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This tape was transcribed by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Part I:

Jones: –bitterly, that [Paul] Jacobs had an agreement with other editors and founders of the magazine, that he would have a free-floating role there in order to continue his traveling and reporting. But they said once his contracts– contacts had been used to raise money and launch the magazine, he was fired. Typical of the mischief that even goes on in the left. Mother Jones is supposed to be the most left wing of magazines in USA today. This is the socialism you can trust. The principle socialism that your Father has never failed to practice before your eyes for all these years, giving himself to the people as a sample and example, putting his life on the line, willing to be tortured, certainly easily willing to die for any one of you. The protections of socialism are so vast, you can’t enumerate them. Too vast, and not greatly appreciated by too many.

This gives you the ending of the news.

Bert Lance, in spite of his power with President [Jimmy] Carter, has been indicted again on new SEC charges– new banking charges. There is no protection in capitalism, as I said. You do go down.

The strike against death. Father Paul Cabot, a Roman Catholic priest who was in jail for pouring his own blood on the steps of the Pentagon, is continuing a thirty-day hunger strike, which he began the tenth of last month. Fa– Father Cabot was sentenced [March] nine and tenth to two six-month sentences, which will run consecutively for an action on December 29, 1977, in which he and other members of the Atlantic Life Community, a pacifist organization, with some 22 people protesting the building of the neutron bomb – that’s how li– small the protest is – and the use of chemical warfare in Africa.

And by the way, Union of South Africa today reported that it was the USA that funded them with napalm and equipped them with napalm in the war against Angola, because they’re getting tired of USA not giving ‘em any backing now, so they’re telling all the stories and giving documents proving that the USA funded the operation to cause South Africa to try to defeat the peoples revolution in Angola. So that USA was ter– totally hypocritical in asking Cuba to get out of Angola and the Soviet Union, because she had troops and airborne supplies were dropped by USA Air Force to the Union of South Africa, the dreaded fascist apartheid regime that invaded Angola, and almost successfully overthrew the socialist government, but finally were driven out by the victorious communist liberators of Angola and the communist liberators of Cuba and the Soviet Union in a great alliance.

Anyway, this father who’s left the church– the church is coming more embarrassed by him, a good man, and very good men– very few good men are found in the church. He’s going on a hunger strike, if necessary, until death, because he has– cannot stand what the United States is doing in build-up of chemical warfare, policy of death in new destructive weapons. The sentences given Cabot were considered extremely harsh. The sentence for this type of action of just pouring his blood on the steps is usually about a month, but he got a– he got one year, two six-month sentences to run consecutively.

Esther Cassidy of the Atlantic Life Community said, and when there are two sentences, they usually run concurrently. But not these. These will run consecutively. Cabot is striking a protest of stiff sentences and a protest of death policy of his government, which he said has become more barbaric than Attila the Hun. And indeed, it’s true.

Nonetheless, this is the comments of the news for the day. Keep in tune with the news, keep aware of the news, and be mindful that we must step up production and curb all waste, follow every instruction I’ve given closely while we’re in this austerity period, to get our people to freedom, before a nuclear hell breaks out in United States and racism explodes on our people directly, because 81 cities – as you heard from the morning news that I gave – have had race riots in recent days. Eighty-one cities in USA.

Thank you, and I love you very much.


Part II:

