1. What do you hear in these sounds? by Amanda Veazey
  2. Lost Utopia, by David Arnet
  3. The Jonestown Tapes: Reel-to-Reel, by David Berdass
  4. Battling the Many-Headed Monster, by Mark Williams
  5. Listening to Jonestown, by Ben Ogg
    1. Improving the sounds of Jonestown: The jonestownaudio.com project
  6. Using the Peoples Temple Audiotapes as a Primary Source, by Kristian Klippenstein
  7. Walk a mile in those shoes, by Michael Reidy
  8. Those Who Do Not Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It, by Jaime Caron
  9. What drives me to do this, by Richard Gubbels
  10. Jonestown and My Morbid Curiosity, by Anonymous