Q919 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Michael Bellefountaine. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

(Note: This tape was one of the 53 tapes initially withheld from public disclosure.)

Jones: Is there someone here? House? Is there such a name as House? House?

Ms. House: L.M. L.M. House.

Jones: Yes, I think (Unintelligible word), I just heard House. And I refer to a church as house. Your name is House?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: Do you have any white boots?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: With white fuzz around the top?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: I see them, that you’d be wearing them in the wintertime.

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: With a green coat.

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: This [prayer cloth] will save you, by pinning these in both boots and on your green coat. This will save you a terrible fall that would have broken both of your hips.

Ms. House: Thank you, Jesus.

Jones: Right now. Spirit, the spirit of God.

Ms. House: Thank you.

Congregation: (Begins to applaud)

Jones: Now wait a minute, wait a minute. (Tape edit) I see an upright piano in your home.

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: I want you to touch this over the sheet music also. You understand this?

Ms. House: (Faintly) Yes.

Jones: I- To rub the sheet music. And there’s a white vase with some blue-like flowers in it. A white vase that keeps blue-like flowers in it.

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: And a red bow on it.

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: Replace the red bow with one of these. I don’t know you. Is that correct? You’ve told no one this and all the rest, you’ve told no one here anything. Is that correct?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: I’ve got reason [for] what I am doing. You have a son in Oakland?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: Send one to him. He has an apartment house-

Ms. House: Bless his name.

Jones: On 18th Street?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: Um-hmm. You’re 78 years young, huh?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: Your husband passed in 1963?

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: (Tape edit) When you cough, you have pain in your back.

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: Something that seems like it wants to come out.

Ms. House: Yes.

Jones: Well, you get right to the bathroom. We’re gonna get rid of a cancer in your body, too.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: It’s going to take care of it. (Over congregation’s applause) And all these are for your loved ones. And that pain’s going to go, that pain’s going to go. You believe it? You believe it?

Ms. House: Yes- yes I do.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: It’s so good, so good. It’ll be done right now, right now, right now.


(Tape edit)

Jones: Another cancer. Gone. Pain gone now? Pain all gone now? Thank God.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: There’s a cancer. Another one, gone.

Announcer: Another praising sister, whose-

(Piano plays)

Jones: (Minister’s voice) Many in the church age believe in the spiritualization of God, and as you believe in the spirit of God, in keeping with the spirit, you may be healed mentally and spiritually. (Tape edit) When you see God in the material realm, then you get healed in your physical realm. Then the deliverance comes in the physical body, freedom comes in the natural. We get freedom from poverty, from want and disease. If you apply it to the spirit of God, your spirit will be healed. And if you apply it to the mind of God, your mind can be healed. But if you apply it to the body of God, (Calls out) then your body will be healed.

Congregation: (Scattered applause)

Jones: It’s wonderful. I don’t think I have to say more about that. Those that recognize the body of God shall reduplicate that process in them. If you see the temple of the Holy Ghost, then you’ll be able to reproduce God in you.

Woman’s voice: Yeah.

Jones: Just as I am. That- (Tape edit) (Calm) You that are not familiar with this ministry, we endeavor very, very hard to see that nothing is spoken that would in any way cause embarrassment to you. And even if there was something spoken personally, it will unfold deliverance that will save your life, heal you of every known disease. And I think that that is something that you can’t find any place. But if there is something very private, we will speak it to one of the registered nurses that work without compensation, or one of the social workers, and they will speak to you, personally. Now, as our hands are clasped, let us think upon the positive. (Pause) Is there someone by the name of Catherine, something like Listen? Sounds something like that in my mind? In Los Angeles? You live someplace on 35th Street, somewhere.

Catherine: Sure do.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: I see a child. Terry. Who is this child?

Catherine: That’s um- my husband’s nephew.

Jones: George.

Catherine: That’s my husband.

Jones: You’ve spoke to no one here, have you?

Catherine: I sure haven’t.

Jones: I’m stopping a paralytic stroke in your husband. Your husband’s blood pressure would cause him to have a stroke this Wednesday, but not now.

