Music Offers New Interpretation of Jim Jones

I am the creator of the music which you can access here. I started with the idea of using Rev. Jim Jones in music to get a message across back in 2000, and obtained the Jones speech I use with my music from

I remember watching a video back in 1995 about Jim Jones and Peoples Temple, hosted by Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. From that instant, I never forgot about Jonestown and vowed to work on figuring it out.

In part of the speech I use in my music, Jones states “you figure that out if you want too.” My interpretation is, Jones is challenging us to think or not to think! He also says, “I got all kinds of things in store,” which I interpret as Jones talking about a back-up plan to escape from perceived threats to Peoples Temple. Jones was an absolute social technician and socialized with the best and elite in the local state and federal government. I am also intrigued by what he meant in referring to reptiles and lords of the primates. Did he have secret government knowledge of people, places or things, and – because of this – reacted towards people the way he did?

So far the people who have heard this music find it interesting and something deep to think about. Education and understanding the past to prepare for the future is what my music is all about. I welcome your comments as well. You can reach me here.