Website and Blog Complement Jonestown Survivor

When I published my book Jonestown Survivor, it seemed like a culmination of a decade of trying to explain and discuss important and relevant pieces of the People Temple puzzle. I published my book two and a half years ago. I have come to realize instead how much of a beginning it truly represented. As I travel around the country to interesting and memorable events – and to tell my audiences about the wonderful people who were drawn to the dream of our Jonestown community – I have stirred more memories, clarified my thoughts and even changed my mind on some parts of it. And now I have an avenue to fill in more and different details: my website and blog at! It allows me to answer questions people have about my continuing work as a survivor and to present my developing insights. Stop by, ask a question, challenge an assertion, or just talk. I’d love to hear from you.

– Laura Johnston Kohl