds ought to be working on that. (Pause) Offering things that are indispensable to them. Organizing, if nothing else. But there’s ways. There’s ways, I’m telling you, there’s ways. If you can’t give f – free rice, by God, then you can take some cookies in to folks and show your good will. If you understand what I’m saying. (Pause) Anybody got any question about the benefits of communism? You say, well, I’m a capitalist, I – I’d like to be a capitalist. Well, they don’t make it. (Pause) (Singsong) They don’t make it. Five capitalist rich supporters that helped overthrow the democracy of the Philippines with the U.S. CIA’s support, and the CIA didn’t lift a finger to save their ass. Five of them got hung in public square. ‘Cause [President Ferdinand] Marcos got nervous and thought maybe one of them was gonna get a little bit more power than he had, the dictator did, so down they went. (Pause) Tell it about [former President Richard] Nixon, honey, he had lots of it, huh? He had lots of it, but some other dog wanted it a little better than he did, he crossed some old narcissistic newsman somewhere. Truth, they don’t give a shit about truth. That wasn’t it. He wasn’t going down the line, he wasn’t playing the game to suit everybody just right. You can’t play the game right enough. [Former Pakistani leader Zulfikar Ali] Bhutto, you can’t tell me Bhutto, Ezekie Bhutto didn’t do all that he was – had all the power, the military, everything, all the prestige and was a dictator, prime minister of the uh, Pakistan republic, just above India and between India and the Soviet Union, narrowed in there between China, what the hell did he do wrong? (Pause) He had everything going for him, but suddenly, somebody wanted his power. And he’s in a cold, damp cell without a cot, waiting seven days, seven days to be hung in public square. Capitalist. What the fuck you talking about? There’s always somebody after your job.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Bert Lance. Somebody got his, didn’t they? (Pause) They got him, didn’t they? Chief advisor to Mr. uh, Carter, President [Jimmy] Carter. Was he a socialist? Hell, no. He was a banker. But somebody didn’t like him, because he had a little more power than he did. So they got him. (Pause) Nobody to fight for him. There wasn’t no thousand people to march around Washington for Bert Lance. Nobody lifted a finger. He lost his job, now he’s on his way to jail. Congressman [Charles] Diggs. He oughta long ago been a communist. Might as well, he’d got the same cost, he paid the same price. He’s black. All the white people in the Con – Congress’s robbed it blind, they’ve been robbed half the nation, Nixon stole it blind, and he’s over on the Pacific coast, but Diggs, where’s he, on his way to 175 years up the river. He’s black. They don’t give a shit whether you’re a black capitalist or a black socialist, they don’t want you, baby, sooner or later, they’re coming to get you. And we’ve got the advantage. We know the game. We are not afraid anymore. And we got a solution: togetherness. (Pause) (Calmer tone) Togetherness. Socialism. One for all, and all for one.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: You tell me that there’s any better solution to life. If you’re just interested in life. We get our ass together so we could trust people to travel around, so they won’t go into Georgetown like we had the last foray and had to hear them talk about the things they stole from one another, and the little el – well, here, the little things, shit. If we get that under control, you could have the best movies, the best culture, the best art, and all of you could have your tape recorder, if that’s what the hell you want. (Pause) You understand what I’m talking about?

Crowd: Yes.

Jones: (Cries out) If we had to spend less time watching folk, and more people would work on their own initiative, look what we’re doing now. Look what I did, by giving my body. What the hell I did by just (Voice drops) tightening on dollars till sometime I didn’t know how I could stretch ’em as far. How many times I risked going to jail. (Whispers) Jesus Christ. (Normal tone) Telephones, everything else and shit. The shit we’ve done. Say, well, it’s just a dime. Honey, a dime’s a dime. You don’t know how many pills those dimes bought. (Pause) Say – the attorney used to say to me this, this too much. But we did it. And he did it too. (Short laugh) He – (stumbles over words) And in his w – way, really right, you know, it was a – but how in the hell else could I do it, ’cause folks would not concern themselves about pennies. You wouldn’t be here today, if I hadn’t done this.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Sure as hell if I hadn’t given my body. Sure as a hell if I hadn’t fucked all these sonsabitches. If I hadn’ta kept them quiet, and hadn’t sometimes got money for you, $5000 on one occasion, to save babies, from some old bitch. Such a nightmare in my life, all I can see is nothing but her white tresses on her dress. That’s hell, and some of you won’t even work, when some of us have gone through that kind of hell? (Cries out) Why in the hell is it? Why in the hell is it you give us trouble? Why why why why why why? (Pause) I didn’t want (stumbles over words) live, much less fuck some old white bitch. (Pause) Never saw an asshole that I liked. Asses is for shittin’, in my book. (Pause) Okay. (Pleads) Just understand it. Why should I be good, and you not be? I’ll still be good, whether you’re good or not, that makes no difference. ‘Cause I know I’m not worth shit. I have no right to be anything else, but just what I am: the servant to the people. Two out of three babies going to bed hungry, but I say that, and that’s just numbers to a lot of you, you don’t think about a hungry baby. By God, you better think about it sometime. If it gets home, some of the old-timers know what it is, it ain’t fun, it ain’t fun when you got no m – no food in the cupboard, and you got babies crying. I became – (Voice rises) My communism was confirmed on the mountains in – in Rio de Janeiro, just outside of (unintelligible name, said twice), I became a confirmed goddamn communist and a hater of all things religious, when I was on that mountain top (pause) and those poor religious people, caught up in the opiate of religion, talking to the Lord, said it’s the (stutters through the Portuguese), the Disease of the Devil. There was nothing but – to – just a rage of ah, tuberculosis. No medicines, nothing. And I’ll never forget one thing, uh, that final blow, and I’ll keep that life in me as long as I live, that fuckin’ priest was with me, I wanted to throw him off the mountain top. Damn near did. Damn near did. (Pause) I did something, he’s looking for me, I can tell you that, if he – if there’s a world left, he’s looking for me, if he’s still alive. But I didn’t throw him off, but I come damn near close to it. Next best thing I could do was boot him in the ass and cause him to slide about one hundred and fifty feet down the side of that fuckin’ mountain. I don’t know what condition he was in. I heard he was alive, though, and wondering who in the hell I was. (Sniffs) But he didn’t know me, ’cause I looked like every other brazalero to him. (Quiet) But I walk in, and that sonofabitchin’ priest was standing over this little boy, his momma dead – dad was gone and his momma was laying on a board – (Voice rises) not a box, on a board. There was one scrawny ass chicken in that hut. Nothing but leaves, some kind of damn leaves, musta been like our (unintelligible word; sounds like “tule”), and then some cardboard laid over on the side of it. Four little children layin’ around, him, the little boy standin’ and the priest said, I want to give him the blessing, ’cause he’s gonna have to be the head of this house. Him and his fancy robes. I said, why don’t you sell those goddamn robes? He said, who – who are you? Then I spoke Portuguese better than I did, and he wanted to know who I was, and asked the community. The community wouldn’t give him any help. That’s why I’m tellin’ you, you can organize. The community would not give him any help to find out who I was, and a lot of them knew, because I’d taken food up and down that mountain. And nobody would tell that fuckin’ priest who I was. And I was saying damnably bad stuff, coulda got me in trouble, because at that time, the military was well in control of that district. (Pause) Hmm – (Pause) (Quiet) And he said, well, I’m giving him a blessing, so he can lead this family of four scrawny children that looked like death warmed over. And his little eyes sunken in his eyes, and that scrawny-ass chicken that looked like it was dead with feathers on it. And he’s giving the blessing and waving that fuckin’ perfume over that body. (Pause) And he chased me down the goddamn hill, kept runnin’ after me, find out who I was. I said, leave me alone, sonofabitch. ‘Cause I had family to rear, I always had family to rear, I had children I’d already adopted and I had an orphanage to take care of. I thought, fucker, you ke – you keep pursuing me, if – I knew, if he went down a little further, there was some bourgeois that’d help, and I thought if he goes that way, it’s (unintelligible word) too too much, so I led him over to the center part – and he followed me, kept going over there, trying to preach to me. He got his ass up in my face. I thought well, there a side over there, if I hit him that way, man, he’s dead. But if I just get him this way, to slide him, you know, just kind of boost him, he’ll get a – he’ll get a few bumps on the way down. But I didn’t count on him going as far as he did. If 150 is too far, he didn’t go that far, but honey, he went a good 75 feet. Jesus Christ. I just pressed him in his damn robes, and he slid his ass down there, and he wasn’t calling Jesus either, when he was going down there.

