A Thousand Lives Is Published

07-10Julia Scheeres’ long-awaited book on Jonestown and Peoples Temple – entitled A Thousand Lives – was published in October 2011. Published by Simon & Schuster, the book promises to be the best-selling book on the subject since Deborah Layton’s book Seductive Poison.

A contributor to the jonestown report for several years while she worked on the book, Julia’s reflections upon completion of the book are here.

The jonestown report solicited reviews from different segments of its readership. Those reviews include:

In Search of the Grander Scale, by Kathy Tropp Barbour
A Thousand Lives A Painful and Disturbing Read, by Annie Dawid
Rewriting Jonestown, by Katherine Hill
Scheeres Book Offers Understanding of November 18, by Sylvia Marciniak
The Pieces Still Missing, by Rikke Wettendorff

Reviews during the first weeks after publication include those in:

The San Francisco Chronicle
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal
The Christian Science Monitor
The Los Angeles Times
Berkeleyside, which describes itself as “Berkeley, California’s independently owned local news site.”

Pre-publication reviews appeared in Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly (which gave the work a starred review), Chocolate & Croissants and GoodReads.

The book was also the subject of a pre-publication column by Scott James in The Bay Citizen which also appeared in the August 12, 2011 edition of The New York Times.