To All Who Died in Jonestown

Photo by Rex Morningstar

Loved ones on the other side
When I think of our shared journey
I can’t help but think of mystery
The mystery that envelops us all and takes us down many and varied paths.

When I think of your departure,
I think of it as the setting sun.
In the morning, you are within the sunlight
that sparkles through the leaves in the trees.
And in the sun’s brilliance, your walk on this earth is reflected,
giving light to the community of life around you.

Your departure has helped to shape me
giving me the strength to stand in the center of my own truth
and walk my own path of wisdom.
That is a tremendous gift.

It is your silent oneness with all that is,
that enables me to be with my own oneness with all that is.
And because you are present in my heart
your life is celebrated in so much of what I do.

You are a source of richness that I carry within me
and it is our shared past that shapes a poem
inspires a song.
It is the gentle force behind a smile that I effortlessly give to a stranger.

So huge is you presence that still
even now I see you reflected everywhere and in those who will always love you.
And it is you who continue to give me
the gift of compassion and the strength to live authentically.

So, here I am, permeated with love, gratitude
so much at peace,
with you
and with mystery.

Jordan Vilchez

(Jordan Vilchez is a regular contributor to the jonestown report. Her other article in this edition is Remembering Liane. Her earlier writings appear here. She can be reached at