Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

04-01(This article is adapted from its original on the International Human Press website, which is now defunct.)

Are conspiracy theorists becoming part of the mainstream cult?

Recently, Alex Jones’ Infowars website had some discussion about the International Human Press website being somehow connected to the CIA or some such, because a harmless article was written about the Hutaree militia movement. These “Us versus Them” survivalists get together to wear camouflage and shoot their automatic weapons. Shortly after the relatively mild-mannered and well-humored article, many Hutarees were raided and arrested. It was a coincidence. Still, it is not a surprise that people who announce that they hate the government and then make videos of themselves firing automatic weapons, would come under attention.

Are militias bad? Not necessarily. In Switzerland, everyone has a military weapon in their closet, and their country has never been attacked. The problem is that many of the survivalists wind up being ultra rightwing and racist.

I can not help but think that if a fraction of the money survivalists spend on burying guns and food in the ground was spent instead on Daniel Nocera’s patent to cheaply power houses and cars entirely from water, we would see true patriotism and real change in our time, not just macho showmanship. I am about answers, not ulcers. I am about hope, not gloom and doom.

I am the former Pastor of the Los Angeles Branch of Peoples Temple that turned into a cult, and led to the largest mass suicide in American history. I saw well intending sweet folk turn from culture to cult. I know how the process works. You may only know Jim Jones as a mad man; however, he was the ultimate conspiracy theorist. I announced that Jim Jones was into power trips and humiliation tactics. I left, only to be hunted down for years with a high-financed attempt to destroy me and stop me from exposing Jim Jones. I was cult-proof, and I got away. I am still alive. Through everything I have learned, I am trying to help make you cult-proof, too. A cult is anything that holds you down. A culture is something that lifts you up.

Believe it or not, Jim Jones copied his tactics from our larger society, which implies that Society as a whole can be a cult. Are you drinking the Kool-Aid of death? Are you sucking up the stinky swizzle of your own undoing? Do you suck up the lies that are killing you? Are you living in a Mind Control Cult? Are you in a Zombie Brainwashed daze? Of course you are going to say no, but let us more closely examine Society as a Cult.

According to the World Health Report, thirty percent of the world’s people die from heart attacks. What if I told you that several straight up cures for heart disease are being suppressed by Big Oil-owned Big Pharma, because they are making their money off of a disease and death industry? Bear in mind that Big Pharma also includes the control of a disease-causing food industry. According to the American Cancer Society, in the U.S. alone almost two million new cases of cancer occur a year. Cancer has now overtaken heart disease as the number one killer, bumping heart disease to number two. The third cause of death is medical error, according to the medical journal JAMA. The fourth cause of death is from prescription drugs. These statistics are taken directly from the medical community, not from critics. Looks like someone has quite a worldwide sickness industry going that would be very threatened by cures for diseases. And guess what? Although the drug companies are the biggest money maker on Wall Street, did you know that all of the synthetic drugs are made from oil? They have a “Patent it or kill it” philosophy. They want to wipe out nature because they can’t patent it, and it contains cures which threaten their monopoly of suffering and sickness.

Preventable deaths in U.S. from:
Heart Disease = 1,000 Jonestowns per yr
Cancer = 1,000 Jonestowns per yr
Prescription drugs = 100 Jonestowns per yr
Standard American Diet = 70 Jonestowns yr
Suppressed cures = How many?
Suppressed energy answers = how many?
Preventable wars = How many Jonestowns?

It doesn’t always get news coverage, but the FDA has been raiding vitamin and heath food stores, often with machine guns drawn. They are the enforcers for the drug companies. Yes, the oil companies and the drug companies are like a two-headed beast… But wait, what is that third head? Why, it is the Great Big Enforcer, the Military Industrial Complex. How many people die in vain for war over oil when there are breakthroughs that would replace oil? Isn’t this conspiracy theory talk? No, this is not an impossible conspiracy with one or two thugs at the top. It is simply an economic monopoly, and it can be easily changed with the market introduction of cures for diseases and free energy.

