Articles, the jonestown report, 2009

Jonestown from the air

  1. The Language of Jonestown
  2. Peoples Temple As Christian History:  A Corrective Interpretation, by Kristian Klippenstein
  3. Jonestown: The Search for Early Christianity, by Edward Cromarty
  4. Modernity and the Old Believers: Jonestown was not an analogue, by Chris Knight-Griffin
  5. The Reincarnations Of God: George Baker Jr. and Jim Jones as Fathers Divine, by E. Black
  6. The Death of a Story, the Death of a Cult: Pat Lynch and the Jonestown Tragedy, by Pat Lynch
  7. John Victor Stoen: Son of Jonestown, by Bonnie Yates
  8. Resilience, Revenge & Reality: Examining the Story “Over and Over,” by James L. Knoll, IV, M.D.
  9. Overturning the Vat, by Bonnie Yates
  10. The Rural People’s Party and Comrade Jim Jones, by James Williams, Central Committee, Rural People’s Party
  11. Another Lesson from Jonestown, by Phyllis Gardner
  12. Jonestown: Got Milk? by Will Savive
  13. The Nightmare of Jim Jones, by Chris Knight-Griffin
  14. Student Papers Section
  15. Letters to the Editor
    1. Did Government Assassins Own a Tractor? Laurie Efrein Kahalas Responds to Chris Knight Griffin
    2. Comments on “Reconstructing Reality: Conspiracy Theories About Jonestown” by Ken McCarthy
      1. Rebecca Moore Responds to Ken McCarthy
Originally posted on July 25th, 2013.

Last modified on May 22nd, 2017.
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