Jones: Attention, attention. Just hearing Radio Free Cuba (tape edit) the only free territory– the only free socialist and communist territory in South America, the Caribbean, and this is the country second to Cuba in its quest for freedom. Radio Free Cuba has just announced that Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham has met with the chief of the Communist Party and the president and the prime minister of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, and that Prime Minister Burnham said before departing for Tashkent, the great western city– the great eastern city, rather, of the Soviet Union, that he was in complete solidarity with the Soviet Union’s policies. He said some very interesting accords have been worked out between the two great socialist countries. Radio Free Cuba was high in its praises of Prime Minister Burnham, and they gave direct quotes of Prime Minister Burnham of our own Guyana, praising the Soviet Union’s position on (unintelligible word) liberation and its efforts to bring peace and justice. Let us be hopeful that this represents a close alliance between the Soviet Union and our own republic of Guyana under the Prime Ministry of Dr. Burnham and the Peoples National Congress. Peoples National Congress is a Marxist-Leninist party in power. The Peoples Progressive Party, as you know, is the opposition party. Dr. Cheddi Jagan, also a Marxist-leaning party, so there is no fascist party represented in the entire bulwark of Guyana. Dr. Cheddi Jagan, the opposition leader, recently received the highest award of the supreme Soviet presidium for his efforts in peace. Let us hope that behind the scenes, these accords are indeed deep and abiding. At least, Radio Cuba has been very praiseworthy in the broadcast that is now coming across about Dr. Burnham’s visit to the Soviet Union and his all-afternoon meeting with the prime minister, the top leader of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev. Stand by.

(tape edit) (silence for several seconds)

All people are required– not only high schoolers, but all people are to turn in a written report of the news on Friday in socialist classes. Socialist classes will be now one hour and fifteen minutes minimum, in order to be sure that we are getting the thorough kind of teaching and up to date of current events. Tonight is Steering Committee. Remember the points I have brought up. We must discuss safety, close community accountability in view of mercenary threats from abroad.

Today is the anniversary of the successful resistance of the Cuban people of the mercenaries from the United States who attempted to attack at the Bay of Pigs. All nations in the United States– the United Nations give honor to the bravery of the Cuban people, except the USA and Chile. This was the day many years ago, this is the anniversary of the great victory of the Cuban people against mercenaries, the murderers that were sent from Florida to invade Cuba. It’s a rush that gives us encouragement, but we sho– we certainly also will resist any intruders or mercenaries. Guyana Defense Forces have picked up on this matter and will alert (unintelligible word) the border for anyone coming in and anyone going out of this community that might be a plant or infiltrator. So we are well safe and secure, but we shall be eternally vigilant, because eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Tonight’s movie’s at 7:30. First will be a Soviet film. All are responsible to give a test, written to report of one page, unless you’re high schoolers, and you must give two pages of written reports on the news, Soviet films, and what has been covered of current socialist thinking by myself over the reporting of the news this week. If you do not pass this, you will be held greater responsible to the town forum for special discipline. We have no one on Learning [Crew]. Let’s try to keep it that way. Remember, all high schoolers must pass two pages, written report, on what’s happened in the news this week. There must not be top heavy. It must represent a little bit of all the news that I’ve given all week long. You– I give hours of it, I’m up all night, all day, I think that we could at least give accountability of the news and the currents of news and socialist trends in the world. Some interesting highlights have been given three or four times today. I want to break into that news development, that especial news development from Radio Free Cuba, free territory of the Caribbean.

The communist radio from Havana reports that Dr. Burnham has had a successful meeting, with accords have been worked out between himself – the Guyana socialist government – and the USSR, United Soviet Socialist Republic or Russia, the great communist n– nation that is the spiritual motherland of all people who believe in Marxist-Leninism, indeed, in our minds, the avant garde of liberation throughout the world. It said that Dr. Burnham praised the Soviet Union, its stands on liberation and justice in the world, and its efforts towards world peace, as he left an all-day meeting, an all-afternoon meeting with the prime minister, the president and head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He and his delegation left for Tashkent, from which point they will tour the great industrial center of the Soviet Union, and then will go on to North Korea on a tour of Democratic Peoples Republic, the communist republic, of Korea.

The communist government of Korea invited our people to a special party tonight in the city of Georgetown. Also Prime Minister Chief Liaison, Deputy Prime Minister Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid’s chief liaison to us, to keep accords with us and Guyana, Dr. [Vibert] Mingo, Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Immigration in the Cabinet is coming to our house and of course for dinner. The educational meeting went very well. It looks like we’re well on the way to becoming our own independent educational school, the first time in the history that a commune had been allowed its own school. This is a breakthrough, if that goes through, as has been (unintelligible word – could be “chartered”). Negotiations are still on about Customs and our doctor. We will keep you posted of all good news and all adverse news. Remember to review the news uh, tonight at 7:30, the meeting after the Soviet films, one Soviet film each time, and then following that will be Spencer Tracy in the role of having to defend someone who can’t afford an attorney. Some of those old time movies have very good (unintelligible word), and that’s the first one. Followed by Sidney Poitier in Blackboard Jungle. All my love. Now listen to the reading of the (unintelligible word) and commentary.