Crowd: Laughter.

Jones: He was screaming like a banshee. (Pause) Lousy people. And I became a confirmed communist at that point. (Cries out) Not right, it’s not right, it’s not right, that we don’t feel guilt, when a little boy seven years of age has got to raise all the rest of them, and not a goddamn person in the world to give a goddamn, and a mother-fuckin’ priest going through waving some incense over him. Fuck the priest, and fuck their religion, and fuck all these people that don’t feel guilt about a world like that.

Crowd: Cheers.

Jones: It’s terrible. You oughta get – ought to take you through a world tour, you don’t have any idea. Not only just that little boy, but 10,000 people were wiped out that day, in that one – a whole area, 10,000 people. It wasn’t (stumbles over words) tuberculosis, that was one of the raging problems, it was gastro-enteritis. They called it the Disease of the Devil, it was so widespread. And so tonight, in the close, as we finish, is there any comment, because you ought to know something of me from tonight. Would you ask me a question quickly, to the point, or say some interesting quick point you got out – what did you get out about my character, or something that touched you that I said. I want to see where our consciousness is.

Male: Uh, I shoulda thought more about your character before I got up here, I – I wanted to get something out before I started getting back into the negative thoughts that were bothering me, and I felt I ought to – you know, I – I should come and – and get it out front.

Jones: Well, I don’t think that that’s an un – un – uh – out of order. You may not be able to get all that worked out tonight, but it better not be anybody in – intimidating you, or you better – you keep the same rules everybody else, nobody else should bother you. Or, (unintelligible word) pick on you that – if they are – I don’t know that they are – that would take too long to discuss. But I can surely tell you that I have an ear for every complaint. (Pause) And uh, you’re quite proper in saying, yeah, I’m sorry I got up, because any of our life is not as bad, if you think about it, it is not as bad as we think it is at the moment. But I still think that uh, any discussion of learning in the areas where it can be improved – there was something you said particularly that bothered me, that Carol Kerns uh, covered for somebody. That bothered me. That’s uh, unjust, that you showed favoritism enough for David. That may be half David’s problem, if you covered for him.
Carol: Dad, I didn’t cover for him, because I – I did tell Penny [Kerns], but I did let him manipulate me at that point and –

Jones: You must –

Carol: (word overrun by Jones) it out over at the thing –

Jones: I’m not throwing nobody into Learning, I’m not – that – this discussion will bring nobody into Learning. It’s important that we think without intimidation or fear, if we’re ever to have any deep s – deep soul thought – thought, we got to get some of those moments where you can’t think, every time you gonna say something, somebody gonna say, “Learning.” Or somebody gonna jump down your throat. And it’s necessary at times, gotta have it, ’cause that’s all some people respond to. These two little lads, by God, if you seen all they been doing, you’d know that some people – that’s all they respond to. At this point. But I’d still like to see if they can be an – if we had the time, if we didn’t just have to work, we got people to save. I’d like the people to talk to you, Johnson, Comrade Johnson, and Comrade Rhodes, to find out what the hell’s making you tick. (Pause) ‘Cause I have an admiration for one side of ’em, you know enough about me to know that I do. Little shits, leaping out of window, trying to run through a jungle. (Pause) I admire that. But I don’t understand what’s going on in their head that they want to cause all this trouble. I admire spunk, but not spunk used for anarchy. Not spunk used against – for rebellion. But I – I – I do say, it takes a hell of a – (short laugh). I don’t know. I wish to God I’d get you on my side. (Pause) That’s something for – in – in the – if you teachers to work on, (stumbles over words) they got this kind of ego identity, they can leap out windows together, two of them, and they got a whole goddamned armed arsenal and uh – (Pause) They’re asleep, ah – and so I’m not getting any behavior much to talk to, to think on, but they – (Pause) You have got to stay apart, till you become socialists, then you can become mighty soldiers. (Pause) How’d you think you were going to get away? Did you think you were going to get away, leaping out through that window?

Boy: No. (Pause) No.

Jones: Well, why’d you do it? And then you – and then you got back, they tied you up, and one of you untied the other one. (Pause) Who untied the other one?

Boy: Me.

Jones: Hmm?

Boy: Me.

Jones: You did. Well, now you’ve been tied all that. Is it – is it fun being tied?

Boy: No.

Jones: You know I don’t want you tied. (Pause) Hmm? You know that I don’t want to see you tied like that.

Boy: Yeah.

Jones: But you gotta follow – (Pause) Umm, I hate that word, “rule,” ’cause the fascists have used it so much, but communists have to use rules too. Moreso, because fascists are technically way ahead of us. Their massive murderous schemes are out of our category. We wouldn’t even dream of a neutron bomb, to destroy people, and not property. (Pause) You kids have got to follow all the rules the rest of us do. (Pause) You can’t do this shit. (Pause) You got caught. Last night, with the tiger you got caught. You were scared to death of that tiger last night. (Pause) What did you do it again for today? (Pause) Tell me (stumbles over words), if they brave enough to jump out the window, somebody give me analysis, ’cause I’m tired and I got a hell of a headache. Tell me what the hell you think about this. I got some thoughts about – what the hell you think about this? Brave enough to jump out the window, brave enough to take on the system, and scared shitless of a tiger. (Pause)

Woman: I don’t know, they don’t want to be destroyed by the till – tiger, because they know their body would be cut up. But yet, if they – they ought to have no fear of danger. They certainly don’t have no fear of danger, anytime they leap out the window, they don’t care. They just don’t give a damn.

Jones: The guards put the gun on them, in their belly, and they didn’t even respond. (Laughs)

Woman: Well, they –

Jones: Went apeshit over that tiger, though.

Woman: Have no – They have no fear, Father.
Comment from crowd too soft.

Jones: I’m not so sure about that. I wondered about that, but last night, I’m not so sure that they –

Young man: I – Dad, I think that they have no fear of uh, things that they kind of – they can calculate, but like things that they don’t know about, you know, they – it’s kind of they – they just fall apart.

Jones: That’s what she said. And I said brilliant, coming from a senior, the unknown. Uh – Then what’d you say, Stephan [Jones]?

Stephan: (too quiet)

Jones: Statement made by Mark [Rhodes], he be cut up by that tiger, yeah? (Pause) He said Father’d put him back together if he got cut up by the tiger? Is that what you guys are countin’ on? Well, Lela Murphy was not as nice as she should be, and I didn’t put her back together, and she’s down there in a box under the ground.

Scattered voices: That’s right.

Jones: Why should you maintain an 84-year-old woman who won’t even uh, show a proper understanding or gratitude or follow instructions? Why? And she costs more than, than her income. (Pause) Now you children oughtn’t – you not – you haven’t got a dime. I don’t think you get a check any month. (Pause) Why do you think I’m gonna put you back together? (Pause) Why should I put you back together? (Pause)

Boy: (unintelligible reply, ending with “back together”)

Jones: Anybody got any ideas to do, to – anything, further comments to say before we make disposition. These two, I can’t let – I can’t let go on. (Pause) Have I said enough on your case that will remedy the pressure and I’m sure will get people off your back. We can bring it up the next meeting.

Young man: Um – Dad – Thank you, Dad and uh, mainly that I’m thinking about your character and – and uh, try to endure more. And I’m sorry that I brought this up – (Jones speaks over him)

