A Visit to Peoples Temple

Jim Jones fooled the Peoples Temple congregation. He convinced his mostly Christian followers that God was speaking through him to deliver his/God’s messages. He also duped people into believing that God had given him supernatural powers (i.e., healing, foreseeing the future).

I attended Peoples Temple once – but only once – with my sister, Melanie Simon. After she left me alone in my seat – she was working inside the church – a group of about three men approached me and told me this story of Jones healing someone and “magically” putting out a fire. I don’t remember the details, but I do remember the stare and stern look on their faces, trying to determine if I believed them or not. I felt extremely uncomfortable, and they knew by my expression that I did not believe them.

But Melanie did. She would tell us how Jones would predict that past members would be involved in horrible car accidents and/ or seriously injured. In subsequent sermons, Jones would tell the members how the prophecies had come to pass. I think Jones intimidated the members into believing that if they left the church, something bad would happened to them.

Melanie and other church members had large head-and-shoulder photographs of Jim Jones hanging in their homes, similar to a picture one would hang of Jesus Christ.
I believe the members did not think of Peoples Temple as a cult, but rather viewed Jones as having been given the gift of supernatural powers from God and doing God’s will. Many Christians believe in God speaking through a person on earth. Jones took advantage of that belief and expanded on it to control his congregation.

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