(Silence for 20 – 25 minutes)


Part III:

Jones: –and the high school students must pass a two-page test, not just on one phase, but all the news that I’ve covered from the first of the week Sunday on. That includes a lot of important events. You heard me mention the socialist (pause) ideal was even admitted by Time magazine to be the most effective ideal in meeting social and human need, particularly in education, housing, and medical care, having reduced illiteracy in Cuba from half the population to slightly under two percent. (tape edit)

(unintelligible beginning) Unon is that the Soviet Union’s made up of sixteen major republics, all of them preferably staying separate. They’re united – United Soviet Socialist Republics – but as (unintelligible word) amongst families and whatever background, be it black, white, Italian, Greek, it takes a while for mit– mixing of the races. It takes a while for that natural assimilation of the races to take place. However, to show the superiority of the Soviet system and its brotherhood and sisterhood, the fact that the Peoples Republic of Mongolia –­ look at the Peoples Republic of Mongolia, between China and the Soviet Union – the Peoples Republic of Mongolia chooses to stay with the Soviet Union, and it’s all Asian, all Chinese, Mongolians, they choose rather to stay with China– with the– with the Soviet Union rather as their natural ally, rather than China, who they look like. The Peoples Republic of Mongolia are Asiatic people, but they’re all members of the Soviet alliance, by choice. They made that choice, even though– even though they’re right on the border of the Peoples Republic of China. So racism is not practiced in the Soviet Union, but there are no blacks to assimilate. And they talk very favorably– when we talk to the one Soviet ambassador, he talked very favorably that in case of emergency, there’d be no question that we could be taken in, and race would be no consideration.

Thank you. Now more news.

(tape silence for about two minutes)


Part IV:

Jones: –Yeah, manure is right. Naval maneuvers– maneuvers of the USA. Puerto Rico is resisting firmly any efforts to the United States to annex them, and they will resist totally, all efforts, if they have to speak English.

Panamanian people, as you know, won a great point of their own liberation and self-pride today, as the Senate ratified the two parts of the Panamanian treaty, giving by the year 2000 control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian people. Only after President [Omar] Torrijos threatened absolutely to invade the Panama Canal, even if it meant death to the Panamanian Army and people. He said, we have to live with our national pride. We have to have our national pride if we are to exist. Anyway, President Carter admitted on Voice of America that these threats helped him get the bill passed by the Senate. As the Senate, several moved over – [Mark] Hatfield of Montana [Oregon] moved over – to passage when they heard of the threat of the Panamanian people. A small little part. Look at Panama, how small it is. There oughta be more people up there looking at that map. I want to see you up there looking. (Pause) You see how small Panama is in Central America? It’s hardly a dot on the US map. But they realized they’re niggers, niggers mean to be– to being cheated. They took a crazy nigger stance and said we’d rather die. We’ll have a White Night, in other words, we’ll go in and invade the Panama Canal. And if it means the death of the entire Panamanian armed forces and people, we’d rather live with our national pride of liberation, than to allow US domination any longer. Well, it worked. Panama got its treaty signed. And they will have their territory, even though it’s a long wait, they got what they asked for.