Jones: Well, I’m not so – I’m – I’m sorry that you did – I’m – I’m not sorry that you did. I’d (clears throat) hope you’ll not build a case, because I – you know your manipulative patterns, lots of people have manipulative patterns, but I know that place is not perfect. Yes. (Pause) Yes, thank you. (Pause) And all of you take your points from him. He made some good points. If they apply, use them. And don’t pick on him for doing it, because I asked for honesty tonight. (Sharper tone) You better not. When I ask for honesty, and say there’ll be no repercussions, there better not be any kind of problem about it, no matter who got – gets on the floor. If I say honest, be straight, tell me exact what you feel, whether you – even though you know you’re a shithead if you sta – say something, and then somebody then picks on them for it, I’ll get ’em. (Pause) ‘Cause you have to have some knowledge of where people are at. You can keep rules, that’s wonderful, but people gotta understand the rules. (Pause) And they gotta be sure they’re fa – they’re fair. And if you’ll think on it, as he just said, Dad, I’ll think about what you – the prison you’re in, or he didn’t say that but some other sense of that. I’m in the worst Learning S – Learning Crew than you’re in. And every di – every day you pass me, know it. People do shitty stuff to me. I – And I could unleash on here tonight, and not have trouble – I’d have too much trouble to run the organization. I could tell you. I’d have too much trouble to unru – to run the organization. They do shitty stuff to me. They – they do shitty stuff. I ain’t gone get into it no further, ’cause of the organization. They take their moods, their spites, their little feelings, they take it out on me. I’m supposed to be the final person you can dump it on. I’m God. Communists ought to know better than that. (Pause) They can’t dump it on anybody else, they dump it on me. They won’t cry to anybody else, they cry to me. (Pause) And that’s not right. When you got a thousand folk to think about and care for, you oughtn’ta have a thousand folk to feel they can dump any kind of emotion they want to onto you. But they’ll do it. Take a walk through here with me, and watch. Some senior’ll stop me (struggles for words) and even middle-aged. (Sighs) And youth, hungry for affection, and God, they’ve got problems. Youth’ll do it. Bless their little hearts. Come up and say somebody’s eh, took my pencil, somebody hit me Tuesday, and this is now Saturday. (Pause) Some senior says uh – I don’t know, you – I can’t even remember, it’s too damn cr – crazy to talk about. It’s too crazy to talk about. (Clears throat) Too crazy. (Drinks) And (unintelligible word), defy you. I can walk in those showers. I don’t like to walk in on people, I don’t like to walk in on when they’re in the privacy of their shower. And I walk in, and the first part and say turn the water off, they say it’s Father, and by God, you’ll have to walk clear in to see their naked body under the faucet before they’ll pay any attention to you. (Pause) And that slightly embarrasses them. And it slightly embarrasses me, because I have no desire to be wandering around, I – there’s one thing that sex never did a damn thing for me, to watch somebody else. If I’m gone do it, I want to be a participant. (Pause) If you follow what I’m saying. (Pause, drinks). And that’s just a few things today. But if you’re where you ought to be, like I try to keep myself at a zero consciousness, you will not uh, remember what the hell happened to you today anyway, that much. I’m just – I’m really having to work at it to think of the things that happened to me today. It was a hell of a lot of shit, though. (Pause) But they do it, they’ll be at moody – they’ll uh, get moody, people work close to you get moody, they won’t talk. (Pause) And I’m supposed to be – I’m supposed to guess what the problem is. Or I’m supposed to work out all the problem, someway magically. They’ll mumble when you talk to them. (Pause) Umm-hmm. Just to be shitty. (Pause) And I know they work hard. They got a lot on them. But why should they do that to me? I got more on them than they got on them, because I got everybody on me.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: And I hope they heard it right now, for the sake of the work. ‘Cause I’d live longer. One day I cannot deal with his moods. And they’ll take their conflicts with each other, and (stumbles over words) – and parade them in front of me. (Pause) Play their games. I don’t want it. You got a fight? Take it to the person you’re fighting with. I don’t want to hear it. (Pause) Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, I don’t like talking behind folks’ back. Talk to their face, tell ’em. Somebody tell me about what somebody did the other night, I said, jump their ass, don’t get on me, I ain’t get – I’m not their – I’m not their keeper. If you don’t like what somebody’s doing in that radio room, tell ’em. (Pause) Right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Nobody’s sacred here, right?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: We’re all made of mud or chi – whatever it is (sighs, pauses). What is that old song?

Murmurs. Among them: “Muscle and blood.”

Jones: What is it?
Voice: Muscle and blood, skin and bones.

Jones: Muscle and blood, skin and bone. What is it?

Murmurs. Among them: “A mind that’s weak and a back that’s strong.”

Jones: Yeah. (Laughs) Yeah, yeah, we haven’t even got a lot of strong backs here, we could sure – there’s a message in that song, but America’s never got it. Okay. Okay okay okay okay. What to do with these two, you don’t want to hear me talk, and I don’t want to talk. Shift. (Pause)

Low conversation.

Jones: Oh Lord Jesus in the morning. (Pause)

Male: Dad, uh – before they went to Pat Grunnett’s crew, I had requested that they be separated and um – like Mark, I know he’ll play word games with you, so you know, whatever he does, he needs to be in a very structured situation, and uh, Pat Grunnett had a program for them, you know, we had his time structured out throughout the day, but Mark will play word games, and like, if he does something – (voice fades)

Jones: Can I ask first if Dick Tropp and uh, um, will go over with um, the farm manager and uh, Lee Ingram, and uh, some (stumbles over words) let’s just say, cross-section of the secretaries, and Shanda [Olver] and Joyce [Touchette] um. Charlie’ll [Charlie Touchette] be well in a couple of days, uh, but right now (clears throat) go over the farm report so that the farm will – won’t be insulated so the farm reports will be highly looked at and scrutinized, so we don’t have to go into this tonight. Hmm?

Voice: Right, Dad.

Jones: Okay, you’ll call a meeting sometime over the weekend.

Voice: Sure.

Jones: Okay. (Pause) Very well. Albert [Touchette] ought to be in it too. (Pause) yes.

Male: Okay, uh, Mark will play uh – he’ll play like word games, so if he does something, uh, when he’s – he needs to be made s – you know, to see that whatever the consequences are was his own choice. And you know, a person has to be very explicit with him, because if you leave one word out, he’ll dwell on that, like if he says – if he says, Mark, why did you do this, and it’s something he did two days in a row, he’ll pick a day that you’re not talking about and he’ll dwell on that, I didn’t do it yesterday or you know, like this. So you have to be –

Jones: Hmm.

Male: – you know, you have to tell him exactly what he’s done, and make him see that whatever the consequences, that is his choice, and sometimes he responds to that, but you know, if he – if you don’t, if you leave one word out, or kind of go any way off of – of whatever the subject is, you know, it just – you kinda lose control over him. And Gleniel [Johnson], he just locks up, he doesn’t say too much, he’ll – he’ll freeze. He won’t talk. (Pause) And so uh, you know, they need to definitely be separated and, and, you know, be (Jones talks over him).

Jones: We don’t have to separate them now, ’cause they runnin’ and doin’ that thing, I think we’re going to have to separate ’em, as bad as I think, I think one of them’s going to have to go into the b – into the box. (Pause) One out, one in. (Pause) So which one’s been – giving the worst problem.
Voices too low.

Woman: Mark – Mark has been giving the – the most problem, and it seems to, like, Mark is more or less the leader of Gleniel, because Gleniel – he’ll – I mean, he’ll act real good, he can be – he’ll be untied and everything, and he’ll sit and – quietly and Mark is constantly blaming Gleniel for anything he says. He talks all day long, and he’ll blame Gleniel for anything that he says uh, uh, Sebastian [McMurry] goes, you know, comes to tell you or act – act like he’s –

Jones: Yeah, okay, okay. I’ve – I – I get the point, I see, you already given me my solution, um, Mark’s been there the longest, causing the difficulties the longest. Now your momma said to you, and I think it was sweet and loving of her to say it, for the general good as much as she loves you, and she loves you, that you guys oughta both be parked out there tonight under rope, that’s what she sent a message up to me, and parked on a rope out there, and see if the tiger wants to come and get you. (Pause) Now you, you see, your momma’s not going to back you up, what I’m trying to say is, she loves you, but you’re causing trouble for all. She got other children, everybody, and that’s what she was saying, that you ought to just go out there and see. Now (stumbles over words), we hope the gun get to the tiger before it got to you. (Sharply) How do you two feel about that?

Boy: Bad.

Jones: Hmm?

Boy: Bad.

Second boy: Bad.

Low conversation.

Woman: You like to jump out of windows. Why’d you want to do that? (Pause) You want to jump out of windows? you want –
More conversation.

Jones: You think I’ll send you – Do you think I’ll put you out there? (Pause) Hmm?

Boy: Yes.

Second boy: (Near tears) Yes.

Jones: You really do?

Boy: Yes.

Second boy: Yes.

Jones: I don’t believe it. (Pause) I think that’s the one thing that shows through about Dad. I don’t believe it – I don’t believe you could carry out like this and think you’re going to go out there. (Pause) Dad never came to kill, he came to heal. Dad never came to hurt, but to relieve pain. You think I’m going to put you out there with the tiger? (Pause)

Boy: Yes.

Second boy: Yes.

Woman: They don’t believe that, Dad. They don’t belioeve that either.

Jones: I can’t believe it. (Struggles for words) I can’t believe they want to mess with that tiger.

Low conversation.