Catherine: Oh, thank you, Jesus.

Jones: But I’m not through.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: I’m not through. (Uses glossolalia) There’s someone else by the name of Jordan.

Catherine: Yes, Lord.

Jones: This will also save their life that’s dear. They have red- red kind of condition in their eyes. There’s a breaking in their corpuscles. It will cause blindness. Just place a cloth on them, and it’ll take care of it. Now, you have trouble in your chest.

Catherine: I sure do.

Jones: You spit up blood.

Catherine: Sure do.

Jones: Can’t get your breath.

Catherine: Sure can’t.

Jones: Well, I’m going to take care of- the last you are going to spit up. We’re going to get rid of the problem. You can’t hardly walk, can’t hardly get around.

Catherine: I sure can’t.

Jones: (Uses glossolalia)

Catherine: Oh, thank you.

Jones: Your mother is suffering. She’s s- suffering in pain in her back.

Catherine: Yes.

Jones: Even now. Seventy-some years old.

Catherine: Yes, she is.

Jones: This cloth, sent across the many miles, will relive her of her pain.

Catherine: Oh, thank you, Jesus.

Jones: (Voice climbs) Now, my child, one of the nurses or- there’s a couple of them will assist you. You have cancer that is blocking you. Not only this bonical problem is developed into cancer, and it’s going to be eliminated now. And you are going to be able to move. Your heart is bad, also.

Catherine: (Sobs) Oh, thank you.

Jones: Crippled in your back, but we’re going to see the Spirit move you as easy as it would be for a breeze to move a feather.

Congregation: (Applause)

(Music begins)

Jones: Hands clasped. (Tape edit) (Calms) Let the spirit move, let the spirit move. Sister, you get- I think you’re close enough to me. Now if you will just begin to try to regurgitate, that is, to vomit. Get this up here. (Uses glossolalia) You’ve got artificial knees, and you’re walking on artificial knees, but it’s a wonder, isn’t it? It’s a miracle what can be done. Spirit, let it go, let it go, just come on up. Come on up. It is a privilege that God is here to deal in your affairs.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: (Voice climbs) And I am moving, I’m condescending in your body now and loosening, I’m loosening those- those roots now, they’re coming. Now- They- They’re free. They’re free. Just spit them on up, spit them on up. The simplest thing is not impossible, but the impossible thing is just simple for God. Just let the spirit- just let it move on out- There it is. There it is. There it is.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: There’s the growth. There’s the growth all over the floor, all over the floor, and all over the cloth. Spit it all up. (Pause)

(Music plays)

Jones: It’s a- terrible, these- They smell horribly and they taste horribly as they loose often. Nearly always they do. (Calls out) Now child- now child, even though you’ve got artificial knees, even though you’ve been put plates, you’re going to be able to move, move fast. Now you’re going to be able to move fast, and not feel any shortage. Not feel any shortage now. It’s wonderful. (Over music – unintelligible – encourages woman to run.) (Calls out) Go with it, go with it, go in there, go with it, go with it. She was unable to get around. She- You understand, she’s walking on artificial knees. She’s walking on artificial knees. God Almighty.

(Congregation continues to sing, Jones joins and sings along periodically.)

Jones: Some of you could walk that well, and you got artificial plates, artificial knees, you couldn’t walk at all. Look at her walking now, not short of breath anymore, are you, darling? Tension all gone. That’s wonderful. Pain all gone. Cancer all gone. Spirit. Spirit so good. (Tape edit.) (Calms) Which is Rachel? Just hands clasped. Rachel?

Rachel: Yes.

Jones: Hmm?

Rachel: Yes.

Jones: Sutton, ah, means something to you. You’re from Phoenix?

Rachel: Yes, that’s right.

Jones: You’ve been told that you have a tumor on your brain.

Rachel: Yes, my God, God.

Jones: Hands clasped. The brain that which- what has it done, caused a deterioration in your muscles?

Rachel: Oh, yes.

Jones: Your legs, and you can’t walk.

Rachel: So true.

Jones: -Progressively getting worse.

Rachel: Yes.

