Don’t Drink the Kool-aid

Beatrice told me not to drink Kool-aid.
She said it’s made of spinach.
Shirelle told me it’s made of broccoli.
Calvin told me it has lima beans in it.

Julius Lee told me Kool-aid has snakes in it.
John told me it has bugs in it.
Odell told me it has snails in it.

Yolanda told me Kool-aid would give me the chicken pox.
Joyce told me it would give me cooties.
Stephan told me it would give me the silly willies.

Kool-aid never gave me the chicken pox
Or cooties
Or the silly willies.

I’ve never seen snakes in my Kool-aid
Or bugs
Or snails.

I don’t think Kool-aid is made of spinach
Or broccoli
Or lima beans.

It looks okay to me
So why can’t I drink it?

(They probably want it all for themselves)