Jones: (Laughs) I may have to step out of the way and let the people do a lot of things, if this don’t stop, though. This is ridiculous. People get tired, they get sick, they get old. (Pause) They’re sleepy tonight, messin’ with you. (Pause)

Low conversation.

Jones: (microphone clicks back on) – anyone’s got a good enough shot to keep you from getting it. (Pause) I – I – I don’t know, I don’t know, I believe you’re playing games with me.

Woman: He is –

Another Woman: I think –

Low conversation for several moments about whether the boys should be put out with the tiger, whether Dad will let them go out there.

Jones: Okay, boys. (Pause) How many think they ought to go out there? (Pause)

Male voice: Look, look.

Jones: How do you feel about it, brothers? You’re getting ready to go.

Boys: (Cry in high keening wail)

Jones: Yeah, I knew you didn’t believe it. Umm-hmm. Now you’re beginning to de – you’re beginning to touch it. It’s begin – Now, it’s beginning to get – get to you. But you didn’t believe it. Bye-bye.

Low conversation.

Boys: (Wailing) We don’t want out. We want to go (unintelligible: “with Dad”? “back”?)

Low conversation.

Jones: No, I know they don’t want to go. (Pause for several moments.) Uh, all right. Now, when they closing, is any – anything you got out – I want to test for the audience reaction of where the communist consciousness is. What did you get out of it? Jeff said he had something that helped him endure his uh, Learning Crew. (Pause) What did you get out of it? Question, or anything else. (Pause) Marie? (Pause) Shift, please.

Marie: Uh, I know personally, I um, take liberties not to do – do uh, to follow your example, and um, I was watching you and listening to you while you were uh, describing your pain in your head, and – and different things, and um, uh, I was thinking about some of the illnesses that I’m supposed to have and the – and the fact that I deal with that I know that I could go ahead on and do things anyway, and I was trying to correct that in myself, uh, as I listened to you.

Jones: I think that’s honest, Marie. A lot of people – because I am stoic with pain, very stoic. Doctor can work on my, cut me open, take a growth off, took a growth off of my ass, if you remember once, never took any anesthesia, ’cause I couldn’t take the anesthesia, ’cause I had a meeting that night. I didn’t dare be out. We were going through some shit right then, back in Los Angeles. So they cut the growth out of my ass without any anesthetic. And that is a trip. So if I don’t show it – because I don’t think I have the right to impose upon every pain – that’s just terrible to see your people, (unintelligible word) you don’t know what to do with them. You say (stumbles over words) I feel so bad. Yes, and you can’t ask some people wha – how they – they don’t say, oh, that’s wonderful. Some people will, there’s a few sweet people say, “Blessed in every way, Father, it’s won – thank you for bringing me to Promised Land” – but some you don’t ask them.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: Goddamn don’t ask them. You – you’ll regret it.

Scattered: Right.

Jones: You’ll be sorry. So I try to keep my pain away from people. The only ever – reason I ever explain it is so they can understand (Pause) principle, you understand. Because I don’t want sympathy. I don’t think I am entitled to sympathy. I really don’t think I’m entitled to sympathy. No matter what I’ve gone through, I don’t think I’m entitled to sympathy, when I think of a little boy facing all – four little children. And I – that’s – I’ve got a lot of horror stories like that, and everyone ought to keep them vividly. Hell, I got a horror story out of just at Nancy’s signs as picture, of that black mother with that baby in her arm. That haunted me. She caught that. And whether she caught it in herself, in all of her ways, I don’t know, but a – I caught it. (Pause) It’s hell. Nightmare. (Pause) Go ahead.

Marie: Um – that was, that was uh, the most significant thing to me, because uh, I’m trying to deal with my own guilt and – and instead of uh, suppressing it and using it like uh, well, yeah, I feel guilt –

End of side one.

Side two.

Marie: – sharing that with me tonight.

Jones: Thank you. (Pause)

Young woman: Dad?

Jones: Yes.

Woman: It meant a great deal tonight, um – I haven’t been taking things serious. Guilt or um, my e – elitism or looking at myself. I appreciate it very much. I don’t have the words to express it, but I will concentrate on it. Thank you.

Jones: Thank you. Any – any particular point or question. No, that’s all right, I got that. That was the general impact. I felt sincere to that. Go ahead.

Elderly woman: Dad, I thought I had faith, but I didn’t have half the faith that I have now. Thank you.

Jones: Thank you. But I want you to have faith, to get through. Keep you well. Keep you free of pain. (Pause) Go ahead. Go ahead.
Another elderly woman: Dad, I know I have – haven’t been so good since I been here, but I truly has been tryin’. And I been failin’ in my tryin’. I ain’t done all of that meanness, but just givin’ little dirty looks, you know, that’s bad enough. And I do hope you’ll forgive me, and I’ll try to do better. And the reason I ain’t been talkin’, when I do get up to talk, I hear so much of “oh, aw, sit down,” and all of that. I have a desire to talk. I – I know I’m not a educated person, but I means well, Dad. And I got a lot out of what you said tonight. I truly – whenever it comes up on the floor or things ain’t going just right, I almost have a heart attack, to see what you have to go through with. And I tries to be as good as I possibly can, and from now on, I promise you, when people said things that they shouldn’t said to me, I’m going to keep my big mouth shut and look at ’em.

Jones: Uh, Guy Mitchell has got a good report I want to put down the secretary, and I do recommend until they get this compost thing under control for flies, that they spray out there two or thr – be three times a week. It’s a very good report of things that they’re trying to do with Bob Christian, and the pump and so forth, the compost – (Pause) Cattle’ll – This looks like he’s doing a pretty good comprehensive job. As I said, the secretaries in radio room and um, the ones I named, apart from that, are to go over this thing very very cautiously. Any particular main problems that we have, any main problems in gardens? Any main problem in gardens, Simpson? (Pause) Almost had a water brigade, and about five minutes, the rain came, today, and that was uh, unusual – unusual. I’d like to know what made the difference there. I’ve had – no, I know, I know I made the difference, but just like to know how to do that. That’s a – that’s a trick. That rain business’s a trick. I could know other time, but today, I just – I had the problem of Georgetown, but I don’t know what the interlocking, inter-connecting thoughts was. I knew as certainly as ever, I wasn’t go to have no water brigade. I knew it.

Voice in crowd: That’s your power, Dad, that’s your –

Jones: I know the power, but I’m trying – I’d just like to get all the inter-connecting things – (stumbles over words) Some of you are following what I’m saying. I look at all life scientifically. I remember in Louisi – in Louisiana, when I stopped the rain, that woman who was playing ball was in her nineties, she’da been us today, she’da had proper consciousness, and not gone to Hawaii, she left the church and went to Hawaii, ended up paralyzed from her neck down, you remember who I’m talking about?

Crowd: Murmurs yes.

Jones: I’ve forgotten her name, because I just want to get it out of my mind. Pain. St. John. Yeah, Valerie St. John.

Voice in crowd: Valerie St. John.

Jones: She wasn’t gone be with us, she gone do her thing, go to Hawaii, and she had a – she didn’t no more hit Hawaii, than she had a total paralyzed stroke, and she – they – she begged for me, but it’s too late then, we were right in the middle of crisis, we had to move. Yes.

Voice: (soft, fades in) I have a guilt, of uh self-centeredness, I guess you’d call it. Anyway –

Jones: Self-centeredness, yes.

Woman: I guess so, so anyway –

Jones: Watch – watch yourself. (Pause) Can we do anything about leveling this thing in here to uh, the little – It was here that Rose had her terrible fall. We could build up this – if the inspection people would get some people in the Learning department or whatever department, to build up, so when they walk onto that wood, people’s vision change and dims as they get older, and you have a helluva step from that to the wood. And it’s a – it’s uh, very dangerous, I’m telling you, folks, you do need a stick, you need to walk with stick.

Voice in crowd: (Soft) – shaped into a slope like this.

Jones: Yeah, shaved into a slope, it really does.

Low conversation.

Jones: Yeah, spoke to Joyce, fine, li – that’s – that’s good, and that’s sweet of you. But (stumbles over words) get this committee, we can get this, the – if the Learning Crew would take this on – and Brother [Marshall] Farris I know is good about that kind of stuff. If we could get something, and get the proper crew to fix these kinds of areas, ’cause one fall like that – if it hadn’t been for my power, (snaps fingers twice) it was all over.

Crowd: That’s right.

Selika: (fades in, unintelligible) – showed ’em, a couple of ’em about it.

Jones: Thank you. Selika [Bordenave], thank you. Okay, you going ahead, Helen?