Jones: Just as I know that there’s a white linen tablecloth in your third drawer of your chest in Phoenix, and I’ve never met you in my life, as far as I know. I never met you, have I?

Rachel: Correct.

Jones: All right. Take your hands and clasp. Do you believe? Believe. There’s a massive clot that has to be broken, has to be broken loose, in a matter of a few minutes. You got bad headache?

Rachel: Yes, I do.

Jones: And you can’t walk.

Rachel: Right.

Jones: Well, let’s start with the headache.

Rachel: (Whispers) Thank you. Thank you.

Jones: Mmm. Spirit. Spirit of God.

Rachel: (Faintly whispers) Thank you.

Jones: Spirit of God.

Congregation: (Begins to cheer)

Rachel: Thank you, Jesus.

Jones: Spirit of God.

Rachel: Oh, thank you, Jesus. (Tape edit)

Jones: Sister, I say that I can dissolve that cancer. I say that you can walk. The pain’s gone now, isn’t it?

Rachel: Yes, it is.

Congregation: (Applause and cheers)

Jones: (Calls out) Well then, stand on your feet. Stand on your feet. Stand on your feet. Get on up, get on up, get on. Quickly. Get up. Get up.

Announcer: She is struggling now to rise.

Jones: Get up, get up. Don’t- don’t touch her, brother, don’t touch her. Get up.

Announcer: She is struggling to rise.

Jones: Now, now, now, up, up, up, up.

Announcer: She’s coming up.

Jones: Up out of the wheelchair. On up, sister. I said that I took the pain, so I took the tumor that’s destroyed the brain. I took that that’s caused the stroke, I took that. I took the paralysis. Now stand up. It’s done, if you’ll believe.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Announcer: (Excited) She’s coming up, she’s up, she’s up.

Jones: Up.

Announcer: She’s now on her feet.

Jones: Up.

Announcer: She’s standing erect.

Jones: Up.

Announcer: She is standing completely erect.

Congregation: (Extended cheers and applause)

Jones: Up (unintelligible.)

Announcer: She is completely erect.

Jones: Up. Stand up. Look up, sister. Keep your eyes focused on me. Keep your eyes focused on me. (Pause) Let go of her. Get on now. Now, now, now. Keep on moving. Keep on moving. Keep on moving. Keep on moving.

Announcer: She’s coming down the aisle now, slowly.

Jones: Move. Keep on moving.

(Over congregation’s continued cheers)

Announcer: In faith, she’s stepping forward. (Pause) She’s coming forward slowly.

Jones: Come on. Come on. I’ve got two things, got a sister about to have a heart attack. So get up, quickly. Quickly, we’ve got to do a quick work, sister. Got to do a quick work. Come on, come on.

Announcer: (Excited) Oh, there she goes.

Jones: Come on. Come on.

Announcer: She is now moving quickly-

Jones: Come on. Come on. Now, now go on. Go on.

Announcer: She is now running on her own, she is now running on her own.

Jones: Straighten up, straighten up, straighten up all the way up. All the way up.

Announcer: She is running down the aisle. She is now at the back of the auditorium, running.

Jones: Keep on. Keep on. Yes, she’s got it, she’s got it.

Announcer: Out the back door.

Jones: You stay where you are. Get out of my way. There’s somebody about to die. Get out of my way.

Announcer: She went down the aisle and out the back door, she’s coming in the other door.

Jones: Get out of the way. Go on. She’s healed. There, a paralyzed woman healed.

Announcer: (Voice moderates) Down the aisle coming forward. A living testimony to the power that works through that man. She’s walking easily now, as she slowed to a walk. She walks easily.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause, clapping in unison)

Announcer: The congregation is on its feet. (Unintelligible word) Join them now, as they praise the magnificence of the living God whose power is now made manifest.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Breathless, exultant) All right. She- Her heart’s beating now. Her heart’s beating. She was there, she was there in the- she was there in the wheelchair, I mean there in the bathroom, laying on the floor, dead, no heart, but she’s beating now. Hey, God Almighty, two at the same time.

Man’s voice: Praise God.

Jones: See, some people know their God.

Man’s voice: Praise God.