In fact, it is a tightly-controlled death cult. If you take a picture of the Jonestown Suicide with all the people laying out dead on the grass with their multi-colored clothing, and their precious arms reaching around each other in one final statement of unity, you have a sad picture of people going along with their own deaths. How many of these pictures of a thousand Jonestown residents can we use to symbolize the number of unnecessary and wrongful deaths caused by hiding the cure for cancer alone? What kind of sick death cult is it that would milk the sick and the dying for every penny that you can get out of them till their last breath? We know that a thousand thousands is a million, so just start by imagining a thousand Jonestowns of horrible deaths by cancer yearly in this country alone.

Jonestown survivors, by large, are afraid of the way that I talk. Once bit, twice shy, they are afraid to believe in anything. Now ask yourself the troubling question that Jonestown survivors find impossible to answer: Was it murder or is it suicide? Can’t answer that one? Then you just might live in a cult. It is both. That is what drinking the Kool-Aid means. Is the average American drinking Kool-Aid in the march of a death cult under the control of a three-headed beast? Spooky sounding since I added the beast part, huh? Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I am about hope and promise for tomorrow. The traditional militia-minded conspiracy theorist is about gloom and doom, disdain and bitterness.

In a world bathed in news of suicide bombers, the ultimate boogie bears of terror, the quiet anniversary of the Jonestown Mass Suicide has come and gone again. A gaggle of survivors gathered again this year to commemorate those who died back in what would be The World’s Greatest Mass Suicide. Not quite the Barnum and Bailey ring to it unless you add, “Step right up here.” On the other hand, the World’s Greatest Mass Suicide is a little more interesting than your run-of-the-mill Bearded Lady. Without the curves of a carnival mirror, this historic incident can give a critical view of our larger society that might surprise you.

I left Peoples Temple as Pastor of the Los Angeles church opposing Jim’s humiliation tactics and power trips. He was a genius at copying things in our government, the military, and business advertising that give control over people. In the beginning, when I first met him, he was not so controlling. That came with losing his mind. Arguably, I was the only person in history that Jim Jones trained how to be a Pastor. I would feel ashamed to be the only man that the infamous Jim Jones trained and ordained, except that the original Jim Jones was a nice guy. I know you don’t want to hear it, but in the beginning, Jim was a sweet person with the seeds of paranoia and conspiracy-thinking eating at him like a quiet cancer. Lots of folk have control issues, but it is easy for us to single Jim out because he did it well.

The whole of America has control issues, delusions, and visions of grandeur. While American teenagers test around 13th on the list of world nations in math and science, they test number one in the ego department. If America were a person, it would resemble Jim Jones, charming but narcissistic and devious. With too much power, Jim Jones eventually became the emperor who wore no clothes. No one would tell him that he was crazy.

Why have I not attended the Peoples Temple reunions so far? Because when I left in opposition to wrong behavior, I was hunted down for years as Jim and his puppet people tried to keep me silent. FBI documents discuss me being hunted down and assaulted by goon squads. After the mass suicide, you would think this would have ended, but as recently as the last major film release, certain survivors called up two radio stations which were scheduled to interview me, and tried to intimidate them into dropping the interviews. Both KLBJ and KOOP in Austin, Texas, were more interested than ever, and interviewed me anyway. It appeared that you could take the members out of the cult, but that you could not take the cult out of the members.

I never participated in any wrongdoing in the church, and I left in protest of wrongdoing that I had learned about. Survivors are afraid that I am going to say things like, “these sick people were willing to attack each other at Jim’s behest.” They also know that I know when they are lying. Lots of them have been lying over the years. These people hurrying to squeeze into films act as though they were innocent, and Jim was all to blame. In reality, these same survivors are on audio tapes in meetings at Jonestown voting for mass suicide instead of the other option up for vote. The other option Jim presented to them, right at the height of the Cold War, was a political protest defection from the US to Russia. Poor people leaving the U.S. to head to Russia in protest of inhumane conditions under American Capitalism was simply never done, and was the very thing the CIA was assigned to prevent. In any case, they went the Mass Suicide route.

It is my position that the CIA was there to try to sabotage either option. Since the option of Mass Suicide was chosen, the CIA was determined to turn it around and make it look like mass murder, although that did not fully succeed. It was their job to not allow it to look like a protest suicide.

In all of this tragedy, why don’t I just go and meet with these survivors and forgive them for their past quasi-criminal involvement? The answer is that I am only interested in meeting with survivors who have hope left in their heart. Are any of them still capable of believing in World Improvement? I have only been able to identify a very small few.