Important news of the day is that Prime Minister [Aldo] Moro, as you know, five times elected pri– uh, prime minister of Italy, chief architect of capitalism and neo-fascism in Europe, was executed by a peoples revolutionary squad of the Red Brigade. The Red Brigade, in a fascinating and intriguing (pause) abduction, got through five of the super-cop best patrol bodyguards, best trained bodyguards in the world, of the pe– peoples national uh– the– the Italian national police. Anyway, they killed five of his bodyguards, kidnapped him, and held him in ransom for release of political hostages. A simple request. They said they would free him if the capitalist would release a socialist in jail, and a socialist being tried in Turin, Italy – look at your map, Italy looks like a boot down in the Mediterranean. But the capitalist, though they had been served well by Prime Minister Aldo Moro, refused to lift a finger. Even the Red Brigade active guerillas, (unintelligible word) communism, said that they would free him if they would free one political prisoner, but not even one political prisoner was worth the life to the capitalist of Prime Minister Moro. It doesn’t pay to work for capitalist. They always let you down that way. He’d worked 24 years – five terms – and it still did not work. All he’d given, all he had done to support the capitalist interest, he was allowed to die at 12:02 in a le– execution by the people.

Communist terrorism becomes the order of the day in Europe. At the same time he was executed, seven more leaders, military officials of NATO alliance countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, the fascist– neo-fascist regime of West Germany, the puppet regime– You can look at your map and see how Germany’s divided into the communist East Germany, a modern free state, where there’s no prejudice and people have all socialist benefits, and the Western uh, German uh, republic, which a terrible fascist state that now openly glorifies the Third Reich. They say they’re the true inheritors of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler’s concept that Germany was to rule the world. Grave unemployment in the Third Reich, grave unemployment in Hitler’s inheritors, the West German capitalist government, inflation like USA, (unintelligible word) seventeen percent increase last month. There was a 25 percent increase in inflation in West Germany last month. Cost of living, that is. And you know West German’s calling for the removal of all of its immigrants? Jews have all fled West Germany as (stumbles over words) wide wave of new neo-Nazi terror.

Look at your map and find these places so’s you can know all the places in the world well. All will be tested. One and all. Everyone in socialist classes on Friday must give a one-page written test of all– a write-up of all the news, not just part, but all the news of the week. All high schoolers must give a fully two-page well-written (Pause) document on the news, a well-written thesis, a well-written theme on the news, in lieu of the fact that you’re to be out in the fields producing, helping us to get ready to bring our people here. It’s very important, now, that you note these places in world events.

The most striking news is that the Red Brigade has been supported by the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union is giving funds to help them in their guerilla activities. The Republic of Yemen – look in the Near East and find it – has offered to give sanctuary to any of them that are captured and let them use Yemen as a base of their operations. East German Democratic Republic, the communist free part of Germany, where the Jews, instead of being discriminated against as they are in the Third Reich capitalist West Germany, are receiving 600 dollars each a month indemnification, repayment for the terrible tortures they went through under Adolf Hitler in World War II. The German Democratic Republic, communist East Germany, has offered sanctuary to the Red Brigade, as well as has Yemen, down near the Horn of Africa in uh, the Near East. Look on your map and find Y-e-m-e-n. You must know all these things, because there’ll be a very close scrutinizing and testing.

Other important news is that France was used as a decoy. Look at France, and one if its colonels, one of its (pause) secret police colonels who’ve been involved in many torture campaigns against working class socialist and communist, has been arrested by the Red Brigade and held– and being held in ransom, just as Prime Minister Moro was. And no more will be done for those seven that’ve been arrested than was done for Prime Minister Moro. Capitalist use capitalist, and then they drop them. Even though he’s in his middle fifties, they let him die without raising a finger to save him. The only reason the FBI violated US law and came over and tried to capture him– recapture him was because USA feels that a wave of kidnappings is going to begin in the United States, because there’ve been several bank robberies that they feel have been done by members of the Weathermen, an underground group committed to the same kind of guerilla activities as the Red Brigade in Europe, primarily located in Italy, and the Red Army in Japan. The Red Army in Japan today helped bring about a one-day railway strike that paralyzed all railway traffic, the most important means of travel in Japan.

Cuban representatives of the Communist Party were well received by the Japanese socialist and communist coalition today, as a Cuban trade delegation is touring Japan. Even though Japan is the most successful of the capitalist nations at these times, there is still a vast unemployment, bordering on 16 percent in real terms. The United States, it’s actually 21 percent of the work force in real terms that are unemployed. But Japan is still moving to the left.