Helen (elderly woman): Uh, I have a problem uh, with myself uh, not wanting to be to – told too much. And uh, I realize it is a bad problem, but uh – that’s – that’s my guilts. And I – I’d like to face them, and I – I’d like to overcome them, and I’m trying, as much as I know how. So I know you – I know you can’t help –

Jones: Well, I appreciate your making note of it. I mean – I appreciate your taking note of it, Helen.

Helen: Yes.

Jones: Remember, I get told all day long what to do, and if you think of that –

Helen: Yes.

Jones: – all of your needs are telling me all day long what I need to do, what I must do.

Helen: Mmm-hmm.

Jones: And then you’ll override it, and if you feel guilt enough about all of the things in life that one could’ve done, should’ve done before they knew Father, ’cause none of you here would’ve ever helped Angela Davis get out of jail, or Billy Joe Smith, or any of those cases. Money we sent to Africa, Jesus Christ, it took chances with, helped world liberation in Brazil. You never would’ve done that, if you hadn’t met Father. You say you did, but you wouldn’t. That’s a bunch of bullshit. You didn’t do it.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: So you should feel guilt about all the black children that we didn’t feed, tons of food we sent to the dy – dying children in the Sahara. You remember that?


Jones: Church of God minister. His own church wouldn’t help. You remember?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: His own denomination wouldn’t help, when they had that horrible famine. (Pauise) If you feel guilt, then, as you say, you’ll get over it. Thank you, Helen. Yes.

Helen: And forgive me for – for all my mistakes, and I’m trying my best to grow.

Jones: Thank you. I doubt if anyone does that, but uh, it’d be good if we all did.

Helen: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Thank you. (Pause)

Voice from rear: Dad? (Pause)

Jones: Now here comes my buddy. She works and takes care of herself and sees with her mind, not her eyes. (Pause) Yes, sweetie.

Woman: Uh – Am I right, you have so many peoples back yonder, I think about them and – and when I be crying about things, (unintelligible phrase) somebody ask, “What you – why you cry? Da – Dad don’t want you to cry.” I said, well, I’m not – I said, well you couldn’t answer this question like you don’t know what I’m crying about. Say, if you know what I’m crying about, you might would cry too. And Dad, is it – is it right if I – if I just – when I gone – they gone feed me, if I – there so many of them to eat, and if I been eatin’ three biscuits, as – I should save two and leave off one, someone to tell me, that it ain’t do not good, that’s for you that ain’t helping ’em none, that hurts me when they say that. I think I should – I – I could do without some things, and that’s no bet – no better time to start it than like that. Is that right, Dad?

Jones: (Unintelligible)

Young woman: – do without. She want – they want to give her some biscuits, and she wants two of them –

Jones: But there’s probably your weight, sweetie, they want to keep it up, but that’s very sweet of you. You – I don’t know why more seniors don’t think like you.

Elderly Woman: That’s right, Dad.

Jones: That’s sweet of you.

Jones and woman talk over each other.

Jones: But you eat it, you eat it, honey.

Elderly Woman: Sh – should I?

Jones: I – I would rather –

Elderly Woman: But sometime, Dad, you know what I say – I ask myself a question, am I worthy of eating sometime? I’m not got nothing to turn in for – no money to turn in, I ain’t got –

Jones: Ah, you’re like me, that’s what – why I love you so. I don’t think I am worthy, but we gotta eat –

Elderly Woman: Thank you, Dad, thank you.

Jones: You gotta eat to keep me going.

Elderly Woman: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: I always love to hearing your cussin’ out that comes the end of the meeting.

Crowd: Laughs

Jones: Laughs

Low conversation

Elderly Woman: – grin and giggle all day.

Jones: What’s that, sweetie?

Elderly Woman: I just laugh all day till next day. Why, if I cuss someone, I cuss ’em out, and then I feels good, look like it just heals me – or heal me or something. So I don’t know what, but I just gets happy when I just –

Jones: (Laughs) Well, I think you heal a lot of us, ’cause we all – we all feel like cussin’, and you cuss for us.

Elderly Woman: Yeah. Well, that’s right, that’s right Dad. That’s right. That’s so true.

Jones: Thank you, beloved.

Elderly Woman: Thank you, Dad. Thank you.

Jones: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Is there some important point? Let’s not get into a lot of extraneous – I mean a lot of generalizations. (Pause)
Another elderly woman: Dad, I’m appreciated very much, and it went deeply inside of me, um, your talk that you give. It was very educational, and very understandable. And when you got to the part when you said that the Soviet Union are watching us, I think that’s grand. We should fight, more than – we should be more stronger, and continue fightin’, to let ’em know that we want to get somewhere and we hope to get somewhere soon. Not tomorrow, but now. And I just think it was great. And also your life, when you was speaking on it, I was bleeding inside, but I don’t know, but I guess you knew it, the tears was just about to pop out, because I have a feeling, and I understand. I understand. When it rained today, I told a sister, I know who made it rain. You don’t have to bring no water out. And I laughed. I know who it was. And I know you know deep within you, that I understand, and I know what you’re going through. I do know it.

Jones: Well, I –

Elderly Woman: And I appreciate everything that you ever did for me. Yeah.

Jones: I appreciate that. I’ll leave that. No one can fully know the mind of Father, what he goes through, but you can know who does the things. I’m pleased that you’re just doing your thinking about the Soviet Union, because that is a strong ace, that the Soviet Union watches us, there’s a lot that they won’t be able to do as long as the Soviet Union has an interest in us, which I’m sure we can nurture forever.

Jerry: Well, I – I – I picked up uh, two points that you mentioned. And it was about what you said, that you was a prisoner here because of people who continually mess up and who won’t want to work, and I was thinking of myself as – as a guilt of my own thing is, that I figure, at one time I’d figure, oh, I would um, I want to – to study hard, you know, and get into my profession that I want to do, and probably venture out, because I don’t – I had thought this at uh, my – at my – at one time, that I don’t want to be, you know, in such a, a (Pause) a isolated area –

Jones: Yes.

Jerry: – then I said, then I said to myself, when Dad said – uh, walking down the street, I mean the pathway here, up and down the pathway, was like a prison, to him, and he would have to probably be here the rest of his life, he can’t even go to Georgetown to get his teeth – your tooth fixed, I figure that um – I – I could uh – it – it wouldn’t really matter to me, because the – the profession I want to get into anyway, I have a laboratory out there in the jungle, and I could just s – stay here and study here, you know, if – if that was the case, and we – and just watch and help or, you know, for the knowledge that I get, help build Jonestown up, ’cause uh, I was thinkin’ 30 miles of a land that’s about the size of a city. And then another thing I was thinkin’ of which you ah, mentioned about um, how socialism, a – as a beneficial, more beneficial to people and how could anyone think that uh – how could –

Jones: Don’t worry, Jerry, you’re – you’re – you’re – I was just thinking, you’re very beautiful. When you first came, you were so out of it, he was so out of it, there was no way to describe how far out he was, in the self and off in the – they – they – they’d destroyed his mind, the system had. And to think that you would uh, note that uh, that word that I said one time, not being able to go to the dentist and being a prisoner here. I want you to know, son, that I’ll do my best to see some of our young people will be able to get to the places of study, the best in the world. But as you say, out there is a laboratory, an untouched – and we can make our own laboratories, if necessary. What is it you want to be, Jer?

Jerry: I – I want to be a – a plant pathologist and I want to get into advanced studies of botany and later on get into thermodynamics, if I can. That’s why I’m – I – I talked to Pauline Groot about um, teaching me what she knows about math, ’cause I want to find out new things about plants and how they can help people, and stuff like that. (Pause) ‘Cause I’ve always had interest in science ever since I was little, observing things, and I didn’t actually start studying biology ’till I was in the tenth grade, because I was trying to keep up –

Jones: I’ve heard so many good things about you the last few days, by the way.

Jerry: I – I was trying to keep up with my um, so-called intellectual friends, and one day – what really determined me is when the one of my white friends came up to me, and he says, Jer, we was walking, you know, and he says, Jer, you know what, you know what I want to do? I want to – I want to become a physicist, and I said, Goddamnit to myself, this is – here is this white boy, he can decide what he wants to do, and here I’m just still struggling in high school, so I said to myself, from then on, I was going to start studying, and then I – I started studying, ’cause – you can ask Russell [Moyon], you can ask my brothers, I started writin’, and I started studying eight hours a day, going to the library, sometimes I wouldn’t eat, I would study every day, so – but what – what happened – what –
Children crying out in background, “Thank you, Dad.”

