Q921 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Starts with Jones singing. Organ plays throughout service

Jones: Harry. Near Lexington. Harry, (unintelligible question).

Older woman: (fades in) his name is Harry Dulsberry, and he lives at Lexington, Indiana. (Spoken in wonderment). That’s true.

Jones: Yes. Yes, yes. And it’s— I’ve got to do something here then, in reference to your, your well-being. Hold on. (Speaks in tongues, sounds like “little shinaikai”, repeated throughout tape.) Sister, you’ve been having trouble in the last, uh, few days with your throat?

Woman: Yes, yes.

Jones: All right, let’s go (unintelligible word). You’re having any trouble with one of your breasts, perhaps a little more uh, enlarged than the other?

Woman: (Pause) Not as— not as I know of right now.

Jones: Well, I— I know it happens to be. (Pause) (Speaks same words) You wouldn’t naturally notice that. You’re not a vain person, so I— that was kind of a question. (Pause) You have a son, Carl?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: And a daughter, Vivian.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: I’m reaching out to spare both their lives through you. Is there some history of ulcers, in your family?

Woman: Uh, in my immediate family, do you mean?

Jones: Yes.

Woman: I don’t know of that, but in my—

Jones: Your brother— your brother had a problem with his stomach.

Woman: Yes sir. Yes sir.

Jones: He’s dead though, now. He’s dead and gone, isn’t he?

Woman: Yes. Yes, he is.

Jones: Yes.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: (Pause) Emma?

Woman: My mother-in-law.

Jones: (Speaking in tongues) Your father have— has had a stroke two or three years ago?

Woman: He died in ‘50 or ‘51, just after I came over from England.

Jones: Who is Harry?

Woman: Harry. Harry Dulsberry is my father-in-law. I— He might have had a stroke.

Jones: Yes, he has. He’s got heart trouble.

Woman: Yes sir.

Male away from mike: He does.

Jones: Yes. (Pause) Hence the hands clasped. Let’s get the vibrations here (speaking in tongues). Ah, God, God, God, God. See the more God, the more God you see, into the breast remove— (Pause) Into the body remove, by the Spirit. (Pause) What I see, I take of, have no fear. (Pause) Jesus is near. (Pause) Did your father have any growth?

Woman: (Pause) My father? Uh—

Jones: Yes.

Woman: Yes sir, he—

Jones: Yes.

Woman: I think it was in the throat.

Jones: Yes, sure. Sure. (Speaking in tongues) Well, I tell you have the long years of your mother who into her nineties. You believe God, now. I take the cancer out of your body now. (Shouts) In the name of Jesus.

High keening sound.

Jones: (Shouts) God Almighty! God Almighty! God Almighty! God Almighty! God Almighty! Praise Him.

Keening sound of woman crying.

Jones: Should you praise God (unintelligible) She’s told me nothing, but the prayers that reach our ears know what’s happened in Indiana, and knows her life, and knows what her loved one died of. God Almighty.! (Pause) Praise God.

Tape cuts off for undetermined length of time.

Jones: (Unintelligible). That must be the street. Castillo? Hope. Sister, do you have a navy blue scarf?

Another woman: Navy green, I—

Jones: With a pink edge. Something that looks like that from a distance. I’m color blind. It’s not presently on you, I’m not speaking something necessarily on you.

Woman: What— I can—

Jones: It has um, some scarf with flowers in it.

Woman: Yes, I have.

Jones: Do you have a red glass dish in your home?

Woman: I don’t think so, not a red one. Sorry. (Pause) (Unintelligible phrase)

Jones: I see an orange towel.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: There must be some difference in the color of the towel. Not so far from the dish?

Woman: Well, it’s a napkin?

Jones: Could be.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Got to change some things. Your husband named John?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: (Speaking in tongues) On the end table, next to a, a couch in your room, the young woman, is that uh, a youngster, uh, some loved one?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: (Speaking in tongues) Each one I’m calling, their life is spared. Just, when you touch that picture— you hear what I’m saying?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: You hear what I’m saying?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Will you do that?

Woman: (unintelligible)

Jones: Will you touch the picture with this cloth? You understand it’s very important. (Pause) You have a big black Bible?

Woman: Yes, well, it’s blue. Blue covering—

Jones: Hmm?

Woman: Blue.

Jones: On a table?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Like I said, I’m color blind. (Pause) (Directing her) Move that away. Out. (Pause) And I’ll tell you some of your background, some of your— your Catholic background tradition?

Woman: Yes. Yes.