You know that Vietnam, the great, valiant people of– the valiant people of Vietnam pushed back a tank invasion of China into their northern borders – look at Vietnam in Indochina and finds out where it is, look at your map closely – and as a result, it so embarrassed China, the Vietnaman uh, demanded that China get her hands out of Kampuchea that’s been invading her border – Kampuchea is formerly known as Cambodia – and China has said that she will withdraw her aid from Kampuchea and her interference in Indochina and Vietnam, if the USA and the USSR will also withdraw their uh, military presence and economic presence in Indochina or Southeast Asia. Note all these places on your map.

The USA tricked the U– the USSR, after promising not to de– to employ a neutron bomb, neutron bomb, or to test it, they utilized the France– the nation of France – look in Europe, you’ll see it, just under England, Great Britain or United Kingdom – France tested a n– neutron bomb, that dangerous bomb of capitalist that destroys people but not property, all living things, but no property. USSR warned uh, that this is a trick of Carter, that US funding made it possible for France to do so. So they will go ahead with their development of other types of advanced technological warfare. As you know, by the statement of Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance, the Soviet Union has capabilities– laser capabilities, or at least what they call killer satellite capabilities, USSR have advanced means of defending the peoples of the revolution by being able to knock out of space any incoming missile, satellite, or sta– (pause) space platform.

In spite of this Soviet military advantage, on visiting USSR just before leaving Finland to go into the Soviet Union for talks about SALT, Strategic uh, Alliance Treaty Organizations [Strategic Arms Limitation Talks] uh, uh, trying to control di– disarmament, and the spread of nuclear weapons, Secretary of State Vance made a very aggressive statement about the Soviet Union, demanding that they leave– that their uh, forces be withdrawn and Cuban forces withdrawn from Africa. Well, naturally, the Soviet Union ignored this request, and said if it hadn’t been for their presence and Cuban presence in Ethiopia, it would’ve been overridden– overtaken by Somalia, the aggressive rightwing regime–

End of side 1


Side 2

Jones: –games, you’ve got time to play games, you can get up and look at the map. And you better get the news down, because we’re going to get very, very serious about the news. (Pause)

Zambia has been trying to be starved out. Look in central south Africa. Zambia is trying to be starved out, as copper is its chief means of making a living. The mining of copper. The USA manipulated the copper market by dumping several tens of thousands of tons of copper– copper on the world market at a very low price, trying to starve the Zambians out. As nearly 50 percent of the people of Zambia live in cities and are dependent upon copper as a way of life. Zambia is calling an emergency session, urging people to be redeployed from cities into the agricultural area so that they will be diversifying their economy and having an alternate means of making a living, through agriculture.

The same process is being implemented, according to Prime Minister Burnham, here, that models such as ours, cooperatives, will be the practice of the future for Guyana. I can’t help but see that that would be the case, because if Guyana is to build and thrive, it must have this kind of communal life in its agricultural region, and we are the only successful model of agriculture, according to the Soviet delegation that was here, KGB intelligence and [Aleksandro Voropaev] Tass correspondent that was here over the weekend, they went back praising, and they’re coming back tomorrow to our headquarters, they’ve been praising our project all through Georgetown. Tonight visiting our headquarters is Dr. Mingo, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Immigration, in the cabinet, our liaison. He’s our man that represents the government and us in mutual talks. He will be at our house for dinner, and then the North Koreans have invited us to a very special movie presentation. The North Koreans are the only true communist government, peoples government, in Korea. They will be visiting us soon.