Jerry: What happened was –

Jones: What you thanking me for? I want her to stop this. What’re you stan – what’re you thanking me for? What happened?

Boy: We almost got ate up. (Crying)

Jones: You what?

Boy: We almost got ate up.

Jones: What happened?

Boy: We – we – we couldn’t get up, ’cause we got tied up, we couldn’t get out.

Jones: Well, what happened? Did you see the cat?

Boy: (Emphatic) Yes.

Jones: Wha – what’d the cat do?

Boy: Try – It was trying to eat us up.

Jones: Laughs

Male voice in crowd: Barely got their asses out of there.

Boy: (Crying)

Jones: (Laughs) Barely got their asses out of there.

Crowd: Laughs.

Man: Like to rip my thongs off my goddamn feet, put his feet in my pockets.

Jones: (Laughs) I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s not the – it’s the most inappropriate la – place, now what’d he – (Laughs). You don’t like the cat, huh?

Boys: No.

Jones: Wait. If you behave, he wouldn’t be interested in you at all, because he’s been good out there.

Male: That’s right.

Jones: All he’s ever done is come up to the edge of the jungle and look at us, he never has bothered any of us. (Unintelligible word) the neighbors have had uh, nine goats he got one night across the way, across the road. Nine goats, wasn’t it? Nine goats? Eight goats? Nine goats?

Male: That’s right.

Jones: He whopped ’em, and nearly got a man. Never bothered us. Got another man’s dog. Come right up on the porch and got it. (Pause) What’d the cat do? (Pause) What’d the cat do, comrade Johnson?

Gleniel: He tried to – he tried to get us and eat us up.

Jones: What do you mean, tried to get you and eat you up? (Pause) Did you see the cat?

Gleniel: Yeah.

Jones: (aside) Hmm? (Pause) Well, I didn’t count on that. You really saw the cat?

Gleniel: Yeah.

Jones: Laughs

Low voices.

James “Reb” Edwards: That’s wonderful.

Jones: (Laughs) Reb said – Reb said that’s wonderful. I tell you, anybody – anybody’d be hoarse as Re – Reb been (laughs over words) of all people, he can’t even – can’t even – (Laughs) That wasn’t one of his fa – favorite people, I’m sure, and it was a hell of a note when a black man can’t bury – bury white folk without having to resurrect ’em. (Laughs) I’d get hoarse too, Reb, I’m telling you. (Pause) We were talking about white, not in terms of color, but of mentality. (Pause) Yep. Yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep. Well, I guess that uh, we’ll see – we’ll give you one more day to see if you two can behave yourselves and stay out of trouble. Then it’s gonna be out there, I guess, permanently. Musta been a wild time out there, huh?

Boy: Yes.

Jones: One of you gonna go in the box. And it’ll be namely you, Mark, as bad as I hate to see it, but it’ll help you get to know yourself. It’s a long, long time for a child. One hell of a long time. (Stumbles over words) That box’ll either make you or break you, I think. (Pause) You have to have a lot of personality strengths to endure it. (Pause) Not me, now. I’d love it, be s – get away from all people, nobody’d give me their complaints. I’d go crazy in it, because I’d know there’d be something going wrong up here that I should be taking care of. If you know what I mean.

Crowd: Murmurs.

Jones: Okay. Back on the crew.

Boy: Thank you, Dad.

Second boy: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: You know we will park you out there, huh?

Boy: Yes.

Second boy: Yes, Dad.

Jones: The cat – did the cat – did you get close to the cat?

Boy: Yes.

Second boy: Yes.

Jones: Oh. Well, good. The rains and the waves and the winds and the cats obey the will. Go on. (Pause) What’d the cat do? (Pause)

Boy: He chased after us, trying to eat us.

Jones: (Laughs) He chased after you? Really? Really?

Boy: Yes.

Jones: Hmm?

Second boy: Yes.

Jones: You see him? You see the cat?

Boy: Yes.

Jones: Did he make a noise?

Boy: Yes.

Jones: What’d he do?

Boy: He – he – he was trying to get us.

Jones: What kind of noise he make?

Boy: He – he – he –

Jones: Hmm?

Boy: His noise is loud.

Jones: Well, what kind of noise? (Pause)

Boy: No.

Jones: What?

Boy: No.

Jones: (Unintelligible words) – what it sound like?

Boy: No.

Jones: What did – you didn’t hear it? You didn’t – you didn’t hear the cat make a noise?

Boy: Yes.

Jones: Well, just in case you want to fool out there, we do have something we’re trying to do. We’re trying to train a cat. (Pause) So we uh, can make a cat available, if you want a cat. (Pause) Hmm? (Pause) Okay. Go si – go sit down. (Pause) This cat, we’re – we’re tra – we’re hoping to get the cat in a pit, and uh, be able to work with the cat, because I haven’t had the heart to shoot the cat. All the cat has done thus far is been very nice things. If anyway the cat had the slightest remote connection with you guys, at least you think you’ve met the cat, I gather, (Pause) I’m very proud. I just don’t want to kill him. I wa – I – we had to have him within their bead last – no, not last night, night before last – had him eyeball-to-eyeball, he was settin’ there lookin’ at ’em, but I just couldn’t do it. How many want me – how many want me to kill the cat? Nobody does? Okay then. A community decision. (Pause) (Laughs) If you see him, you might take – (Laughs) you might take another thought – thought about it. He’s a very, very willful cat. (Pause) What?
Male voice in crowd, low, talks about tying the cat.

Jones: I – I don’t know how you got time to leaping – leaping a rope and around.

Male: I think – I think we ought to stay that way, I just want to know what – because uh, these guys that uh – they’re hell. I mean, they’d – they’d run out and everything, we finally had to tie ’em down and leave ’em there, and we’re risking our ass, you know, putting their ass, and we haven’t done anything wrong, and –

Jones: Laughs

Crowd: Laughs

Male: No, I – I’m serious. I’m – I’m serious. I’m serious. And uh –

Jones: I understand, I understand.

Male: And they – I think they ought to stay tied, I don’t care how long they stay tied, you know. Make ’em wear all their shirts backward, and tie their sleeve.

Jones: I think they should stay there a while anyways, tonight, they shoulda there tonight. Don’t get untied, then. (Pause) You hear?

Boy: Yes, Dad.

Jones: And tomorrow, you – you’ll work with the group, and we’ll see, and boy, if you give any trouble there, they’ll tie you up sh – sharp and plain. (Pause)

Boy: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Then one of you’ll go in the box. You, Mark, are due first. ‘Cause you had longer days. Okay. Dismissed. (Pause) Thank you, Jerry, you gave me some very helpful insights. That’s uh – the more – the more – I don’t think (unintelligible word) what’s up. Okay. Quickly.

Young man: Uh, Dad, you was talking about two out of three um, babies going to bed starving. I hadn’t thought about it when I was complaining about the amount of food that I got in the line this morning, I mean, today at dinner. And I was complaining um, to the people who was sitting around me. And I was just thinkin’ about myself, ’cause if I woulda got the amount that I wanted, and the other people wouldn’t of, I wouldn’t of s – even said anything about it, so I was just being selfish.

Jones: Are you losing weight? He’s not, is he? Are you gaining weight?

Boy: Yes, Dad.

Jones: You losing weight?

Boy: No, I’m gaining.

Jones: Well, that’s good. As long as you’re gaining. But I do want that. (Renewed voice) There’s some debate about sugar on the rice the morning makes it better and so forth. Um, I – it costs so abominably much, the way people were pouring it on, I had to (stumbles over words) pull it through a restriction. But some people said they’d like to take the sugar they use in their coffee or something, and if they have one (unintelligible word) that simple a choice, and they – there’s some way you can prove it – is there any way you can prove it?
Voices in crowd

Woman: It’s like a cereal, with uh, the gravy, and then sprinkle little sugar on it.

Jones: Yes, it does.

Woman: I can’t have it myself, but uh, I’m just saying, a lot of people say that.

Jones: Well, how can you control the coffee beside the so – because people will lie. They’ll say I didn’t have no sugar in my coffee, and they’ll go get it (unintelligible word).

Voices in crowd discuss sugar, coffee, rice.

Jones: Uh, you see, that’s not the point – that’s not – the question I’m trying to –

Voices in crowd discuss sugar, coffee, rice.

Jones: They can take their plate up – they can take their plate up if they want the sugar, and have to get it where they get the coffee.

Male: Yes, Dad.

Voices cry assent.

Jones: Can we do it that way?