Jones: Well, just do what I say. The letter kills.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Get it aw— Get it out of sight, if you will, because I’ve got to save each one that I’ve mentioned from one condition or another. Now sister, you work with foods?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: I’m not going to (unintelligible— sounds like “go over every”) thing here. Frozen foods?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Save this. Take this. It’s something that, in the process of your work, that you picked up, that would come out as cancer in your body, but now, it will be stopped.

Woman: Oh.

Jones: Just that cloth. Just that cloth has done it.


Jones: (Sings) Touch the picture? (Pause) Touch the picture, that’s all the— (stumbles for words). Thank you. Of the uh, of the daughter. Bless you. (Pause) Hands clasped. Needless to say, I don’t know you, is that tr— correct, dear? (Pause)

Woman: That’s right, you don’t know me.

Jones: Thank you. Hands clasped. (Pause) John, who lives on Grenada Avenue. 177. We saved his life? Also, my dear, place this under his mattress. (Pause) Sister, it also slop— it stops the female condition in your cancer, in your body. (Unintelligible phrase — heal? hear?) (Pause)

Applause. Woman cries throughout.

Jones: (Unintelligible) She knows nobody knows her but God. (Pause) It’s all right. She’ll not hurt herself. (Pause) Praise God, too. (Pause) Don’t move right now (unintelligible word) anointing (unintelligible word). (Pause) She knows that nobody knows anything about her life, and God tells her these things. (Pause) Cause you to praise him. (Pause) (Laughs.) Yes, (Unintelligible phrase), but it’s gone now, because God met you. Needless to say, you don’t know me, and you’ve told nobody here about your husband or what you thought or what you had in your body, you didn’t tell anybody, did you? But the Spirit knows it all. It’s wonderful. (Pause)

Tape stops for undetermined time.

Jones: — black hat, on a cane. Black hat, kind of a crutch. You hear me, sister? I see a mental picture (Unintelligible— sounds like “I got names”) and another time to test your faith, I just throw it out like that. I can give more, but I’m not going to give more. You want to get off the crutches, it’s a nice time to do it. (Pause) Black hat. Bless you. (Pause) Well, come on out of there, sister, come out of there fast.

Organ plays louder, woman sings.

Man: Father is dancing with the woman, dancing with her. She does— she’s not crazy. In the front of the auditorium here, dancing (Unintelligible phrase). (Pause, and singing continues). He’s healed her from something else. He press— he presses her stomach area, presses the stomach area, then raises her hands, and praising, testifying the pain she had had in that region is gone.

Jones: (mike cuts in) —and gone, and this is the lady that was on the crutch. Been a long (draws out word) year you’ve been suffering with that. Yes, yes, but now it’s gone. (Cries out) It’s gone, praise God. Said it’s gone. Praise God.

Man: He continues to pray.

Music continues. Jones joins in.

Man: Almighty God, working through the pastor, that brought her to healing. (Pause) Praise God.

Jones: (Sings) I said you brought me, mighty long—

Tape cuts off for undetermined time. No organ when it comes back on.

Jones: —Edith Alexander? Hands clasped. Sister, shout as strongly as you can to me, because there’s no microphone to hear. (Pause) Who uses Kent cigarettes? (Pause) That’s honest. Miller High Life beer. (Pause) Thank you. (Pause) (Speaking in tongues) Your honesty’s doing a lot for you, my dear, you’d be surprised. (Pause) Who’s Everett Jackson? (Pause) Did you tell him of this work? (Pause) You’ll find he doesn’t know a thing of me, never talked to me or anything of that sort. Just tell him of this work. (Pause) You used to live on some other kind of a street, Willer or something, Willier? (Pause) Hmm-mm. You know anybody in Albuquerque? Williams Street?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: 1023 Williams Street. Send this cloth to them, this’ll save their life. (Pause) Just a moment. (Pause) You told no one about any of your loved ones in the course of anything here?

Woman: No.

Jones: In your throat, there’s beginning a problem from the tobacco. (Pause) A thickness, a tightening. We’ve got to stop it. Also, back in the back and the side, there’s been some distress. (Pause) When you come down, go to the bathroom, you’ll pass a cancer.


Jones: Take these cloths. Take this cloth. One for the person in Albuquerque, New Mexico that I just mentioned. And needless to say, stop the Kent cigarettes and the High Life beer. (Pause) You’re welcome, you’re welcome. She said, thank you, darling. God bless, God bless. There’s the growth she passed. Blessed, blessed, blessed, (class out) hey God. (Pause) You’re most welcome, you’re most welcome, child. I appreciate, when I asked her, I was leaving room there for her not to be embarrassed, I asked, who smokes Kent? Now I do. Who smokes Miller High Life? I do. (Pause) (Cries out) It’s wonderful. (Pause)

Tape cuts off for undetermined time. No organ when it comes back on.