Jones: I had to get that woman running fast, because there was a woman dead, dying in- on our bathroom, but the minute I got to her, the nurses said, there she is, back to life- wonderful. Heart’s all right. She’ll be out in a minute. She’s back there. That’s why I said I got to get you healed.

Congregation: (Sings and claps)

Man’s voice: Oh, God.

Jones: Keep on going, sister. There’s the woman paralyzed. Keep on going. So glad. So glad. Something to shout about.

Man’s voice: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Jones: (Unintelligible)

Announcer: She just (unintelligible) again.

Jones: She was paralyzed and now she lives. Hey, God.

Announcer: I believe she’s on her fourth lap around the congregation now. She’s a-running again. (Pause) She is really testing the healing.

Congregation: (Sings and claps)

Jones: (Singing) Almighty God/ Almighty God/ Almighty God/ Almighty God/ Yes, it’s God, Almighty God.

(Tape Edit.)

Jones: (calm voice) Esther Purifoy. Who is Esther Purifoy? Do you know someone- don’t say anything more than yes or no- do you know someone, Paris, from Nigeria? Good enough. You’re saying- she’s saying yes. (Aside) Just sit there until I get all the cloths I want to. (Back to Esther) I see a gold carpet, something in your home with gold carpet like. Got to get this placed on you. Who is M-? Uh- Who is Rosa? M- Rosa- someone you know. See that that gets to her. This’ll prevent cancer. Sister, I don’t like the vibrations of what you’re under. Do you understand what I mean? Will you get out of there as soon as you can? ‘Cause along with Nigeria comes some witchcraft. (Claps hands once, uses glossolalia)

Esther: Yes.

Jones: This will stop you-

Esther: Thank God.

Jones: You’ve had this- you have difficulty in your breast here.

Esther: Yes.

Jones: I’m stopping the cancer that’s there now.

Esther: Oh, thank you, God.

Jones: And you get out from under that man.

Esther: Thank God.

Jones: Now.

Esther: Thank God.

Jones: It’s done.

Congregation: (Applause)

Esther: Yes.

Jones: In the balcony. It’s done. Take this to your sister. It’ll also save her life.

Esther: Yes.

Jones: Thank you.

Esther: Thank God.

Jones: Great God Almighty. (Over Esther’s sobs) Great God Almighty.

Esther: Thank you, Father.

Jones: It’s done. It’s done.

Esther: Thank you, Father.

Jones: It’s done.

Esther: Thank you.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Someone Smith. Hester Smith on 49th. Hester Smith. Who is Stanfords? (Pause) Stanford, your daughter. (Aside) Put some- down some things privately. (Back to Hester) You had a trouble with your eye due to a circulatory problem, a stroke.

Hester: Yes.

Jones: Yes. Going to take care of it now. You saw that woman walk out of that wheelchair, didn’t you?

Hester: Yes.

Jones: We’re going to come back into you now, as you build your faith just a little bit. I don’t know you. You’ve not told anyone in he- here anything, like all the rest of these. Is that correct?

Hester: Right.

Jones: You have two girls, do you?

Hester: Right.

Jones: Two boys.

Hester: (Pause) Right.

Jones: One of your sons-

Hester: Passed away.

Jones: Wesley. Well, don’t tell me. Killed in Korea.

Hester: Right.

Jones: I see your loved one- another loved one in a Mustang with- off-white with red design on the side of the car.

Hester: Right.

Jones: A daughter.

Hester: Right.

Jones: This must be given to them. It will save their life. Now sister, you come right down to me, just quickly, and then we’ll take care of all the effects of that stroke. And the eye- the sight will be back to normal. Let’s believe, right now, right now.

Congregation: (Applause)

Announcer: She’s out of her seat now, coming down to the front where the pastor is waiting to receive her.

Congregation: (Singing and clapping)

Announcer: She’s praising now. The pastor administered to her. The healing has come, she’s dancing, and he’s dancing with her at the front of the congregation.

Congregation: (Singing and clapping)

Announcer: She’s being led away by the nurse (Pause) to the restroom area, where so many have gone with their infirmities and come back without cancers. Being relieved of their cancers by this prophet of God.