Scattered voices.

Male: It should – I don’t believe they should put the sugar in the coffee until the person gets there anyway, because uh, I know my coffee’s been so darn sweet, I – I almost d – don’t drink it, but I do, just because it’s there, and –

Jones: Well, don’t give it then, until they get there, okay?

Scattered voices.

Jones: Well, okay, okay. Okay, I don’t want to get into that. I don’t want to get into that, of who does and who doesn’t. I’m trying to get an equitable control, because somebody don’t want sugar in their coffee, and they’d dy – prefer to have it in their rice. Okay, we’ll go – the rice plate has to go by the coffee. And so please watch to see they don’t – them don’t come back with their – with the coffee, hear? (Pause) Hmm?

Woman in crowd: Sugar – melting the sugar and using it – melting the sugar and using it as a liquid sugar, it does much more sweetening, and we’re wasting a lot of sugar in the bottom of the cup where the people don’t get the – the use of it, so, wh – for a while there, when we used the bags of sugar, where we boiled it – Reb boiled it up – I think it goes much further as a liquid. It dissolves, because um – we could use less –

Jones: Can we – can we do it without putting a burden – undue burden on staff?

Woman: That I don’t know –

Jones: (unintelligible word) Is it possible? Is it possible, people? I’m not asking you, uh – is it – is it possible? I’ve agr – I’ve heard this before. Yes, Mary. (Pause) We don’t have what?

Voice too soft.

Jones: And how did we store it before?

Woman: Well, we used some of the containers, the uh, water jugs, the uh, large containers?

Jones: What happened to them?

Woman: (Unintelligible as Jones speaks over her) So, that’s the only problem, is having somewhere to put it after we uh, cook it.

Jones: Uh, do we have any – can we have any containers at all we can use?

Woman: Dad, we used the water containers, and of them, the uh, coffee – syrup was put it and it destroyed the container. It’s leaking now. But we only had two – (radio interference)

Jones: Well, that’s a good reason not to use the water containers.

Another woman: (soft away from mike): – too much. I was saying, they can’t measure the liquid sugar, because sometimes they just pour it out of the container, and then it may be too much in there, so we need some way to – to measure the uh, liquid sugar.

Jones: Would you people take that on your mind and come up with some ideas and uh, put them into Steering? Hmm? I’d like a solution to this, Steering. See if they can, if we can make it go further, but I agree with that, we’d have to learn measurement and a whole lot of things, containers, a lot of things we don’t have, and we can’t resolve tonight. But I’d like to put that on your agenda, Steering. Yes. Next?

Jeremy: Uh, Dad, this uh, happened today, and I wasn’t too nice, and I was wondering, do you think that uh – I work all night and I’d like my supervisors to write down the chores that I should do in the dorms when I wake up, and then, um, that way I can do my chores, and maybe it would make it better.

Jones: Well, okay, okay. Thank you, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Thank you, Dad. Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Thank you.

Woman: (Happy tone) Dad, I want to share my guilt tonight about – before I met you, uh, I seen your picture, uh – Fannie Ford showed it to me, and uh – oh, this is what I said, you know, before I ever met you, she said, this is Father, and I said something like, you know, when you were sitting there telling us tonight about how you pain and everything, I feel bad about that, but I’ll have to get this off of my um, co – um, off of my mind. I want to share it. I just say, you mean to tell me, you calling that white man Daddy, and she almost killed me. She said, if you said that about him again, I’ll break your damn neck right now. Fannie Ford said it, and she one introducing me to you.

Jones: Laughs

Woman: (Laughs) And uh –

Jones: That’s the way – that’s the way to present God, I think it’s unique.

Woman: Yeah, that’s right. And uh, I feel guilty because I hadn’t even never gave up anything to the Temple, uh, and as soon as I came in there, you know, you just saved me from doing 15 years in the county jail, and – and I had never gave up any of the money that I had, you know, went through it, you know.

Jones: Mmm-hmm.

Woman: I just want you –

Jones: That’s how black I am. But you didn’t know –

Woman: (Laughs) I know it now. See, that’s why I have to tell you I –

Jones and woman speak over each other.

Jones: You looked in the picture, and that’s understandable.

Woman: Yes. That’s – yes. But I know who you are now, but I don’t really know, but I feel like you are – I know you somebody good for all of us. And every day–

Jones: Well, I heard good things about you, darling. Why, you work well all those months I was gone, and working out passports when they said I couldn’t get it done, and I said, we would, and got you out of prison – and risk – she’s one that’s a great miracle, and proves my love. I risk going to prison over her, because – I didn’t know her, and she was a – they say Muslim, even, and I said well, she – the FBI – I wasn’t turning you over to the FBI without promises. I wouldn’t let them pick her up, because I know they’d go in shootin’ after her. And I made the demand for promises at that point, an assurance I gave her that she’d be free, and here she is, and they had so many charges against her, it staggered our heads.

Woman: That’s right. You told me, said, I want you to turn yourself in, and don’t worry about a thing, ’cause I can handle that, I said, okay Dad, and I went to jail and stayed three days, and I couldn’t believe I was being free, you know, I walked out of there the third day, came to Frisco, and I’ve been there you know working ever since, and I just thank Dad for that. And I hate you have to go through so many changes with people, you know, that don’t want to work over here, they make me so damn mad. (Unintelligible phrase) he’s y’all Father, ’cause I know, you know, what he be going through with. Every day he have to do it with all of us. So I wished everybody would get off from him and just work, just work, and make this a beautiful place for our Dad.

Jones: Thank you.

Woman: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: I do know that you showed care. You made my – I’ve risked myself going to prison for so many, but you have helped me to realize that some people do appreciate. Thank you. Thank you. That’s it. These two – (Unintelligible)

Male: Dad. I have one real short bad guilty thing I have, that’s one I kept sticking with my mom and wouldn’t give her up, and I just kept sticking with her. I still have a very bad guilt –

Jones: I don’t think you knew how bad she was, son. Only I could know. Now that she came out in the open, and been to Brian Bouquet’s house, and he told you, and then it becomes more evident, but it’s a – an understandable thing, how you – I – I never held that against you, son.

Male: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: You just happen to be cursed with a bad mom and I was cursed with a bad dad. And she wasn’t yours. One good thing you can be thankful for, is she – (stumbles over words) your dad had adopted you, but she wasn’t your natural mother. So you won’t have all the hang-ups that some people have. I’m so glad for that. She is an unusually nasty bitch. (Pause)

Male: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: But I understand how any child holds onto their parent. (Pause) And I’m sorry that she’s the way she is. I wouldn’t have told you, if she wasn’t – it wasn’t just the way it is. (Sighs) (Despairing) Oh, God, these people. Go ahead, honey.

Woman: Dad, a few of the points uh, that you made that I remember are the two nurses, um, in the United States that killed, I think it was 54?

Jones: Mmm-hmm.

Woman: – patients, they smothered them with a pillow, and um –

Jones: I’m not interested in news – I’m not interested in news tonight, I’m just wondering what you got from my – myself, my thoughts, something that triggered something about, from me.

Woman: Okay. Uh – is – is the – is um – uh, what I got from you was the affection – how much you care for us, like um, how – how you like to ho – hold every one of us, um, because I know I’m one that seeks affection, and you – and that really touched me when you said, that you would like to just um, embraced us.

Jones: Now that’s sweet, honey, and I – I’m glad I conveyed that, because unfortunately, so much of the time, I have to stand up here and shout this and shout that, because that’s not my nature. I don’t want to shout rules at people. And I would like to hold and tenderly protect everyone.

Male: Dad, one of the things that meant a lot to me was when you said, uh, that we don’t respond to kindness, that you have to have fear. And I – you know, that kind of struck kind of hard at me.

Jones: Most people don’t anyway. Some people do. But most people don’t. (Pause) But that’s a process of socialist evolution. Okay, let’s go, I don’t – I’m not seeking a lot of con – uh, conversation. You – It’s all right, you’re up there. If you were up there, it’s fine, but don’t – I said, we’ll close it then, please.

Female: Okay, the thing that um, that stuck in my mind was the thing about the – the going hungry, because I’ve gone hungry before, and when you start talking about that seven-year-old boy, and I guess everything, you know, you have to go through it yourself before you can identify.

Jones: I think that’s true, darling.

Female: And I – I be – you know, I wanted to cry and – because I know what it’s like to go hungry, and I just wanted to say, I thank you for bringing it back into my mind, and making me re – you know, remember things that passed, ’cause now I can grow up and be strong.