I have always stated that the most powerful Jonestown legacy is about society as a cult, because Jim Jones simply copied tactics of our larger society. However, we see that another very dramatic legacy of Jonestown is the dashing of hope in the survivors. Embittered, they don’t dare ever believe in anyone or anything again. This same numbing up and callousing of the American public has been taking place for years. I always called it Numbing Up and Dumbing Down.

Are there really conspiracies? Of course there are. But why has the conspiracy theory movement been taken over by gloom and doom, hopelessness and fear-mongering? This movement is often funded and influenced from vested interests. The CIA and the oil companies have both been caught introducing misleading information and disinformation onto the Internet. The CIA and their clients, big business, would like to say that there are no cures for disease, that free energy is not real, that there is no greenhouse effect, and that war is not over oil. Surprisingly, Conspiracy Theorists are being effectively taken over and schooled in hopelessness. Where are the conspiracy theorists who believe in cures for disease, and energy breakthroughs, and real world-changing paradigm shift answers? That would involve hope wouldn’t it?

In Austin, Texas, I ran into another Conspiracy Theorist by the name of Jones – Alex Jones. It is interesting how Conspiracy Theorists like Jim Jones and Alex Jones have the same “Us versus Them,” hopeless fixation on nuclear war, biological war, mass starvation, gloom, doom, and Armageddon. Just the other day, a friend of mine called me with the complaint that she had turned the radio dial to a station where Alex Jones was threatening that the New World Order was going to skewer and roast her children. She was driving with her kids with the radio up where everyone could hear!

Governments and Conspiracy thinkers often have the same strategy. They both use fear, paranoia, “US versus Them,” and “Brink of Destruction” strategies. For years, the Government had us at war with the Communists, then it was the drug war, now the war on terror. I would imagine there would be quite a bit less terror if our nation did not invade other nations for their natural resources and call it spreading freedom. How Jonesian to charm our way into another country, and then take ?em for all they’ve got.

I met with Alex Jones when he was debuting one of his movie productions. I told him I am working with people who are demonstrating a high mileage technology that can double mileage in vehicles. I asked him to let me demonstrate this technology on his television program. He acted very interested, and asked me to follow through via email. He continually ignored my emails. Later, I coincidently ran into him in a restroom. He apologized for not answering my emails, and told me he was very interested, but continued to ignore my emails after that, too. It became very clear to me that Alex (as did Jim Jones) lives off of the problem and is not necessarily interested in answers.

The high mileage device I told him about is also a clean air device. We are literally dumping millions of gallons of gas into the air because liquid does not burn, only vapor burns. So, fuel is injected into our motors as liquid with unburned fuel blowing out the tailpipe into the air. The impact of the device is to cut your expenses on fuel in half, to cut our need for Middle East oil in half, and to nearly eliminate automotive pollution, which is the main cause of the Greenhouse effect.

Right in the middle of Alex Jones’ productions, he slips it in without any scientific basis: “And by the way, the Greenhouse Effect is not real.” Chevron was caught paying for false information to be dispensed about the Greenhouse Effect. Whether or not you believe in the scientific principle of Greenhouse Gasses, which is accepted as indisputable in the study of other planets such as Venus, allow me to ask: is it that smart to dump millions of barrels of oil into the sky and breathe it? Do birds and wildlife near oil spills look like they are enjoying it? And if the main alleged cause of the Greenhouse Effect is from car pollution, and it is the result of unburned fuel blowing out the tailpipe, what is wrong with embracing Daniel Dingel or Stanley Myers cars, which run entirely on water? Have you watched the documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? And how is it that both Charles Nelson Pogue and Thomas Ogle got over a hundred miles a gallon in big eight cylinder cars running on vaporized gasoline? There are energy breakthroughs that would completely replace the war over oil paradigm, and the polluting of the skies. So how can Conspiracy Theorists wind up pushing the agenda of the oil companies? That is what is happening. Nocera at MIT just offered revolutionary but simple technology for the household generation of Hydrogen that will allow everyone to get off the power grid.

