Cults and their Leaders: An Introduction

Studying cults, as well as their leaders, over a period of two months, I dove headfirst into the oftentimes dangerous, extremely controversial, yet completely engrossing information about them. What drew me to such a topic? A lust for the unknown? A thirst for truth? Honestly, with graduation from my middle school coming in a very short amount of time, I wanted to go out with a bang, if you will. I chose my project accordingly.

Through this website, I was granted an interview with Mr. Don Beck. For this, I am very thankful. His personal insight not only gave me cold facts, but also a look into the inner workings of what most would refer to as a taboo of the highest order. Most interesting, however, was that through this interview, I felt myself understanding the workings of not only Jim Jones, but of all cult leaders: their similarities, their differences, their mannerisms.

Along with this relatively short submission to this journal, I have included the writing portion of my history project. Without the information from this site and the interview, I would not have been able to mold, sculpt, and eventually present it nearly as well as I had. I was finally able, nay, privileged enough to know beyond what the public sees: a drizzle of truth, upon layer after layer of myth.

Cults and their Leaders: An Exposition
An Interview with Don Beck
A Listing of Cults in America