Articles, the jonestown report, 2007

Peoples Temple Member

  1. A Summary of “Drinking the Kool-Aid” (2007)
  2. Mass Suicide & the Jonestown Tragedy: Literature Summary, by James Knoll, Ph.D.
  3. Could It Happen Again? by Karen Stroup
  4. The Stigma of Suicide, by Bonnie Yates
  5. Peoples Temple: From Social Movement To Total Institution, by Phyllis Abel Gardner, Ph.D., Jim Williams, Ph.D., and Mahmoud Sadri, Ph.D.
  6. On the transformation of Jim Jones, by Dr. Philip G. Zimbardo
  7. The Peoples Temple’s Ideology in a Comparative Perspective, by Peter Åkerbäck
  8. Recovery from Jonestown, by Phyllis Abel Gardner, Ph.D.
  9. Survivors by Michael Haag, Ph.D.
  10. Study of Peoples Temple Leads to Understanding of National Identity by Julio Otazo
  11. 3000? 20,000? A potential for so much more, by Susan White Hicks
    1. U.S./Guyanese Relations Affected Policies on Jonestown
  12. Leading to the Final Question, by Phil LaMonica
  13. Culture, Charisma and Peoples Temple by Devin Ross
  14. The Civil Rights Movement in Mendocino County, California, by Logan Silva
  15. White Nights In Guyana by Ann Kristin Svendsen
  16. Culture, Charisma and Peoples Temple
  17. Behind the Conspiracy Theories of Jonestown, by Nicole Mekler
    1. Why do conspiracy theories surround the evidence of the Jonestown massacre?
    2. Methodology
  18. Jim Jones and the History of Peoples Temple by Antoinette Pick-Jones
    1. Escape to Nowhere