Jones: Elizabeth Dixon. (Pause) My darling, hold up your brown billfold. (Pause) Hold it up. Got to have some further contact about that hemorrhaging. (Pause) Hunh. Want to be sure that there quick work done for you, my love. (Speaking in tongues). Who is Sheryl?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: (Speaking in tongues)

Woman: Yes?

Jones: Put this with your yellow Kleenexes.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Where’s your husband?

Woman: At home.

Jones: He’s not so much to this belief, huh?

Woman: Well, he just hasn’t been to see you. I told him, seeing is believing.

Jones: Yeah. Are you a singled out woman? God just gonna keep you and gonna keep your child. Yes, my God and the Spirit—

Woman: Yes— (Expectant) (Pause)

Jones: Don’t listen to any of ‘em, ‘cause they’ll— they’ll try to tell you that God can’t do it, just as they have already.

Woman: Yes, I know it.

Jones: Just don’t pay any attention to them—

Woman: I know that.

Jones: — ’cause the Spirit stopped that cancer in your body. There’s no soreness now, and the Spirit stopped it. And don’t let anybody take away your liberty.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: And tell Cleo, is it?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Tell him to find his way in the house of God. He’s got troubled heart.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Yes, yes.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: He’s got troubled heart.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: But if he’ll get in and find it’ll set him free.

Woman: (Voices rises in ecstasy) Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

Woman singing: Yes he did, yes he did, he heals the sick and he raise the dead, yes he did, yes he did, he brought joy joy joy to my soul.

Tape cuts off for undetermined time. No organ when it comes back on.

Jones: —Wayne?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: What’s your crisis?

Woman: Quite a few.

Jones: Your son’s 16?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: The problem that’s most important to you, it’s in your body now, it’s cancer, distressing your abdomen, down your side. I’m taking it away from you now, if you come down now. I’ll touch your body, and it’ll be healed. (Pause)

Woman singing: Yes he did, yes he did, he brought joy joy joy to my soul.

Jones: (Prays over woman) — give her a cloth. Give her the cloth of best protection. Now — and I said you write me about the uh, the financial situation now, and I touch the place where— It’s done. It’s done right now. Now touch— you’ll find no— no— no soreness. (Pause) (Softly) It’s gone, it’s gone, isn’t it? No— no problem now, is there? (Pause) Thank God. Thank God.

Man speaks over Jones voice: — amazing—

Much of Jones is soft, man’s voice is lost under singing.

Jones: (Sings) Tell the world— Yes he did, yes he did, you will think I may raise the dead—

Audience sings.

Jones: Ah, my God.

Tape cuts off for few seconds, but seems like hymn continues.

Jones: Betty Kirkendall. Kirkendall. Raise your hand up. (Pause) For your lungs. Something that’s in your lungs. And you have a child Angela? (Pause) It saves her life. It saves you of a cancerous death in your lungs, and saves your child. (Sings) And my God gives just what he said, yes he did, yes he did, heal the sick, I may raise the dead, yes he did, yes he did, he brought joy—

Hymn continues.

Tape cuts off for undetermined time. Hymn over when it comes back on, but organ plays softly, and woman hums.

Jones: Phillips. Charlie Phillips. There’s some trouble in your back, brother, that you better take this cloth and place it on. You hearing what I’m saying?

Phillips: I hear.

Jones: Will you do it?

Phillips: I will.

Jones: You’ve had some difficulty there? You been involved in some kind of difficulty when your back has been injured?

Phillips: That’s ten years ago.

Jones: Mmm-hmm. Yes. (Pause) And you fell.

Phillips: That’s right.

Jones: To be exact, you fell four feet.

Phillips: Yeah.

Jones: Mmm-hmm. Take— Take that. Take that. That’ll keep your (Pause) spine from being severed by disks pushing into it. Now. It won’t happen. Blessed be God.

Phillips: Thank you.

Audience claps. Woman sings softly.

Tape cuts off for undetermined time. Organ on softly.

Jones: Who has a doctor? (Pause) Some city far away, it seems to me, suite number two hundred and three. And I never heard such a name. It’s (name unintelligible) that has such a doctor.

Man on mike: (Softly) There’s somebody up there standing, waiting now for the microphone.