Jones: She’s been operat- we’ve got a cancer to get out of her too. Stroke, cancer- Sure, she’s not- No paralysis in her side now, was there?

Various voices from the congregation: No, no.

Jones: No, no.

Male’s voice: No.

Jones: When she comes back, the cancer’ll be gone too.

(Tape edit.)

Congregation: (Singing and clapping)

Announcer: The cancer’s been returned now. The woman who was blind [in] one eye, crippled and had a cancer, is now dancing on the stage with the pastor, relieved of her cancer, relieved of her crippling, and her sight restored.

Congregation: (Singing “Amen” chorus from Lilies of the Field, and clapping)

Jones: (Singing) Amen/ Don’t you know now, Amen/ Sing together-

Announcer: She is dancing the (Unintelligible word), giving witness before this congregation of thousands.

Jones: There’s the cancer- There’s the sister that’s healed of blindness, praising God. Uh- She’s going up and down the aisles right now. Praise with her. Raising her hand here, praising. Rejoice when somebody’s healed, lest you have the same problem.

Congregation: (Singing and clapping)

Jones: (Singing) Don’t you know, Amen/ All together now, Amen/

(Tape edit)

Jones: Mary Bowen. Mary Bowen, 109th Street. Blindness affecting those eyes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Sister, to build faith a little bit- You have a son named James Chance?

Mary: Yes, I do.

Jones: It’s going to save his life. Have you got a dog named Susan?

Mary: Yes, I have.

Jones: Touch the dog named Susan. Ummm. You the only one left in your family, huh?

Mary: That’s right.

Jones: Eight of you, and now you’re the only one left.

Mary: That’s right.

Jones: Born and rear- reared in Texas-

Mary: Right.

Jones: I want to protect you too. You’ll get in a better atmosphere. You got a dog named Pepper?

May: Next door.

Jones: Yeah, well, treat him nice too, ’cause he is going to protect you.

Mary: Yes, he does.

Jones: ‘Cause I’m gonna put a- ‘Cause I’m gonna put a powerful spirit in Pepper.

Mary: Thank you.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: And he’s going to chase some devil about three blocks.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: (Calls out) Now sister, I say, your eyes must see.

Various voices from congregation: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

JonesLook at me. You looking at me?

Mary: Yes, I am. (Emotional)

Jones: Look at my fingers.

Mary: Yes.

Jones: You see them?

Mary: Yes, I do.

Jones: How many?

Mary: Four.

JonesFour. That’s right. God Almighty.

Congregation: (Erupts into applause)

Announcer: Euphoria.

Jones: (Cries out) God Almighty, God.

Announcer: She’s clear at the back of the auditorium-

Jones: Right there at the back of the building. Why don’t you shout and praise God?

Male voice from congregation: Hallelujah.

Announcer: A distance of at least 40 yards. As she counted accurately the number of fingers that he upheld.

Jones: (Calls out) You better cry with her. She’s back there crying, shouting, praising God. You better praise with her. Four fingers, some of you couldn’t see how many fingers. Hey, God. Hey, God. Her glasses off, but four fingers. Hey, God.

Congregation: (Sings and claps)

Jones: (Singing) Oh- Praise him/ Hallelujah, Amen/ Don’t you know-

(Tape edit)

Jones: Iona Mann, Iona Mann. Wave your hand if you know such a person. Hmm? Keep your hand up. Keep it right there. Place your hand on your chest, now. And one hand up. Avoid coffee of any kind, avoid it any kind. Now sister, you have six children?

Iona Mann: Right.

Jones: You were born in Mansfield, Ohio.

Iona Mann: Yes, sir.

Jones: All your children live in Mansfield, one of your daughters. One of your children’s gone. You don’t know where one of them is.

Iona Mann: No, I don’t. (Weepy)

Jones: It’s all right. Don’t worry. It’ll be taken care of. You’ll have an understanding in just a little bit.

Iona Mann: Oh, thank you.

Jones: You got an older daughter, Dorothy Taylor?

Iona Mann: Yes, I have.