Jones: Mmm. Well, that lad was taken care of. I did take care of that family, but that was host people, (unintelligible word) I came back after I took care of my priest problem. I took care of it, but uh, goodness knows you didn’t take care of all the pain in all the rest of his life. (Pause) Any – any problems in the um – (snaps fingers) bananas?

Male: Uh, no – no, Dad, we’re starting a spraying for leaf spot now, and uh, everything’s under control so far.

Jones: Any major successes when I come down through these two? (Pause) Herbal gardens? Did you make your breakthrough or any major problem?

Woman: I’m just trying to think, Dad. We’re – we’ve been measuring – we’ve been measuring the garden now, and are looking forward –

Male, away from mike: Any major breakthroughs or any major problems?

Woman: No major problems at the present.

Jones: Any major breakthrough.

Woman: Uh, Ernestine [Blair] would like to speak to you.

Ernestine: Uh, you asked me about the leafs. And it does have uh, high contents of Vitamin A, of the papaya leaf? But the thing is, the durn thing is so damn bitter till, you know, you get a lot of uh – when you boil it, it does come out, but it still have a lot of uh, A in it, that’s why so much is in there, and when you boil it down, it would take some more work to find out just how to get it out. I’m still working on it. Of course, the juice that comes out is good for removing callous. Grandma [Christine] Bates can tell you about that. So it didn’t – it’s not a total loss. We can’t use it for food, it does save in a medicinal purpose for taking care of feet. Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Oh, is that so, well, good. (Unintelligible word), is anybody come – can give any ideas to her, to meet with her, we’ll give special awards that we could – we could find out how we could use any leafy green vegetable. (Pause) Okay, uh, peanuts and sorrel.

Charlie Touchette (?): Well, just one uh, thing we’re started harvesting today. And uh, the other thing, I’ve brought some peanuts out here, but uh, it’s just a case of a couple of things that we can discuss in our peanut meeting Wednesday night, that we uh, can take care of there.

Jones: Is there a problem there, you mean?

Charlie: Uh – well, there’s some prob – the problem’s mostly in, in know-how, that we can straighten out there.

Jones: Well, do you want to – want to say, is, how long’s it take you to – you mean, (stumbles over words) all the people will be in the peanut meeting when, tomorrow night?

Charlie: Uh, Wednesday night.

Jones: Wednesday night.

Charlie: Wednesday night.

Jones: Well, we don’t want to mess up our peanuts, because it has a good prospect for us. There are the peanuts laying up there now.

Charlie: Yes, Dad.

Jones: What are they doing in particular wrong?

Charlie: Well, in one case, where they uh, one variety we did not know anything about, uh, the seeds that we got from the States, uh, it must take a little longer than usual to grow, because we picked them a little green –

Jones: Mmm-hmm.

Charlie: – and of course, the other one is uh, we’re going to have to change over from uh, uh, covering the uh, other peanuts rather than by machine, we do more of it by hand. Probably some of each. And up to now, we’ve been covering mostly by uh, machine.

Jones: Appreciate anything you could do to make that peanut thing grow. Bricks? Same.

Charlie: Oh, in the bricks house, we’re – we have a request in with the uh, uh, job committee to take care of uh, some new personnel needed to help with construction, both on the uh, bricks and with the uh, soap factory, and also (unintelligible word) get some wood.

Jones: Oh yeah?

Charlie: Mmm-hmm.

Jones: Well, what do you need?

Charlie: Uh – well, they have the –

Jones: – brick soap? All amazingly po – potentially valuable things to a community, if they – if they work.

Charlie: The uh – we’re acquiring wood now, they’re – they’re – as fast as they’re cutting wood for us out of the uh, jungle, why uh, we’re getting our share of it and uh, we want to get help to get it – I – like I say, I have a request in with the job committee, I think they meet tomorrow afternoon, I’m scheduled to go with them when they meet.

Jones: How many people you wanting?

Charlie: Well, I was uh, going to ask for four – four people, two for the cutting wood, and two for the construction that – plus uh, uh, Roosevelt Turner, if I could get him to run the construction crew.

Jones: Is this possible? Offhand, does this look possible? You mean, who is it – the work crew? Hmm?
Voice too soft. Long pause.

Jones: They’re gonna try it. (Pause) They’re gonna – they’re gonna try to provide it through an overall crew supervising to get what you need. They’ll meet tomorrow then, is that right?

Male: (Unintelligible answer)

Jones: (Unintelligible word) committee, okay.

Male: All right. Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Sorrel? Nothing to say? No, no no, we’re past that, I’m sorry. (Pause) Bricks, that’s fine, uh, cultivation? We appreciate what you and Willie S – uh, Sneed are doing in bricks, I hope we can break through something there, that we could build more facilities. Our housing would be enhanced and increased from within, that would be remarkable. Shift, please. Cultivation, Philip Blakey, anything in particular? (Pause) Agronomy and compost. Are we coming – (Pause) We had to – Thank Guy Mitchell for his report and his work, he’s down getting the chickens, we had a little problem with the chickens coming in I guess again. (Pause) Land construction? (Pause) Nothing at all?

Quiet male voice in crowd: No problem.

Jones: Moving along per schedule, huh?

Quiet male voice in crowd: Yes.

Jones: Natural insecticides, and insecticide education? Becky Flowers? (Pause) The mixture of the flytraps, by the way, and some catch and some don’t. And like, the one down at the East House is not catching. I’d like to know what the – the trick is, it’s a – there’s some problem. The one out here seem to be catching good bit, in the yard.

Flowers: Uh, Dad, I don’t know what the problem is there, uh, the traps are all being given the same amount of um, control, and I tried to put the uh, same portion of fish in each trap. I uh, frankly don’t think you have as many flies down there as we have over here. I notice also that there’re spiders –

Jones: There’re hosts of – hosts of them.

Flowers: Well, I didn’t see them when I was down there. I looked around.

Crowd reacts strongly.

Jones: Well – if you go – if you shit there, you’ll see – you’ll notice them.
Flowers: Oh, I se – thank you.

Jones: Well, it may be in proportion. It may be in proportion.

Flowers: That’s why – that’s why I mean. It seem to be many more –

Jones and Flowers talk over each other.

Jones: But I – actually, I – I don’t mind disagreement. But actually, there is no – it’s not catching a one. I poured it out tonight, and mixed some water, and I thought it was maybe too high a concentrate, we’ll see what happens now. But it isn’t catching even one.

Flowers: Uh, for some reason, they don’t seem to smell as highly as these down here. Maybe it’s because it don’t have as many flies in it. It hasn’t caught any.

Jones: Lo – Lo – Logically, that could be.

Flowers: That may be.

Jones: The meat – the meat too has not uh, decomposed so I thought there’s too much solution there, it seemed to me.

Female: I think uh, in a lot of cases, some of them are in the sun more during the day than others, and I think that –

Jones: I think that is, too.

Female: – that has something to do with the poison and the meat not stinking, and the poison uh, going out faster than others.

Jones: Yeah. I think that – that’s very well said.

Another female: Down at the Special Care Unit, Dad, that – one was so close to the building, in the shade of the building, and it didn’t catch either. But when she brought it out farther into the sun in the middle of the complex, now it’s half full of flies.

Jones: Well, good. Are we making more of those, so we can get a lot of them?

Voice too soft, talks about making more.

Jones: Maybe that’d be for why – I surely need – if we had enough of those around there, we could make hay with some of these flies. And everybody must have their fly swatter with them. You don’t take it upon yourself. If everybody used your fly swatter, you’d make a dent on these flies. It must be at the meal, I want to take note of people, we’re going to take – to taking note through (unintelligible word – sounds like acronym of SAT?) or observation of those who do not have their fly swatter. How many have fly swatters? You all had one. (Pause) So get them out, get them out, and see that they’re with you, all during meals, and you can swat those things between – after you’re finished eating, and all around. (Pause) We got to work at it. That – It highly impresses the government, that war against flies, and it – Okay, Toi Fonzelle, what was this follow – oh, that’s something else. (Pause) Oh, she’s in one of her problems, don’t worry about it. (Reading) Toi tries to get the final report on every essential follow-up item, and does the report for the agenda each week. She is knowledgeable and can answer the questions that might be asked. That’s beautiful, Toi. (Pause) All right, all right. Nothing else? I hope you’ll weigh heavily uh – on what I said now tonight during news, and we give a warning to these people who were talking, and it’ll be noted all during news when I’m talking, we have to make a emphasis of it.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted October 2000