Missing Pieces Temporarily Shelved

The play I wrote about a fictional survivor of Jonestown, finally titled Missing Pieces, has been put aside for the time being. Although it made it to the semi-finals of the Eugene O’Neill competition, it was not chosen for production. I have a sense it needs to be revised, but I’m feeling out of my depth as far as subject matter goes.

I am grateful for all the contacts I have made with the larger Temple community during the process of writing this play. It was wonderful to meet so many survivors at the memorial service last year. Stanley Clayton was especially helpful. I was happy to finally meet Michael Bellefountaine after many emails back and forth. Everyone was gracious and encouraging.

I do hope to bring Missing Pieces back to life someday, and will let you know when that happens.

(Anna Wisniewski may be reached at kwanna@bellsouth.net. Previous stories about this writing project were written in 2005 and 2004.)