Guyana has assured us that they’ve stepped up their police and military presence, so that no one will be able to invade our territory. Anyone going out from here will arrested. Anyone coming in will be arrested. Furthermore, I would advise anyone that has anarchy in mind, don’t go out, because we have absolute proof that they are now– have increased their patrol of the region. They have taken this mercenary threat by our racist enemies in USA, these mercenary murderers, they’ve taken it seriously. And they’ve given us uh, their word that they will not– not one mercenary’ll be able to penetrate into our area. We also can assure that, because we are well able to defend ourselves, and on constant armed alert. (Pause)

Also, if you travel through the fields without the protection of Father, the office, there’re snakes that can cause you to lose your whole legs, you need to look at pictures, who will kill you within minutes, all kinds of uh, crea– critch– creatur– uh, creatures, great and small, great caiman, great spiders that can bite and cause instant death, tigers that roam constantly. I would recommend you stay where you ha– are. Two usually good explorers tried to leave and did not make it. So it’s not wise. Stay where you are. We are and– quite able to secure ourselves. If you were even able to get out and get a guide to get through to Venezuela, you better take note of some of the stories that have been brought out by the press, where guides have taken people across, only to cut their arm off to get the watches off their hand, or the feet to get their shoes off, because they don’t like Yankees, except those they know are socialist, as we are demonstrating here.

So, stay plea– stay, please, enjoy your freedom, and appreciate your freedom, give your gratitudes. We’ll have the– you– you review of the noon news at this time, to see if you’ve gotten some understanding of it. Remember the movie. Tonight you’re tested on all Soviet movies. There’ll be a Soviet movie, and we must see these Soviet movies. Everyone here must understand and know them. That’ll be a part of your test. Everyone must write one full page, and high-schoolers, two full pages for socialist classes on Thursday. Tonight, Steering Committee at 7:30 under the dining pavilion, movie’s under the main central pavilion, where we have our town forum, Peoples Rally. First will be a Soviet movie, then followed, a Spencer Tracy movie, a very good theme of the lawyer representing a poor man who’s framed, as the poor always are.

We want you to be sure to deal in Steering with a emergency time accountability plan, where everyone will be immediately reported the moment they leave their work, or they’re not in their house, or at the dinner hour or at any meeting. There must be constant check-ups, to see that our people are secure. Even though it’s very slight that any mercenary would get to our people, we want all of our people accounted for. That is absolute.

We are under a state of siege. Cuba was under that siege for ten years. Today is the anniversary, when they finally broke the arm of fascism, when US mercenaries from Florida, murderers, just like they said in the press, they’re going to use our relatives, to try to kidnap, take us by force and bring us back dead or alive – they won’t get it done – but Cuba had to undergo that until the Bay of Pigs, when the US hired mercenaries, paid murderers, to come into Cuba, but they– today is the anniversary of when they were thrown back to the sea, and Cuba got the backing of the Soviet Union to safeguard their great communist free revolution, the only free territory of the Americas, the only socialist territory of North America. Look on your map to know Cuba well, and compare its standards, as I said, to the Dominican Republic. Now you’ll hear some more news before the movies begin at 7:30. Be sure that you have seen the Soviet movies until you see them again, until you understand them, and then following that will be a– a leisurely, relaxing movie with Spencer Tracy, and then Sidney Poitier in Blackboard Jungle.

Be sure that we increase our production. All of us take seriously this essential need, ‘cause more of our people coming in, Mother [Georgia Lee] Lacy and her children that they didn’t think could be adopted [Donna Louise Lacy, Tony Linton Lacy], were adopted, as I prophesied, and they’re arriving. They’ve already arrived in fact, in Georgetown. And many, many more are coming. We’ve got to step up the pace. (Pause) Stand by.

(speaks away from microphone, quietly about security)

(tape edit)