Jones: Terrible automobile accident.

Iona Mann: (Unintelligible word)

Jones: Paralyzed from the neck down.

Iona Mann: Yes, sir.

Jones: I stress unto you, keep my sayings, and she shall be normal.

Iona Mann: (Weeping) Oh, thank you.

Jones: Stress and the trouble you’ve been having in your ch- your heart, the chest, that’s been bothering you.

Iona Mann: Yes.

Jones: Even today the pain. Now you lift your hand. You’re not going to die here, becauseGod and not another is here. Hey!

Congregation: (Cheers)

Iona Mann: (Moans)

Jones: It’s all right. Right now.

Iona Mann: Praise God.

Congregation: (Applause)

(Tape edit)

Jones: Jim McElvane, or something of this sort. Do you have a sister that is- a young man that died of diabetes? Hmmm? You have a sister?

Announcer: (Quietly) He’s in the balcony and said this is so.

Jones: April. April the first.

Announcer: Yes, he said.

Jones: I gather you’re saying April the first.

McElvane: That’s right.

Jones: You’ve not told me. I don’t know anything about your life. You’ve told no one else here. Is that correct?

McElvane: Correct.

Jones: You lose a brother also by an accident?

McElvane: Correct.

Jones: It’s been a bad year for you, hasn’t it?

McElvane: Yes, it has.

Jones: Killed April 27th. The car was burned up.

McElvane: That’s right.

Jones: There was no clues.

McElvane: That’s right.

Jones: Someone’s trying to do the same to you.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: You accept my teachings, and your- will be of long health. I don’t always- Very rarely do I ever say, accept my teachings. You understand that?

McElvane: I do.

Jones: But it’s vital to you. Because he that keeps my sayings, Christ said, shall not die.

Congregation: Yes, yes.

Jones: Building our faith, building our faith. (Hums, then sings, congregation briefly joins in.) What you have done for me- Savior, dear Lord- (speaks in normal tone) Is Joseph another brother?

McElvane: Yes, he is.

Jones: Got to have one for him too. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a conspiracy. You got to keep this on you and on him. You understand?

McElvane: I do.

Announcer: (Quiet) The prophet is giving him the healing cloth.

 Jones: What I’ve had a revelation of is someone burning up- they burned in a car. There’re no clues. The car was burned up. Is that correct?

McElvane: Correct.

Jones: Hands clasped again.

Announcer: Healing cloths are being sent with him for his loved ones and for himself.

Jones: Your father is deceased.

McElvane: That’s correct.

Jones: Where’s your brother?

McElvane: Where is my brother?

Jones: Um-hmm.

McElvane: He’s at home today.

Jones: Um-hmm. He smoke a lot of cigarettes?

McElvane: Yes, he does.

Jones: Terrible amount of uh, of cigarettes. I think I shall go further with the nurse, ’cause this is serious business. Clasp your hands. Have you got a dog in your home, a Shepherd dog?

McElvane: That’s correct.

Jones: Does the dog keep looking out the window?

McElvane: Yes, he does.

Congregation: (Murmuring laughter)

Jones: You- you’ll know why I want you to be kind to little animals. They’re far more loyal to you than people.

Congregation: (Murmurs approvingly)

Jones: You say that they don’t have any souls, but I tell you another thing, I know better. Everything alive has spirit immortal. Everything will live on immortally. The best friends I’ve had in the healing work is some loyal animal that stands by beside you. (Prayerful) Spirit of Christ, come forth in all of its fullness, the anointing which is Christ. That’s all it means. The anointing. Come forth to bring protection and save this man’s life. Also stop the condition that’s even now beginning in his kidneys. (Uses glossolalia) Some of it will take some effort on your part. But if you do it, you’ll live a long life. (Deliberate) I guarantee you. Thank you.

Congregation: (Applause)

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible)

(Tape edit.)

Jones: Ruth Dean. Some place in Los Angeles, you live. Who is Lawrence?

Ruth Dean: (Unintelligible)

Jones: This will save his life. He’s been having trouble with his eyes.

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: It’s Los Angeles, that’s his trouble.

