Q875 – The Man Behind the Curtain

When Joel Thomas and I embarked on the mission of unraveling the Q875 tape, we truly thought we had stumbled across the missing link, that strand of DNA scientists have spent decades looking for. Little did we know that it would become so obvious, so simple, so insignificant in the grand scheme of life.

In order for one – or two of us in this case – to come to a well thought out factual conclusion, we decided to break away from the pack and come to our own conclusion. In reading what others have written in the past I was able to determine that Susie made her conclusion based on Johnny’s conclusion that used Sally’s to come up with his. We did not want to continue down that ever-so-beaten-to-death path.

Both Joel and I have a musical ear: Joel is a guitarist and I am a drummer. As I gathered facts, Joel began to break down the tape, and it became so simple!

I could sit here for the next fifty pages and break down what Joel and I have found, but all one really needs are the basics: Did Annie Moore, Jim Jones, and or Maria Katsaris record Q875 in Jonestown? The simple answer is NO. Did looters in Jonestown record Q875? The simple answer again is NO.

Q 875 wasn’t recorded in Jonestown, it wasn’t recorded in Georgetown, it wasn’t recorded in a bathroom of a family member of Jim Jones twice removed back in the States, and that’s it!

The simple answer is right there for your ears to grab: there’s a screen door! More than that, we hear it twice, on two different segments. The same “screen door slam”  is found in what has been labeled  segment 3 and segment 4, and they are exact matches. Even the visual presentations of these sounds in our audio analysis match up perfectly. After talking to a couple of credible sources (one being a Jonestown survivor),we were able to get a definitive answer on the screen door: there was no screen door to the radio room in Georgetown, and there was no screen door to the radio room in Jonestown.

So where was Q 875 recorded? All evidence points to Port Kaituma, where we recently found out that there was at least one area that had a pop machine, among other things, that could have made a sound similar.

That’s it. That’s our conclusion.

It’s like the Wizard of Oz. All that hype to find out that it’s just a “man behind the curtain.”

But the most important thing is, the true focus of Jonestown should be on that of the children and those who were taken out of this world prematurely due to circumstances beyond their control.

(Marlon Linek can be reached at mklinek@sbcglobal.net.)