It can no longer be considered the correct path for Americans to have blood on their hands from illicit wars over oil. International opinion polls show that a majority of the world’s people believe that America and England went into Iraq and took their oil. So, are race wars, religious war, gosh dickens… nuclear war with Iran and North Korea just okeedokee, as long as no one has enough muscle to stop it? Lots of profits for the military industrial complex, don’t you think?

Pardon me, I have more humanity than all that. I have a little more hope too. Alex Jones exposes a lot of good stuff, but it is like reading David Icke’s website. First, you are learning something important, and next you are being told that our politicians are secretly reptile people. You would think that some of these conspiracy sites are CIA PsyOps to convince people to not believe in anything, designed to destroy credibility of real conspiracy theories. After a while of being exhausted mentally and emotionally, people just stop believing in anything.

Alex Jones talks normally when you are conversing with him one-on-one. He has to lay it on to sound like a bull frog. According to people that know him, he first started out trying to sound like the carnival barker Rush Limbaugh, whom he admired at the time. As time went on, he found his niche as a conspiracy theorist who did not align himself with Limbaugh, who was perceived as being too explicitly a tool of the Republican party. Alex’s big attempts to expose the Bilderburgers was put together largely from Jim Tucker who reported on the subject over the years in The Spotlight, a newspaper that appeared to tell the truth on the government. However, a deeper look shows that the man behind it, Willis Carto, kept slipping in pro-Hitler comments and supported the notion of Historic Revisionism where we are to believe that Hitler did not really kill all of those Jews.

Alex Jones got to the top really fast using his carnival barker voice, and being center stage boldly and dramatically against things, not for things. Stephan Jones, Jim Jones’ only biological son, said, “I cannot remember my father or Peoples Temple being for things as much as against things.” Although Alex Jones has done a service for us all by exposing cover-ups in some areas, he is drinking the Kool-Aid of deception himself by fear-mongering and by participating in cover-ups in other areas. Conspiracy theorists too often need enemies to hate.

This type of thinking does not seek an answer, but wishes to curse the darkness rather than to light a candle. This type of thinking needs somebody to blame, like being a professional victim. Americans have read about cures for cavities on the front of Omni Magazine, Popular Science, and other respected publications. Now, even new breakthrough technology shows us how to take a clump of adult stem cells and plant it in the gum to grow a new tooth. You can even grow gums back. The notion of growing your own teeth is good culture. But who among us can afford to wake up and care if we are in the daze of a death-and-disease cult? Medicaid will only pull people’s teeth. They will not help you save your tooth with a root canal. And after all of the poor people’s teeth are pulled out, they are told to smile and get a job.

Let us stop being cruel and start to examine the difference between Society as a Culture and Society as a Cult. A culture lifts people up while a cult holds people down. When a cure for cancer is allowed onto the market, that will truly be culture. The Minoto fan company in Japan made a ceiling fan that works with magnets, and does not have to be plugged in. Allow that on the market, and we will call it good culture. The Robert Scragg motor is no longer patented. I encourage everyone to go to the great Google and read about it and develop one. The motor created energy second in power only to nuclear. The motor has no exhaust and no need for added fuel because, in a limited chain reaction, the fuel is recycled and exploded over and over again. The reaction is between hydrogen and chlorine, and fired by light. All the ingredients are obtained from sea water. Use the pollution free Robert Scragg technology, and shut down the wars over oil. That is good civilization and that is good culture.

The FBI investigated my riffs with Jim Jones. In the end, they said that they believed that I have unique qualifications as an anti-cult specialist. I am here to help you today. I am asking you to pause for a second and look into your heart. Are you drinking the Kool-Aid of your own destruction? Are you living in a Death Cult? If you think that there’s even a remote chance that what I say is true, then you may need to be healed. In the name of Jesus I stand in the gap. I hereby declare you free and heal you of your thirst for Kool-Aid! How wonderful!

Now, to keep your healing, hold your head high and move forward, forever defending Cures for Diseases and Free Energy! If you do not keep these important instructions, you will, of course, slowly be taken over by the fog of the mind control cult, and very likely be seen stumbling down the streets with purple Kool-Aid stains around your mouth.

(David Parker Wise was a Pastor of the Los Angeles branch of Peoples Temple and is a regular contributor to the jonestown report. His previous writings on this site appear here. His email address is Mr. Wise also managed the Jonestown Legacy website.)