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: If later we can help him- He’s in the university now, is he?

Ruth Dean: Yes- (Unintelligible)

Jones: Dearborn, yes. You haven’t told anyone here anything?

Ruth Dean: No.

Jones: I don’t know you. Is that correct, as with all these cases?

Ruth Dean: Correct.

Jones: You’re from Louisiana?

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: Born in (Tape edit) June?

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: Sometimes in your mind, you know what peoples’ ages are.

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: Ummm. First time I’ve seen a legit for a while. I want to get to know you.

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: But you’re humble about it. You don’t call yourself a seer or a prophetess or anything like that. It just has to do with ages.

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: You’ve got some difficulty in your back?

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: Your side, up in your chest?

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: We’re going to heal you of heart disease-

Ruth Dean: Yes.

Jones: -going to heal you of cancer. Go to the bathroom, and the cancer will leave you, and the pain will go from your body.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: God Almighty, God Almighty.

Announcer: (Excited) Boy, is she rejoicing. She’s come running down the- down the aisle with her arm upraised, eager to get rid of that cancer now, as the nurse takes her to the restrooms.

(Tape edit)

Jones: The cancer, here’s the sister, and here’s the cancer.

Ruth Dean: Thank you.

Announcer: The cancer’s been removed.

Jones: You’re most welcome, you’re most welcome. She said, thank you. You’re most welcome. Nobody can take you when you’re crippled up with arthritis, cause you to walk, nobody can take the cancer from you but God.

(Tape edit)

Congregation: (Applause) (Pause)

Jones: Sadie Jacobs. Bless you, my dear. We’ll just set there for a minute until we get the wo- work done. Just set there till we build faith a little by little. (Clears throat) Sadie Jacobs?

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

Jones: Born in January 19-

Sadie Jacobs: Right.

Jones: Tyler, Texas.

Sadie Jacobs: That’s true.

Jones: You have a hat.

Sadie Jacobs: A hat?

Jones: With nine rhine[stones]

End of Side 1

Side 2

Jones: You also have a pin that you often wear around your neck, with four rhinestones, six spokes on each side of the center part. You check them, you’ll find it’s true. Keep our hands and our hearts together now. You own some blue furry slippers.

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

Jones: Those slippers’ve got to be touched with this cloth. (Tape edit) They call you Mother Jacobs, eh?

Sadie Jacobs: Right.

Jones: From Texas you came, 1943?

Sadie Jacobs: Uh-huh.

Jones: Not told anyone here anything. Not told me anything, is that correct?

Sadie Jacobs: Right.

Jones: You’ve gone to the hospital to- you’ve called on the sick, haven’t you?

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

Jones: Yes, that’s why you’re getting helped. You’re crippled up now-

Sadie Jacobs: Uh-huh.

Jones: –but you helped others, so I’m going to help you.

Sadie Jacobs: (Unintelligible word)

Jones: Are you name Anna- yes, Annie- I take it that’s a daughter, Rice?

Sadie Jacobs: Rice, Annie Rice in (unintelligible).

Jones: Yes. Got some notes here that I’ve got to make. You heard about me from a friend.

Sadie Jacobs: Right.

Jones: In your living room, in the corner, is a picture of Jesus.

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

Jones: Lighted.

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

Jones: Behind it- behind it- now you see? Behind it? Who can see behind something?

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Sadie Jacobs: What’d he say?

Jones: It says, get right with God.

Sadie Jacobs: Oh, yes.

Jones: Umm.

Sadie Jacobs: (Laughs)

Jones: On a table next to a door, there’s a folder. Looks like sheet music. S- something that says love is. I’ve got to do something about uh- changing some conditions there. You have a bowl of plastic flowers.

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

JonesOrange, light green, and other colors. (Whispers glossolalia) You had a boy and a girl?

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

Jones: Your mother and father are dead.

Sadie Jacobs: That’s right.

Jones: (Clears throat) In your mind, you’re saying I am one of God’s prophets.

Sadie Jacobs: (Laughs softly)

Jones: You consider yourself a missionary?

Sadie Jacobs: Yes, I do mission work.

