Freedom of Information Document Inventory B

71289-4286-C-2 Diary Part II543Edith Roller diary, Jan & Aug 1977/Spring 76
72289-4286-C-3 Diary Part I398Edith Roller diary, Feb, Mar, Aug 78
73289-4286-C-4 Guyana land lease89Documents on lease
749189-4286-C-5 White Night72Declarations of willingness to die
7416389-4286-C-6 Guest book38List of visitors to Jonestown
75289-4286-C-7 Daily Functions34Preparations for people going to Jonestown
753689-4286-C-7 Daily Functions41Evaluations of people in JT; self critiques
757789-4286-C-7 Daily Functions39Rosters at Jonestown (school, work duties, committee assignments, housing)
7511689-4286-C-7 Daily Functions12Instructions in letter-writing; letter interception
7512889-4286-C-7 Daily Functions29Organizational charts
7515789-4286-C-7 Daily Functions9Reports, correspondence
7516689-4286-C-7 Daily Functions2Registration cards
7516889-4286-C-7 Daily Functions2"PT Archives"
7517089-4286-C-7 Daily Functions7Rosters at Jonestown
7517789-4286-C-7 Daily Functions5Memos on JT legal, business strategies
7518289-4286-C-7 Daily Functions1Rosters at Jonestown
7518389-4286-C-7 Daily Functions8Tape transcript - "Instructions for letter to Scott"
7519189-4286-C-7 Daily Functions6List of movies in Georgetown
7519789-4286-C-7 Daily Functions3Supplies to purchase for JT, listed by department
7520089-4286-C-7 Daily Functions5Calendars
7520589-4286-C-7 Daily Functions3Supplies to purchase for JT
7520889-4286-C-7 Daily Functions13Notes on "exodus" from US (1973)
7522189-4286-C-8 Admin Functions3[Illegible notes]
7522489-4286-C-8 Admin Functions9Work and production charts
7523389-4286-C-8 Admin Functions143Notes from JT farm, admin. meetings, instructions to residents (summer 78)
76289-4286-C-9 FBI/Radio Traffic346Notes of radio conversations (much in code)
7634889-4286-C-10 Correspondence46Letters to JT residents from US, confessions of faults
7639489-4286-C-10 Correspondence38Phone bills/listings
77289-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions81Schedules and reports of JT security teams
778389-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions7Chart and reports of JT counseling teams
779089-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions29Minutes from Peoples Rallies, 1978 (discussions of death & suicide)
7711989-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions35Minutes from Peoples Rallies, 1977 (discussions of death & suicide)
7715489-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions4Undated agricultural meeting minutes
7715889-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions13Letters to and from Richard Tropp; JT article by Tropp
7717189-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions5Misc. admin. notes, financial report, check
7717689-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions1Codes given to Temple critics
7717789-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions6Conclusion of, rewrite of JT article by Tropp
7718389-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions5Letter writing & PR campaign
7718889-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions3JT governmental responsibility descriptions
7719189-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions1Ideas for letter to NBC, Fall 78
7719289-4286-C-11 Admin. Functions10Notes of JT governmental meeting, July 1978
7720289-4286-C-12 Admin. Functions2Folder on Ben Bowers
7720489-4286-C-12 Admin. Functions9Evaluations of electronics dept
7721389-4286-C-12 Admin. Functions41Evaluations of Georgetown staff, Sept 78
7725489-4286-C-12 Admin. Functions11Jonestown school structure
7726589-4286-C-12 Admin. Functions8Jonestown school medical records
7727389-4286-C-12 Admin. Functions14JJ interview with Nouvelle Observatorie
7728789-4286-C-12 Admin. Functions8Business Audit Committee meetings, summer