The Safety meeting must be arranged and set up by Steering Committee. A great movie here, all these miracles and healings, such as Stanley, his hair could’ve– should’ve pulled him in to the machinery and crushed his brain like mincemeat. However, if he had worn his hat, I wouldn’t’ve had to give any miracle of protection. We are often in our care and narcissism for hair, taking great risk. No one is to work around machinery without a helmet, no one is to work around any of the drill machinery without goggles, and there must be safety guides established for every department with cutlasses. Even the simplest things, such as insecticides which are so dangerous to children, everything must have safety precautions, and anyone violating safety precautions with the heavy equipment or smaller equipment– Stephan [Jones] was nearly uh, crushed by a tree because people not following the proper procedures. We should use hand cutting tools to cut down trees, and not chainsaws. We should use these. This is the urgent request of this office, and I want it backed up by the Steering, because we cannot live on the industrial equipment, mechanized equipment, gas-driven, fuel-driven mechanized equipment, we’ve got to learn to use the chainsaws. (Pause) Hand chainsaws. I don’t mean electric-powered or machine-powered, fuel-driven. And then you’ve got to cut in a certain way, and we hold you responsible. Each department must set up its safety precautions, and we must remind ourselves of these safety procedures.

Now, more of the news. I’m doing you a brief highlight because I’ve made news four or five times today, and the tape recorders have failed to take it. So I’m reviewing it. Go look at your map closely.

Namim– Namia. Look at Nambia [Namibia]. South Africa thought they were going to have an extra state in Nambia. They thought they were going to have it, and their dictator that they set up to rule for them was murdered. Then another one was murdered. Now Namimbia has broken thro– free, and in the end of this year, they’ll have their total independence, and United States said that they’ll no longer back Union of South Africa’s demands that it be a part of the commonwealth of the dread fascist regime of the Union of South Africa. So in spite of the puppet’s plans and the monopoly capitalist, Namimbia, which was set up to be a territory– puppet territory of Union of South Africa, the people have risenen– rose up and killed two of the puppet leaders put in power, and so now it appears that Nambia will be given complete independence. It’s just next to Angola.

Union of South Africa, because they’re being abandoned, like all capitalists abandon each other for their own survival, Union of South Africa, the dread uh, concentration camp environment, where blacks have to be in by sundown, told today at a world news conference that the So– when the USA was complaining about Cuba and the Soviet Union being present in Angola, that all the time, the USA was using heavy US military presence, airborne equipment was dropped by US planes to Union of South Africa when they were trying to take over Angola, but were finally driven back by the great, heroic people of Angola and Cuba and the Soviet Union. Now the Union of South Africa, that they’re being abandoned, one capitalist abanding [abandoning] another capitalist for the self-interest of US capitalism– Capitalists never look after each other, as proven by the fact that they let Prime Minister Moro of Italy be murdered today, executed more properly, by the peoples court, as he was a criminal against the people. So Union of South Africa, in that they’re being more and more abandoned by USA, told today for the first time that USA had lied and are hypocrites when they demand the Soviet Union and Cuba withdraw from Africa, that they have always been present with their military forces in Africa and in fact parachuted all the military equipment to the Union of South Africa when it invaded Angola in 1975 and early 1976. So know your map. Know what’s happening in the world.

Prime Minister of Angola [Lopo Fortunato Ferreira do Nascimento] today is visiting Cuba. Also, the Foreign Minister of Ecuador is in Cuba. Also the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia [Feleke Gedle Giorgis] is in Cuba. One thousand nations today had a congratulatory dinner on behalf– representatives of one thousand nations, member nations (stumbles over words) in the uh, United Nations had representatives– one thousand nations and states celebrating the heroic anniversary of Cuba turning back the capitalist invaders, murderous mercenaries sent from USA Florida that tried to destroy Cuba at the Bay of Pigs.

So it’s a great day of liberation the world over. Take note of the news. Now there’ll be more news given. Take note of all the places in the world that have important meaning. I’ve given you several countries to think about.

Prime Minister Burnham says he’s in close– his policies will coincide with the Soviet Union. He left Moscow for Tashkent, and from there to North Korea. Radio Free Cuba, Habana, Cuba, Communist Cuba said that both Guyana – our country under Prime Minister Burnham – and the Soviet Union had reach close accord. Prime Minister Burnham said he was in full agreement with the Soviet policies of liberation and peaceful détente. Let us hope that this is deeply meaningful. I’ll give you the good news with the bad, as I said, at all times. Thank you. I love you very much.

(End of tape)

Tape originally posted January 2013