Jones: Um-hmm.

Sadie Jacobs: Home mission work.

Jones: I know. I know. Who is Ruth- Sister Ruth Morgan.

Sadie Jacobs: Ruth Morgan?

Jones: Yes.

Sadie Jacobs: Oh, that’s a missionary woman I used to work with.

Jones: All right.

Sadie Jacobs: I don’t know where she is.

Jones: Well, you’ve never said anything, naturally, about her. Thelma Belcher [phonetic]. Ah, well, you don’t know her, but I do. Thelma Belcher. 232 East 83rd.

Woman: Oh, yes.

Sadie Jacobs: Yes, I-

Jones: Yeah, I know, yeah, so it’s not mental telepathy. I know it’d bring it back to your mind. Fanny Green? Some city, 311 East 57th Street.

Sadie Jacobs: I don’t know Fanny Green.

Jones: Yeah, you do. You- It’ll come to you. You didn’t know Thelma Belcher till we got to talking about it.

Sadie Jacobs: I don’t know her.

Jones: It’s all right. I have the same problem every day. There’s so much you got to remember you want to forget some things.

Sadie Jacobs: (Laughs)

Jones: Sister Henrietta Fleming.

Sadie Jacobs: Oh. Yes.

Jones: Yes. 1114 Defense.

Sadie Jacobs: She

Jones: These are people you got to witness to about God being here in the hundred-fold degree to get your healing fu- full and complete like we want it. You drink coffee and tea?

Sadie Jacobs: Yes.

Jones: Better you get some cod liver oil from somebody?

Sadie Jacobs: Coffee?

Jones: (Deliberate) Cod liver oil.

Sadie Jacobs: Oh- oh.

Jones: Has anybody given you any oil?

Sadie Jacobs: Yes, uh-

Jones: All right, all right.

Sadie Jacobs: Oil.

Jones: All right. That’s what I am talking about.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: Hands clasped. I got to get rid of some of this stuff, ’cause they’ll have you down on your back till you can’t get up. Hands clasped. You’ve had some doctor Chit- Chester?

Sadie Jacobs: That’s my doctor.

Jones: Yes. In such pain, you have to take three times a day, pills for this crippling arthritis you have. Indicine [phonetic] 25. Now our hands are clasped. We believe- do we believe in here?

Voices in congregation: Yes.

Jones: Etta Mae Robinson. Who is that?

Sadie Jacobs: I don’t know, I can’t think at this time, who that is.

Jones: Well, I’ll figure it out and tell you.

Sadie Jacobs: I don’t know.

Jones: Knickerbocker Hotel. You have any connection with that?

Sadie Jacobs: Yep. Uh- I used to work there.

Jones: Um-hmm. 1714 Ivar, I-V-A-R.

Sadie Jacobs: Ivar.

Jones: Um-hmm. That’s just what I said, honey.

Congregation: (Chuckles)

Jones: Now I don’t know these places. Well, I got a whole number of impressions, but I don’t think I have to prove anything more to you at this stage. Now sister, will you arise, begin to arise now from your seat. Begin to arise from your seat. Begin to arise. (Claps his hands)

Announcer: She has come up out of her seat now and is standing. (Pause) She is standing, and the pastor has come down from the stage, is coming up to meet her, and she down to meet him.

Jones: I’ll just give that devil (unintelligible under announcer) some sister over there trying to do work on me.

Congregation: (Applause)

Announcer: (More excited) He’s working with her up and down. Her arm’s up and down.

Voices in congregation: Yeah, good job. (Cheers.)

Announcer: She’s running and he running with her. The pastor is running with her as theyboth now go up the aisle toward the back of the congregation. They stop now to do some- some deep bends.

Congregation: (Singing and clapping)

Announcer: Hands above their heads, down to their toes, back up and back down, as she exercises those muscles and limbs which were so stiff. She is on the move.

Jones: It’s all gone now, the crippling’s gone, the pain’s all gone, she said. Get the- get her to get all these instructions. Show the glory to God, she said. She’s got reason to glory God.

Announcer: Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Congregation: (Singing and clapping)

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 2004