Jones: You know any Diane Drury?

Woman: Yes, I do.

Jones: 5127 Creeley.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: In Richmond.

Woman: Yes.

Jones: Near Fresno, huh?

Woman: Yes.

Jones: (Speaking in tongues). I see a white Ford station wagon. (Pause) Do you know anyone with a white Ford station wagon?

Woman: (Hesitant) No, but she might have.

Jones: If such a station wagon comes in your contact, please let me know.

Woman: Yes sir, I will.

Jones: Please, please now. (Speaking in tongues). What contact would you have in Fresno Municipal Credit Union?

Woman: (Pause) Oh, we had a loan.

Jones: You have a loan.

Woman: No, we did have. (Pause)

Jones: I see. Well, I want to keep you from a couple of things. You notice any sensation, peculiar sensation in your ears?

Woman: Since you been talking?

Jones: Mmm.

Woman: (unintelligible word) they feel kinda light—

Jones: (unintelligible word) That’s all right, that’s all right. I have exactly three minutes. (Pause) Tuck this to your head, it’ll stop the stroke in your body.


Man on mike, in a calm voice: Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

Woman: Thank you, Father.

Jones: Touch both ears. Take one on both ears. Both. Now. (Pause) Now, it’s done, sister. It’s all right.

Woman: Thank you. Thank you— (Jones talks over last word)

Jones: It’s all right now? Your ears are all right now?

Woman: Uh-huh.

Jones: Yes. All right now?

Woman: Uh-huh.

Jones: Fine, fine.

Woman: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Jones: Don’t have any fear now. Don’t have any fear. (Sings) Yes God is real, he’s really in my soul, yes God is real, (unintelligible word— sounds like “blessed”) I made me whole, I was (unintelligible phrase) his life pure gold, Father’s love’s real, and I can feel his holy power.

Tape cuts off for few seconds.

Jones: Someone here named Inez, and you think you have cancer. Please do not be disturbed— Who is it, you think you have cancer. Inez? No. I know you currently. It’s something like— (words jumble as microphone moves)

Woman: It’s Saint Lucia.

Jones: I know my Inezes.

Woman: That’s right. (Laughs) (Pause)

Jones: Condition in your knee?

Woman: That’s right.

Jones: Makes it very difficult for you to even walk, huh?

Woman: That’s right.

Jones: Hmm. (Pause) I speak to the Christ in you. I don’t know you.

Woman: No.

Jones: First time here?

Woman: First time.

Jones: (Pause) Come walkin’, darling. (Pause)

Man on mike: Finding her way to the aisle now. (Pause) Starting down the aisle. (Pause) It looks a little— A little bit of a limp is noted. (Pause) Uhh. More than a little. She’s limping fairly heavily on her left side. (Pause) Seems to be improving all right, she approaches the front where Pastor is waiting for her. (Pause)

Jones: (Sings) Now it was all for me, his life pure gold, God is real—

Man: — continues to walk towards Pastor. (Pause) (Unintelligible phrase) now, the pastor lays his hands upon her legs, on her knees—

Jones: You have a blood pressure problem too, don’t you? Yes. (Pause)

Hymn continues.

Jones: Now, let’s try. Let’s try. I want the— (Pause) (Quickly) Now just— just jump up and down on the knees. Jump up and down on them. Jump up and down on them. Jump up and down. Jump up. I won’t let you fall. I won’t let you fall. Just jump up and down. Just jump up and down, darling. Just jump up and down. Just— (Pause)

Man: He’s now flexing and bending her knees—

Jones: I want the pain to leave. I want the pain to leave now. I want the pain to leave. (Pause) Pain’s still there. (Pause) Keep it going. Touch my knee. Let— take it. I have to bear— No, put your knee on my knee. Now, I feel it going into my leg. I feel it going into my leg, I can tell, it goes, and I’m willing to take it in my body, because you certainly have suffered enough with it. Now don’t you worry. Cancer not going take you. Cancer not going take you. No, no, no. Now— (voice fades). Pain’s gone, sure. Sure. Sure, it’s gone. (Cries out) All those years, but it’s gone. Oh, God took it, God took it. By his (unintelligible word), you are healed.

Man: — She’s crying now— (commentary continues throughout)

Jones: Let her go around, touch some others. It’s wonderful. She’s got reason to shout, ‘cause the pain’s all gone. Go with it. You’d shout too, if the pain left you, if cancer left your bones. (sings) Oh God is real, God is real in your soul— (Talking) Just now visualize—

End of tape.

Tape originally posted April 1999