The Books of The Jonestown Library


Agee, Phillip – Inside the Company
Ames, Norma – My Path Belated
Azimov, Isaac – Is Anyone There?
Baum, Stuart J. – Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
Beckett, Samuel – Endgame
Barlett’s Familiar Quotations
Berenstein, Stan – Bears in the Night
Berne, Eric – Games People Play
Brant, Irving – The Bill of Rights: It’s Origin and Meaning
Cameron, Eleanore Elford – The Young Widow
Carrasco, Rolando – Chiles Prisoners of War
Carter, Lynne C.  – Guide to Cellular Energetics
Chandler, Raymond – The Long Goodbye
Collins, Larry & Lapierre, Dominique  – Freedom at Midnight
Craven, Margaret – I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Davidow, Mike – Cities Without Crisis
Davidow, Mike – Why Johnny can’t read and Ivan can
Davidson, George – Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words & Phrases
Douglass, Frederick – Narrative of Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
Ellison, Ralph – The Invisible Man
Ellman, Richard – The Identity of Yeats
Ewald, Ellen Buchman – Recipies for a Small Planet
Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley – Rebel Girl: An Autobiography
Fowler, Stewart H. – Beef Production in the South
Francis, Dick – Enquiry
Frank, Anne – The Diary of Anne Frank
Gatheru, Mugo R. – Child of Two Worlds
Gibson, Bob – From Ghetto to Glory: The Story of Bob Gibson
Golding, William – Lord of the Flies
Goudge, Elizabeth – The Little White Horse
Grahame, Kenneth – Wind in the Willows
Greaves, Margaret – Stone of Terror
Gritzner, Charles F. – Guyana in Pictures
Grosser, Arthur E. – Relevant Problems for Chemical Principles
Hall, Edward T. – The Silent Language
Hallinan, Vincent,  – A Lion in Court
Hart, Johnny – Whats New B.C.?
Hawkins, Colin – Monsters Visit Granny
Heinlein, Robert A. – 6 x H: Six Stories
Heinlein, Robert A. – Farmer in the Sky
Heinlein, Robert A. – The Man who Sold the Moon
Heinlein, Robert A. – Tomorrow the Stars
Herbert, Frank – Dune Messiah
Herriot, James – All Things Bright and Beautiful
Hilton, James – Goodbye Mr. Chips
Holt, John – How Children Learn
Huberman, Leo – Introduction to Socialism
Hughes, William – See No Evil
Innes, Hammond – The Wreck of the Mary Deare
Ipcar, Dahlov Zorach – The Queen of Spells
Irvine, Keith – Rise of the Coloured Races
Jackson, John G.  – Introduction to African Civilization
Jaffee, Al – Al Jaffee’s Mad Book of Magic and Other Dirty Tricks
Karr, Jean – Zane Grey
Kerr, M. E.  – If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever?
Kruuse, Jens – War for an Afternoon
Knight, Eric – Lassie Come-Home
Konvitz, Jeffrey – The Sentinel
Langer, Walter C. – The Mind of Adolf Hitler
Lens, Sidney – Radicalism in America
Levin, Ira – The Stepford Wives
Loewy, A. G. – Cell Structure and Function
Logan, Rayford W. – The Betrayal of the Negro
Loveday, Evelyn V. – Complete Book of Home Storage of Vegetables and Fruits
Maas, Peter – Serpico
MacDonald, Ross – Moving Target
MacLean, Alistair – Bear Island
McMillan, George – The Making of an Assassin: The Life of James Earl Ray
Manchester, William – The Death of a President
Marchetti, Victor – The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence
Marsh, Edward E. – How to be Healthy With Natural Foods
Maurier, Daphne Du – Frenchman’s Creek
Mayo, James – Hammerhead
Morrison, Frank Barron – Feeds and Feeding
Mowat, Farley – Never Cry Wolf
O’Donnell, Peter – I, Lucifer
Ostrander, Sheila – PSI: Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain
Palmer, Everard C. – A Cow Called Boy
Palmer, Everard C. – My Father Sun-Sun Johnson
Palmer, Everard C. – The Sun Salutes You
Purseglove, John William – Dicotyledons (Tropical Crops)
Reynolds, Bonnie Jones – The Truth about Unicorns
Rodale,  J. I. – Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening
Rodale,  J. I. – How to Grow Vegetables and Fruits by the Organic Method
Roszak, Theodore – Where the Wasteland Ends: Politics and Transcendence in Post­industrial Society
Sayers, Dorothy L. – Lord Peter Views the Body
Schwarz, Fred – You Can Trust the Communists
Shaw, George Bernard – The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism & ­Capitalism
Sheehan, Neil – The Pentagon Papers
Showalter, Elaine (editor) – Womans Liberation and Literature
Smith, Hedrick – The Russians
Smith, Woodham – Queen Victoria
Snow, Edgar – The Long Revolution
Speer, Albert – Inside the Third Reich
Stovall, Floyd – American Idealism
Thomas, George B. – Calculus and Analytic Geometry
Toth, Lazlo – The Lazlo Letters
Twain, Mark – Life on the Mississippi
Tyler, Howard – Dairy Cattle Science
Walsh, Helen – Starting Right With Milkgoats
Waugh, Evelyn – Decline and Fall
Weingartner, Charles & Postman, Neil – Teaching as a Subversive Activity
White, Elwyn Brooks – Stuart Little
Wilder, Laura Ingalls – Little House in the Big Wood
Williams, John A.  – The Man who Cried I am
Wilson, Sloan – Voyage to Somewhere
Winter, David – For all the People
Wistreich, George A. – Microbiology and Human Disease
Wolfe, Stephen L. – Biology of the Cell
Woodward, Kenneth L. – Ken Woodward’s ABC Parade
Wright, Richard – Uncle Toms Children
Yoors, Jan – The Gypsies