Articles, the jonestown report, 2011

  1. Drinking the Kool-Aid, 2011
    1. An Introduction
    2. A Commentary and a Cartoon
    3. From the Heartland: The Kool-Aid Cliché, by Conan Milner
  2. The Will to Believe: Hope and Peoples Temple, by Richard Gubbels
  3. The Jim Jones “Truthiness” Project, by Katherine Hill
  4. The Art of Attrition: The Erosion of Peoples Temple and Jim Jones, by Timothy P. Lisagor
  5. Impact of One-Way Communication on Peoples Temple, by Edward Cromarty
  6. Jim Jones and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), by Gary Maynard
  7. Jim Jones As Madman: An Oversimplified Diagnosis, by Patrick O’Reilly, Ph.D.
  8. Housing God In Life And Death: Architecture and the final resting place in two radical movements, by E. Black
  9. Jonestown As a Reflection of American Society, by Nora Woods
  10. My Reflections And Thoughts On Peoples Temple, by Manca Gartna
  11. Followership Research: Crossed the Finished Line!, by Wendy M. Edmonds
  12. Remembering Jonestown: A Homage to the Dead, a Prayer for the Living, by Chuan Zhi
  13. On “Getting It Right”, by Craig Foreman
    1. Conclusion
  14. The Media and the Jonestown Suicides, by Cressida Rigney
    1. Media Standing in the Way of History
  15. The psychological massacre: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple, by Rose Wunrow
    1. The birth of an investigation
  16. The Brainwashing of Peoples Temple, by Kyle McCloy